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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thoughts on the Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama Part 4 FOR THE LOVE OF NAHLA, PLEASE STOP HALLE!

Some people just don’t when to quit.

They keep pushing and pushing…

Until something tragic happens.

Like Halle Berry.

She just keeps pushing and pushing her Baby’s father Gabriel Aubry.

You’d think she’d call it quits after being forced to pay $20,000 a month in child support.

But that defining NIGGER moment didn’t stop her.

You’d think she’d call it a day after getting her ass served again in the White Man’s court system when she was told she couldn’t take her child to France.

But that second NIGGER moment doesn’t stop her. She just keeps going down the road to self-destruction.

She (In my opinion) pulls a straight ghetto stunt on Thanksgiving where she sends her New Simp to beat down her baby daddy.

And in the face of all the bad publicity, I think even that won’t stop her. Even with Gabriel flipping the game on her as we speak, she just won’t stop.

During that Thanksgiving brawl She claims Gabriel Aubry cost her and Oliver Martinez $3 million dollars.

No, I’d say she cost herself $3 Million dollars. And it’s her own selfish decisions that will cost herself and her daughter Nahla more in the long run.

Halle Berry is her own worst enemy.

It’s  clear to me Halle Berry has an obsession with following in her mother’s screwed-up footsteps and recreating the home life where she was raised by a single mom.

Not understanding growing up in that kind of home is dysfunctional. Like many Black women, Halle thinks being raised in a single parent home is perfectly fine. In her warped little mind, what worked for her will work for her daughter.

Seriously Halle, being raised by a single mom on is not a good thing. I can tell you that from experience.

Let me break this down to you Halle: There are no advantages to raising a child in a single parent household. Nahla NEEDS her mother and her biological father to be raised healthy and grow up to become a healthy, functional adult.

You’re fucking up your daughter’s development by trying to push her dad away from her.

As a kid who grew up with a dad who he only saw once a week and talked to him on the phone, I can tell you that growing up in that kind of home SUCKS.

Now I never had a truly close relationship with my dad. Thanks to all the bullshit my mom fed me about him, I thought he was this womanizing evil bastard who did her wrong for over two and a half decades. And thanks to those slanted stories, I put distance between myself and my father and never had a healthy relationship with him or connected with him on a personal level.

That’s the same kind of misinformation you’re feeding Nahla about her Dad. Twisting her and trying to turn her against him to medicate your own pain.

Just four years ago you said this was the man you said was the love of your life.

Until you couldn’t get your way. Then you selectively remembered those bad times where he called you a nigger and lost his temper.

Or it could be that you just revised history to twist those memories to make him into another monster like David Justice and Eric Benet became when things went sour with them.

And when Gabriel Aubrey became yet another monster in your eyes, that’s when you decided to bring Simp ass Oliver Martinez into your life and your daughter’s life. I wonder what stories you’ll tell about him when it’s time to revise history.

Maybe Nahla will tell us the truth about those 7:30AM  trips to the liquor store when she gets older. I know she’ll be more objective than you are regarding Mr. Martinez. Most kids are about the stepdads moms try to shove on them as a replacement for their real fathers.

Sorry Halle, but substitutes don’t replace the real thing for us kids when it comes to Dad. I wish you and every other Black woman would get that through your head. We don’t want tmhat second-rate- replacement loser you want for a dad because you don’t like our fathers anymore or can’t use him anymore.

I can tell you for a FACT Nahla’s gonna Hate Oliver. And when she gets older she’ll hate YOU for driving her real dad away.

Thank God my mother wasn’t as silly as you to think she could move in some Simp and shoehorn him into the role of Dad. Let me tell you Halle, you’re doing a disservice to your daughter bringing strange dudes into your home with your kids. They’ll NEVER love them as much as their real Dad would.

As the Iceman said in one of his YouTube videos Most Simps just use kids to get to the Baby Mama’s draws.

And that’s all that pussy scavenger Oliver Martinez is doing. Going through the kids to get to the pussy. The most cowardly way to get laid.

He only beat up Gabriel because he saw HIS access to free pussy and access to your money being taken away from him, not to defend your honor.

But your chicken head ass can’t see the parasitic co-dependent nature of a Captain-Save-A-Hoe.

You’re too bitter and too ANGRY at ALL MEN to see the game being played on you by one.

And you’re too bitter and too angry at MEN long-term damage you’re doing to your daughter. You’re too SELFISH and ARROGANT to see how your actions TODAY will have an IMPACT on your daughter 18 to 25 years from now. How your behavior today will SHAPE the WOMAN she will become tomorrow.

Halle, do you want Nahla growing up to become a Hood Rat? Do you want her to grow up to become a gold-digger? Would you be proud to know your daughter is another Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Karrine Steffans or Evelyn Lozada?

Because everything you’re doing right now is leading Nahla in the direction to become one of these cold-hearted evil parasites who prey on men.

Similar to the character Janie Crawford you played in Oprah Winfrey’s adaptation Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Tell me, do you want art to imitate life? Do you want your daughter to grow up to become a monster in the mold of dear old Mommie?

Because every girl who I grew up with here in the South Bronx who came from a single parent home or a home with a stepdad grew up to become FUCKED UP. They either became junkies, hoes, or worse, single mothers who taught the same self-destructive dysfunctional values to their children growing up.

And all of them grew up to become emotionally disconnected, emotionally unavailable and unable to have a loving, healthy relationship with a Real Man or a friendship with a Real Woman. Most grew up to become just as narcissistic and selfish as you are, seeing their kids as property and not as people.

Now you wanted a kid. And you wanted a kid on your terms.

Unfortunately, kids don’t live life on your terms.

Kids like Nahla NEED their fathers in their lives.

It takes two people to make a child. And it takes two people to raise one effectively. That’s the way God intended for it. A Mom and a Dad.

Not a Mom and some dude you try to get to play the dad role. A Real Mom and a Real Dad.

And Gabriel is her Real father.

Whether you like it or not Halle, she has a right to have her father in her life. So pack up that emotional baggage and those abandonment issues you had with your Dad and let this man DO HIS JOB as her parent.

And as her father he doesn’t have to parent on your terms. If you didn’t want him as a dad, you shouldn’t have laid down with him and taken his sperm into your body.

In the words of Judge Judith Sheindlin: YOU PICKED HIM.

And you’re stuck working with him for the next 25 or so years whether you like it or not. Maybe even more.

Until the day she decides to walk down the aisle with him at her wedding.

But she’ll never get to that day in the future if you don’t stop acting a fool today.

For the sake of Nahla Halle PLEASE STOP WITH THE BABY MAMA DRAMA. Work with Gabriel Aubrey towards helping raise Nahla become a happy, healthy adult.


  1. 100% TRUTH. I've always been a Halle Berry fan, but it's becoming more and more obvious, Halle has "issues", and she needs some therapy, and to get her dirty laundry out of the public eye. SO NOT a good look!!

  2. Great post, I found your blog through IMDB where you posted a link on Halle's profile. She and Martinez did set up Gabriel I hope Gabriel does not give up on his little girl.