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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Isis: The Ultimate Fight Chapter 2

I smile tightening the last of the bolts down the on the intake manifold of my 1969 Mustang convertible. After a year of tinkering I think I’ve finally got this engine the way I want it.

I slam the hood shut, wipe my hands on a towel, and hurry over to the door. Anticipation builds inside me as I get behind the leather driver’s seat and reach to turn the key. When I hear the engine purring strongly, my smile grows into a proud grin. I finally have my dream car back!

I catch a star shooting down out of the sky in my rearview mirror. It looks like one of the gods is coming to visit me. I’m hoping it’s Anubis, thanks to his help I’ve finally got this engine running back at top form.
I turn off the engine, hop out of the driver’s seat and stroll out onto the driveway towards the cooler where

I’ve got bottles of juice chilling. “Hey Nubs, I got the Mustang running-”

Okay, that’s not Anubis.

When my guest appears out of the flash of light I’m met with the cold crystal blue eyes of a red haired olive skinned stranger wearing a one-strapped short toga dress that hugs the curves on her statuesque body. I think tall, strong, and exotic looking took a wrong turn on the way to Olympus.

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