8 Points of why Communism fails:

1.No understanding of human nature. Communists believe Humans are "good". And believe they know better than everyone else. This arrogance usually bites them in the ass. Humans are naturally evil and greedy and do things that only benefit themselves.

2. Caught up in ideals. Communists get caught up in ideals, and can't see reality. Most Communists live in a rose-colored world of how things should be and can't see what's actually there. Ideas in our head or on paper aren't the same as executed in real life.

3. Unrealistic expectations regarding economics. Communists have big ideals, but don’t plan for the real world. Communists come up with collective plans, but don't have a contingency plan. Collective plans are based on projected ideal goals they want to achieve for a year. However, when they have a setback regarding these plans, they can't regroup because they don't have a contingency.

4. Corrupt Politicians and bureaucrats Politicians and bureaucrats talk equality to the masses but often take extra for themselves. This hypocrisy is what causes the whole communist framework to crack and eventually collapse. Rules for thee and not for me is the Communist standard.

5. Deincentivizing work. In communism, everyone gets the same wage. That doesn't give people motivation to do their best work. In order for a country to build wealth people need to have ownership of what they create. Those tangible assets motivate people to create new innovations and marketplaces. Communist countries don't motivate anyone to create which is why they're still driving around in 1960s automobiles and homes look like something from nearly a century ago.

6 Deincentivizing ownership. If the state owns everything, no one cares about anything. If people don't have anything to own they become apathetic about their community. When the State owns everything, NOTHING gets maintained. Since no one owns anything, there’s no accountability regarding anything.

This makes standards of living and quality of life decline. People who don't own anything become demoralized and give up trying anything because they’re working for nothing. Communist countries are filled with alcoholics, and suicides are through the roof. There’s no Hope because no one can dream of being anything but property of The State.

7. Government Control. When Government controls things they don't do them well. Government Bureaucracy puts red tape and paperwork on everything and slows progress to a crawl. Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats make sure they get what they need before everyone else, and that ensures no one gets anything except on the black market.

8. Economic Implosion. Because a communist country only makes product for the collective, they don't do much trading. And since People have no incentive to motivate them to do their best they don't produce anything innovative to sell outside of the country. When have people in the world wanted to buy the latest Cuban, or North Korean product?

If there's a hiccup in the Collective plan for a fiscal year, The economy tanks like Venezuela.

Many American SJWs and woke types think Communism is the ideal government. That is until they have to live in a society based on those dysfunctional principles. Communist and socialist governments always talk about giving everyone a fair share but always fail due to corruption and greed from leaders whose good intentions put a nation on a fast track to Hell.