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Monday, August 20, 2018


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Why Marvel's Unstoppable Wasp is Unreadable

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Invasion Of Men’s Personal Spaces-Deleted Chapter From THE MAN CRISIS

Busy editing the MAN CRISIS  And here’s a chapter that I had to cut from the final book. 

The Invasion Of Men’s Personal Spaces

As part of the War on Men, Feminists have been making efforts to invade male spaces, places where men come together to share common interests and hobbies.
 In most cases feminists say they need to that they are entering male spaces to allegedly fight sexism and promote equality. However, this is a lie. What they want to do is take over these men’s personal spaces and control how men behave in them. By invading male spaces feminists can ensure men are “good little boys” in their own little spaces and not disrupt the smooth gynocentric world they’ve created.

If feminists were really about equality as they allege, they would have no problem letting men enter female spaces. However, when men propose to enter predominantly female spaces like nail salons, spas, hair salons and Yoga classes, these same feminists will say that those men are being perverts and sexual deviants who need to stay out of women’s personal spaces because they make them feel uncomfortable. So the move to enter men’s personal spaces is all about women trying to make men be men on a woman’s terms in their own private space.

Women entering men’s personal spaces puts men in crisis because it takes away men’s freedom to be themselves. It’s clear that these efforts to invade male spaces isn’t about diversity and inclusion, it’s about insecure feminists using their power to try to take control of male spaces so they can monitor men’s activities.
If these women wanted to share their interest in the same hobbies and interests men participate in like comic books and video games they could do so in their own female spaces. However, most women don’t want to create their own personal spaces to engage in male hobbies. They want to encroach on the male space and eventually take it over for themselves.

Feminists just don’t understand that there are male personal spaces and there are female personal spaces. Places like Barbershops, comic book stores and gyms are places where men come together to relax and be in the company of other men. It’s in these places where men feel comfortable about being a man and being masculine and expressing their natural masculinity. Yes, there’s a lot of swearing and even some crude talk in these spaces about women, but women swear and talk just as crudely in their personal spaces like spas, gyms beauty salons about men.

Feminists also don’t understand that Male spaces aren’t just places where men share common interest in hobbies; they are places where men learn the unwritten social rules for manhood and learn male life skills. While these men bond over their favorite hobbies, older men oftentimes teach younger men the male life skills they’ll need to survive in the world of adult men. It’s in these spaces that boys and younger men get the guidance and support from older men that helps prepare him for the rough road to manhood.

As men bond and form relationships with men that they trust in these male spaces, men talk about their lives, their problems, and their issues. Getting feedback from other men allows them to get perspective on their problems and work towards solutions to move their lives forward. 

It’s important for boys to enter male only spaces like barbershops and comic book stores at an early age. The faster a boy enters a male space the faster he can start seeing manhood modeled for him by other men. And he can start learning how to socialize with other boys and men.

Moreover he can have masculine energy transferred to him. It’s this masculine energy that enables him to grow into a healthy young man. When a man starts getting masculine energy at an early age, he starts to build the confidence he needs to go out and take the risks he needs to go out and do things like go out to make a living or be able to talk to girls in his peer group when he’s ready to date. 

Feminists just don’t understand that Men and women need time away from each other. When men and women are in spaces together for prolonged periods of time they feel stifled because they have to put on an act to be around each other. In male and female private spaces men and women can de-stress and recharge. It’s in that time they can take a breath and relax. It’s in those spaces that a man can learn how to be better man and a woman can learn to be a better woman.

Right now THE MAN CRISIS is up for Pre-order on Kindle and will be available this October on Amazon and KindleUnlimited!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Shawn Reviews Danger Doll Squad: Galactic Gladiators

I had been anticipating the upcoming upcoming Danger Doll Squad Galactic Gladiators crossover event from Action Lab Comics for months. Since the first Danger Doll Squad crossover was a fun action packed story I was hoping that Galactic Gladiators would be just as entertaining. Unfortunately, the covers tell a  better story than what Action Lab presented in this Clustur Fukur of a 4-issue crossover event.

Danger Doll Squad: Galactic Gladiators takes place after the first Danger Doll Squad team up. After defeating the bad guys Zombie Tramp, DollFace, and Vampblade are on their way back from The Black Room when they’re intercepted by a mysterious alien spaceship that looks like the old Milton Bradley Simon game. That game takes them across space to the Vadim Galaxy and Batau Ceti 16 where Queen Amalgma places the Danger Dolls minds in a cloned body that merges all their powers together. I felt that was a cop-out because from what we saw on the covers I thought we were going to see the Danger Dolls using their powers to take on Aliens in one-on-one combat as they tried to escape the planet.

After defeating the monsters (Two of which look like Ookla the Mok from Thundarr, The Barbarian and Bug From Micronauts) The amalgamated Danger Doll monster is named Clustur Fukur by Queen Amalgmam. And that’s when this story starts to go from a promising premise to a complete clusterfuck of a miniseries. As the story progresses We get more convoluted combat sequences, more 1980s references most Gen-Y and millenials wouldn’t understand, and a story that just falls completely short of the promising premise presented on those awesome covers for this mini-series.  

After reading the final issue of Danger Doll Squad: Galactic Gladiators I was disappointed. There was so much potential for a great story in this miniseries. Unfortunately Martin and Mendoza just can’t execute on the great concept they set up for this comic. I’m guessing that Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin wanted to get this event out of the way so they could focus on the Death of Zombie Tramp event. Big Mistake. The way I see it they should have written this one to take place after Zombie Tramp #50. If they made this story the event after Zombie Tramp #50 it could have been a great way to transition into Janey’s return and possible redemption after the events of the Death of Zombie Tramp storyline. 

Thanks to Martin and Mendoza pushing the Death of Zombie Tramp event over Galactic Gladiators, the writing in Danger Doll Squad: Galactic Gladiators feels rushed and convoluted. And thanks to Martin and Mendoza rushing it, they just don’t actualize the story’s potential. The storyline for Galactic Gladiators doesn’t flow as organically as the original Danger Doll team-up and most of the characters in Galactic Gladiators are one-dimensional with none of the personality or “Voice” the Action Lab girls have in their own comics.

With the incredible amount of talent, skill and craftsmanship Jason Martin and Dan Mendoza have shown with Zombie Tramp, Dollface, and Vamplabde, I would have like to have seen them take this premise to another level. Take some time to build up the world of Batau Ceti 16. Show us some of the Aliens. Show us the culture of this Alien World. And show us why Queen Amalgama would be a threat to Earth that the combined forces of Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, and Dollface would need to overcome.

And I’d like to have seen Mendoza and Martin really take a minute to develop their own characters and show them using their powers in creative ways. I wanted to see how Janey would have been able to get out of a jam where her magic wouldn’t work on aliens. And I wanted to see if she have been able to possess alien bodies they way she did humans. Or what would Katie would do if she were away from those alien vampires she fed on for a long time. Could Dollface adapt alien tech into her arsenal or interface with alien computers. The miniseires issues should have given us the answers to these questions as they took on the Klustur Fukur.

With the story presented Mendoza and Martin told too much and showed too little. Galactic Gladiators should have been a visual FEAST filled with fantastic imagery and unique designs, not off the shelf aliens and spaceships from the 1980s and references only a 44-year-old like myself would figure out. In 2018 most new readers wouldn’t know about half the stuff Katie and Janey were talking about or what references were made in this story. This story should have been a SHOWCASE for Mendoza and Martin to show how they could put their own fingerprint on a comic, but they just didn’t push the envelope creatively like they should have. Had it been me writing this story and making the designs, I’d have gone ALL OUT and put a FRESH take on alien gladiators that’d have put the stuff in Thor: Ragnarok to shame.

Danger Doll Squad: Galactic Gladiators had an incredibly solid premise and a strong concept. Unfortunately, the rushed and convoluted storytelling and one-dimensional characterizations prevented it from being the great comic it should have been. If Martin and Mendoza had just taken a few more months to flesh this story out in rewrites, Action Lab’s Danger Zone could have had a CLASSIC on the level of Marvel’s Secret Wars. But what they presented in these four issues is sadly, just a clustur fukur most comic fans should just pass by.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dan Didio Wants To Bring Back The New 52- WTF?


...Here We Go Again With The Dark Stuff. :(

Just when you thought it was safe to buy DC again…Dan Didio wants to bring back the New 52.

Damn. Just Damn.

Now that Diane Nelson has been fired and Goeff Johns has moved on to DC’s TV and film division, Dan Didio is back in control of DC’s Publishing division. And from the looks of things he wants to get back to business as usual. The business of destroying DC Comics.

Didio wants to turn the clock back to 2011 and his New 52 DC Universe and return to dark angry era of DC Superheroes he ushered in. Where heroes had to suffer endless tragedy in between multi issue crossovers that went on for a year. And there was nothing but death, mutilations, and you guessed it more death. Yeah, let’s go back to that era.

The era of DC that was THE POOREST SELLING in the 80-year history of the brand. The era where DC Comics ROTTED on the shelves and comic shops couldn’t GIVE them away. The era that cost DC and Warner millions in merchandising and licensing LOSSES as DC merchandise ROTTED on shelves as ALIENATED FANS WALKED AWAY FROM DC CHARACTERS AND THE DC UNIVERSE.

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. You would think after seeing The New 52 fail at comic shops, the New 52 inspired Snyderverse movies like Batman V. Superman and Justice League FLOP at the box office and Diane Nelson and get fired for pushing New 52 style ideas in the Snyderverse that Didio would realize that New 52 is a FAILURE, put a period at the end of it and move on.  

But the New 52 is Dido’s baby. And like Tom Breevoort obsession with Marvel’s Unstoppable Wasp and Sana Amanat’s obsession with Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel, he refuses to realize that while he loves his version of the DCU, customers HATE IT. And as a business decision he has to do what the CUSTOMER wants, not INSIST that the customer keep taking his version of DC’s iconic characters.

If Didio goes back to New 52, he’s gonna piss off a lot of fans. Most people were buying Rebirth in the hopes of getting their classic DC Universe back at the end of the Crisis. They invested in that Goeff John’s two going on three year storyline in the hopes of it paying off with a return to the characters they knew and loved. They saw hints of that with the button, Doomsday Clock, and the Flash War. If Didio yanks the rug out from under fans it could not only put the nail in the coffin for DC Comics, but the comic book industry as a whole.

Thanks to Sana Amanat’s incompetent leadership Marvel Comics isn’t doing too hot right now. And with Marvel sales at an all time low due to what many call SJW Marvel, a return to the New 52 at DC could put the comic book direct market right out of business. Last year 50 comic book stores closed last year due to Marvel alienating comic fans who closed their wallets thanks to Marvel pushing identity politics and forced diversity characters in what many people call SJW Marvel Comics. If Didio pushes the New 52 in DC Comics and alienates DC fans, we could easily see another 100-250 stores close their doors by the end of this year.

With comic book stores being the only place you can buy comics, it’s gonna be really hard for publishers to find to sell em’ if the comic shops are gone. But Didio and Amanat can’t connect those dots regarding the industries they work in.

Dido’s jerking people around may stir up the bloggers and get a lot of chatter on the message boards. But at the end of the day it’s all about SALES. And the big two aren’t pulling the sales numbers they had back in the 1980s and 1990s. So it’s just not smart to keep alienating the people who are paying for your product.

I’ve said in numerous blogs nothing at DC would change until Dan Didio is fired. And sadly that’s what it looks like would have to happen for there to be any serious change at DC. In the era where superheroes are at the height of their popularity on movie screens across the country, comics can barely sell 20,000 issues. And that’s due to the indignance of people like Dan Didio and Sana Amanat who refuse to give the customer what they want: Fun all-ages superhero stories filled with action and adventure.

Didio and Amanat want comics their way or the highway. And since WB and Disney’s CEOs won’t send these two packing, the comic book industry is definitely headed on its way to another crash. The way I see it, in between Dan Didio and Sana Amanat at Marvel, the Big two should be out of business in two to three years.

At this point I’ve thrown up my hands regarding Both DC And Marvel. They’re going to be out of business sooner rather than later. Maybe after the dust clears after the fall of the big two someone can build something great out of the ashes.