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Monday, November 12, 2012


Don’t shit where you eat.

That’s the general rule Real Men have when going into the workplace. It’s a boundary that keeps a man’s job secure and his income solid enough for him to pay his bills and have his fun.

But the Simp….Doesn’t understand why we Real Men put that imaginary line in the sand.

Thanks to the single-mother households these guys come from, Simps don’t understand things like establishing boundaries. So they wind up crossing invisible lines that wind up complicating their lives and derailing their careers.

For a Real Man, work is something he does to make his living. A place where he hones his skills and develops new ones. A place where he takes care of business and makes his money.

But for a Simp, work is an end to a means. He’s not interested in learning skills or developing new ones. He’s just interested in getting paid.

Getting paid so he can show off his expensive toys. Simps in the workplace are notorious consumer whores.
Simps at work are easily identifiable by the clothes they wear and the trinkets they carry. These guys are working in the mailroom or in low-level retail jobs dressed in Armani suits. They’re the guys with an Escalade in the parking lot, a cell phone with all the bells and whistles and making $10.00 an hour at Starbucks. They’re the guys working in entry level jobs making $30,000 a year and living like millionaires.

The kinds of guys who can get a business owner into a lot of trouble.

If you’re a business owner, you definitely want to look out for a Simp at work. Because they can cost you money. Simps in the workplace are also notorious pussy hounds.

Thanks to Simps not knowing what a boundary is, they often cross the line at the workplace with women they work with. While most Real men know that women in the workplace are off limits, the Simp crosses that line and asks those women out.

And because a lot of them don’t take no for an answer, they persist.

Not understanding that their unwanted advances constitute as Sexual Harassment.

Now a smart employer will nip a Simp in the bud. But since these guys don’t understand boundaries, they can find their way around a weak Mangina supervisor and wind up pursuing a relationship with a predatory female in the workplace.

And there are many predatory females in the lower level positions of a business like those administrative assistants, sales reps, customer service reps, and the woman answering the phones at reception.

Many of the females working these types of jobs, especially in large corporations are looking for a nice fat payday from a Sexual harassment lawsuit. And waiting for the Simp stupid enough to bring his weak game to the workplace.

When Simps have relationships with female co-workers their mixing of business of business and pleasure often winds up turning into a disaster.

At work this crossing of lines can lead to complications when it comes to doing business. Workplace productivity can slow to a crawl in a business where a Simp is pursuing relationships with co-workers. When a receptionist has an issue with a co-worker, important calls can wind up being lost.

When an administrative assistant is having a lover’s tiff with a Simp, files can get misplaced.

When a co-worker from another department is having an disagreement with a Simp, there’s next to no communication between departments. Things just can’t get done due to little feuds between a Simp and the females he’s involved with at work.

And when a Simp has a relationship with a female supervisor things can get really complicated. If she asks him to do something personal and he can’t do it, she can make his life miserable at work by piling up the work or giving him impossible tasks.

Usually when a Simp applies his weak macking game to the workplace, he doesn’t have a job for long. Thanks to him crossing these imaginary lines and mixing business with pleasure, most winds up either being brought up on sexual harassment charges or terminated due to his bad behavior. Others wind up being forced to resign to save face and to save their careers.

A few wind up getting beat down for stealing diabetic ham sandwiches and Lean Cusine out of the refrigerator.

A handful wind up having to pay child support thanks to the affairs they have with co-workers.

In quite a few cases Mr. Simp’s relationships can wind up leading to some workplace violence. Many Simps who gets involved with a co-worker can wind up with their cars keyed, tires punctured, and bricks thrown through their windows when the relationship goes sour. Others wind up with personal property on their desks and in their lockers damaged, destroyed or stolen.  

And in extreme cases the complications from a Simp’s workplace romaces can lead to extreme workplace violence. It’s not common for a married woman who gets involved with a Simp to send her boyfriend to beat him down when she can’t get her way. And it’s not common for a Simp who gets involved with a boss’ wife can wind up catching a beatdown from her husband.

And when things really get crazy, these affairs can lead to workplace shootings, and mass murders.
Long-term having a Simp in a workplace doesn’t just cost a workplace money in sexual harassment lawsuits, but its reputation. By crossing so many professional boundaries Simps make a company look unprofessional. When Simp employees are allowed to violate professional protocol, they start thinking they can cross lines in other areas of a business.

To pay for his dates, a Simp will misappropriate business funds. To pay for his gifts he’ll move business funds into personal accounts. Or make up a series of strange business expenses to cover his romantic getaways with co-workers. When this kind of fraud and embezzlement is revealed it can put a business straight out of business.

So it’s in an employer’s best interest to Stop Simpin in the workplace.

There’s a reason Real Men don’t mix business with pleasure. The numerous complications coming from mingling work and play can lead to a man losing his job his business, his career and in some cases his life. Smart men establish boundaries in their workplace with women and never cross them. 

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