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Monday, September 22, 2014

Dan Didio IN HIS OWN WORDS- Why He Should NOT Be in Charge at DC Comics

I’ve gone on and on in countless blogs about why I believe Dan Didio should be FIRED from his position as co-publisher at DC Comics. And this one statement from him clearly shows why he is not qualified to work at DC Comics or anywhere in the comic book industry.

"Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests. That’s very important and something we reinforced. People in the Batfamily, their personal lives basically suck.” — Dan Didio

I have PROOF from countless DC Comics in my 3,000 plus collection to refute this argument. Plus this fun little pic from the Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Trade I bought last year on eBay: 

Back in the 1970’s when Denny O’Neill wrote Batman, Bruce Wayne had a well-balanced social life. Yes even during the grim n’ gritty era, Batman even smiled from time to time, took time to catch a movie, go out on a date, or just relaxed with Alfred and Dick Grayson at Wayne Manor on a slow night.

And Dick Grayson was one of the most social heroes out there. In between leading the Titans and going on solo cases as Robin and Nightwing, Dick always had time for hanging out with his friends at the Titans Tower, romancing his girl Starfire, or just kickin’ it with Tim Drake in Gotham City.

Superman’s world is one big ball of sunshine. It’s a happy place filled with hope. And so is Wonder Woman’s. I mean, she lives on PARADISE Island, a virtual Utopia.  And the Flash is known for being sunny and fun, especially in the Wally West days where he like Dick Grayson was known for having a large supporting cast of friends. All those characters have lived happy personal lives since their initial creation.

Yes, superheroes are commited to using their powers to protect and defend others, but they do not sacrifice EVERYTHING to do it. They do have time for a social life. Not every waking moment of their lives is saving the world or preparing to save the world. There’s downtime even in crimefighting, and any good comic book writer will write a story or two to reflect what goes on during those slow period in a heroes’ life.

The way I see Batman is a part of Bruce Wayne’s life. Superman is a part of Clark Kent’s life. Wonder Woman is a part of Princess Diana’s life. Nightwing is a part of Dick Grayson’s life and the Flash is a part of Wally West’s life.

And a small part of their lives at that. In writing superhero adventures, there is this thing called BALANCE. There are 24 hours in every day, and even fictional people have time for this thing we call life. We need to see heroes alter egoes doing stuff in between their jobs and fighting crime like going to the supermarket or getting a haircut. Playing ball or hanging out with friends.

Every DC Comic I used to read back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s used to showcase those awesome slice of life moments. And I enjoyed those moments more than the superhero adventures. Why? Because it showed me there was a person under the mask who was just like me.

 Yeah even superheroes have a bad day or hard times, it’s not an ongoing thing. There is sunshine in between the clouds and a light at the end of a tunnel. No hero’s life is non- stop misery.

The way I always saw it superheroes probably went on patrol maybe 2 or 3 hours a day. They worked a case here or there in between their regular nine-to-five jobs and school. Occasionally a case might take a week or two, but this was oftentimes a rare exception. While the fights in most comics may have 32 pages and storylines were three or four issues, that often worked out to be about five or ten minutes to a few hours real-time in a comic book world.

Besides, who would want to spend an entire day in costume brooding and obsessing about taking down bad guys? Life is too short for anyone to spend it worrying about problems related to a job all the time.

I’d like to think Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman even took a day off from crimefighting the way Dick Grayson probably does. Especially in the summertime.

In a lot of cases, those happy personal lives Dan Didio hates superheroes to have are often what writers like myself like to use as a setup for a story.

Here’s the deal: Superheroes lives don’t have to suck. Being a superhero is a CHOICE people make. It’s basically an unpaid volunteer job.

Being a superhero is not a nine-to-five job people have to do in order to pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads. No, people become superheroes because they want to use their special abilities and skills to help serve the communities they live in.

And since the job of superhero is a choice they volunteer for, they can easily hang up the tights and LEAVE if the job is making them that miserable. When it comes to volunteer work, people quit all the time in real life. Some people just don’t have time. Others just don’t like the mission of the organization. A few become disillusioned on seeing the internal operations of a nonprofit and just stop coming in to help out.

I’d like to think Superheroes would have the same motivations regular people do when it came to their volunteer work. No one is forcing them to put on tights and take on the bad guys. So what’s motivating them to stay there and take on the bad guys has to come from inside of them.

I’d like to believe that superheroes volunteer to help their communities because they find some sort of satisfaction in their work. And they keep doing that job because they love it. That personal satisfaction of making their communities a better and safer place makes it worth taking all those beatings from the bad guys.

Yeah, some like Batman may enjoy working alone. Others like Nightwing may enjoy working in a group. A few like Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman may just enjoy helping others. But they’re all there because they want to be there. If crimefighting was making them miserable they would have quit a long time ago.

The way I see it Didio’s statement about superheroes being miserable shows how little he knows about them. It shows he doesn’t understand the story model or how to write stories in the genre. He’s clearly the wrong man to be publishing comics.

Any good storyteller like myself knows that characters like superheroes need to have a well-rounded life with good times and hard times. It’s how they overcome the challenges presented to them is what makes them relatable to the reader and allows them to identify with their experiences. That’s what gives writers like myself the motivation to write compelling stories for them.

There’s no real motivation for a writer like myself to put fingers to the keyboard and write a story about an angry miserable person month after month and year after year in a run. For me, writing is FUN. And I like my characters to have FUN in their adventures.

Over time, stories about miserable, brooding heroes get stale and repetitive. They become one-note. And the characters become flat and one-dimensional. Eventually, there comes a point where the audience just wants the character to stop having their pity party and GET OVER IT.

Dan Didio’s view of superheroes is not a good one for the comic book medium. And having him in a leadership position at the #2 publisher of comic books is detrimental to the industry long-term. Angry brooding heroes went out of style in the late 1980s with trenchoats and heavy five o’clock shadows. The story model got TIRED after a while because all the angst and pointless drama started to grate on people’s neves.

What Dan Didio and most executives at Warner Brothers don’t understand is that most people read comics to get away from problems, not be confronted with more of them.
People don’t pay $4 to read about someone with a life that sucks.

No, they pay $4 to read about good guys overcoming the odds, beating the bad guys and saving the day. People read comics to ESCAPE their problems. Some even read them to find SOLUTIONS for them. Comics books sell HOPE to people. They inspire people to be better and do better. They show people how to make a difference by taking constructive action.

One of the tenets in the entertainment business states you don’t bring the customer a PROBLEM. Dan Didio with his statements shows he violates that business principle. And because he violates that business principle he clearly shows why he isn’t qualified to run a multibillion dollar publisher like DC Comics. If the executives at Warner Brothers were smart, they’d have handed Dan Didio his pink slip a decade ago and brought in someone far more qualified to run their DC Comics publishing division.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

When Opportunity Knocks…

Sometimes you run into opportunities that can’t be passed up.

If Bill Walko wanted to do another cover for the Isis series I’m going to make sure it happens.

If George Perez wanted to draw a cover for one of my books I’m going to make sure it happens.

If John Byrne asked me to draw a cover for one of my books I’m going to make sure it happens.

If Josh Howard asked me to draw a cover for one of my books I’m going to make sure it happens.

If Gail Simone wanted to write a story in the Isis series, I’m definitely going to make sure it happens.

Why? Because they’re once in a lifetime opportunites.

Artists like John Byrne and George Perez are LEGENDS in the comic book business. You don’t say no to them. You just make it happen.

Like Bill Walko, Josh Howard is an artist whose work I love. I’m eager to see what Isis would look like in his distinct style.

And writers like Gail Simone are masters of their craft. If she wanted to do a story with my characters, I’m going to say yes to her.

Now I believe in Black Group Economics. But I also believe that if there’s an opportunity to work with some of the best talents in the comic book industry I’m going to take it.

I want to give my readers the very best publications at SJS DIRECT. And I’m willing to work with experienced professionals in the industry towards giving them the best reading experience.

The opportunity to work with Bill Walko this summer was one of those a once-of-a lifetime chances. Here was an artist whose work I loved who wanted to draw a cover for my characters. Someone who had done art that had been featured for products seen across the country, and is a known name in the comic book world. I had to take the opportunity to work with him.

In business, you have to focus on the big picture. If the art from a nonblack artist will get my book exposure with a larger audience of both Black and nonblack readers and that exposure increases my sales, that helps my Black-owned business help the Black community. And the sales from those books allows me an opportunity to hire other artists and photographers for my projects.

God blessed me so everything came together so the Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess cover could be produced. And the response to the cover from most of the people I’ve shown it to has been extremely positive.

Would I hire a Black artist for one of my projects in the future? Yes. Again, I do believe in Group Economics. If I could work with a Black artist like Darryl Banks or Mark D. Bright on a cover, and we could come to an agreement on terms I’d take the chance.

Some opportunities are once-in-a lifetime. And you just have to take them. Because they are a chance to take your business and your career to the next level. That’s why I worked so hard selling my collectibles on eBay and made so many sacrifices to make this project happen. Having been out of wok for over five years, I know how hard it is to get a break. And when I get a one I take it. Because sometimes that small break I get can lead to a bigger one in my career in the future.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

AmeriKKKan Media Promoting the Brute Stereotype…Connecting The Dots

What do the Movie No Good Deed, Adrian Petersen and Ray Rice have in common? All of these incidents are all part of a media campaign to perpetuate the Brute stereotype about Black men in AmeriKKKan media.

When one uses critical thinking skills and connects the dots with these events they see a theme: a perpetuation of an image of violent, savage Black men. Black men society needs to protect itself from. By any means necessary.

This propaganda campaign is designed to make Black men look like public enemy #1. We have White Feminists coming out against Ray Rice. We have White Feminists and child psychologists calling Adrien Petersen a violent man with issues and saying he abuses children.

And with the success of No Good Deed at the Box office, it looks like the propaganda campaign to make Black men into public enemy #1 is working.

What most Black people don’t understand is that White Supremacists in AmeriKKKa don’t want Black men to be seen as human beings. The images of Ray Rice as a hardworking husband and Adrien Petersen as a responsible father are not something they want to promoted in the media.

So White Supremacist media works hard to color the image of these Black men through a stereotype filter. Turning Ray Rice into a woman beater, and Adrian Petersen into a child abuser.

All while promoting Idris Elba’s portrayal of violent, murderous, and psychopathic Colin into a mainstream image of Black men on over 2,500 screens across the country.

Savage Violent morally depraved Brutes. Enemies of the state. A clear and present danger. People who make White Supremacists and racists feel validated in their fears about Black men.

What’s dangerous about the Brute caricature and stereotype is that it dehumanizes black men. When people start seeing real Black men like Adrien Petersen and Ray Rice as Brutes, they stop seeing them as people they can relate to and instead start seeing them as inhuman creatures that are a threat to their safety. Creatures that White and nonblack people can justify killing the same way George Zimmerman felt justified in killing Trayvon Martin.

During Reconstruction and Jim Crow, the Brute caricature was used as propaganda by White Supremacists to justify the lynching of Negro men. To White supremacists back then, killing a Negro man was as justified as killing a wild bear, raccoon or a rabid dog. Negroes were believed to be a clear and present danger to most. And because All Americans didn’t see Negroes as human beings, lynching became entertainment and sport.

So it was okay to kill them and leave them in the street for hours like Michael Brown.

Black folks have to understand that the media we imbibe isn’t just news and it’s not just entertainment. The images we watch and the news we hear is often used as part of a social engineering campaign by White Supremacy to affect the way people think. If the media presents negative images and news over a period of time about Black men, people start believing the images and news as the truth. Over time people start believing Black men are Brutes, violent, savage Black creatures that are a threat that society needs to protect itself from.

Long-term that can lead to people’s perceptions changing about Black men. Men like Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

All of this media can have a tremendous impact on their cases. Instead of potential jurors seeing them as victims of police brutality, they start seeing them as savages who deserved death by white folks afraid for their lives. That perception can lead to the acquittal of the officers who murdered these men.

And it can lead to the murders of more innocent Black men. Murders that will be justified because society won’t see Black men as human beings.

What’s being done to Adrien Petersen and Ray Rice has a direct impact on Black men on the street like Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. The efforts of White Supremacists to dehumanize these men will eventually trickle down to the brother on the street making life that much harder for him. This is why every Black man must make every effort to call out the media smear campaign in the news and in movies Like No Good Deed. Responsible Black men must make every effort must be made to counter the image of the Black Brute, because if it’s not stopped here and now it can lead to the death of your husband, father, son, nephew or grandson later.

Monday, September 15, 2014

No Good Deed is #1 at the Box office…GOT DAMN!

This weekend No Good Deed, the movie featuring Idris Elba playing a Black Brute was #1 at the box office with $24.5 million dollars in ticket sales.

Damn…Just Got Damn.

The success of No Good Deed at the box office truly shows me how double-minded the Negro is. Several weeks after rioting in the streets over the death of Michael Brown by a White cop in Ferguson, and going on a Caravan for Justice for Eric Garner for being murdered by a White cop who put him in a choke hold in Staten Island, scores of Negro men and women headed to the theaters across the country to watch a movie featuring a Black brute terrorizing and menacing both Black women and white women.

Buying tickets to watch a movie featuring the very stereotype that got Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin killed.

Showing the world how inconsistent the Negro is regarding social issues.

Any Negro who went to see No Good Deed this weekend and went to a rally for justice Michael Brown, Eric Garner or Travyon Martin this summer is a Hypocrite. By buying a ticket for this movie you have PISSED on the graves of those Black men.

How can the Negro ask for justice while going to a movie that breathes new life into the very stereotypes that got each of those three men killed? How can the Negro protest the way these Black men were racially profiled and depicted as thugs in real life media but then go and watch a fictional movie with the exact same stereotype that got those three men killed this summer?

A total inconsistency in action and words from the Negro.

I find it funny since the trailer for No Good Deed premiered we haven’t seen Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, The Nation of Islam, the NAACP, The Urban League, The Divine Nine Black fraternities and sororities, or any of the other Black organizations protesting this movie and its racist stereotypes with the same tenacity and passion they had when Eric Garner got choked out, Michael Brown got shot in the street or when Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman two years ago.

Make THIS into a Movie Hollywood
$24.5 Million dollars. Wrap that around your head. The Negro can find $24.5 million dollars to watch a movie that perpetuates the worst stereotypes about Black men but will BALK at spending 99 cents on an eBook I write featuring positive humanized images of Black people. Some will even say they’re spending too much money.

And these same Negroes who can find  $24.5 million dollars to watch a Black brute terrorize people onscreen in No Good Deed somehow magically can’t find money or the time to participate in Group Economics and watch humanized images in movies like The Great Debaters, Black Dynamite, Pride, Akeelah and the Bee, or I will Follow.   They can’t find money to watch Will Smith’s After Earth.

But these same Negroes will write an article talking about how Hollywood won’t make summer Blockbusters for Black people and have Snaa Lathan co-sign it on Twitter.

Well, what’s anyone’s financial incentive to make those movies for you Negro? You spend $24.5 million dollars to make a movie featuring a Black Brute #1 at the Box office, but let a $100 million dollar Black sci-fi movie like After Earth TANK at the Box-office during the summer last year. You let Black indie movies with great stories made by Black people movies DIE at the theater.

But a movie made by White folks breathing new life into old stereotypes perpetuated since Reconstruction in the South you give $24.5 million dollars to and make the number one movie in America.

God Damn.

Any Black man or woman who bought a ticket to see No Good Deed this weekend paid for a bullet to kill their son, husband, brother or Nephew. By watching this movie you have sent a message to the WORLD that you validate these stereotypes about Black men as a social norm for yourself and the Black people in your community. That a Black person’s life has no value unless it’s taken by a nonblack person or a White cop.

Contrary to popular belief, No Good Deed is not just a movie. It’s White Supremacist propoganda meant to perpetuate a negative image about Black men. What most Negroes don’t know is the images in these movies set a STANDARD for how Black people are viewed. 14 years ago Halle Berry ushered in a new generation of Jezebels with her Oscar winning performance in Monster’s Ball. And Idris Elba’s performance in this movie is clearly being used to usher in a new age of Black Brutes and Brute culture in the black community.

Art imitating life. Which I know will lead to the deaths of countless young Black men when they try to emulate the behavior of Simp ass Colin like they did gangsta rappers for the last 25 years.

First Lee Daniels’ The Butler #1 at the box office last year, and now this Big Black Brutefest is #1 at the box office this year. I feel like I’m wasting my time writing these books and screenplays. I’ve been working my ass off for the last twenty years to elevate the Black image and take it out of the sewer. And Black people continue to buy media featuring the very stereotypes that lead to brothers and sisters getting harassed by cops and racially profiled by them.

It deeply disheartens me to see No Good Deed as the #1 movie at the box office this weekend. It makes me feel like I was wasting my time and my money trying to publish positive Black fiction all these years. It’s becoming clear to me what the Negro wants is a Minstrel show. And that both Black man and woman are Hell-bent on taking the Black community backwards instead of moving it forward. What saddens me most about the success of movies like No Good Deed is that Black folks would rather perpetuate a stereotype about themselves than embrace their humanity.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shawn vs. The Black Women’s Book Market Extortion Racket

I’ve heard from an author friend of mine that if I spoke out against Black women they wouldn’t buy my books.

A few days ago, a commenter calling herself Sweet Lady came to the blog ranting that it was my views on single mothers that’s keeping me from selling books to Black women.

So let me get this straight…In order for me to sell books to Black women I need to look the other way on the irresponsible, reckless and dysfunctional behavior of Black women that’s destroying my community?

Basically what I’m being told by Black women is that in order for me to sell books to Black women I need to give Black women a free pass for their bad behavior.

Black Women who want to get away with being single mothers. Black Women who want to get away with being side pieces and having affairs with married men. Black Women who want me to say NOTHING about the thugs, dope dealers and gang bangers who are DESTROYING the Black community I live in.

I’m sorry I can’t make that kind of compromise. At the end of the day I have to answer to God. As His steward I am accountable to Him.

These are the kinds of strong-arm tactics that mobsters and gangs use to terrorize businesses. A protection racket. You look the other way regarding our ratchet behavior and we’ll break you off a book sale or two.

In the eyes of the law that’s Extortion plain and simple. And I won’t give into it.

Not for a bestselling book. Not for a movie deal. My integrity is worth far more than money.

It’s sad that some Black women want silence any Black writer who dares criticize and call out the irresponsible, reckless and dysfunctional behavior Black women participate in. The rest of the literary world calls this kind of behavior censorship. But in the Black community this kind of fascist behavior is called business as usual.

Even though our United States Constitution guarantees free speech and freedom of the press.

Brothers and sisters If this group of Black women are allowed to threaten to silence me, who else will they try to silence?

Extortion. Censorship. Things we read about in Nazi Germany doing to Jews in history books. These are the unofficial policies of the Black Matriarchy for the last 40 years.

What most in the Black community don’t know is that our media has been controlled by a monolithic feminist viewpoint in literature for the past 40 years. Women like Alice Walker, Sapphire, Terry McMillian and Oprah Winfrey have spent four decades perpetuating and promoting literary work that presents a misandristic man-hating view of Black men. Books like Their Eyes Were Watching God, PUSH, The Color Purple, The Women of Brewster place and Waiting To Exhale have all been promoted as the only Black literature in schools colleges and universities by black female authors.

And any Black literature not following this White feminist misandristic view are BURIED at the SUBMISSION stage with trade publishers. And when authors like myself self publish our work that does not promote this view in their work we are threatened with boycotts by Black women and called misogynists and sexist.

Even though all we’re trying to do is present a COUNTERPOINT to the monolithic views presented in Black literature.

The great irony is while these same Black feminist authors tell Black women there are no good Black men in their communities, they get brainwashed Black women to silence and destroy the the Black men of character and conscientiousness like myself trying to make a difference.

I constructively criticize the irresponsible behaviors of Black in my blog women because I CARE about my sistas. I care about my community. And I don’t want to see it fall further into the ABYSS than it already has.

Men like Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and Michael Baisden and pimp pastors like T.D. Jakes only care about getting in Black women’s wallets. They tell Black women what they want to hear in the hopes of getting paid.

For me, what I write isn’t just about sale. It’s about changing the way Black women think. I know you can’t think like a man because God didn’t design you that way.

Black woman, the Black man who stands up to you will be the one who stands up for you. And if you knock him down, the only men left will be the White and nonblack men who will take you out.

I understand the dangers of this monolithic White feminist literary viewpoint has made on two generations of Black women. This White feminist literary viewpoint has made Black women believe they are victims of the abuses of Black men and the propaganda in these books convinces Black women that Black men are their enemies.

When the enemy is the Black feminist selling them the snake-oil in the form of a paperback and the White Liberal White men who publishes them.

Black women don’t understand is books like Their Eyes Were Watching God, Waiting to Exhale, PUSH, and The Color Purple are all used as propaganda made up by White Supremacists and Hankerchief headed Black women to divide and destroy the Black community. And it’s worked well for the past 40 years. Indoctrinating one generation of Black girls and Black women after the next into the beliefs of White Feminism and White Supremacy as these books are misinterpreted in schools across the country.

Black women believe threatening not to buy my books they are punishing me. But in actuality they are punishing themselves.

First by taking money away from a Black-owned business. Every dollar spent with me is used to build up my business. Eventually I plan on hiring other Black people. So by not participating in Group Economics all you’re doing is helping to support the White Supremacists that make every effort to keep you unemployed and poor.

Second, by not reading work that counters and refutes all of the misinformation given to them by the Trade publishers of mainstream media. What most Black women don’t know is all of my work presents Black women in a fair and balanced way. My work promotes a positive image of responsible, conscientious Black women. And by insisting that you won’t buy it or read it keeps you from seeing an image of Black womanhood that will give you insight and perspective.

Books like A Recipe For $ucce$$, All About Marilyn, The Isis series and The Thetas are written to with Black female heroines who are rich multidimensional people with heart and humanity. That’s not the face of Black womanhood being presented in most media today.

While I call you Isis, Cassandra, Marilyn and Colleen, Writers like Deja King call you a Bitch. Reds Johnson calls you a Silver Platter Hoe. And Zane doesn’t even give you a name at all. She just makes Black women into sexual objects like White racists used to in their Jezebel stereotype.

Black woman, the Black book market has been saturated with stories featuring Black women as hoodrats, baby mamas and hoes for the past 20 years. I’ve been making every effort to counterprogram that self-hating misogynistic literature with the stories I publish at SJS DIRECT. I know what’s at stake, because a culture can rise no higher than its women. If our women are wallowing in the sewer then the Black race won’t rise any higher than the gutter in the next 40 years.

Just like you are what you eat, you are what you read. And if our women are reading filth from ignorant street lit authors and perverted erotica authors then how can our women aspire to be anything greater than a side piece, a dope dealer’s woman, a whore or a baby mama?

Black woman, you may threaten me. But I will not be bullied. I will not cow to a small cabal of Black women who want to maintain a dysfunctional status quo. I will keep writing publishing and promoting truth. Again, this is not just about money for me. It’s about changing the way Black people think about themselves.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The High-Tech Lynching of Ray Rice

A couple of days ago, the Baltimore Ravens terminated running back Ray Rice after video of him punching his girlfriend Janay Palmer was released by TMZ. And the NFL banned him for life.

I’m sorry but this is excessive.

Moreover, it appears to be a smear campaign against Mr. Rice by a cabal of White Supremacists, White Feminists and Black women. If one looks at what’s transpiring, what’s happening to Ray Rice is just what the media did to Heavyweight champ Mike Tyson close to 30 years ago.

Back in the 1980s, the AmeriKKKan Media made every effort to turn boxer Iron Mike Tyson into a stereotypical Black Brute. And they used his then wife Robin Givens as the gateway into perpetuating that image. From the interview where Ms. Givens said Mike Tyson a “manic depressive” in a condescending tone, every effort was made to turn Tyson into a Black Brute, a violent and savage Black man with no discipline and self-control. Eventually, this escalation of brute violence and sexual behavior climaxed with his conviction for the rape of Desiree Washington in 1991.

Ray Rice’s image is being demonized in the exact same way Tyson’s was. He has been made into a poster child for domestic violence. However, what tabloids like TMZ won’t tell viewers is that Rice was defending himself. The video they showed was incomplete and does not show his wife first spitting on him, and then slapping him.

And he’s being demonized the same way RTA bus driver Artis Hughes was for defending himself against unruly rider Sha’dia Lane. Hugehes like Rice lost his job trying to defend himself against a woman who decided it was her right to farebeat, and argue and spit on a bus driver.

And he’s also being demonized the same way Rayon McIntosh was for defending himself against two violent lesbians who decided slap and jump over the counter when they were about to be caught trying to pass a phony $50 bill.

In all these cases Black men were made out to be the bad guys. And no efforts were made by the media to hold Black women accountable for their irresponsible, reckless and out-of-control behavior.

The double standard created by White feminists 40 years ago is that it’s never okay for a man to hit a woman.  However, if a woman hits a man I say all bets are off.

In life, for every action, there is an equal and opposite REACTION. And a generation of girls never learned this due to White feminists teaching girls a dysfunctional way of thinking .

Ladies, if you hit, be prepared to be hit back. My mother taught me this at six years old. And it was one of the reasons why I avoided starting fights at school. But most girls over the last 30 years are learning that if they hit someone the man is just supposed to take it.

I’m sorry, that’s not how it goes. If you are a woman and you hit a man, I say that man has every right to defend himself.

The Bible says do unto others as they would do unto you. If women don’t want to get hit by men then they don’t put their hands on men.

Ray Rice is not the bad guy here. Janay Palmer is. And like Robin Givens and the two lesbians at McDonald’s who the AmeriKKKan Media tried to turn into victims, they were the perpetrators.

And these Black women were used as tools by the White Supremacist media to take away economic power from a Black man. Like Tyson 30 years ago, and Rayon McIntosh five years ago, Ray Rice lost his job due to this propaganda smear job perpetrated by a tabloid dealing in OPINION like TMZ.

Under pressure from White Feminists, and White liberals, The NFL like the KKK wanted to take down the Black Brute. And they did it with a high-tech lynching. First by releasing him from his contract and then banning him from the league. Hanging him with a noose that chokes him out by taking away his income and his livelihood.

By starving him to death White Supremacy sends a message to other Black men that Black women are above them on the social food chain in AmeriKKKa and to go against them you will be punished with death if you stand up for yourself like the MAN.

The message sent with the lynching of Ray Rice to Black men is the only way for a Black man to survive in AmeriKKKA is to take the emasculated BITCH role of Mangina like Barack Obama, a Simp like Steve Harvey or a COON like Tyler Perry. A role beneath the children and possibly behind the pet dog.

A total disruption of God’s natural order.

Brothers, you have to realize are ON YOUR OWN these days. When engaging men or women of any race you have to remain calm and in control of your emotions. Don’t let them cause you to lose control.

Most Black women like Janay Palmer and Robin Givens before her have NOTHING TO LOSE. There will always be a safety net of Welfare, government programs, White boys, Simps and Cap’n Save ems to take care of her.

But there is no SUPPORT System for YOU Black man. If you go out of the game and lose your job, you are GONE. And in many cases gone for GOOD.

Five years ago I lost a Civil Service job due to a Black woman backing up the lies of a White man. He accused me of sleeping on the job when I was looking down. I haven’t been able to find a job since.

So I know where Ray Rice is coming from. And I know how White Supremacy uses Black women young and old as TOOLS to undermine any Black man who is trying to work to build himself up. The Best thing for a Black man to do is watch himself when he’s out there. Again, brothers you are ON YOUR OWN. These are SHARK INFESTED waters and there’s a cabal of predators out to TAKE your careers and livelyhoods and keep you in a subservient position. Watch your back!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Comic Book Runs from a Story Perspective

What exactly is a Comic book “run”? On the surface a run could be defined as a series of comic book issues from the same writer and artist.

But in actuality a “run” is a series of comic book stories from the same team of writers and artists and editors that form into one larger work about the main character.

Some would say each issue in a comic book is like a novel, a chapter in a larger volume. But that’s not exactly accurate.

A novel is a story broken into chapters. And each chapter usually features a scene detailing action that moves the story forward to the climax that concludes the overall story.

Comic books stories are usually broken into arcs of 2-6 issues, and each of these arcs makes up a single story with its own beginning middle and end. So there are multiple stories featuring their own climaxes and conclusions.

A better analogy would be to say a comic book run is like a tapestry or a mosaic. Like a tapestry or a mosaic, each story the writer and artist creates is a block or a thread in a larger picture that shows who the main character or characters are to the reader.

Each issue in a storyline a creative team produces in their run on a characters’ book builds a block or sews a larger thread in a larger picture. And If the run of stories are strong on a comic book series they can make the character stand out in a larger universe of characters.

Like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s run on Fantastic Four. Chris Claremont/ Dave Cockrum and John Byrne’s run on X-Men. David Micheline John Romita Jr’s and Bob Layton’s run on Iron Man. John Byrne’s run on Fantastic Four. Frank Miller’s Daredevil. Walt Simonson’s run Thor. Denny O’Neill and Neal Adams’ Batman. Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s run on the New Teen Titans. Ron Marz and Darryl Banks’ run on Green Lantern. Mark Waid’s run on Flash. Mark Gruenwald’s run on Captain America and Jim Shooter’s runs on Legion of Super-Heroes and Avengers.

Each of these creative runs by these creative teams came together to form a mosaic that created an image of the character or characters that defined them for a generation of readers.

The writer is the foundation of creating the stories in a comic book run. It’s their words that give the artist the ideas for their pictures. Sometimes the artist helps with the writing like in the case of creative teams like John Byrne and Chris Claremont in later issues of X-Men, and Bob Layton on Iron Man.

A comic book writer has to have a plan for laying out their mosaic before they write the first story. Oftentimes this plan requires them establishing a theme for their stories or a direction for where they want the main character go over the series of issues they’re working on.

Sometimes to create the foundation for their mosaic or tapestry of stories a writer will look to build on the work of previous writers. They’ll study previous runs of older comics to get ideas. Or in the case of Frank Miller on Daredevil, they’ll put finishing details on the previous picture of what the creative teams worked on previously and start fresh towards creating the building blocks towards creating a new picture of the character.

However, a writer has to be careful how they weave their threads or build their tiles. A series of poorly written stories can derail a character. In some cases making them harder for future writers to work with them. And instead of the next writer being able to build on the previous stories with a seamless transition, like Mark Waid did when he took over The Flash from Bill Messener-Loebs, they have to spend six months to a year fixing the damage of a bad run of stories.

The time that creator has to take fixing the damage of a bad thread or bad story blocks can cost a comic book series momentum. And it can keep a rock-solid team of creators form telling their stories and forming a connection with readers.

From a business perspective, transitions on a comic book series run are like a relay race, one creative team hands the baton off to the next. If they get tripped up by bad stories from previous creative runs, it can cost a series its momentum. And in that time a book can lose its readers in the race for sales.

This is why a writer has to be extremely careful what stories they tell. The goal of a good comic book writer is to leave the characters in a better place in the last issue of their run on the series than the first. A place where the new writer can pick up the needle or the tiles and start weaving story threads or building the blocks for their picture of the character.

Good writers make an effort to avoid overusing things like gimmicks and events in their runs. Sure a good gimmick or an event can get people’s attention short-term, but if there aren’t well-written stories after the event has concluded, then the reader has no incentive to continue reading the issues into the run. 

If a run of issues by a comic book creative team run is done correctly, it can lead to a series of comic books that come together into a volume filled with stories that defines the character. If done perfectly, those creative runs can lead to a seamless transition from one creative team to the next. And when these transitions are absolutely seamless, comic book readers focus on the adventures of the character, not the creative teams featured in the credits on the bottom of the splash page.

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