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Friday, July 13, 2018

E’steem: The Sands of Time Cover By Bill Walko

Just got the cover art for the E’steem: The Sands Of Time by Bill Walko and it looks AMAZING!

I was FLOORED when I first saw this piece! It looks just like an animation Cel for a Disney movie! I love how bright the colors are and how everything POPS! IT FEELS ALIVE!

Bill did an excellent job conveying teenage love with this cover! I love how 14-year-old E’steem and 14-year-old John Haynes have these looks of youthful innocence of two kids who are just finding out what love is for the first time. The body language is perfect for two KIDS, denoting their curiosity, not their sexuality.

There’s a great theme of optimism and hope in this cover. From the bright blue background to the golden looking pyramids to the hopeful looks on the character’s faces everything just feels so inspiring and uplifting.

The first pieces of Bill Walko’s art I ever saw online were his versions of the X-Men, the Teen Titans, and Young Justice. And he brings all that youthful energy and heart from those early pieces to this MASTERPIECE of a cover.

For this story I wanted E’steem to have the look of an Ancient Egyptian Disney Princess. And Bill’s art definitely captures the spirit of Disney’s Princesses like Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Could E’steem hang with Disney’s Princesses? With Bill’s running the animation department I believe she could.

In E’steem: The Sands of Time I take readers back to the time when E’steem was a Princess in Ancient Egypt. This was a time when E’steem was young, optimistic and hopeful, and Bill captures that youthful optimism in Egyptian E’steem.

And Bill’s version of teenage John reminds me a lot of Marty McFly from the Back to the Future movies. Even though he’s out of place, the 14-year-old John from the dark, grim n’ gritty 1980s provides a great contrast to the bright Ancient Egyptian theme with his realism. John’s olive BDU pants, faded jean jacket, and black mock neck are dark enough for the rough streets of 1980s New York, but bright enough to fit right in Ancient Egypt.

You’ll definitely want to pick Up E’steem The Sands of Time this October when I kick off Fantasy Flashback Fall. It’s an action packed Time Travel Fantasy romance reads just like a Disney movie. It’s filled with lots of action adventure and fun, and gives you a unique perspective on Ancient Egypt you won’t find anyplace else.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Racism Comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

A couple of weeks ago Kevin Fiege and Marvel Studios announced that Captain Marvel would be the new flagship character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And with that announcement he slapped the shit out of all those Black folks who thought Black Panther was going to be the game changer for the Black image and Black people. 

 All those Black folks spent all that money making Black Panther a Box office hit. But at the end of the day Kevin Fiege ain’t givng you SHIT.

Black folks spent a billion dollars hoping wishing and praying that Disney and Marvel Studios would acknowledge the power of the Black dollar. But at the end of the day Kevin Fiege walked away from the power of the Black dollar to promote White Supremacy.

A black hero makes a billion dollars at the box office FASTER than ALL the white heroes but the the flagship of the company is going to be a White woman who can’t sell her own comic series and is universally HATED by comic fans.

In their attempt to promote diversity, Kevin Fiege and Marvel Studios practices
White Supremacy. Don’t you just love the irony?

And don’t you just love the blatant discrimination? Captain Marvel who wasn’t even able to sell her own comic or her own Marvel Legends Action figure (You can still get her CHEAP in many retail outlets like Target) gets to leapfrog over Black Panther, a character who has PROVEN he can open a movie and had every piece of licensed merchandise SELL OUT. A character with direct connections to The Fantastic Four and X-Men. A character who could easily build bridges in expanding a broader richer Marvel Cinematic Universe that stays true to the spirit of the Marvel Universe.

But we need diversity. Where the White folks are in charge. With Tony Stark leaving they need to give power to a White Woman.

Affirmative Action 101. Because that government program gave more grossly unqualified white women jobs than qualified Black men.

With the announcement that Captain Marvel being the flagship character of the MCU after Phase 4 we see that the Black dollar has no value to Kevin Fiege and Marvel Studios. In their push for diversity, they WIPED THEIR ASS with the Black dollar.  

It’s clear that when it comes to Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s all about pushing the narrative of White Supremacy to the next generation of Americans not a diverse universe of characters like they tout. Programming an idea in their mind that White folks are gonna be on top no matter what.


Kevin Feige says that the future of the MCU after phase 4 is going to be female. But I find it funny that the future is going to be led by a WHITE FEMALE.

Fiege also says that he has plans for MCU Movies featuring Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales Spider-Man and America Chavez.

I just love how all the minorities are following the lead of the White female in phase 4. But not the lead of the Black man who proved he could open big at the box office.

Er…What happened to all those plans for Black Panther 2?

Funny how that movie just disappeared off the radar for the MCU’s plans for Phase 4. Even though Black Panther made a billion dollars and was a worldwide phenomenon.

Because the future is Female. And White Supremacist female from the looks of the All New, All-different MCU’s third wave feminist lead Brie Larson. Has anyone read this woman’s tweets on twitter lately?   

If anyone can’t see the racism at Disney and Marvel Studios they must be blind. The only reason they don’t want Black Panther to be the flagship character of the MCU be the lead hero of a movie in the MCU is because the White Supremacists at Disney don’t want to show White folks following the lead of a Black King who runs his own country and takes care of his own business. The image of a Black man having that kind of power makes White folks uncomfortable and since they control the money, the media and the narrative of the media, they ain’t spending a dime pushing Black Panther.

No, They’d rather lose billions of green dollars and tank the MCU with Captain Marvel. All to preserve the same kind of Racism of the Old Southern Tradition. It’s all about preserving the ideals of white superiority. Even if those ideas lead to a billion dollar company going broke. That’s how insane racism is. And that’s how insane the decision to make Captain Marvel the flagship character of the MCU is.

Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of the Black Panther movie. But I’m completely disgusted at the racism that Disney is participating in all in the name of diversity. Black Panther has proven by MERIT in TWO MOVIES that he should be the new flagship character of the MCU. With Chadwick Boesman you have a charismatic performer who can open a movie and carry the universe in the same way Robert Downey Jr. has for the last decade. I may not like the movie. But Marvel should not deny this brother his chance to shine all because they want to push an agenda.

Marvel Studios movies should be about well-crafted action adventure stories that stay true to the spirit of the characters Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created in Marvel Comics. When it becomes about social agendas, identity politics, or political narratives, it’s clear Marvel Studios has lost its way in the same way the Marvel publishing brand lost its way three years ago. Plain and simple if the MCU continues to go on this direction the end of the MCU will come sooner rather than later.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

ETERNAL NIGHT-New Goth Fiction Coming From SJS DIRECT

I’ve been itching to do another vampire Story. And another Goth Story. And I plan on fusing those concepts together for a new story set in the SJS DIRECT UNIVERSE.

In Isis: Night of the Vampires I introduced Lilith Graves. And I left some hints to how she became a vampire. Now I want to do an origin story featuring Lilith so I can expand on the Vampire Lore of the SJS DIRECT Universe and explore the Black Goth Subculture in it.

Eternal Night is the story where I’ll show how Lilith Graves became a Vampire. With this story I’m gonna try to answer a few questions as related to the vampire lifestyle. How does a new vampire adjust to the major change in their lives? How does a day person get used to being a night person? How do they deal with the psychological trauma related to becoming a vampire? Where do they get a job? Where do they get blood from in Modern Day America? How do they deal with their cravings? How do they deal with the new predatory nature that’s manifesting itself inside them? How do they get around during the city that never sleeps for only 8 hours in the day?  How do their friends and family adjust to it? What happens to their goals in life? What happens to their hopes and dreams?

There’s a major learning curve to being undead. And I plan on going in depth on that learning curve in Eternal Night. What makes this story such a fascinating one for me is that there are so many questions I’d love to answer in this story and that’s what makes this a fun subject to explore.

 Set in the 1990’s, Eternal Night shows how hardworking Goth Grad student Lilith Graves has a future so bright she’s gotta wear shades. Celebrating getting her MBA from NYU and the new job she’s going to start on Monday Morning at a major fortune 500 company, she attends one of Mad Matilda’s raves. It’s at that rave that she meets a handsome vampire who gives her the bite that changes her life.  

Spinsterella is coming to the SJS DIRECT Universe. So get ready.

While everyone knows how Lilith got back on the road to Salvation in Isis: Night of the Vampires, I thought it’d be interesting to see how she would up on the road to Eternal Damnation years ago. In this story I hope to explore how she got caught up in the world of New York’s Brood. Over the course of the book I want to explore New York’s Vampire culture and show how it relates to its Goth subculture.

I’m going for a contemporary take on Vampires in Eternal Night. It’s gonna be Part Lost Boys, Part Vampire in Brookly, Part Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but from the Vampire’s perspective. Lilith didn’t ask to become a vampire, and is trying to adjust to a culture she doesn’t want to be a part of. A woman caught between the politics of the Brood and Loretta Van Helsing, a relentless Vampire Hunter who works for the NYPD she’s fighting to try to find some sort of life as she gets used to being undead. 

Right now I’m just brainstorming and outlining on Eternal Night, but I’d love to get to work on this book sooner rather than later. Goth and Vampire stories are a boatload of fun for me and I’m looking forward to writing this book!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Shawn Reviews Josh Howard’s T-Bird & Throttle #1


I’ve been a fan of Josh Howard’s art for years. And it’s always been a dream of mine to see his interpretation of Isis or E’steem on one of my book covers or even in a graphic novel. So when I saw the Kickstarter for his new comic T-Bird & Throttle in November of last year, I was eager to help back the project. Unfortunately, while I wasn’t short any dollars, I was just a day late. After downloading and reading the #0 issue on the Kickstarter page I was bummed that I missed out on getting the first issue.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to pick up the first issue on Comixology. And after the reading the first issue I’m definitely looking forward to the second. Josh has crafted an intriguing mystery revolving around Mitchell “Mitch” Maddox, the superhero known to Centennial City as T-Bird, the man with an alien engine in his chest. He’s one part Opitmus Prime, One Part and One part Mr. Incredible. A family man, he tries to divide his time between raising his family and trying to protect Centennial City from the bad guys with his sexy redheaded sidekick Throttle. From the #0 issue, it seems like crime fighting is taking its toll on Mitch’s personal life. In spite of his professional success, his wife is having an affair and after Mitch has a run in with a mutated Billy Sneed, we’re given a clue regarding the mysterious alien engine in his chest. The #0 issue ends on a cliffhanger with Mitch going to Amy’s house talking about how he killed them all.

Who did he kill? That’s the question I was eager to get an answer to when I picked up T-Bird & Throttle #1. And while I didn’t get an answer to that question I got a few clues reading about the aftermath of that tragic turn of events.  

Issue #1 opens up right after establishing the mystery of issue #0 and gives us a clue to what happened after Mitch went to Amy’s house. It looks like whoever died was someone close to Mitch. And the Aftermath was quite tragic for a superhero like T-Bird to be contemplating suicide. Those gun scenes were DARK. I could FEEL Mitch’s pain in them, because I’ve been there myself.  

Somehow Mitch finds the courage to keep fighting the good fight. 10 years later, he’s out of the Superhero game. Now a middle-aged man he’s trying to be a hero to his daughter by being the best father he can be. After dropping his daughter Emily off at High School, Centennial City’s fallen hero is working comicons (with an agent who eerily looks like John Byrne) and trying to make it the best way he can. (If he’s working cons life is really ROUGH) It’s at one of the cons that a Starlink employee approaches him and makes a proposal to him. He turns her down, however, he rushes back to his former employer Starlink after reading a comic that makes a mockery of him his origin and the personal tragedy suffered. There his former boss offers to help him return to glory as he make him a proposal to go find a possible second engine on the moon.

As Mitch contemplates the offer to return to his glory days, he heads back to pick up his daughter who has found out about that comic that mocks them. The issue ends with the threat of the Moon Men invading Earth, SJWs and hipsters threatening Mitch, Mitch getting jumped in an alley by the same SJWs and Hipsters, getting a glimpse at that comic that mocks T-Bird, a hint at who died in that personal tragedy, a battered Mitch running into officer Amy and Gruesome telling everyone he’s here.

Who’s Gruesome? And what does he want with T-Bird? What has Amy been doing over the last few years? Are Mitch and Amy Still cool? How does Emily feel about the way her father has been treated? How rough was Emily’s day at school? What will she have to say about Amy? Will Mitch take the offer from Starlink to search for the new engine? All the answers to those questions are in T-Bird & Throttle #2. And Shawn is DEFINTIELY gonna pick up issue #2 in Fall/Winter of 2018 when Josh publishes it.   

T-Bird & Throttle’s first issue is a GREAT comic. Josh Howard does a great job building up the mystery he started in the #0 issue. A good mystery answers questions and has the reader asking more. And T-Bird & Throttle’s first issue answers a lot of the questions I asked in the #0 issue and had me asking more questions as I continued to read the 60-page first issue. The mystery in this space opera is incredibly intriguing, the more I read about it the more I want to know about what happened to Mitch years ago, what happened to his family and I wondered if he’ll go back to Starlink to take on the Moon men again.

In T-Bird & Throttle, Josh does a great job of developing rich, multidimensional characters in a very compelling story. When I was reading the first issue I heard the characters speaking to me, and as I went from panel to panel each scene had art and colors so dynamic and filled with emotion I felt like I was in the middle of an animated movie. The more I saw his art in this comic, I was more eager to see his art on an Isis or E’steem series book cover. Hoping we can make it happen one day.

As a guy who has struggled with depression, anxiety, and periods of long-term unemployment and been through hard times in my own life, I could really relate to Mitch’s story. A lot of what drives Mitch to keep doing right is a lot of what drives me to keep persevering in the face of so many troubles. While Mitch has an engine for a heart, he still has love for all the people in his life. And in spite of all the bad breaks he’s gotten in life, he still wants to do the right thing for his daughter and all the people in his life. That’s what makes him a hero in my book, the fact that he has the character and resolve to keep standing for what he believes in even though he’s fallen on hard times. 

T-Bird & Throttle #1 gets my highest recommendation. This is a comic YOU CANNOT MISS! You can pick up a paper copy on Josh’s website or you can pick up a digital version on Comixology. Let’s #MoveTheNeedle and give this great comic the audience it deserves! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Shawn Reivews Netflix's Luke Cage Season 2

--> The first Season of Netflix’s Luke Cage lost a step on the Back Six episodes with The Judas Bullet and Diamondback’s clumsy story arc. However in season 2 not only has Netflix’s Luke Cage managed to find it’s footing again, but it’s moved right past the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to become the best superhero adaptation Marvel has ever produced.

Netflix’s Luke Cage takes the characters of the Marvel comic to another level in season 2. In the second season of Luke Cage, Luke is trying to follow the Late Pop’s advice and keep moving forward. As he moves on towards rebuilding his life, he’s dealing with the consequences and ramifications of being Harlem’s hero. No longer an invisible man in the shadows he’s out in the spotlight. And as that light shines on him we’re left to ponder if the bulletproof Black man is on his way to becoming a god or if he’s on his way to becoming a monster.

As Cage ponders offers and endorsement deals for his newfound popularity he struggles with his relationship with his estranged father, his straining relationship with Claire Temple who worries that she won’t be able to help Luke if he gets hurt again. While the bulletproof Black man is twice as invulnerable from the second Power Man Bath he took later in Season 1, we realize that the man inside is vulnerable to the frailties of his humanity as he takes numerous blows to his ego from his friends and his enemies.

While Cage investigates who’s behind producing a brand of heroin with his name on it, he’s drawn into a mystery involving Shades, and Mariah Dillard who are out to sell their guns to go legit by to buying a black-owned plastics company. Shades and Mariah want to force the owner to sell it to them for pennies on the dollar so they can get rich at his expense. However, what they don’t know is that the buyer for their guns is the mysterious Bushmaster a Jamaican gangster from Brooklyn who wants to expand his territory into Harlem as he looks to get revenge on the Stokes family. With Bushmaster taking out the competition, it becomes a Battle for Harlem as Mariah and are looking to sell out the Black community and Cage is looking to protect it from the deadly and vicious Bushmaster who has powers equal to Cage himself.

With Bushmaster Marvel Studios FINALLY learns how to write a Bad Guy. Bushmaster is a complete BADASS who DOMINATES the screen in EVERY scene he’s in. From his swagger to his badass Eddie Gordo style Tekken 3 Capoiera moves Bushmaster lets everyone know he’s the one running the show when he’s onscreen. Whether he’s in a scene with Cage or with Mariah or on his own, he’s got such presence onscreen you just want to see more of him in every episode.

All I can say is Luke Cage Season 2 is a CLASSIC. Artistically, Cage Season 2 takes its craft to the next level with beautiful cinematography, strong acting, and top notch writing. The visuals for every episode are like a fusion of Spike Lee’s Malcolm X and Tim Burton’s Batman. Combined with the hip-hop, blues, and jazz tracks used in every episode and we’re transported to a Harlem that feels so distinct you feel like you’re being taken to a world that’s completely different than anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I love the use of contrast in the visuals between Cage’s Harlem and Bushmaster’s Brooklyn. How Cage operates out of Pop’s Barber Shop and how Bushmaster operates out of a Caribbean restaurant. And I love the use of music to set tones for scenes. Whether it be Jazz, hip-hop, R&B or Soul, Cage uses music that becomes a character just like many of the parts of Harlem and Brooklyn become characters in the storyline for the season.  

With Luke Cage Season 2 we finally have an example of what I’m talking about regarding MORE. Instead of giving us the flash of MCU movies, we get SUBSTANCE that makes for compelling storytelling. Cage gives us a group of rich multidimensional characters in a complex and thought-provoking story arc that takes us into the WHOLE Black community and shows us the WHOLE Black experience. Each episode feels like it’s CRAFTED not manufactured like Marvel movies like Avengers: Infinity War. Every line has a purpose, every action has a reason. There’s layers depth and nuance to the storytelling and Harlem feel like you’re in a world that’s all it’s own in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While Cage Season 2 is rock solid, it does have it’s flaws. I’m not a fan of all the gynocentrism that’s trying to creep into the show. The scene where Cage is playing Cap’n-Save-Em’ in one episode to Cockroach’s girlfriend had Cage simping on a level I saw in  Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. Yeah, I get that Cage is a hero. But a streetwise Brotha is smart enough to understand he doesn’t put the cape on for females who chose their abuser. That kind of brother would be smart enough know with his criminal record he needs to let the cops do their job in this case.

And I wasn’t a fan of Piranha Jones and all the cooning he did in one episode. The entire party where made an appearance for Piranha Jones to get the money comes across like a minstrel show with the White boys seeing cage as one big Joke. Wanted to see Cage Check that, but the episode went on with no correction of the cooning.

And I’m definitely not a fan of the use of the N-Word throughout the season. In season 1 of Cage everyone was dignified enough to not to use that word. Seeing the use of that word is one of those things that concerns me.

Netflix still has some issues with writing and pacing, the plotting is a little uneven in some episodes and the pacing of some episodes still slows things down. Some episodes like episode 6 and 7 had scenes that were repetitive and dialogue that ran too long, and some scenes like Bushmasters second fight with Cage were completely unnecessary. Netflix would have a PERFECT show in Luke cage if they’d just tighten up some of their production values and learn when enough was enough. 

In spite of my misgivings regarding some of the production and story issues regarding Season 2 I can honestly say there definitely need to be some Emmy nominations for Cage this year because this show took it to another level. Mike Cotler is in top form as Cage, Alfre Woodard gives her best performance of her career as Mariah, Simone Missick is KILLING it as Misty Knight. Practically Channels Jack Nicholson for his cerebral performance as Bushmaster. And Salli Richardson-Whitfield needs to be nominated for a director Emmy because Episode 4 of Cage was a MASTERPIECE from FADE IN to FADE OUT. The cast and producers need to be rewarded for doing an AMAZING job on this show, and if this show got no nominations from the Emmy people that’d be a CRIME.

You can’t miss Luke Cage Season 2! Every episode of Cage isn’t just a superhero show, it’s an EXPERIENCE. With Luke Cage Season 2 Marvel Studios finally has a series that’s on the level of Tim Burton’s Batman 89 and Chris Nolan and David Goyer’s The Dark Knight. Cage Season 2 gets my highest recommendation; this is a season you just CAN’T MISS!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

THE MAN CRISIS Sample Chapter

I've been Busy writing THE MAN CRISIS over the last week. Finding a stride on that book and I haven' t had to blog. I hope to have a review of Netflix's Luke Cage Season 2 up soon (Up to Episode 6) and I have a review planned for Josh Howard's T-Bird & Throttle #1 planned. Until Then here's a sample chapter of my upcoming Nonfiction book THE MAN CRISIS.

Chapter 4
The Decline of Male Authority

When God created the Earth he gave man dominion over it. And part of that dominion is the establishment of Male Authority.
What is Male Authority? Male authority is the acknowledgement of men and women that God has given men control over the earth. And as His stewards, men have been given the power to give orders, make decisions or enforce the obedience of other men, women, and children on the planet.
As the being with a direct connection to God, men have been given responsibility for what goes on Earth. And as His stewards that they are directly accountable to God for their actions.
In God’s natural order women taught male authority to their sons. As boys saw their mothers submitting and deferring to their fathers, they learned at an early age that a man was someone who had the same authority that God had. And because God had given men authority over the Earth had he was someone who needed to be respected above all others in a community.
Unfortunately, over the last 50 years male authority has been undermined by feminists. As feminists were given economic and political power in America by men, they began establishing single mother households and households with weak emasculated fathers. That changed the culture from one that acknowledged and respected male authority to one to that acknowledged and respected female authority.
As single mother households began to increase over the last 50 years through out-of-wedlock births and the rise in no-fault divorces, boys began to learn at an early age that female authority was superior to male authority. Because boys saw women as the ones who were responsible for taking care of them and saw women as the ones in charge of places of social environments like schools they learned to submit and defer to female authority figures instead of male authority figures.
And as those women began to speak negatively about men they taught their sons they didn’t have to respect male authority or male authority figures. When boys saw women like their mothers dismissing or disregarding the orders of a man like their father, walking away from male clerks and cashiers in stores or threatening someone like a police officer in a traffic stop, it taught boys that they didn’t have to follow the lead of a man or acknowledge the power of his position.
Most men are in crisis today because three generations of men haven’t been taught to respect male authority or male authority figures by women. While they run into mostly female authority figures like their mothers and teachers when they are younger, they often run into male authority figures like bosses and police officers when they get older. And because they have never been taught to respect male authority at a young age by their mothers, they wind up falling completely apart when confronted by a man who has any position of power.
Boys who don’t learn how to acknowledge and respect male authority at an early age grow up to become men who struggle in life. While these men have no problem submitting and deferring to female authority figures, oftentimes they have no respect or regard for male authority figures. Whenever these men run into a male authority figure they see them as an equal instead of a superior. And because they see that male authority figure as an equal, they oftentimes try to challenge that man instead of respecting the power of his position.
Thanks to the way many men have been raised over the last 50 years many men have a hard time following the orders of male supervisors on the job. Because these men do not know how to respect the power of a man’s higher position, they try to challenge that man’s power like they would a subordinate. And when they try to challenge that man or defy his orders, they usually wind up getting fired from a job.
Worse, they try to challenge the authority of those given power by the government like police officers. Oftentimes these men escalate confrontations with police into conflicts. And those conflicts can lead to a man getting himself arrested or killed by a police officer for something as simple as a traffic stop.
Men who understand male authority understand they may not like what a man says. They may not even like him as a person. But they follow his orders because they respect the power of his position. And they respect the power of his position, because they would want to receive the same respect if they were in the same position.
Male authority is paramount to maintaining a civilization or a culture. Without male authority, there is no order. Male authority creates the order that allows a structured hierarchy for men to follow the lead of other men. When boys don’t learn how to respect male authority at an early age they don’t learn one of the most important life skills that will enable them to survive in the world.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


John Haynes: A Conversation With Death
ISBN: 13: 978-1720571391

Death! On the Angel of Darkness’ day off, she decides to have coffee with John Haynes, the CEO of Morris Phillips. As they discuss the direction of his life over coffee at Trepidation, Lucifer sends Vance the Vampire and a horde of demons to the coffee house to kill him. Can The Man Who Rules The World and the Angel of Darkness overcome the dark forces of Lucifer’s Legion?

The John Haynes series kicks off with the debut story, A Conversation With Death. Coming on the heels of 2016’s The Man Who Rules The World, this story has John meeting up with the Angel of Darkness. If you like oldschool Vertigo books like Sandman and Constantine, you’re definitely gonna love this story!  

To celebrate the debut of John’s new series and my 60th book, I hired Mike Williams of the Deak Sledge comic strip to design the cover for it. And Mike did an AMAZING job on this cover! He really captured the spirit of who John Haynes is in this image. Even in the presence of Death, John appears cool, collected, and confident.

There’s a lot of great nuances in this piece. I love how the brown in John’s eyes contrasts with his skintone. And I love how he uses shadows to set a haunting mood and a dark tone that tells a great story in a single image.

From the positive feedback I’m getting on this cover on Social media this cover is a HIT! One of my readers said this is how they imagined John looking like in the stories, and I definitely have to agree with them. I definitely want to have Mike design the new cover for the refresh edition of The Temptation of John Haynes. I’m hoping I can do that sooner rather than later, that book needs a cover that does it justice!

To get new readers to try the new John Haynes series, the first book in the series is only 99 cents on Kindle! And Kindle Unlimited users read for FREE! I’m also offering a paperback edition at a low price as well for those who prefer reading a hard copy. I’m hoping many of the John Haynes fans who read about the character in the Isis series, The Temptation of John Haynes and The Man WhoRules the World pick this book up, this is a story you can’t miss!