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Monday, November 24, 2014

Bill Cosby, The Big Black Brute

Several White Women have come out and alleged that Legendary Black comedian Bill Cosby raped them over 30 years ago. In less than a week, Mr. Cosby has gone from America’s Dad to AmeriKKKa’s latest Black Brute.

I’m going to go on record saying I don’t believe any of these White women. Why? Because their actions do not fit within the historical pattern of AmeriKKKA regarding rape and sexual assaults committed by Black men.

Protecting the chastity of White women in AmeriKKKa is one of the cornerstones of White Supremacy. White racists burned down entire Black towns such as Black Wall Street and Rosewood over allegations of Black men raping White women. Thousands of Black men were lynched and jailed over unsubstantiated allegations of raping White women from the 1880s to the 1960s.

With that history of violence and terrorism we’re supposed to believe these same White racists and White Supremacists are going to let the rape of over a dozen White women slide because Bill Cosby makes them laugh?


I do not believe for one minute the children of the same White Supremacists and racists who tortured, castrated, and murdered Emmitt Till for just whistling at a White Woman would have given Bill Cosby a pass for slipping a roofie in the drink of several White women and raping them.

No, the historically consistent action of White men on hearing about these allegations of rape would be to make every effort lynch Bill Cosby the same way they did Emmitt Till. And they would lynched him 30 years ago when he was accused of assaulting the FIRST White Woman.

Whenever there’s a Black Brute about, White Supremacy has always made every effort to put him down no matter his position in society. When Desiree Washington made rape allegations were made against Mike Tyson in 1990, prosecutors made every effort to arrest and charge him with rape as soon as possible.

And when OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her Friend Ron Goldman were murdered, Los Angeles prosecutors did not look for any other suspects. They went right after Orenthal James Simpson and filed charges against him within days of the murder.

Tyson was at the apex of his careers in 1990 when Desiree Washington accused him of rape. Former football icon OJ Simpson was still a popular movie and TV star in 1994 when he was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. But supposedly from 1970’s to 1984 around the Apex of Bill Cosby’s career prosecutors in several states say they can’t bring charges against him.

Seriously, one of the most prominent men in Black America acts like a Black Brute and proves everything White Supremacy says about Black men being true and we’re supposed to believe that White Prosecutors in several states across AmeriKKKa are going to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

If you believe this I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Prosecutors LOVE cases like this. Because these are the kinds of cases that make their CAREERS. It’s these kinds of cases that cement their chances at becoming judges and plans to run for higher political offices like Attorney General, Mayor and Governor. Some even use them to go for offices like Senator and Congressman.  Taking down Bill Cosby for raping a White woman would have made a prosecutor into one of AmeriKKKa’s greatest heroes.

The only time when rape cases against White Women aren’t prosecuted are when they’re against rich Jews. How many years has Woody Allen been molesting Soon-Yi and Dylan? That pedophiliac piece of shit has gone on for over 30 years with impunity in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It seems the only person who can give Woody Allen Justice is God Himself. If there’s a reserved place in Hell for anyone it’s Woody Allen.

Seriously, when celebrity White women like Janice Dickinson are making sexual assault allegations against a prominent Black man like Bill Cosby, White Supremacists are going to make every effort to capitalize on the opportunity to tarnish his image and destroy him. Dickinson was a top supermodel in the 1970’s and 1980s, and a case featuring her as Bill Cosby’s accuser would have made the papers all over the world back then. It would have been the Trial of the Century before the alleged Trial of the Century, the OJ Simpson farce.

What’s highly illogical about this situation is that most of these women who say they were raped by Cosby continued to have a relationship with him. Hoping, wishing and praying that he’d make them a star. Now rape is a horrible crime. And most women regardless of race who have been violated this way by a man want NOTHING to do with their attacker. The only places they want to see him is either dead or behind bars.

Some women like Barbara Bowman women claim that no one would believe them. But it seems extremely inconsistent and out of character for a rape or a sexual assault victim to continue to be mentored and have a consensual sexual relationship with their attacker after being violated. Some victims even claim to have came back to allow themselves to be assaulted several times. Others said they stayed in the room and continued to converse with Cosby after he allegedly tried to sexually assault them. Again, out of character and inconsistent with the actions of most rape victims.

In many of the cases Prosecutors claim they didn’t have enough evidence. But throughout the Jim Crow period in AmeriKKKa all a White woman has to do is accuse a Black man of rape and he would be lynched.

And in modern times, he’d be put in jail for the rest of the life based on just her word. It didn’t matter if he were Jack Johnson, Brian Banks, OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson or Bill Cosby. A Black Brute is a nigger that is ALWAYS put down by White Supremacy. 

What happened here sounds like most of these White women have sour grapes about being screwed on Hollywood’s infamous casting couch. Listening to many of the stories from most of these victims it seems many sucked on Mr. Cosby’s pudding pop in the hopes of getting on the fast track to fame in Hollywood. But after they had their one-night stand with the stand up comic they got stood up when it was time to do business.

Par for the course in Hollywood. It’s happened to many an 18 or 19 year-old girl who got off the Greyhound bus on 7th Street or who stepped off the coach section of a redeye flight at Bob Hope International Airport. Oftentimes these girls would meet a star at the waitress, sales, or reception job they worked at. Then they’d hook after hours at his hotel or his house. The morning after letting him get his leg over, they’d think they’d have a leg up on a shot at stardom.

But when he threw them out like the morning trash they’d realize all they were was a piece of fresh ass for established stars like Bill Cosby to stick the chocolate pudding pop in the cherry pie while they mugged into an orgasm. It was usually a painful lesson a girl learned as she took the walk of shame to the D-Agent in the Valley and kept working their way through shitty waiter and reception jobs while going out on auditions.

The truth is that beautiful White women are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. And most who come to L.A looking for a career in entertainment think their vaginas will give them an edge in competing with all the other wannabe actresses. Unfortunately, most of the White women wind up disappointed when they realize that the pussy that gave them leverage with the Simps in Spokane has no value to the most prominent and the powerful in Hollywood like Bill Cosby. For most established celebrities they are just another jump-off.

At the worst it sounds like Bill Cosby was dipping his chocolate pudding pop in the vanilla bowl for some Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl action. Having some White pussy on the side. The same thing Tiger Woods was doing a few years ago. What he was doing was immoral, not illegal.

And an opportunist crab-in-the bucket coon comedian like Hannibal Buress is looking to get his 15 minutes of fame by tearing down Bill Cosby. As the late Khalid Muhammad said “There’s always a buckdancin’ boot lickin’ Uncle Tom ready to do the White man’s dirty work.” And that’s what we have here by Hannibal Buress in his attempt to defame Mr. Cosby.   

From what I see the only reason these allegations are coming to surface and becoming national news is because the White Liberals who made Mr. Cosby an icon don’t like the message he’s been preaching as of late. You know the Come on People, Black people need to get their shit together message. That message of doing for self runs counter to the White Liberal’s view of Black people as poor miserable and needing the help of a Great White Savior.

Since Cosby’s views no longer fit within the White Liberal’s narrative he can no longer be AmeriKKKa’s Dad. And now instead of being the paragon of what the ideal Black man is, now he’s just another Black Brute. Another violent savage looking for a white woman to rape. Another nigger they need protect the world from. Another nigger they need to put down.

What’s happening to Bill Cosby is just another high-tech lynching. When a prominent Black man like OJ Simpson or a Bill Cosby is believed to have bitten the hand of the White Liberal that fed them efforts are made to put that Black man in his place. That’s what’s happening to Dr. Bill Cosby now. For all of his doctorates in education, his lifelong career as a Black entertainment icon, Black role model and Jell-O spokesman, he’s just another NIGGER in AmeriKKKa. 

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E’steem has come a long way since her first appearance in the first Isis book in 2002 and the new logo establishes her as her own character. Evolving from villaness to heroine over the past 12 years, she’s currently one of the most popular characters in my catalog. Right now I’m revising the next E’steem adventure, E’steem: Undercover. I’m hoping to have the book out by early 2015. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why the Negro Does Not Want Solutions to the Ills of the Black Community

Oftentimes AFROSIMPTRICKS, Black Feminists, Black Militants, Ejumukated Negroes, and other assorted Negroes such as Hoodrats and Dusty Negroes when confronted with facts by a self-aware Black man or self-aware Black woman will ask: What’s the solution to the ills of the Black community? And the reason they’re asking this question is actually disingenuous. Most of these Negroes memtioned don’t want to plan a course of action to help the Black community; it’s to shut down any discussion and debate.

The question “What’s the solution” is actually a setup for a paradox trap. And in a paradox trap no answer anyone gives will ever be right.

The truth is most Negroes are co-dependent on White Supremacy. And The Negro needs White Supremacy more than the redneck southern racists or the Ku Klux Klansman, the White Liberal, and the White Feminist. What most people don’t know about co-dependent people is that they live to be the victim. And the reason why the Negro likes being the victim is because it is the only way The Negro knows how to get their needs met in the world.

Co-dependent Negroes don’t want solutions. Why? Because if the Negro solves their own problems they cannot play the role of the victim. In the eyes of a Negro the role of the victim is a position of power. From that position the Negro and get people of other race to join them in a shuck n’ jive blame n’ shame game where they manipulate Whites and nonblacks into giving them things free instead of working for them.

Moreover, from this victim position The Negro can never be made to take responsibility or accountability for their lives. Everything is someone elses’ fault. Like the wife of the alcoholic or the battered wife, the reason why their life is always going nowhere is The White man who is beating them down. And like the battered wife or the alcoholics’ wife the Negros way of thinking is so warped from years of abuse they always need to find a way to fit the abuser into their lives.

Not understanding the only logical solution is to walk away from the abuser. And to stop buying into the abuser’s way of thinking.

But walking away from the abusers in his community would require the Negro to stop being a victim. And being a victim is the only way most Negroes know how to get their needs met. This is why the vicious cycle of poverty continues in the Black community, while Asians, Hispanics, Indians, and even Africans who have been in America less than five years pass the Negro by on their journey to the middle class.

The White Man, the social constructs of White Supremacy and racism will always be the Negroes’ excuse for not making any efforts to improve his life situation or the quality of life in his community. As long as he is in the imagination of The Negro he will have someone to point a finger at and blame for his dysfunction.

If the Negro shows the world that he can solve his own problems and take care of his own community then he cannot play the role of the victim anymore. And if the Negro transitions from the role of victim to survivor the whole paradigm for Black society changes throughout America. That would have ripple effect on every person on the planet.

A lot of people benefit from the Negro race remaining in the co-dependent victim position economically, socially and politically. People like White Liberals. White Feminists, foreign business owners, Black pastors, Black single mothers, Civil Rights Activists, Simps, Manginas, Captain-Save-A-Hoes, Dusty Negroes, Hood Rats and other assorted dysfunctional individuals. These parasites hang on the body of the Black community and feed on the crumbs tossed down from White Supremacists. As long as The Negro remains in the victim position pointing the finger at The White Man, they will make 97percent of the $3.3 trillion dollars that flow through the Black community and the Negro will remain at the BOTTOM of the world.

If the Negro were to start taking responsibility for himself and herself and the entire social food chain would be disrupted. That kind of upheaval would devastate economies throughout the world that benefit from the Black dollar and the co-dependent Negro consumer.

The one thing all these individuals fear is an interdependent Black community filled with responsible Black men and responsible Black women. A Black community of responsible Black men and women is one that puts Black first and takes care of Black above all else. It’s a place White Supremacists and other foreigners can’t exploit and take advantage of. So this cabal makes every effort to keep the Negro carrying the crutch of White Supremacy under his arms. Telling him that there is something wrong with him and that the only solution is to go to a White liberal to fix the problems.

Not understanding that the same White liberal selling the Negro the solution is actually the cause of the problem.

What keeps many Negroes, especially Black women co-dependent on White Supremacy is a fear a return to the poverty of Jim Crow without the crutches of White liberal policies, government programs and White corporate jobs. But the irony is that many Negroes remain stranded in poverty because of White Liberal policies, government programs and White corporate jobs. Because these policies, government programs and businesses give the Negro everything, they have no incentive to do for self and improve the quality of life in the Black community.

Black people could have had a New Rosewood or a New Black Wall Street 40 years ago but it is the co-dependency on White Supremacy that prevents the Negro from taking constructive action to build their own communities. Part of any constructive solution to the Negro’s plight will require extensive psychotherapy and mental health counseling. Because as long as the White Man is in the mind of the Negro, he will never see the value of being Black. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Simpin and Trickin in Archie Comics

Archie Comics feature clean wholesome adventures of kids in a town called Riverdale. Unfortunately what belies the surface of those kid-friendly comics featuring humorous teen hi-jinks are a series of dysfunctional social messages about dating and relationships.

All throughout Archie Comics is a whole lot of Simpin and a whole lot of Trickin. What is a SIMP? A Simp is a man who submits to a woman in the hopes of winning her favor and never asks her having to bring anything to the table.

While a Trick is a guy who pays to spend time with women in the hopes of getting sex out of her but never gets it. In most of the Archie comics published almost all of the male characters like Archie, Reggie Moose, and Dilton Simp and Trick when they interact with the female characters like Betty, Veronica and Midge.

And Archie Andrews is one of the all-time SIMP ICONS. If there was a SIMP Hall of Fame ol’ Arch would have a bust made of gold in the main hall right next to his comic book SIMP contemporaries Superman and Thanos.

When it comes to women, Archie is so thirsty you wonder if he’s living in the Mojave desert not Riverdale. Archie is so desperate for female attention he sacrifices his intangibles such as his dignity, self-respect and self-worth just to get anything in a skirt to look at him. And what’s really sad is most of the average girls Archie chases won’t even give him a phone number. He thinks he looks cool chasing women, but in most cases he looks like a SUCKER when it comes to the opposite sex.

What makes Archie a SIMP Hall of Famer most of all is his relationship with his girlfriend Veronica Lodge. Archie is the first to submit to Veronica even though she brings nothing to the table in terms of character. Sure Veronica is rich. But she never offers the intangibles a man wants in a relationship with a woman.

In 75 years of Archie Comics, Archie has never once checked Veronica’s ratchet behavior and clear disrespect of him. No matter how out-of-pocket Veronica acts, Archie just sits there and puts up with it.

And in spite of all of Veronica’s disrespect Archie still tricks off all his money on her. He’ll spend his last $20 he earned working part-time at Pop Tate’s Chock’ lit shop on dates with Veronica hoping, wishing, and praying for a chance to get in her panties. Then beg his dad for an increase in his allowance Monday morning so he can get gas to put in his car to go to school.

What’s sad is for all the money Archie drops on dinners, movies, and trips to the club he never gets a chance at even a peek of Veronica’s thong.

And the main reason why Archie is in the SIMP Hall of Fame is because he deals with Veronica on HER TERMS. Because he deals with Veronica on HER TERMS she winds up giving her LEVERAGE in their relationship. And Veronica uses that leverage to control ol’ Arch like one of the remote control car from the defunct Archie’s R/C Racers series.

Since Archie does not put himself FIRST Veronica does not make him a priority. Because he puts her ABOVE HIM Veronica sees him as just another one of the TOOLS she uses to get dinners, movies, and trips to the club with. And because ol’ Archie’s intoxicated by the fumes from Veronica’s pussy farts, he can’t WAKE UP and see the GAME being run on him.

Even worse is the fact that he ignores women who are ready to show him respect and cooperation like Betty Cooper. Betty is ready to bring all the intangibles a man wants in a relationship to the table for Archie and he blows her off. But Poor Simp Archie is so strung out by Veronica Lodge’s pussy farts, he can’t see that Betty is ready to be a part of his program and is ready to work with him on his terms.

Archie’s relationship with Veronica is the model of what NOT to do when it comes to women. And sadly many kids grow up not understanding that the paradigm Archie follows is one that is destined to wind up in FAILURE in REAL LIFE.

The only person who follows an even more dysfunctional SIMP paradigm for relationships is Archie’s rival Reggie Mantle. Reggie is the White Knight of Riverdale. Whenever Archie fucks up on a date with Veronica, Reggie is waiting in the distance hoping to rush in on his white horse and save the damsel in distress.

Even though she doesn’t want to be saved.

Reggie Mantle is the White Knight with a black heart. He never understands how ignoble he is pursuing women like Veronica and Midge who are already in relationships. Caught up in his own delusions of superiority instilled in him from birth he’s always bragging about he’s the “better choice” for Veronica and Midge then gets upset when women he wants to date won’t give him the time of day.

If you really look at it, Reggie is Riverdale’s biggest pussy beggar. Driving around in his expensive cars, showing off his widgets and wearing fancy clothes he’s trying WAY TOO HARD looking to get the attention of AVERAGE females who clearly aren’t available. And instead of realizing that women like Midge and Veronica are taken and pursuing women who are already available, he continues to try to do more of the same with the same unavailable females hoping, wishing, and praying he can get whatever crumbs fall from the table.

Not understanding that he’s wasting precious TIME he can’t get back. Time he could be using to pursue females who are readily available and will bring something to the table.

The only person more pathetic than Reggie is Moose. This Power Simp is always getting emotional when he sees another dude talking to his woman and looking to fight guys like Reggie who make moves on his woman Midge.

Moose always looks to the guys and never takes a minute to check Midge’s response to them. If he were smart, he’d be checking Midge for receiving Reggie’s advances not beating up Reggie for making them.

What makes Moose a big dummy is the fact that he’s so busy fighting over a female who clearly shows she’s not committed to him and not showing him any respect. Midge shows Moose numerous levels of disrespect by entertaining dude like Reggie, but because he has no sense of self-confidence or self-worth he is he keeps going back to her. Poor Moose isn’t smart enough to understand if a woman will make efforts to cheat with dudes like Reggie she should be charged to the game ASAP and he should keep it moving.

When you look at the World of Archie it’s clearly dysfunctional. And what’s even crazier about Archie Comics is how boys like Jughead Jones who express healthy masculine behavior are depicted as weird and strange and the model for what NOT to be.

Clearly Jughead is the model for what a boy should aspire to be like when he becomes a man. All of his behaviors are what healthy, functional boys participate in. 

Jughead puts himself FIRST. Yeah, Jughead will be there for a friend like Archie. But Jughead’s business is always put above everyone else’s. Jughead lives life on Jughead’s terms and does whatever the hell he wants. That’s why you gotta respect Jughead.

And when it comes to women, he puts them LAST. DEAD LAST. If they don’t fit into his program, he has no TIME for them.

This is the main reason women like Betty and Big Ethel put him first and offer him respect and cooperation that SIMPS like Archie and Manginas like Reggie won’t get. Ladies are always ready to bring things to Jughead’s table. And because he’s smart he gets a reciprocal exchange for his time with them. If the ladies want something from him, he makes sure he gets offer him burgers, cakes, or cash in return for his time. With Jughead, you pay to play.

Jughead is focused on his own interests. Whatever his passion is whether it be burgers or some other hobby he puts it FIRST Jughead understands his TIME is precious and he spends it doing things to benefit him and he works towards getting his goals met.

And when it comes to money, Jughead is a HUSTLER. In a lot of Archie Comics people say Jughead is shown as lazy. But when it comes to making money, Jughead is second to none. Jughead finds ways to make money even Archie can’t think of. When he helps people out he finds some way to make it WORK FOR HIM instead of working for someone else.

Jughead takes no shit from females. When Chicks like Veronica start acting disrespectful and ratchet he makes no hesitation to check them right then and there. 

And he doesn’t take shit from dudes either. When Manginas like Reggie try to use tricks like their paradox traps and head games to front and fake, Jughead is right there to check them and let them know it’s not gonna go.

Jughead only works with females on his terms. When women like Betty come to Jughead they have to do things by his rules. Again, he makes sure he gets a reciprocal exchange for his time.

Personally, I think Jughead holds back for Archie’s sake. Archie thinks he’s the man when it comes to females, but from what I’ve read in Archie comics Jughead probably knows more about them women Archie does. In a lot of cases I think he’s looking out for him to make sure he doesn’t get played by Veronica or shown up by Reggie.

Archie comics are great reading for all ages. But readers have to watch the messages hidden between the lines of all the teen antics and hi-jinks. Archie comics are a lot of fun, but most of the behavior modeled in them regarding dating and relationships is dysfunctional and shouldn’t be copied by anyone. Parents, let your boys read Archie comics for entertainment but PLEASE take the time to teach them about the real world of dating so they won’t fall into the vicious cycle of Simpin and Trickin. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


If you’re a regular reader of my books like Isis,The Temptation of John Haynes, The Thetas, the Isis series and the E’steem series you’ll notice that events from each of these books are interconnected. And that’s by design. With each story I’m building a universe The SJS DIRECT Universe. 

A long time ago in a ghetto far, far, away I wanted to be a comic book writer. As a teenager I spent several years studying the Marvel and DC Universes and even the Milestone, Archie and Ninja Turtle Universes down to the last nuance. Learning about every secret identity. Learning about every story event in even the poorest selling title. Getting ready for the moment when I could jump right in and start writing comics.

Unfortunately, when the comic book industry collapsed 20 years ago I was forced to change my plans and start writing novels.

I always wanted to use my skills to build a Universe similar to that of Marvel or DC Comics, a series of stories tied together in continuity. Learning lessons from the 3000 comics I read, books like Stan Lee’s Origins of Marvel Comics, Son of Origins, Bring on the Bad Guys and The Superhero Women, along with books like Syd Field’s Screenplay and Robert McKee’s Story I got an understanding of writing fantasy fiction and the story model for it. And when I studied blogs like Jim Shooter’s and Bob Layton’s official site it helped me understand the delicate work writers do in not only building a universe of characters, but also maintaining those characters and keeping their stories relevant and accessible to new readers.

When I first started writing fantasy fiction in 1999, my goal was to create a Universe model for my similar to Marvel and DC’s Universes. But I wanted to keep it accessible, where every story was an entry point for new readers. The way I designed and structured each book in the shared universe a new reader could pick up any book and just start reading. If they liked what they read and were curious to see what happens with that character or other characters, they’d have the option of picking up other titles. While events from a past story or stories are mentioned in a new book, each individual story is a single and self-contained volume with its own beginning, middle, and end.

Building a Universe is a challenge. It’s slow painstaking work. And it takes a clear understanding of structure, form and story models. Each story in a universe model is another brick in a larger mosaic, and I need to tell just the right stories to form a clear picture of the characters. To make that picture I have to be careful about what I write and publish to build that mosaic. Once a story is published, it can’t be taken back.

Yeah, I’ve made my share of mistakes and published some weak stories. But from what I’ve learned from my experience in constructing a universe of characters is not to ret-con the mistakes, but to just move on. For every not so great story like Isis: Death of a Theta or The Politics of Hell, there are other stories like Isis: The Beauty Myth or E’steem: Demons Anonymous that readers will get into. The goal in universe building is to make sure that the great stories get readers excited about reading the adventures of the main characters. That gives them extra incentive to try other titles.

And what I find is when readers read the great stories like The Temptation of John Haynes or The Thetas they go right back to the stories like Isis: Death of a Theta or The Politics of Hell to find out what happened in the past with previous supporting characters like Lucifer or Colleen’s mother. And even though the stories aren’t the best, readers come to understand about the motivations of those characters and how it relates to a current story. Each story in the larger universe kind of evens out and gives the reader a balanced view of the characters.

Right now the SJS DIRECT Universe is a small world with a handful of characters. And I’d love to add on to it in the future with some new characters. But I’m taking my time and taking it one story at a time. I want to add characters to that universe that will enhance the world, not take away from it. Every story is an entry point for a new reader, and I want to make sure each story is a great one.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Batman, Wolverine, Deadpool and Mary Sue

I’ve been working on a new E’steem story for the last few weeks. Fiction is a LOT harder to write than nonfiction, and writing this story has been a challenge. So I haven’t had much time to blog. So until I can finish this story, things are gonna be kinda spotty on the blog in terms of posting. 

What do Batman, Wolverine, and Deadpool have in common? Besides being popular with millions of comic fans, they’re often a Mary Sue for comic book writers.

What is a Mary Sue? A Mary Sue is a character that a writer identifies with too closely. They’re the character that knows everything, has all the answers, and can beat all the bad guys with ease.

In literature examples of Mary Sues include Bella from Twilight and Annastasia from 50 shades of Grey. On television Wesley Crusher and Brian Griffin from Family Guy are also examples of a Mary Sues.

Mary Sues suck the life out of a story. Because they know everything and have all the answers stories don’t flow organically. Instead of characters utilizing plot points to work towards the solution that leads to the conclusion of the story, the Mary Sue character comes up with a solution out of nowhere. They beat all the bad guys and solve all the problems. And instead of a story being enjoyable it becomes a frustrating read.

The uses of Mary Sues are a sign that a writer is too emotionally attached to a character. In writing fiction a writer has to make every effort to remain objective. Whenever a character starts becoming a cipher for a writer, that character loses their effectiveness at moving the plot forward and telling a story.  Instead of a character having his or her own motivations, desires, motivations, and goals, A Mary Sue is just there to do whatever the writer wants. In most cases they’re just there to subject the reader to the author’s own personal views on subjects.

In order to move a story forward, a writer has to maintain professional distance from them. When they’re planning the action transpiring in a story, a writer has to see every character as their own person, not an extension of themselves. While a writer wants to the reader to feel what’s going on in a story, they cannot let their emotions get in the way of the story they’re telling. The use of Mary Sue characters is a sign that the writer is letting their personal opinions color the content of their characters.

An objective writer understands characters have to be themselves. They speak in their own “voices” and act on their own. When left alone, they take the story in directions that the writer sometimes didn’t think it would go. And when a story goes in its own direction, it often works out for the best experience for the reader.

An objective writer also understands every character in a story has their own motivations, feelings and desires. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. And those utilizing characters’ weaknesses are part of developing a strong story. Part of characters developing in a story is them confronting their weaknesses as they overcome the obstacles that drive the conflict in the story.

It’s part of a natural progression for a character to go from point A to point B in a story. And in that journey, they fall down, make mistakes and screw up. But when a character is a Mary Sue, they cannot complete the process of transformation in a story paradigm. Because the writer is too personally attached to the character, they prevent them from going through the natural development that eventually leads to character’s growth to maturity at the end of the story.

In the past I’ve based of characters on myself like John Haynes. But I made every effort to NOT make them Mary Sues. When I wrote them I made every effort to make sure I remained objective, keep my professional distance and let them go through their transformational process and let them fall, fail, screw up and make mistakes. As they told their story they found their own “voice” and a unique way to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them. And by the end of the story they took themselves in the directions they wanted to go in.   

But in many comics today I’m not seeing that kind of objectivity and professionalism. In many cases I’m seeing popular characters such as Batman, Wolverine, and most recently Deadpool turned into Mary Sues. Infallible, indestructible, characters who know everything and can solve every problem all by themselves.

Over the last 25 years Batman has become a Mary Sue for comic writers. From the 1970s to the mid 1990s readers experienced a balanced and humanized Dark Knight. Someone who had limitations. Someone who had time for an active social life and time for family and friends at Wayne Manor or downtime at the Justice League Satellite. When objective writers told their legends of the Dark Knight Batman was a man with flaws in both his identities. Someone who could accept the fact that he made mistakes like making Jason Todd Robin and giving Jean Paul Valley the mantel of Batman in his stead. In these stories both Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne grew as characters and became far more complex and multi dimensional as he mentored the next generation of The Batman family such as Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown.

Unfortunately from the late 1990’s onward Batman has evolved into a virtual cipher for most comic book writers. His alter ego Bruce Wayne in most stories today is literally nonexistent. Every moment of his life is about being Batman. He has little time for family and friends. He can’t differentiate between his life as Bruce and Batman. There’s next to no downtime, almost every issue is about him prepping and training to take on bad guys or developing new gimmicks or gadgets to take down bad guys. I dare to say thanks to these writers he’s become literally as obsessed as his rogues gallery about being the Dark Knight.

Nowadays Batman is virtually unbeatable. He is shown as being so smart that he can literally beat the entire Justice League. He can work with alien technology from Krypton, Thanagar, and New Genesis without reading a single manual or translating a single word. And in recent comics and TV shows he’s shown beating or taking on far more powerful characters such as Darkseid with ease even though he has no powers. In the eyes of many writers Batman is always right and always has an answer for just about everything or a gadget or gimmick to solve any problem.

Batman in the last 25 years has gone from a Dark Knight to a Dark Cipher. He’s the character every writer tries to live through. And because most writers are too emotionally attached to him they can’t tell great stories with him. When gods can’t beat Batman there’s clearly something wrong with the way the character is written.

Thirty years ago Wolverine was literally a joke character. He bragged about being the “best there is at what he did” and oftentimes in mid 1970’s X-men stories he usually got his ass handed to him early by well, just about everyone.

But as the character grew in popularity he evolved from a guy who would get taken down early in a fight into this formidable fighter and skilled tactician on the level of the X-men’s leader Cyclops. And towards the mid-1990’s he was seen as a virtually unbeatable.

Today, Wolverine can do virtually anything. He’s a teacher and a superhero. He can be on BOTH the X-men and the Avengers at the same time and he can lead an X-team while teaching at the Jean Grey School for gifted mutants. In some stories he can have flesh burned from his skin down to the bone and heal up to be back in fighting condition in literal seconds.

That’s a far cry from the hero who couldn’t beat an entire team of cyborg enhanced Reavers on his own in 1989 or the guy who was fried to a skeleton in Days of Future Past with a single repulsor blast from a Sentinel a few years earlier.

In other stories Wolverine is so smart he knows advanced technology so well he can pilot Shi’ar spaceships and in others such as Civil War he knows how to operate a suit of Iron Man’s armor. Jim Rhodes Iron Man’s best friend had to go through a steep learning curve in his stints as Iron Man and War Machine, but Logan…He can slip on that Iron man armor and make it work on the first try.

If that’s not a Mary Sue I don’t know who is.

Wolverine has literally become the character every comic book writer wants to be in real life. And because everyone wants to be him he has lost his direction as a character. Over the last decade, he has become there is at what he does…Being a Cipher for comic stories that border on fanfiction in levels of ridiculousness.  

DeadPool has become the latest Mary Sue in modern comics. Wise cracking Wade Wilson, was just a villain in early issues of New Mutants and X-Force. But since the mid-1990s he has turned into another cipher for comic book writers. Like Wolverine, DeadPool can be on two teams at once. X-Force, and the Thunderbolts, in addition to having his own wacky adventures. He can do things teams of Avengers couldn’t do like beating formidable characters like the TaskMaster. He can even fight guys like the Hulk and make them bleed. He’s on his way to becoming a 21st Century Cipher who wisecracks and mocks the Marvel Universe for comic fans instead of evolving into a character who speaks for himself.

The big problem with Batman, Wolverine, DeadPool or any other Mary Sue type character is that they suck the life out of a story. Conflict drives stories and in stories with a Mary Sue, there’s no real conflict. If a character like Wesley Crusher can do everything experienced Starfleet officers can do, then what’s the reader’s incentive to read the story about the experienced Starfleet Officers? Seriously, why should the reader care?

After all, if a Mary Sue character like Wolverine can solve all the problems and beat all of the bad guys with ease, then what’s the purpose of him being on an X-Men team with other characters like Cyclops and Storm? If Batman has a suit at Wayne Enterprises that allows him to beat all of the Justice League on his own, then do we really need Superman, Wonder Woman The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman to help him overcome team villains like Despero and the Secret Society of Super Villians?

Every character is supposed to be an asset to the team. And each characters strengths balance out the others’ weaknesses. But when there’s a Mary Sue involved we never get to see any of this character development because this one character can do EVERYTHING and knows EVERYTHING.

Mary Sue Superheroes makes for a dull, predictable reading experience. The kind of book a reader can breeze through in 15-20 minutes and roll their eyes after reading it. Yeah, you know what’s going to happen. But again, why should the reader care enough to pick up the next issue?

What makes a story great is when writers takes themselves out of the action transpiring and keeps their distance. From that perspective they can remain objective and acknowledge all of a character’s strengths and weaknesses. And the more they focus on a character’s external weaknesses, they can find their internal strengths that will allow them to overcome the obstacles in the story and bring it to a satisfying conclusion.

Personally, I’d like to see a lot more objectivity in comic book writing. Yeah, I’m a fan of comic books and superheroes. But as a writer I’m a professional. And when I’m doing my job I do my best to remain objective when I’m putting a story together. When a writer is objective, there are no personal favorites; their mission is moving the story forward to a satisfying conclusion. A good comic book writer is dedicated towards giving the reader an enjoyable experience in those 32 pages that leads to them picking up the next issue.