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Thursday, December 18, 2014

John Walker…The Crazed Captain America!

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Before Jean Paul Valley...there was John Walker.

And Before Knightfall, there was Captain America No More! (Also Known as The Captain on trade paperbacks)

Back in the mid-1980s at Marvel Comics it became fashionable to put a new character in a veteran superheroes’ boots and see if they could fill them. After the sales success of Jim Rhodes as the new Iron Man a few years earlier, Marvel decided to give it another try with Captain America. With a master craftsman like the late Mark Gruenwald penning the story comic fans were in for a treat.

Yeah, Mavel was all about change in the 1980s. Wolverine’s Brown costume. Spider-Man’s Black costume. Iron Man’s red and silver armor. Thor’s beard and later his armored look. The Joe Fixit Gray Hulk. And because the stories were just AWESOME the reaction to the changes at Marvel was mostly positive. Most Marvel fans like myself back then just went with the flow. And I’ll have to say we got some of the best Captain America comics in the history of the character.

One day in 1987, (Captain America Vol.1 #332) The Commission of Superhuman activities decided they wanted to control the actions of Captain America. And Steve Rogers being the freedom-loving All-American patriot that he is wasn’t having it. So he gave up his Red, white and blue costume and shield.

Steve, not discouraged by the Comission taking his costume decided to keep fighting the good fight even without the Captain America costume. Donning a Red, white and black costume and continued fighting crime as The Captain.

Hey, heroes in Black were the in thing in comics in the 1980s. Black costume Spider-man sold a kajillion copies. Black Iron Man sold a kajillion copies. Gray Hulk sold a kajillion copies. So a Black Costumed Captain America would sell just a kajillion more.

And after Steve left the Comission decided that Captain America was just a costume. In their eyes anyone could be Captain America. So they chose John Walker, formerly known as Super Patriot. Walker was the new n’ improved super soldier more in line with the grim n’ gritty Regan era 1980s. Complete with a hardass attuide and no-nonsense approach to crimefighting Walker’s personality was much more relatable to fans of 1980s action heroes like Rambo, and Joe the American Ninja.

And thanks to strength augmentation by the Power Broker he had enhanced powers ready to take right on those rougher, tougher grim n’ gritty 1980s badguys. With super strength, a higher resistance to injury, and training from the Taskmaster, he was twice as dangerous as that old fart Steve Rogers.

Besides, who needs truth and justice when body counts are the in thing?

Along with came a new partner Bucky, Lemar Hoskins. Unfortunately writer Mark Gruenwald had no idea that “Buck” was a racist term regarding Black people. And the idea of a Black man who was bigger and stonger than Captain America dressed up in a child’s costume was offensive to many Black readers. But with Gruenwald being a man of character, owned up to his mistake, and dealt with the issue in a later issue in the storyline. In a few issues, Lemar changed his costume and got the new code name Battle Star. Shame we haven’t seen much of Battle Star in the last few decades. He had a lot of potential as a character. 

For all his new powers and new partner, Walker unfortunately lacked one thing: HEART. Yes, he was a responsible, conscientous man. But his approach to crimefighting was NOT that of Captain America. Walker like Jean Paul Valley was emotional, aggressive and downright brutal. He was the kind of guy to throw Captain America’s mighty shield and decapitate a guy. Yeah, this kind of thing was considered “cool” back in the grim n’ gritty 1980s but at the end of the day many comic fans realized it’s just not heroic.

On his first mission as Captian America John Walker beat supervillain Professor Power to death. And that little incident of excessive force only foreshadowed the future carnage Walker would get himself involved in. After having his identity revealed by his former friends Left Winger and Right Winger, he and his parents are kidnapped by the Watchdogs, a terrorist organization. In the cross fire, he witnesses the murder of his parents. Seeing his parents die in front of him in such a gruesome fashion, Walker snaps, murdering most of the Watchdogs in an extremely violent and brutal ways.

But in spite of this traumatic event and Walker’s mental breakdown, he was allowed to keep working for the commission. Head Comissioner Rockwell said he’d invested too much money in Walker and he just didn’t want to lose it. So On the day of his parents’ funeral Walker is sent to shadow Freedom Force as they plan to capture the Resistants. Enraged, Walker compromises the by brutally beating and murdering several of the mutants.

 After this incident, Walker terrorized Left Winger and Right Winger’s parents telling them he’s going to kill their sons. This leads up to a brutal confrontation at an oil refinery where he brutally beats both men and leaves them to suffer before they’re blown up.

Wolverine boasts that he’s the best there is at what he does…But with the body count John Walker racks up during his term as Captain America I’m thinking he could give Logan a run for his money. When the bad guys see that smile…Things are just not gonna end well.

Walker continues to leave a trail of bodies in his wake like a 1980s Cannon Group action movie until he botches a mission to catch Flag Smasher. As he screws up this mission, Battle Star is forced to call in The Captain Steve Rogers (missed that issue at the newsstand,) to salvage the mission where D-Man unfortunately is lost and Walker loses Cap’s shield to Steve. It’s after the botched Flag-Smasher mission that some Commission members realize they might have made a mistake. That maybe not anyone could be Captain America.

But the head Comissioner Mr. Rockwell takes his orders from a mysterious man behind a red screen and he’s just LOVING John Walker’s work. So Walker is STILL allowed to keep working as Captain America in spite of NUMEROUS fuck-ups that would gave gotten anyone else fired.

Eventually we get a big clue into who the Mysterious boss of bosses with Steve Rogers’ face is during a morning workout where he takes five a day…lives, that is. The opening first four pages of Captain America #350 are some of the most chilling a comic fan will ever read. Watching the man with Steve Roger’s face make light work of those Taskmaster henchmen stil sends a chill down my spine 25 years later.

One panel in particular will eerily seem familiar to Batman fans. Yeah, that’s where I think DC got the idea for Batman: Knightfall. I’m just sayin.

Further along in the CLASSIC Captain America Vol 1. #350 Walker gets a call telling him to come to the Smith Building to get his shield. And the man with Steve Rogers face is ready to reveal himself to Walker, the Crazed Captian America. On seeing the numerous terrorists working for the mysterious stranger and being told the man with Steve Rogers’ face is Steve Rogers, the Original Captain America, Walker loses it. At this point you feel for the bad guys. Why?

Because when Cap says it’s Party Time…Shit is about to get Real.

Steve Rogers in his Captain garb has seen Rockwell, the head commissioner die a horrible death that gives us a hint to who the big villain of the storyline is. Steve heads down to the Smith Building where the Crazed Cap has brutally slaughtered all of the henchmen. And now Steve Rogers has to face the full on fury of John Walker, the CRAZED CAP!

Thankfully Steve is up to the challenge. And after a battle with his replacement he shows that brains always over come brawn. Once he dispatches of the Crazed Cap, Steve has a confrontation with the mastermind of this whole mess: The Red Skull. But before the Skull can attack Steve, Walker makes one last heroic action as Captain America and throws his mighty shield making sure the Skull takes a face full of his own dust of death. But because he’s a clone he doesn’t die from it. So he’ll be back to terrorize Cap another day.

With the Skull defeated, The Captain and the John Walker head back to the Comission to find out what’s to come of the mantel of Captain America. Realizing that Walker is just too dangerous to have operating in the field.

 But Steve ain’t taking no orders from the Comission. So he leaves in his cool ass new red, black and green costume. But Crazy John Walker has a moment of clarity and realizes that he’s just NOT Captain America. That Steve created the morals, ideals and code of conduct that make Captain America an ICON. And that no one can do the job of being Captiain America better than he does. So on Walker’s concession, Steve takes the costume back and goes back to being the Living Legend Captain America!

While John Walker fakes his death, goes out to get some meds, some psychotherapy, and would return to crimefighting in Steve’s red white and black as the U.S. Agent. The Agent would make SHIT EXTRA REAL for the West Coast Avengers before fading into obscurity. Trust me, the less said about Walker’s later career after the West Coast Avengers the better.

FORCE WORKS *SHUDDER* Maximum Security *FACEPALM* New Invaders…*DOUBLE FACEPALM*. Gamma Flight…Good Gravy.

And what happened to him in The Siege…Damn. Just Damn.  

Yeah, I hear he’s back with all his limbs after being healed by a lobotomized Venom symbiote from a pocket dimension (Damn, that’s convoluted), but someone needs to just give Mr. Walker a good story where he can be a badass patriot and not a joke. Maybe even team him back up with Battle Star, another character who fell off the map. Walker is too good a character to get screwed the way he’s been the last 25 or so years. I’d hate to think being the Crazed Cap was the high point of his career.

Captain America No More/The Captain reinforces a cardinal rule about replacement heroes: No matter how New N’ Improved things are everything always goes back to classic. And there’s a reason why everything always goes back to classic: It’s not who wears the costume, but what they stand for.

In Knightfall, the breaking of Batman was the climax of the story. We saw how much Batman could take from the bad guys before his body broke. But in Captain America No More/ The Captain, we see the contrast. The breaking of Steve Rogers is the inciting incident. When he’s stripped of Captain America’s costume we see a powerful internal character transformation begin as the man behind the mask rebuilds his character and resolve in his mission to continue fighting to protect the country that he loves. And as he rebuilds his character and resolve to adapt to the challenges put in front of him, we see it’s the values of the man behind the mask are what makes him a hero time after time.

Most of today’s modern comics just can’t compare to Captain America No More/The Captain. When there’s a PERFECT Buildup of a storyline and the payoff delivers in HUGE dividends the way this one does it’s just SO WORTH IT. I mean, Gruewald took 50 ISSUES to build to the Red Skull’s comeback after his death in the 300th issue! And he took at least TWO YEARS to build from Steve losing the costume of Captain America to his eventual return to the red, white, and blue costume. When you consider that most comic series can’t even GET to the 25th issue these days building into this kind of storyline in a slow, organic fashion is a FEAT that shows the SKILL and CRAFT of the writer and the creative team.

And the fact that Gruenwald dug DEEP into the Captain America mythos and repackaged obscure villains in his rogues gallery like the Mutant Force into the Resistants and made us CARE about D-listers like the Serpent Society and D-Man shows how great a storyteller he is. His kind of craftsmanship when it comes to storytelling is something that lacks in a lot of today’s comics.

Captain America No More/The Captain was the second big comic storyline I got into when I started collecting comics seriously at 14 in 1988. And I’d have to say enjoyed it MORE than Armor Wars, the storyline that got me HOOKED on comics! All the build up over a dozen or so issues led to an AWESOME payoff. I never saw that Red Skull twist coming!

I’m gonna go on record saying we really need an Omnibus for the late Mark Gruenwald’s Captain America. As a writer, the late Mark Gruenwald is one of the greats in the comic book industry. His legendary knowledge of Marvel Comics history, The Marvel Universe of characters and skill at weaving a tale were all on display during his legendary hundred issue run on Captain America. Gruenwald’s storytelling skill is something that needs to be preserved in one volume so that aspiring comic book writers can see the skill and craft of comic book writing. I’d say he’s just as much a visionary at Marvel as Chris Claremont, John Byrne, George Perez, Walt Simponson, David Micheliene, Bob Layton, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. If you see a copy of The Captain in the trade paperback section of your local comic shop pick it up. It’s one of the best comic storylines of the 1980s.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


In the aftermath of the Eric Garner and Michael Brown Grand Jury decisions I have a question to ask:


Ever since we got our freedom from you in the so-called Emancipation Proclomaiton all you do is give Us grief. Seriously, what do you White folks want?

When we started trying to make our way across Your country after your Civil War You establish the standard of Separate but equal in Your Courts.

But when we try to make things equal for ourselves You insist we take substandard.

We start showing we can be the equal to you in terms of education, businesss, and social status. We start competing with you.  You create propoganda depicting us as Coons. Brutes. Mammies, Jezebels Tragic Mulattoes, and other caricatures meant to demean and degrade Us.

But when We stand up for ourselves and speak out against and your hate-filled racist rhetoric You lynch and murder us.

You say you don’t want niggers working for you.

So we try to build Our own businesses so we can work for ourselves. But you send Klansmen to terrorize Our business owners and burn them down.

You say you don’t want niggers in your towns and cities.

So we try to build Our own towns so we don’t have to live around you. But you come and burn our towns down.

You say You don’t want niggers around your children in school.

So we try to build Our own schools and colleges. But when we try to use Our education to better ourselves, You tell us we’re not smart enough unless we go to Your schools.

You say You don’t want niggers around You.

So we try to leave You and your racism behind and you come and try to take us off trains so we can’t leave.

You say You want us to fight in your military in Your second World War.

But when come back from fighting YOUR enemies and protecting YOUR Constitution, and we ask for Our Civil Rights we were PROMISED as a so-called citizen under YOUR Constitution by YOUR 13th and 14th Amendments, your police brutalize us, your courts railroad us, and you imprison us oftentimes for crimes we didn’t commit.

And when Our free citizens we protest the unjust treatment under Your unfair legal system, Your police spray us with fire hoses, and attack Us with dogs. 

In the face of being shown to the World in Television and the Press as the Hypocrites You are You say You want us to integrate into Your society.

But you send your undesirables like White Feminists and CIA subversives to destroy our families and undermine our family values. You flood our communities with drugs. You kill our Black men in your Vietnam War. Then you con our women into buying into your Welfare State and its vicious cycle of co-dependency.

And when Our women take the welfare You insisted on giving them You say You niggers are taking all Your taxes.

Then when Our fathers and sons try to start businesses so We won’t have to take Your Taxes and pay Our own way, You undermine those plans by denying Us loans from Your banks.

And when We try to get jobs, Your managers refuse to hire our Black men for jobs that will allow them to take care of their families.

You make promises of equal opportunity through your affirmative action.
But you make every effort to deny a Black man a job. And when he finally does get a job, at one of Your companies, You make every effort to fire him for the smallest infraction. Then in an effort to emasuclate Black men, You hire Our Black women and make them the leaders of Our families.

All Black people have wanted since they were forced to come to this country is a chance to get our opportunity at the American dream promised in 1865. But everywhere we go there You White people are right there standing in the God damn way.

So seriously White people what do You want?

Do You want Us to remain in a permanent underclass? Do you want a permanent group of serfs who are just supposed to remain at the bottom to sate Your ego? A permanent group of people You have around in your counry just there for You to say You’re doing better than? A permanent group of people You can point a finger to and say You’re better than?

Or is it that You want us to be the god over Us? Do You want Us to worship you like some sort of deity like your White Jesus? 

You allow everyone else an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Women, Homosexuals, Jews, Italians, Greeks, Slavs, Hispanics, Asians, and even Africans. But when a Black man who was born and raised in this country comes for his slice of the American Apple pie you don’t want him to take his piece. Hell, you don’t want him to come to the table.


Is your ego so fragile that you can’t stand the idea of a Black man being the equal to you? Does the idea of a truly equal society scare you?  Are you scared of a truly level playing field? Are you so scared of competing with a Black man? Are you afraid of standing eye-to-eye with a Black man? Are you afraid he’ll actually surpass you? Is that why you keep sabotaging him at every turn?

Are you afraid that once things are truly equal in your land of opportunity you’ll be held accountable for your actions by people of color? That you’ll be called on your bullshit? That people will finally see what a LIAR you are? Or are you afraid someone Black will finally expose all the hypocrisy behind your so-called perfect democracy on a world stage?

Or are you so caught up in your delusion of being some sort of perfect supreme master race that you try to undermine every Black person who challenges it and kill everyone who refutes those ideals?

Seriously White folks this is getting tired. You’re gonna have to make up your minds. What do you want from Black people?

Many of us know what we want from You: All we just want do is live. Live in a country our ancestors didn’t want to come to in the first place. We want our own businesses. We want our own families. We want our own communities. We want our American dream. The slice of America’s apple pie we were promised over 150 years ago by Abraham Lincoln.

And we want it without all the strings, conditions, and ever-changing terms you keep trying to attach to it. We don’t want Your government programs. We don’t want Your handouts. We don’t want Your pity. We don’t want Your efforts to keep maintaining a paternalistic co-dependent relationship where everything remains separate and unequal.

We want the same fair shake every Woman, Homosexual, European, Jew, Arab, Hispainc, Asian, Indian and African who comes to this country gets. You give them equal opportunity. You give them equal protection under the law. You don’t get in their way.

But every chance You get You get in ours. Why?

White people you’re the ones who are confused. When it comes to Black people you say one thing and you do another. Your hypocrisy is the hidrance to our people making progress in your country for nearly two centuries. We only want the rights you give everyone else and an opportunity to stand on our own two feet like everyone else. We want to have life, liberty and the pursuit of our own happiness on our terms, not yours. We do not need you to be the god over us. If given a chance we can lead ourselves and build our neighborhoods into strong Black communities.

We Black people know what We want. But White people what do you want?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Is it time for the Black Community to FIRE Al Sharpton?

 When a Football team has a losing record the owner fires the head coach.

When a Basketball team has a losing record the owner fires the head coach.

When a Hockey team has a losing record the owner fires the head coach.

When a Baseball team has a losing record the owner fires the Manager.

In some cases when things are not going right for a sports team not only fires the manager, the owner goes further up the chain and fire the General Manager. In extreme cases they clean house and get rid of high priced players who are dead weight.

The way I see it Black people need to fire Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton has a losing record when it comes to Civil Rights. What is he 2 for 53? Since 1988 I can count loss after loss under his leadership. 25 straight years of FAILURE.  Look at the number of high profile cases that have ended either unresolved or with acquittals:

Tawana Brawley

Michael Stewart

Michael Griffith

Yusuf Hawkins (won)

Abner Louima (won)

Patrick Dorismond

Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell

Trayvon Martin

Oscar Grant

And now Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

If Sharpton was a head coach for any sports organization he’d have been FIRED a long time ago. If he were a CEO at a major corporation he’d have been FIRED a long time ago. Hell, if he were a manager at a retail establishment he’d have been FIRED a long time ago.

Why? Because in all those positions of leadership the leader is held accountable for their actions. They’re held accountable for their performance.

But Because Black people have no sense of ownership in their communities across their country they don’t hold incompetent Black leaders like Al Sharpton and his National Action Network cronies accountable for anything. Since Black folks just eke out an existence in neighborhoods they don’t own or control, they just continue to support him loss after loss after loss instead of calling him to the table and holding him accountable.

Sharpton’s approaches to Civil Rights are rooted in archaic approaches to social justice that are no longer effective today. White Supremacy has adapted to these approaches and is changing its course to counter every strategy he has presented time after time for the last 15 years. Yet he continues to do the exact same things and expect a different result.

The rest of the world calls this insanity, but Al Sharpton and the dysfunctional Black leaders who follow him call this Civil Rights. 

Give this man a pink slip and send him on his way.

Looking at Sharpton’s approach to Civil Rights all he uses the same old defensive strategies with no plan for an offense. All Sharpton knows how to do March n’ protest, shuck n’ jive and Blame n’ shame. Beg for crumbs from White folks. Reacting after things happen instead of responding to prevent them from happening.

In the aftermath of the Grand Jury decisions from Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Al Sharpton is organizing yet another March on Washington. Er…didn’t we just march on Washington last year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington? How is another march going to change anything for Eric Garner and Michael Brown? Especially on a SATURDAY when all the government offices are CLOSED?

Someone needs to tell Al Sharpton This is 2014. We need strategies to fight White Supremacy and Racism that will work in the 21st Century, not the 20th Century.

When it comes to Al Sharpton he’s just going around in circles doing the same thing and expecting a different result. In all the protests for Eric Garner and Michael Brown there was no offensive strategy to go along with it. The way I see it Black folks need MORE than Justice. We need a comprehensive plan to counter the White Supremacy behind the deaths of these Black men and the culture that is working to destroy Black people mentally, emotionally and socially.

In all of Al Sharpton’s protests for Eric Garner and Michael Brown, Where was the plan for Black Group Economics? A plan to get Black people buying Black and supporting Black-owned businesses on Black Friday would have had a stronger impact than a bunch of Black folks Marching and protesting chanting “No Justice No peace” in nonblack shopping districts or tearing up their own communities like Ferguson. It would have brought some of the $3.3 trillon Black people have in spending power back to Black-owned businesses.  Maybe if Black leaders made this an annual thing it’d allow Black business owners to get the capital needed to hire other Black people like Eric Garner so they wouldn’t be on the street to be a target of police.

And where was the plan to organize neighborhood watch in Black neighborhoods like the Guardian Angels? If we patrolled our own communities it would cut down on the patrols by police that got Akai Gurley killed. If we patrolled our neighborhoods we could deal with the dusty dysfunctional Negroes wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods like drug dealers and gang members. And maybe we could cut down our own crime rate and save a life or two.

Furthermore, where is the plan to establish moral standards for Black people? The Black community lets all sorts of debauchery pass. And thanks to this debauchery it’s a cesspool. Everything goes from Scandal, World Star Hip Hop, Ghetto Gaggers, Gangsta Rappers and movies like Monster’s Ball, Precious, and No Good Deed. Children as young as five years old are exposed to this media. And we haven’t heard a PEEP from Al Sharpton to speak against it. Maybe if we established standards for Black people we could cut an inroads in the birth of all these bastard babies mothers and finally stop the vicious cycle of poverty that’s on its third generation. 

A good Black leader would have a plan for all this. But Not Al Sharpton. No, he only comes out to speak for Black people when a Black man is killed by a White Cop or a nonblack person. The same hustle he’s been running since 1988.

This is why Black people need to FIRE him as their spokesman. Sharpton has a 2-for-53 record when it comes to Civil Rights. In any other part of the world he wouldn’t be allowed to continue speaking for the community. He wouldn’t be considered a leader because no one follows a LOSER. But because Black people don’t own anything in their communities and have nothing invested in them, they’re the only people in the world who continue to reward failure and allow failures to advocate for their cause.

Is it time for the Black community to fire Al Sharpton? Yeah I think it is. Black people in this 21st Century it’s time for a new approach to Civil Rights, and we need new leaders to apply new strategies to move the Black race forward.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eric Garner and Michael Brown: Two Grand Juries, Same Decision, Same Insanity.

Last week there was no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown Yesterday there was no indictment in the death of officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner.

Two deaths of Black men. One in a Conservative Republican state, Another in a Liberal Democratic one. But Black men’s lives still matter in AmeriKKKA.

Yeah Right.

Sadly the response of most Black people in the face of this slap in the face has been the same since 1960. Following Pied Pipers like Al Sharpton here in New York. March and protest, shuck n’ jive. Still chanting No Justice, no peace. Still telling the White Man how they shall overcome.

Or following the lead of the Sons of single mothers like Michael Brown’s stepdad. Emotinally immature grown men in saggin pants inciting riots where they burn down their own neighborhoods.

The textbook definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. And over the past few months I’m learning how truly insane Black people are.

Both the White conservative and the White liberal have slapped Black people in the face and called him a Nigger. And the co-dependent Negro’s plan is to keep doing more of the same and expecting change from the abuser.

Then after the marches, protests and rallies, to go shopping at the same non-Black stores they protested to spend 97 percent of their money with the same racists who discriminate against him on a daily basis. Because no matter how much the White man slaps him in the face, Black folks gots to have they Crismus.

Oh yeah, and Scandal will be on Tonight. And unfortunately, most Black women will be setting their DVR’s before heading out to the rally or the protest tonight.

Showing the world how BACKWARDS Black people are. The $25.4 million dollars Black people spent making the Big Black Brutefest No Good Deed the #1 movie in AmeriKKKa has been rewarded with two real life Grand Jury decisions.

Sadly, Black folks still can’t connect the dots between the Grand Jury decisions of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and the movie No Good Deed or how one directly impacted the other.

In the post-racial age of the first Black president we now see the value of the life of a Black man is the same as it was in the 1950s when Emmit Till was lynched: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Even with a Black President in the White House, killing a Black man is STILL just like killing a roach.

Black folk have been clearly shown a dog’s life has more value than a Black man’s. But sadly, Black people’s response is still the same since 1950 when Emmit Till was pulled from the Tallahatchie River. How long are Negroes gonna keep playing the March n’ protest, shuck n’ jive and Blame n’ shame game with White racists? When Will Black people finally realize doing the exact same things will NOT lead to a different result? When will Black people finally TAKE a different course of action?

Y’know what response would have had an IMPACT on America in the Aftermath of Michael Brown Grand Jury decision? Participating in GROUP ECONOMICS. If all the Black folks who were upset on Tuesday went to Black-owned businesses and spent their money on Black Friday with brothers and sisters like myself, it would have given Mr. Charlie a Kick in the nuts and giving their own dead economy a kickstart.

But instead co-dependent Negroes on Thanksgiving went to stand outside of stores like Macy*s, Wal-Mart, and Target marching and protesting carrying signs they made with markers and paper bought at Staples and Foreign owned stores. Hoping, wishing, and praying for the abuser to allow them to be a part of the “rainbow”.

Showing how co-dependent they are on White Supremacy.

Black folks get given two middle fingers by White Supremacy in two weeks. And Black folks just sit there taking it in the ass. Again, becase Black folks gots to have they Crismus.

Damn. Just Damn.

I think the only kick in the nuts that will make AmeriKKKans wake up to how full of shit they are when it comes to race is when a terrorist organization like ISIL, a rogue state like North Korea or an economic superpower like China or Saudi Arabia call America’s leaders on their hypocrisy on the foreign stage. It would be interesting to see when the U.S. starts talking about bringing democracy to people in a place like Iraq or Syria one of the diplomats or world leaders in some of these foreign countries should call the U.S on its bullshit by asking them about how well democracy works for Black men like Eric Garner or Michael Brown.

Personally, I’d love to see the reaction on the faces of American Caucasians if they ever got challenged like that on a Global stage.

But sadly, Black lives don’t matter anywhere in the world. So no foreign state will ever call the U.S. on its hypocrisy on the world stage. Talking freedom and democracy to the world, but practicing oppression on the minorities who live on its shores.

In the summer when Eric Garner and Michael Brown were killed I said it was time for a new course of action from Black people. And I still stand by that statement. It’s clear to me Dr. King’s Dream is DEAD. If Black people are to have a future in America, we need a new Vision for the future. White Supremacy is declaring WAR on Black people, and Black people are still doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. I’m sorry, but you’re not gonna get change doing the exact same things and following the same failed leaders

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Shawn addresses Haters

Isis: Power of the Princess Chapter 2

Isis: Power of the Princess is now available on Kindle Unlimited and Paperback! 

Chapter 2

I shake my head as Nemesis disappears in a flash of light. I had hoped six months of house arrest would make her think about how egregious her offenses were and how they embarrassed this realm. I thought she’d come into court repentant and eager to return to her duties as the Goddess of Retribution. But from the hostile and belligerent way she behaved during these proceedings it’s clear to me Nemesis is not only a danger to both men and gods, but possibly to herself as well.
A worried Hera looks over at me. “Zeus, she’s out of control. We have to get her back here before she does harm to mortals or herself.”
“You’re right my dear.” I reply. “But would a diplomatic situation even be viable now? From the erratic way Nemesis has been behaving we might have to use force.”
“Shall I send for Hercules sire?” Hermes inquires. “He’s consulting on the set of that new movie-”
I’d like to, but Hercules wouldn’t have the time to track her. Plus with the rough way he handles things it could lead to serious property damage wherever they brawled. The last thing Olympus needs is another inter-realm incident, especially one where mortals are involved. I just couldn’t deal with the headache of another lawsuit.
“No, we needn’t to disrupt his work Hermes.” I reply. “I think I know someone who has the time and the skills to bring Nemesis to justice.”
Hermes flashes a smile at me “I think I know who you’re talking about….
My wife knows who I’m speaking about as well. She gives me a quizzed look before making her inquiry. “But would the goddess even be interested in assisting us in our affairs after her ordeal with Nemesis?” Hera asks.
“From what I’ve seen Isis is always eager to aid both man and god.” Hermes continues. “And she definitely has the diplomatic skills to help contain this situation.”
“Not to mention a softer touch than Hercules. Hermes, send for the goddess.” Hera requests.
While Hermes is capable of handling diplomatic affairs for us, this situation too dire to send an emissary to ask Isis for assistance. I ease off my throne and make my way down the steps. “No, You stay here Hermes. I’ll make the case to Isis myself.”

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bill Cosby, The Big Black Brute

Several White Women have come out and alleged that Legendary Black comedian Bill Cosby raped them over 30 years ago. In less than a week, Mr. Cosby has gone from America’s Dad to AmeriKKKa’s latest Black Brute.

I’m going to go on record saying I don’t believe any of these White women. Why? Because their actions do not fit within the historical pattern of AmeriKKKA regarding rape and sexual assaults committed by Black men.

Protecting the chastity of White women in AmeriKKKa is one of the cornerstones of White Supremacy. White racists burned down entire Black towns such as Black Wall Street and Rosewood over allegations of Black men raping White women. Thousands of Black men were lynched and jailed over unsubstantiated allegations of raping White women from the 1880s to the 1960s.

With that history of violence and terrorism we’re supposed to believe these same White racists and White Supremacists are going to let the rape of over a dozen White women slide because Bill Cosby makes them laugh?


I do not believe for one minute the children of the same White Supremacists and racists who tortured, castrated, and murdered Emmitt Till for just whistling at a White Woman would have given Bill Cosby a pass for slipping a roofie in the drink of several White women and raping them.

No, the historically consistent action of White men on hearing about these allegations of rape would be to make every effort lynch Bill Cosby the same way they did Emmitt Till. And they would lynched him 30 years ago when he was accused of assaulting the FIRST White Woman.

Whenever there’s a Black Brute about, White Supremacy has always made every effort to put him down no matter his position in society. When Desiree Washington made rape allegations were made against Mike Tyson in 1990, prosecutors made every effort to arrest and charge him with rape as soon as possible.

And when OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her Friend Ron Goldman were murdered, Los Angeles prosecutors did not look for any other suspects. They went right after Orenthal James Simpson and filed charges against him within days of the murder.

Tyson was at the apex of his careers in 1990 when Desiree Washington accused him of rape. Former football icon OJ Simpson was still a popular movie and TV star in 1994 when he was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. But supposedly from 1970’s to 1984 around the Apex of Bill Cosby’s career prosecutors in several states say they can’t bring charges against him.

Seriously, one of the most prominent men in Black America acts like a Black Brute and proves everything White Supremacy says about Black men being true and we’re supposed to believe that White Prosecutors in several states across AmeriKKKa are going to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

If you believe this I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Prosecutors LOVE cases like this. Because these are the kinds of cases that make their CAREERS. It’s these kinds of cases that cement their chances at becoming judges and plans to run for higher political offices like Attorney General, Mayor and Governor. Some even use them to go for offices like Senator and Congressman.  Taking down Bill Cosby for raping a White woman would have made a prosecutor into one of AmeriKKKa’s greatest heroes.

The only time when rape cases against White Women aren’t prosecuted are when they’re against rich Jews. How many years has Woody Allen been molesting Soon-Yi and Dylan? That pedophiliac piece of shit has gone on for over 30 years with impunity in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It seems the only person who can give Woody Allen Justice is God Himself. If there’s a reserved place in Hell for anyone it’s Woody Allen.

Seriously, when celebrity White women like Janice Dickinson are making sexual assault allegations against a prominent Black man like Bill Cosby, White Supremacists are going to make every effort to capitalize on the opportunity to tarnish his image and destroy him. Dickinson was a top supermodel in the 1970’s and 1980s, and a case featuring her as Bill Cosby’s accuser would have made the papers all over the world back then. It would have been the Trial of the Century before the alleged Trial of the Century, the OJ Simpson farce.

What’s highly illogical about this situation is that most of these women who say they were raped by Cosby continued to have a relationship with him. Hoping, wishing and praying that he’d make them a star. Now rape is a horrible crime. And most women regardless of race who have been violated this way by a man want NOTHING to do with their attacker. The only places they want to see him is either dead or behind bars.

Some women like Barbara Bowman women claim that no one would believe them. But it seems extremely inconsistent and out of character for a rape or a sexual assault victim to continue to be mentored and have a consensual sexual relationship with their attacker after being violated. Some victims even claim to have came back to allow themselves to be assaulted several times. Others said they stayed in the room and continued to converse with Cosby after he allegedly tried to sexually assault them. Again, out of character and inconsistent with the actions of most rape victims.

In many of the cases Prosecutors claim they didn’t have enough evidence. But throughout the Jim Crow period in AmeriKKKa all a White woman has to do is accuse a Black man of rape and he would be lynched.

And in modern times, he’d be put in jail for the rest of the life based on just her word. It didn’t matter if he were Jack Johnson, Brian Banks, OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson or Bill Cosby. A Black Brute is a nigger that is ALWAYS put down by White Supremacy. 

What happened here sounds like most of these White women have sour grapes about being screwed on Hollywood’s infamous casting couch. Listening to many of the stories from most of these victims it seems many sucked on Mr. Cosby’s pudding pop in the hopes of getting on the fast track to fame in Hollywood. But after they had their one-night stand with the stand up comic they got stood up when it was time to do business.

Par for the course in Hollywood. It’s happened to many an 18 or 19 year-old girl who got off the Greyhound bus on 7th Street or who stepped off the coach section of a redeye flight at Bob Hope International Airport. Oftentimes these girls would meet a star at the waitress, sales, or reception job they worked at. Then they’d hook after hours at his hotel or his house. The morning after letting him get his leg over, they’d think they’d have a leg up on a shot at stardom.

But when he threw them out like the morning trash they’d realize all they were was a piece of fresh ass for established stars like Bill Cosby to stick the chocolate pudding pop in the cherry pie while they mugged into an orgasm. It was usually a painful lesson a girl learned as she took the walk of shame to the D-Agent in the Valley and kept working their way through shitty waiter and reception jobs while going out on auditions.

The truth is that beautiful White women are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. And most who come to L.A looking for a career in entertainment think their vaginas will give them an edge in competing with all the other wannabe actresses. Unfortunately, most of the White women wind up disappointed when they realize that the pussy that gave them leverage with the Simps in Spokane has no value to the most prominent and the powerful in Hollywood like Bill Cosby. For most established celebrities they are just another jump-off.

At the worst it sounds like Bill Cosby was dipping his chocolate pudding pop in the vanilla bowl for some Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl action. Having some White pussy on the side. The same thing Tiger Woods was doing a few years ago. What he was doing was immoral, not illegal.

And an opportunist crab-in-the bucket coon comedian like Hannibal Buress is looking to get his 15 minutes of fame by tearing down Bill Cosby. As the late Khalid Muhammad said “There’s always a buckdancin’ boot lickin’ Uncle Tom ready to do the White man’s dirty work.” And that’s what we have here by Hannibal Buress in his attempt to defame Mr. Cosby.   

From what I see the only reason these allegations are coming to surface and becoming national news is because the White Liberals who made Mr. Cosby an icon don’t like the message he’s been preaching as of late. You know the Come on People, Black people need to get their shit together message. That message of doing for self runs counter to the White Liberal’s view of Black people as poor miserable and needing the help of a Great White Savior.

Since Cosby’s views no longer fit within the White Liberal’s narrative he can no longer be AmeriKKKa’s Dad. And now instead of being the paragon of what the ideal Black man is, now he’s just another Black Brute. Another violent savage looking for a white woman to rape. Another nigger they need protect the world from. Another nigger they need to put down.

What’s happening to Bill Cosby is just another high-tech lynching. When a prominent Black man like OJ Simpson or a Bill Cosby is believed to have bitten the hand of the White Liberal that fed them efforts are made to put that Black man in his place. That’s what’s happening to Dr. Bill Cosby now. For all of his doctorates in education, his lifelong career as a Black entertainment icon, Black role model and Jell-O spokesman, he’s just another NIGGER in AmeriKKKa.