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Monday, November 26, 2012

Why Most Black Women Will Remain Single for the Rest of Their Lives

Statistics state that 70 percent of Black women are single.

And most will  remain single for the rest of their lives.

Why? Because of the way they’re socialized to interact with Black men. 70 percent of today’s single Black women are the products of single-parent-female headed households. In those homes they were taught by their single mothers from birth not to treat men with respect.

From the day they were born these women were taught that Black men had no value in their lives. This ideology was reinforced by the verbal statements their single mothers made like talking about their children’s “no good daddy” or other “no good niggers in the neighborhood.”

Moreover, it was also reinforced by White Supremacy and White feminism. Brainwashed by the false ideologies of White feminism, Black women were tricked into believing they didn't need a Black man. And With the help of Uncle Sam’s government programs and White Supremacist Corporate America’s entry-level jobs, Black women achieved financial independence and the economic power to devalue the leadership and authority of the Black men in their communities.

And this devaluation was also reinforced by propaganda disguising itself as African-American media. Programs like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Movies like The Color Purple, Precious, and Monster’s Ball all presented Black men as no good, trifling, and lazy, validating the misandristic man-hating views of their single mothers, White feminists, and White Supremacists.

Black girls who grew up in single parent homes and imbibing this media they were never taught to see Black men as valuable. Nor were they taught how to speak to Black men, how to defer to Black men, or how to follow the lead of a Black man or work with a Black man.

And because they were socialized not to treat a Black man with respect that prevents them from having healthy relationships with loving caring good Black man.

A Black woman who was never raised to see Black men as “good” will never find a “good” Black man. She can’t see the value in a good Black man because she has no father or other males in her community to measure as a standard bearer.

Even if today’s Black woman were to get involved with a “good” Black man  the relationship would fail. Because the Matriarchal way she’s raised will lead to her clashing with the Patriarchal leadership of a Real Black Man.

Real Black Men who have established themselves want a woman who will support them in building something. They want someone who will follow their lead and work with them.

But thanks to the way a majority of Black women were raised they want to be the leader of the relationship. Because they saw Single Mom running her household, they think they’re supposed to be the leaders of a relationship instead of being in the support role that God established for them to participate in.

Because these little Black girls were never raised to respect Black males or Black male authority, they grow up into Black women who do not understand the roles of men and women in God’s Patriarchal order. Programmed by White Supremacists and White Feminists to believe that Matriarchal leadership is the norm, these Black women wind up sabotaging their relationships by verbally abusing the Black men in her life, talking slick at them, cursing them out, destroying their property and emasculating them.

But Real Black Men aren’t having any of that.

Which is why 70 percent of Black women will remain single for the rest of their lives.

Thanks to the way Black women have been raised they’ll never get involved with a good man. The best they can do are soft males like Simps and Manginas.

That’s why the best they’ll do is the Pookies, Ray-Rays, Jaheems, and other triflin’ Negroes they grew up with.

These are the Black men they were socialized to interact with. Weak, emasculated brothers who will follow their lead rather than lead their households.

Men just like their “no good” daddies.

Black women from single parent homes may think that they can demand the best of a Real Man, with their lists of Madison Avenue criteria, but they don’t meet the standard of womanhood God established.

The way they were raised with all the combativeness, belligerence, arrogance, and bad attitude aren’t going to work in a relationship with a Good Black man. Especially a Good Black man of means.

What Black women from single parent homes don’t understand is that Good Black men and Black men of means have options. And they can choose not to get involved with a Black woman who refuses to follow his lead.

That raggedy game the Strong independent Black woman learned living in the single parent female headed household may work with the Simps and Tricks like Pookie and Ray Ray who don’t have standards, but won’t work with a Real Black man who has his stuff together.

No, he’s going to demand better of the woman he involves himself with. He’s going to insist she bring something to the table than a college degree and some job at a fortune 500 company. No, he wants a woman of character to be at his side. Someone who can show him loyalty, trust, honor and support. These intangibles mean more to a Real Black man than any material possessions in this world. A Real Man wants an equal caring partner who will allow him to lead so he can do God’s work, not someone who will try to usurp his authority and try to disrupt the order of God.

A Real Man requires that his woman follow the standard of God. That standard establishes that a woman follow the lead of a man and work with him as his partner in building their household. Until most Black women can understand this, they’ll never find a “good” man.

Sistas you can’t reconcile the world of White Supremacy and White feminism with the order of God. It’s like trying to shove the square peg into the round hole. It’s not going to work and it’ll never work. You have to submit yourself to the leadership of Black men if you want to follow the Will of God and be a part of his Kingdom. Unless you defer to God’s authority and start supporting the Good Black men in your communities, you will remain single for the rest of your lives.