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Friday, November 23, 2012

Not this Sh*t again! Thoughts on The Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama part 3

I did not want to write this article. But here we are again.

After enjoying a wonderful thanksgiving meal, Shawn sits down to his computer to check his e-mail and the news on Yahoo!

And low and behold he finds out that….Halle Berry strikes again.

On Thanksgiving day, Gabriel Aubry returns Nahla to Halle’s home to spend the holiday  with her Mom. As he’s about to drop her off in the driveway, here comes Halle’s newest man, Oliver Martinez with his Captian-Save a-Hoe cape on. With his chest stuck out he tells Gabriel Aubry to move on. Gabriel being Nahla’s father takes offense to that. A fight ensues. Both men wind up in the hospital. And Gabriel Aubry, Nahla’s dad winds up getting arrested for assault.

It’s clear to me what happened. I’ve seen it a thousand times here in the South Bronx. Baby Mama doesn’t like baby daddy. So while her child is out spending a day with Dad, she tells New Man a bunch of lies about baby daddy. When baby daddy comes home he’s confronted by New Man in his Captain-Save-A-Hoe cape and Mickey Mouse galoshes. A fight usually ensues while Baby mama smiles in the background knowing she has a new SIMP she can control.

Halle Berry is the puppet master. And she’s pulling the strings of both these guys.

Only they don’t know it.

Halle Berry’s master plan is to discredit Gabriel Aubry and make him look like a bad guy. So when she goes back to court she has evidence to prove that Gabe is unfit to be a dad.

I’ve seen this happen to too many brothers on my block. The woman makes him out to be out to be a monster in court and then she gets sole custody and a nice fat child support check.

That’s if Mr. Simp doesn’t kill baby daddy or Baby Daddy doesn’t kill Mr. Simp. That’s happened a lot here in the South Bronx too thanks to Ratchet Hood Rats playing these manipulative games with men’s hearts and using their kids as pawns.

Now I thought this hot mess would be over after Halle Berry got her ass whooped in the White Man’s court system. I thought she’d learned her lesson after Gabriel Aubry dropped the full force of America’s White Supremacist court system on her.

But it looks like Halle hasn’t learned her lesson after getting her ass whooped in the White Man’s court system. After the ruling where the judge told her she couldn’t take Nahla to France she took a trip down to the sewer, wrestled some alliagtors and plotted this new strategy.

I think Tonya Pinkins needs to talk some sense into Halle Berry before she goes down her road of self-destruction. One more trip in the White Man’s court system and she may wind up losing her daughter, her fortune, and wind up on welfare like Ms. Tonya Pinkins did back in 1994 when her White man divorced her. As I stated before, these bullshit games she’s used to running on brothers like Eric Benet and David Justice will NOT work on a White man in the White Man’s court system.

Now some people were shocked by this turn of events. But it didn’t surprise me. In fact, I knew it was coming after the judge’s ruling. It’s par for the course with Halle Berry’s vindictive behavior.

Here’s the deal with women like Halle Berry: When they can’t get their way, they escalate things. And they keep escalating things until they get their way.

After getting these two dudes to fight, I wouldn’t put it past Halle Berry to accuse Gabe of molesting Nahla in the future. Remember, this woman operates in the sewer and will bring up the nastiest shit to shame people into going along with her position.

Now a Real Man like myself would have seen that turkey of a Thanksgiving stunt coming a mile away two weeks after a court ruling. He would have had a nanny or one of his staff drop his daughter off while he stayed in the car. And he would have had two or three handlers with him toting iphone cameras to record her safe return. That way he avoids a confrontation with New Simp Oliver Maritnez.

It’s clear to me Gabriel Aubry needs to learn some game. He needs to watch Tariq Nasheed’s videos and read his books. He needs to listen to The Iceman Show on Blogtalk radio. These are men who are experienced in the game. They know that the game is chess, not checkers. And they know how to be 10 steps ahead of a ghetto Hood Rat like Halle Berry.

Halle’s ghetto tactics are easy to beat. And the best way to deal with a Hood Rat he’s got to stay on the high road. When a man stays on the high road people can look down at her and see her in the sewer covered in filth before she tries to throw it up at them.

Manipulative women like Halle Berry love to play on a man’s emotions and get them to react. If she can get him to get emotional like Gabriel did with Oliver Martinez and start fighting, she’s pulling the strings. Her whole game is to get a man to join her in the sewer and start flinging feces back at her. When she’s allowed to pull the strings for long periods of time, she can turn the tables on a man to make herself into a victim and use the power of peer pressure to shame the man into backing off from his position.

Now cutting the strings will be hard. But it can be done.

These kinds of women will do and say anything to get a response. But a man has to toughen up, man up and stand his ground. When she starts mouthing off a man has to ignore her.

It takes two to fight. And fighting is how she maintains her power.

The silence will drive her CRAZY. She’ll launch into profanity laced tirades, make terroristic threats, Even threaten to kill a man.

However, while staying silent, keep the recorder of the iphone on. All of this is evidence that can be entered into court.

When she sends her Simps like Oliver Martinez out to “defend her honor” Fight back by having handler s on hand. The White Knight will back away knowing he’s outnumbered. Moreover, a man has witnesses on hand to tell what really happened. That way it’s not just your word against theirs.

With a little skill, the game can be flipped on ratchet chicks like Halle Berry. And flipped so well that she’s made to seen as the ghetto Hood Rat that she is.

Gabriel Aubry has to learn how to maintain his position as a man. If he truly loves his daughter he has to stand up for her until she’s old enough to stand up for herself. Nahla didn’t ask to be born into this situation, but here she is. And Dad has to be strong in the face of a crazy baby mama like Halle Berry if he wants his daughter to grow up to be a happy healthy woman.


  1. Good take Shawn on your follow up. Not surprised that she is making things worse for herself and especially her daughter. BTW she's already accused Aubry of sexual abuse--that was one of the earlier charges when Halle 'claimed' Nahla was afraid of him.Despite various accounts think Halle had taken her in before Martinez goaded Aubry in their ruse. Yes, I do think he was definitely set up. Am not going to speculate the outcome except I can probably guarantee that it will be another strike against Martinez.

  2. High are funny and so right on. Halle Berry has become a despicable character in my eyes and I agree that she will stop at nothing and stoop to the lowest depths to win, at all costs, even the wellbeing of her child.

    It appears to me that her plan to extricate Gabriel from her life began a very long time ago, since she apparently had to be court-ordered to acknowledge him as the biological father of her daughter.

    It would have been nice if you'd been able to educate Gabriel prior to him being set up and pummelled a couple days ago. All things considered, it's not surprising in the least to me that things have taken such a turn. Too bad he wasn't able to think several steps ahead, as in a game of chess, particularly after the courts ruling against Berry recently. How could he not have known she wasn't going to take that sitting down? He should have been prepared.

    Anyway, thanks for the entertaining read. Keep up the good work!

  3. I would have written an article with some tips for Gabe, but I was busy writing stories for my Holiday book promotion. Trying to make some duckets with some eBooks!

    Seriously though I thought he'd be up on game. I thought living with Halle years he'd know some things about her pattern.

    And I thought he'd know a thing or two about women. Any Real Man who would have seen that setup coming a mile away. Hood Rats operate in the sewer!