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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thoughts on Artis Hughes-RTA Bus Driver Who Lost His Job Uppercutting a Ratchet Hood Rat

I’d meant to write about Artis Hughes, the Cleveland bus driver who uppercutted passenger Shadia Lane a few weeks ago. But I wanted to get to get some facts straight before I commented on the incident.

A couple of weeks ago, 25-year-old Shadia Lane got on the bus and walked by the fare box without putting in a fare. When bus driver 55-year old Artis Hughes requested she pay her fare, she first stated that she didn’t have the fare, but after arguing with Hughes she put her change in the box. She then continued to verbally abuse Hughes as he drove down his route threatening to harm him. With no cell phone and no way to contact police, he continued to drive along the route until the verbal threats(assault) turned physical (battery) when Ms. Lane spit on Hughes and began hitting him. It was then that Hughes stopped the bus and engaged her with the uppercut that was seen on numerous online social media sites like YouTube and World Star Hip Hop.

Somewhere in Heaven Rosa Parks is looking down and facepalming. She got arrested fighting for Black People to act like this when they get the freedom to ride in the front of the bus?

The RTA’s response to Artis Hughes defending himself was to suspend him and then terminate him. It was the biggest act of cowardice I’ve ever seen by a municipal transit organization. But par for the course when dealing with the Manginas in American management. Out of fear of reprisal from the public, they abandon employees when they’re down.

And they enable the bad behavior of patrons like Shadia Lane to continue unpunished.

Now in Cleveland it seems it seems it’s no crime for a bus driver to be attacked by an unruly patron. But here in New York City, assaulting a bus operator is a felony punishable with up to seven years in prison.
Had Shadia Lane tried that little stunt here in New York City she’d be in Rikers Island right now waiting trial. And’ I’d say it’d be the right place for her. I’ve read stories about drivers getting killed here or severely injured dealing with farebeaters like her.

And I’ve seen the danger first hand drivers encounter on my rides on the BX 15, BX 32 and the BX2 bus here in New York. I’ve seen patrons walk right by the farebox and not even drop lint into it. I’ve seen people taking drugs like marijuana and heroin on the bus. I’ve seen people get into heated arguments over things like air conditioning and heat on a bus. And I’ve seen family of women (Grandmother, Mother, and little baby daughter,) open the back door of the bus and get on without paying.

And even with the law on their side MTA Bus drivers here in New York City don’t engage them.

And now I understand why.

With Manginas in management enabling the bad behavior of these junior ratchets, they could lose their job, the pension and benefits they invested in the system like Artis Hughes just did.

But here’s the horrible truth: Shadia Lane could have easily been Eleanor Bumpers.

She just had to run into the right Civil Servant. One with a badge and a gun.

And instead of laughing at her irresponsible and disrespectful behavior on World Star Hip Hop the Black women praising and supporting her would be making calls to Al Sharpton demanding justice and organizing marches against the racist Cleveland Police Department.

Only to hear an all-White jury tell them he’s not guilty and cleared of all charges. And reinstated to his job with full pay and benefits a year later.

That’s what Eleanor Bumpurs family heard close to 30 years ago when a NYPD officer was acquitted of shooting her when she lunged at them with a knife when she thought her the apartment she was being evicted from was being broken into.

Because that ghetto ass spitting and hitting game Shadia Lane pulled on Artis Hughes would not stand against a member of Cleveland’s finest.

This girl would have two bullets in her back for “resisting arrest” and the shooting would be justified.

Now I’ve seen hoodrat chicks like Shadia Lane walking around here in New York City. And it’s clear to me they don’t understand how to behave. Talking loud on their cell phones and getting rowdy with just about anyone who looks their way, they have to use the bus because they can’t read the signs in the subway or the traffic signs to drive. Yes, they take the bus not because they’re poor but because they’re illiterate.
But what they don’t understand is that their ignorance is dangerous. Not understanding the unwritten rules of protocol in an institutionally racist society like The United States of America can get a Black woman killed if she crosses the wrong person the same way it got Eleanor Bumpers killed close to 30 years ago and how it got Emmit Till killed over 50 years ago.

Sadly I think it’ll take history repeating itself tragically for Black women to start realizing that the behavior of the Shadia Lanes has got to stop. That the bad attitude, belligerence and utter contempt for authority Black women like Shadia Lane put other brothers and sisters in danger.

I shudder to think if Artis Hughes got into an accident and passengers were injured or killed because of this young woman’s insolence. I’d rather she get an uppercut from an angry middle-aged man than watch video featuring people dying because he had to swerve out of the way of a tractor trailer and run into a house, off a median or into some other vehicle like a tractor trailer, or worse a car with a mom and kids or a school bus full of kids. I wonder if that kind of bloody carnage would be getting laughs from viewers on World Star Hip Hop the way that uppercut would have.

I really feel bad for Artis Hughes. Brotha was trying to do his job. And he shouldn’t have lost it because some ghetto ass single mom and some Simp ass dad didn’t do their jobs raising Shadia Lane.

To the weak ass Manginas at the RTA: if you’re reading this blog, have some balls and give Artis Hughes his job back. This man did what he had to do to contain an unruly passenger. He thought about the lives of all the other passengers riding that bus and their safety. That situation could have been much worse if that good man did nothing and allowed evil to win that day. 

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