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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shawn Rants about Tattooed Chicks

I got a silly little comment from some chick Stacey McNeil,  is ,who read the How Ink can cost you a wedding ring blog wanted to school me on women with tattoos. She went on and on about how she was engaged, how she conned her gullible future mother in law into getting a tattoo and how I was narrow minded for judging women with tattoos.

Sorry, Shawn sees through the bullshit.

Most Real men aren’t going to bring home a tatted up chick home to his family to introduce as his significant other. A man’s wife is a reflection of him, and if she’s all tatted up it says something bad about him and his character.

Now women with skin art will tell you dudes that there’s a story behind every tattoo. That’s only half of the truth. And we Real Men all know what half truths regarding women are. They’re usually just a LIE with sugar on top of it to make it taste better.

The real honest truth is that woman with the tattoos is using that skin art as a way to distract us men from seeing the horrible truth about their character. While most weak men like SIMPS and Manginas are so mesmerized by the flashy outer appearance of these tatted up chicks, they don’t see the numerous skeleton bones in her closet.

Nor do they take the time to ask about them about all the bodies in that graveyard.

If they did, they’d find out some of the most disturbing things known to man regarding these double dick clutching clit licking sluts. Hard drinking hoes who have partied at bars until wee hours of the morning for most of their youth. Chicks who have hit the stripper pole or even starred in a porno pic or two. Chicks who have been in threesomes, foursomes, and some who have had trains run on them. Chicks who take cum in the face. Chicks who have had dicks in their pussies and in their asses. And sometimes at the same time. A few who have sold the pussy to dudes on the sly as a call girl, escort, or some half-time or even full-time hoeing. A handful who have participated in S&M, Bondage and Domination. Women who have diseases like Herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia and don’t know about it.

Not to mention a vagina with an odometer that usually says TO BE CONTINUED.

There’s a story behind every tat. And most of em’ are not very pretty. Especially for the SIMP dude who puts the wedding ring on her finger. Most of these guys freak out when they find out they married a HOE or an EX-HOE after the honeymoon’s over.

But by then the poor chump has fallen straight into another variation of The Pussy Trap. And this one has man-eating alligators in it.

After trying to warn young girls about what tattoos say about their character, Shawn is now warning guys about these tatted up females and their scandalous character. Shawn has heard these women talking on the bus. He’s heard them on the train. He’s heard them talking on their cell phones walking down the street. And most of what they’re saying isn’t pretty.

Usually, the more tats on the body the more fucked up these women are. Women who disfigure themselves usually do it because they don’t love themselves and they don’t like who they are. Most are users looking for a sucker to take advantage of. They hope the tats take a man’s attention away from their faces and the story their eyes will tell about them. Stories of sexual abuse. Domestic violence. Drug use. Prostitution. Prison time. And this is in addition to the double dick clutching slutting many today have participated in. They’ll tell a man how much of a “bad girl” or how they’re some artistic type “expressing themselves” or how they’re “open sexually”. In quite a few cases these chicks have some sort of mental health problem, especially the ones with the facial tattoos. But because a man is so distracted by the tats, he can’t see what’s really going on with these women. They never want you to look in their eyes.

Seriously, if a guy gets involved with these tatted up chicks he’s gonna be doing Pullman Porter duty on the SIMP TRAIN. Cleaning up the caboose, and trying to sort through her emotional baggage while waiting to get his ticked punched by the dude she’s gonna cheat on you with. Don’t get sized up for that white chef’s jacket and that bow tie like the Cream of Wheat Man!

Now there’s also a group of females out there who are getting these tats because they’re WEAK WILLED SHEEPLE brainwashed by Madison Avenue and Hollywood. They see the celebrities like Amy Winehouse (also fucked up) Meghan Fox (Nuttier than a fruitcake left out in the sun) Lil’ Wayne (FUCKED UP WITH A BAG OF CHIPS and a twenty five cent juice) and these NBA players (SUPER FUCKED UP) and think having this skin art will make them “cool” just like them. In reality these people just don’t have the social skills to make themselves stand out in a crowd. They lack internal character traits like a personality, a sense of humor, charisma, or a strong presence to naturally attract people to them. So they need that skin art to get the attention of a man to take that second look at them.

And that’s what makes them lames.

These insecure women need a crutch to carry them. Instead of building the internal character and estroginal fortitude to try to develop the social and character traits that will make everyone see what makes them a great person, they limp along hoping that some chump will notice their skin art and use that as the icebreaker to start a conversation with them.

Here’s the deal: Most Real Men like myself want to take a look at a woman’s face first. That’s where the real story is. That’s what’s going to tell us everything about a woman in five seconds or less. When we look in a woman’s eyes that’s what compels us to take that second look. Anything a woman puts on the outside of her body like tattoos that keeps us from looking at her face first is something that is distracting us from seeing the truth about who she is on the inside.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Brothers and Sisters, It’s Time to Stop the Hate- Guest Blog by Commencement author Lawrence Cherry

I am absolutely sick of the hate speech that has been going back and forth between our young black men and young black women. I am disgusted by parties on both sides that have entire campaigns dedicated to the defamation of the opposite sex.  When I began to research the state of relationships between African-American men and African-American women on the internet, I was appalled by what I found.  I was grieved when I would read a message board or blog in which black men sounded more like clansmen when they were talking about black women. Black women were being described as fat, nappy headed, crude, slutty, loud, obnoxious (and these were the least offense of the names), and there were even references to women being ‘mammies’!!!

Our black women are no better calling black men no good, violent, trifling, uneducated and some even calling them hopeless beasts!!! And don’t get me started on all of the cursing! It’s so bad, it seems as if African-American men and women are declaring some sort of sexual war against each other. The worst part of it all are the blatant derogatory references to skin color I’ve read, in which people were calling each other “black” as if there was something wrong with being an African-American person. Brothers and Sisters its time for a reality check.

First of all, let’s just address what this really is: ANYONE who can sit there and hurl insults at another person of their own ethnicity for being that particular ethnicity is a SELF-HATER. Period. Just admit your sickness. YOU HATE YOURSELF and you project your self-hate on the people you feel safe enough to do so. Brothers who are insecure hate on sisters because it’s easy and society validates it. Sisters who are insecure hate on brothers because it’s easy and society validates it. In our caste society, no one is lower than African Americans and we’re sitting ducks for anyone who wants to make us a scapegoat, including our own people. Your hate makes you feel in control and powerful. You get to be the accuser and the judge and it temporarily makes you feel more secure. But the feelings are always short lived, and at the end of the day nothing has changed.  Yeah, you felt real big and powerful while you were writing your rant aka blog or writing that nasty post on a message board replete with foul language, but as soon as you click on the “send”, your bad feelings about yourself are still there. YOU STILL HATE YOURSELF!

The reason why you hate yourself is because you sit around all day long plugging into the mainstream: watching the racist, self-hating videos, listening to self-hating music in which black people call for the extermination of their own kind, watching the self-hating movies, and engaging in all the other self-hating activities that feed your own self-hatred.  You’re just like Pecola Breedlove in Morrison’s The Bluest Eye. You dream that one day all your problems will be solved if you could just get those blue eyes, or that straight hair, or that white boyfriend/husband, or the white girlfriend/wife, or the bi-racial child that you’re hoping will look more white than black.  Then people will look at you and believe that you are worthy to be loved. Some fantasy! It’s not even a good one!

Now I know a lot of you will say, “That’s not true! I’m a proud African-American!” You’ll show me your afro-centric clothing and your afro-centric hairstyle, and you’ll use all the afro-centric buzz words. You’ll even show me your NAACP membership card. I’ll have to argue that all of that is superficial. Self-love has nothing to do with your hairstyle, clothes, or any organization you belong to. It’s about what you truly believe about yourself and how your beliefs are expressed in your everyday life.

Self-hatred is not obvious. It’s very subtle, even subliminal. It shows in the little unconscious choices we make every day. For example, I notice that when I’m on the train brothers will give up a seat to a white girl, but get an attitude if an African-American girl even stands close to them. I’ve noticed how if a brother tries to be polite and says “Good morning” to a sister on the street, she’ll roll her eyes and suck her teeth, but let a white man say the same thing and she’ll just simply say “Good morning” in return. We treat others with more respect than we treat each other. NO OTHER NATION OF PEOPLE ON EARTH DOES THIS! THAT’S JUST HOW SICK WE ARE!

So I’m just going to say this once:

To Black Men:

I’m sick of hearing about black women this, black women that. Yes there are black women that are evil, however, black women do not have the corner market on evil. Evil comes in all colors, genders, shapes and sizes. Other people have probably done a real number on you, too, including people of other ethnicities and races. In any case, stop focusing on negative things SOME black women have done to you. In some of those cases (notice I said some, not all) you probably had a hand in your own undoing. Lots of guys get involved with women they know are no good, but stick around for either sex, money, or some other benefit they think they’re going to get. Some dudes think they’re being a player and get burned in their own game. There are a lot of good black women out there, but you insist on having a “certain kind” of black woman. That same “certain kind” keeps burning you and then you want to blame ALL black women. Sorry, that’s just wrong. Period.

I even had one brother respond to one of my blogs by saying “black women have been trained to hate black men”. To this brother and all who think like him, I say “No, BLACK PEOPLE have been trained to hate other BLACK PEOPLE including their own selves. So to say black women have the hate thing down, but black men are exempt is ridiculous. Black men and women live in the same society, and are being fed the same propaganda, and have the same levels of self-hate.

Then you say you’re just going to date “other” girls from now on. So you admit that you are going to date other people for no other reason than race/ethnicity and exclude some women based on race/ethnicity. Why would any woman want to date someone who only cares about her race? Why would any woman want to date someone who is a self-hater? Unless she is also a self-hater, and in that case you will be equally matched and your life will be a living hell. Good luck with that bro.

To Black Women:

I am also sick of hearing about black men this and black men that. Yes there are some real dogs out there, but not every black man is a dog! And speaking of dogs, they come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Like I told the brothers, evil PEOPLE come in a variety of forms. Many people have probably treated you like dirt, but you reserve particular venom for the brothers. Sorry, but you can’t scapegoat an entire group of guys for things they didn’t do. A lot of sisters made their own bed hard. No one made you a baby momma. No one victimized you. Unless you were raped, you chose to be a victim. Many women will see that a man is clearly no good, but (just like their male counterparts) stay with the person anyway because of some benefit they think they’re getting (money, sex, security, status, etc). If you are not going to be genuine in relationships, then don’t expect the other person to be genuine with you. Don’t be shocked when you get burned, and don’t blame a whole group of men for the actions of a few.

Some of these silly women say things like “I like a thug. He can protect me”. Really? You like men who lie to you, curse you out, beat you up, steal your money for drugs, cheat on you in front of your face, and are cold hearted and ungrateful?  Even if he can protect you from other guys, WHO’S GOING TO PROTECT YOU FROM HIM? Anyway, if you want a thug and be burns you, don’t get on the internet and  start complaining about ALL black men. Black men did not burn you. A THUG burned you. There’s a difference.
And some of you African American ladies are going on websites, talking about how you’re looking for a white man! Please.  Ladies, I know a lot of you will hate me for saying this, but let’s be realistic. The majority of white men want nothing to do with a black woman unless it’s purely sexual. Sure there are a few black women who have white husbands, but they are the exception and not the norm. Don’t let the people in the minority fool you. The number of white men who marry African American women is infinitesimally small. And who can blame them? Maybe they’ve been to the websites I’ve been to and read all of those malicious postings against black men. Who wants a woman who hates herself? In fact, I went to one website where some African-American woman in an interracial marriage was just crowing over the fact that her baby “looked white.” It made me think “So if the kid had been a little darker, and looked like her it would have been disappointing?” I just feel bad for the kid. If he darkens up as he ages (as a lot of biracial kids tend to do), he’s going to be in for a real treat.

Finally another thing that both black women and men tend to do is make other people pay for their bad experiences with the opposite sex. If your uncle raped you, it doesn’t mean that every black man is going to be like your uncle. If your mother neglected you as a child, not every black woman is going to be like her. Let the Lord help you heal your personal scars, and leave the past in the past.

There is just too much hate in our world today. Everyone is always making excuses for hating someone else. There are people of different races hating on each other. There are people of different religions hating on each other. Then there are people of different political persuasions hating on each other. Finally, you have the gender battles like the current one between our men and women.  When you get down to the root of it, you find it’s nothing but scapegoat fever: we can’t deal with the disappointment in ourselves so we have to blame someone else for our own insecurities. It is a way that we can deceive ourselves into believing in our own self-righteousness. That way we don’t have to worry about taking an introspective look into our own character and relationship with God. This is my third blog on this topic and I hate to sound like a broken record, but no matter where I go, there is nothing but angry rants and diatribes and no common sense being injected into these debates. It’s like we can’t get past our emotions to see what’s really going on.

1. Get this into your head: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING BLACK. God made us this way and it doesn’t matter what people think. God wants us here and if HE didn’t, we wouldn’t be here.

2. Stop focusing on the negative elements in the community. We know there are evil black men and women. We know what they look like, where they hide and the trouble they cause. Let’s stop giving face time and attention to the negative ones. They don’t deserve it.

3. Focus on the positive in the community. Give shout outs to brothers and sisters who are holding it down and doing the right thing. Why can’t sisters make a “Good Brothers” website? Why can’t brothers make a “Slammin Sisters” page or blog? In fact, I’m going to take my own advice. In future, I will be blogging about positive people and developments. It is the positive that gives us hope and courage to change for the better. Not the negative.

4. When looking for a mate, whether you are male or female, you need to think about the positive character traits you want that person to possess. Instead of a list that includes good-looks, money, color traits, etc., you need to think about things like honesty, integrity, courage, humility, a loving spirit, and a connection with God: all of which will be found in a good person. Then you need to work on developing those characteristics in yourself because then you will attract that person into your life. Remember, like attracts like.

This is my last blog on hate. Next time, it’s all about love.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ways Single Mothers Destroy Their Sons

The most toxic environment for a boy growing up is a single mother household. I can tell readers from personal experience that boys don’t get all their needs met in a single parent household. Many of the lessons they learn in that hostile territory growing up make them into lost, confused men with no defined sense of identity.

How does a single mother destroy her son? Let me count the ways:

Speaking negatively about their father. The most damaging thing a mother can do is speak badly about a child’s father in front of them. These negative statements about the child’s father are the equivalent of hitting that child with a fist in the jaw.

One half of that child is the father and when he hears his mother saying negative things about him he usually the boy grows up doubting himself. They think that there’s something wrong with them. That they need to change a part of themselves to get approval of his angry mother.

It’s these identity issues usually cause him to resolve to not be like his father. It’s these identity issues that cause a boy to hate himself.

Saying negative things about men. Thanks to their failed relationship with the child’s father, many Single mothers have a subconscious hatred of men. And they express that hatred about every man they come in contact with. Saying things like “That no good nigger” or “Men ain’t shit”, or doing things like avoiding male cashiers, salesmen, and speaking negatively about male acquaintances have a profound impact on children, especially boys.

Hearing these negative statements and seeing these misandristic actions about men and regarding men make little boys afraid of embracing their masculinity and their male identity.

One of the easiest ways to turn a boy into a Mangina is to have him constantly hear numerous negative statements about men from his mother. When a boy hears that his mother hates men, he resolves to not be like them. Which is simply self-hatred.

Teaching their sons to disrespect their fathers’ authority. One of the most dangerous things Single mothers indirectly teach their children is to disrespect male authority. By making negative statements about the child’s father, dismissing things he says and telling them to disregard his instructions, she teaches her children to have no respect male authority and to have no regard for males in charge.
Most mothers think they’re getting back at the dad by doing this. But they don’t see the long-term damage they do by teaching their sons to have contempt for their fathers. Boys growing up to disrespect of their fathers have no respect for all other men in society.

Teaching their sons to disrespect male authority and male authority figures. When a mother teaches her son to have no respect for the authority of their fathers, it teaches them that men are not be respected. That can get him into trouble when he runs into male authority figures such as supervisors and police officers when he gets older. This is why many boys who come from single parent homes have a hard time adjusting to the real world. When challenged by male authority figures they often resist them or disrespect them because they’ve been made to believe they’re beneath them.
What most boys from single parent homes don’t understand are that these men they have little regard for have the power to fire him from a job. And if they’re in law enforcement these men who have the power to kill him if he doesn’t follow their instructions to the letter.

Projecting anger at the father onto the son. It’s not common for a Single mother to go into an angry rant when their son does something wrong or makes a mistake when they disagree with her. Oftentimes she’s venting the rage she feels about the child’s father at the son. Statements like: “You gonna grow up to be just like yo no good daddy” hit boys like fists. Oftentimes these emotionally abusive blows knock boys down for the count emotionally before they even get up to become men.

These hostile and negative statements from a single mother can force boys to withdraw socially, and erect emotional walls. These walls prevent these boys from connecting with others and forming healthy relationships when they get older.

Not allowing their father to see them. While things between a single mother and the child’s father may have soured, the mother should NEVER deny the father a right to see his child if he wants to see them.

Contrary to the belief of most feminists and liberals, a woman CANNOT be a mother and a father to a boy. Nor can she raise a boy to become a man. Boys need that relationship with their father to gain a sense of themselves and to understand their masculinity and male identity. Without that relationship they often grow up lost and confused about their identity as a man.

When boys can’t answer those questions that only a father can answer, they take cues from Hypermasculine images in media or from ideas from their peers to fill in the empty space regarding what type of man they should become. And if this media isn’t available, he starts taking cues from their mother regarding what type of man they should be.

Bringing in substitutes for a father. Many single mothers who have alienated the Child’s father and are overwhelmed try to bring in a substitute male to role model for him. Unfortunately, this man often never measures up or is capable of doing the job of the child’s father. Oftentimes he winds up just as overwhelmed and frustrated as the single mother is because he has no understanding of the family’s history or the previous history of the child.

What most single Mothers don’t understand is that only a father can meet the needs of his son. Only he can meet the emotional needs of that boy and because half of that boy is based on who he is and because he has some understanding of who the mother is.

Coddling their sons. Single mothers are the biggest enablers of bad behavior in boys. When their sons do wrong, they make excuses for them. When they make mistakes in life they blame others for doing wrong by “Their boy”. And when they fail in life, they bail them out.

Thanks to their coddling, their sons never grow up learning they have to take responsibility for their actions. Oftentimes, the sons of single mothers often grow up spoiled with a sense of entitlement and a belief that the world owes them something. That makes them impossible adults to deal with.

Inconsistent discipline. Along with coddling, the most damaging thing single mothers do to kids is inconsistently disciplining them. Because they don’t understand the role a father plays in establishing consistent structure and order in a child’s life, they either don’t punish boys for their bad behavior or they go overboard with excessively violent or harsh punishments.

With an emotional single mother there is no plan of action to correct the bad behavior in their sons or to educate them on what they are doing is wrong. So the bad behavior often continues well into their adulthood And because boys never learn that for every action there will be the same reaction every time they never grow up to learn how to take responsibility for their actions.

Teaching boys to be emotional. Boys who grow up in single parent homes don’t learn how to control their emotions. This leads to them not being able to cope with conflict in life.

A boy has to grow up to learn discipline and self-control in order to navigate life in the real world. When he’s raised to think logically by his father, he learns the self-control that allows him to walk away from trouble. He thinks about the long-term ramifications of his actions and the impact on others.

But when he’s raised by a woman he learns to think of his short-term feelings. And when he acts on those feelings, he often says and does things he regrets. A man who has no control over his emotions is more prone to go into a rage where he beats a woman who disagrees with him or says no to him, get into fights with men over silly things like a basketball game or a look in his direction. Or his words and actions can cause him to get into a scuffle with police where he’s fatally shot and killed for resisting arrest.

This loss of self-control can cause him to be seen as weak by other men and make him a target for the abuses of both predatory men and women.

Not teaching their sons what boundaries are. Some Single mothers just don’t understand what structure is like men do. And part of the healthy establishment of structure is establishing boundaries. Boundaries are imaginary lines in the sand that keep boys safe. They keep boys from going too far and doing things that will hurt them. And a strong father teaches their sons what boundaries are at an early age.

Boys who grow up without boundaries cross lines. They take dangerous unnecessary risks. They don’t know when they’ve gone TOO FAR. They violate people’s personal space. And they can’t take NO for an answer.

This leads to people having to do things like take out restraining orders, have them arrested, beat them severely, or even kill them to make them STOP whatever they’re doing.

Not teaching their sons coping skills.  Boys who grow up in single parent homes often don’t learn how to cope with the obstacles life throws at them. When things like rejection, failure and loss come into their lives they don’t grieve, hurt for a while and move on like Real Men do.

Instead they go BERZERK.

Boys who haven’t been taught coping skills by their fathers can’t deal with the many curves life throws at them. When their girlfriends leave them, they stalk and kill them. When they lose a job they go on a shooting rampage. And when life just gets too damn hard for them they commit suicide.

Establishing a co-dependent relationship. One of the most destructive things Single mothers do to their sons is try to turn them into a surrogate husband. What they don’t understand is that they’re doing is establishing a co-dependent relationship with them.

In this co-dependent relationship, Single mothers attach an emotional hose up to their sons. And as they use their sons to get their emotional and other needs met it literally sucks the life out of these boys, preventing them from growing up to become healthy, functional men who can have a relationship with women his own age. Thanks to co-dependent single mothers boys never learn to get their own lives and become their own man.

Smothering. Smothering something that prevents a boy from growing up to become a healthy, emotionally stable functional man. When a woman smothers her son it’s the equivalent of putting a boot on a boy’s neck and never letting him get up. It paralyzes him and prevents him from moving forward in life. Many single mothers often KILL their boys by choking the very life out of them with their constant nagging and hovering over them.

When a mother holds a child too close to them, it prevents them from going out into the world and experiencing life. When they try to dictate the terms of a boy’s manhood all it leads to is him growing up dependent on women for his existence.

Bullying. Single mothers often use threats, intimidation and verbal abuse to control their sons because they become frustrated when they act in masculine ways they don’t understand. It’s often this emotional abuse that makes their boys grow up to see women as overbearing, domineering emasculating and downright hostile.

This form of bullying often makes boys avoid women and avoid relationships with women. If a decent woman doesn’t show him what a positive relationship with a woman looks like, he grows up to think of all women as monsters.

Trying to run his life. Some single mothers often try to control every move their sons make. This turns them into pussy whipped mama’s boys who can’t do anything for themselves.

What most single mothers don’t understand is that a man has to go out into the world one day. And that boys have grow up and learn how to do things for themselves if they’re going to survive out there. If he can’t leave his mother’s locus of control he’ll never learn how to take responsibility for himself.

Thinking she can raise a man be a man on her terms. Single Mothers often try to define their sons’ manhood on her terms. They’re often disappointed when their quest to make a “perfect” man out of their sons blows up in their faces. Usually when women define a boy’s manhood and male identity he grows up to become a pathetic creature who can’t do anything for himself without the leadership of a woman or a misogynist with a vehement hatred for women.

What most Single Mothers don’t understand is that only a man can teach a man how to be a Real Man. Only a man understands what a man has to do to navigate life in this world. There are only some lessons a man can teach a boy about life, and women need to understand this.

Trying to turn their sons into “Perfect” people. Another mistake single mothers try to do is making their sons better than their father. This puts a lot of pressure on a boy and gives him an inferiority complex.

Boys who are trying to be “perfect” often wind up growing up filled with insecurity and anxiety. This fear encompasses every part of their life making them introverted and withdrawn. They can’t cope with the challenges of everyday life because they’re afraid of making a mistake that messes everything up.

When it’s mistakes that make them better men. When boys make mistakes, they build the character that allows them to become stronger men with a tougher resolve.

Men who fail, fall and screw up learn how to get up, dust themselves off and try again. That failure is a part of life. And every failure only helps him grow.

Ironically, in their obsessive quest to make their sons “perfect”, Single mothers wind up making their sons into pathetic weak men who can’t function in society. Boys who grow up to become men who are afraid of taking risks. Men who are always playing it safe. Men who are nothing more than cowards.

Not encouraging them or supporting them in their quest to become independent men. Many single mothers profess to love their sons. But when those boys try to do things that will allow them to grow up to become independent men, they shut them down or sabotage them.

Many single mothers fear that if their sons start taking adult actions that will take them to the next level they’ll become like their “evil” fathers. So they do things to keep them stranded in a state of arrested development.

Oftentimes these co-dependent single mothers are afraid that if their sons start taking actions that will allow them to become adults, they’ll set boundaries and remove the emotional hose they’ve attached. And without that boy to maintain that co-dependent relationship with them, they’ll wither away and die pathetic lonely women. Or worse, they fear that their sons will find out the TRUTH regarding the relationship between her and his father.

Not encouraging boys to embrace their masculinity. Single mothers often do their sons a disservice by not encouraging them to be masculine. Instead, they shame their boys about expressing their masculinity and in some cases punish them for it.

Some women do this subconsciously because they have a deep seeded hatred for the child’s father. So they seek to get even with him by sabotaging their sons’ development. By emasculating him and destroying his masculinity and male identity, she hopes to get back at that man who she thinks did her wrong.

Not encouraging boys to embrace their sexuality. Many single mothers are ashamed of their sexuality because the relationship between them and their father failed. So they teach their children to be ashamed of sex and their sexuality.

Boys who grow up in single parent homes often grow up confused about their sexuality. And because there’s no father in the home to show them how a healthy heterosexual male relates to women, he starts learning how to relate to the opposite sex from a female perspective.

And thanks to his single mother’s bad sexual experiences with men he learns that sex is something dirty and wrong. Something only whores do with perverted “no good” men.

When there was nothing wrong with sex. There was just something wrong with the way she had relationships with men that led to her having bad sexual experiences.

Boys from single parent homes are often have no idea how great sex can be. Misled by peers and misinformed by angry parents they often have a negative perception of sex.

Sex can be a wonderful thing. When a boy is properly educated on his body and his natural male sexual energy he can share himself with a woman physically, emotionally and mentally and have a great sexual experience.

Misleading boys about Male/female relationships. One of the biggest lies Single mothers tell their sons is that he has to be a friend to a woman in order to have a sexual/romantic relationship with them. When this is not true at all. Following this advice leads to boys winding up failing at romance.

The truth is that women DON’T want to be friends with the men they choose to be romantically involved with. Most women choose their sexual partners and boyfriends within the first five seconds of looking at them.

The Single mother may want a man who is their friend after her failed relationships with men. But younger women who are functional and want a good relationship DO NOT want their man to be their best friend. Men who are in the friendzone are men they have NO sexual attraction to.

Telling boys that all women are whores. Many Single mothers express their jealousy at younger women their sons get involved with. They’ll say they don’t want their sons to make the same mistake they did years ago, but that’s a lie.

What they resent is the youth and beauty of these women and the possibility that they’ll have better character than they have.Moreover, Single mothers resent the possibility that their sons will have a successful romantic relationship. Single mothers fear that if their sons have a successful romantic relationship it’ll reflect badly on them. That it’ll show how they were the reason why their relationship failed and how everything wasn’t on that “no good man”.

So they express their anger at those women telling their sons that they’re whores and sluts. The goal of this shaming language is to make the boy back away from a possibly healthy relationship with a woman outside of her and continue maintaining a co-dependent relationship they have with each other.

Sabotoging his relationships with women. Single mothers hate their sons having girlfriends because they fear that as he gets closer to this woman, he’ll start establishing healthy boundaries that will sever the emotional hose they have hooked up to them. And if he severs that hose she’ll have to do something like getting her own life.

Single mothers often have no idea the damage they do to their sons every day. How their indirect actions are having a profound impact on their male childs’ upbringing. How the values they teach lead to their boys becoming men who can’t navigate the challenges of life.

If you’re a single mom, please put aside your grievances and let that father get involved in his life. He’s the only one who can teach him the lessons he’ll need to become a man. When you try to raise a boy on your own all you’re doing is destroying his chances of growing up to become a functional adult.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why the Single, Successful and Well Educated Woman is ALONE.

I recently got a comment from a woman on the Why Real Men avoid Single Mothers blog who professed to having multiple degrees, a six-figure job, and a house complaining that she couldn’t find a man to father a child with. She tried to justify having a child out of wedlock because of all of her success.

Time to show her why her argument is a failure. And while I’m doing that I’ll explain to everyone why these Single, successful well-educated women with the career, the house, and the two cars in the driveway just can’t find a man.

Guess what, Real Men like myself don’t care about your degrees, your six-figure job or your house. If anything that stuff doesn’t impress us.

Why? Because we judge you by your character. Real men like myself value intangibles like loyalty, support, honor, and trust, above things like your college degrees, your six-figure job and your expensive luxury car. We’re looking for a woman who will work with us as part of our team.

But most of these accomplished women are too busy trying to being an I instead of being a We. And sadly, they don’t understand that there’s no I in team and partnerships aren’t made up of individuals who still act on their own even when they’re in a relationship with someone else.

If anything, most of these women with all those accomplishments under their belts act like they’ve got a bigger dick than we do. What do you need Shawn for if you’ve got everything already? I mean, what Real Man wants to be the Ken doll who sits in the corner of a woman’s Barbie Dream House? What Real man wants to be reminded every day that he depends on a woman for his existence? What man wants to be emasculated by a female every day?

You don’t need me to fuck you when you’ve got a dildo that can do it for you.

Seriously, I’ve run into women like this on jobs when I was working and I just couldn’t stand them. They were so full of themselves. So arrogant. So condescending. So damn snobby that they just fucking repulsed me. I wouldn’t stick my dick in these chicks if they BEGGED me to.

It was a chore to be around these women. They’d talk down to everyone and walk around with such hubris and such a superior attitude that it got on my nerves.

On top of the stank attitude, these women like this are just BORING. Yeah, they had all those accolades and accomplishments but they just weren’t interesting people. They can’t talk about anything outside of their job, their house, their car, or the college they went to. Every aspect of their life was like a damn job interview and everyone had to meet their qualifications to be a part of their life.

For these overachieving women, a man wasn’t a human being, with thoughts, feelings and emotions. He wasn’t someone with goals and aspirations of his own. No to these social climbers he’s an object to look good on her arm when she’s out and someone to brag about when she was on the town. Someone to own so they could have another accomplishment on their personal resume.

I could imagine sex with this kind of woman. It’d be a dry dull experience. She practically does it in the same position every time at the same time. Saturday at Midnight, she lays on the bed like a piece of dead wood, then dictates how she wants the guy to put his dick in. Not too slow, not too fast. She tells him how many strokes, how deep to thrust, and when to cum. Then after dude busts a nut, she dumps the condom in the trash, thanks him, rolls over and goes to sleep.

Yeah, that’s the kind of sex a man wants to have with a woman until death do us part. If it sounds that BORING, that’s because it is THAT BORING.

The sad part about the Single, Successful, well-educated woman with everything is that she’s a failure as a human being. Sure she has everything materially, except the human intangibles pertaining to character that make her relatable to people. Spiritually and emotionally, these women are EMPTY. These women have no charisma, no personality, no warmth, and no sense of humor. You can’t connect with her, you can’t get to know her as a person. They’re just NOT FUN to be around.

These single, successful well-educated women may have high-profile jobs, houses, cars, and lots of money but they radiated no feminine energy. They radiate no sexual energy. They make men INDIFFERENT towards them.

And in the game of love and relationships indifference is the KISS OF DEATH.

What these Single, Successful, well-educated women don’t understand is that attraction is an instinctive thing. A man has to FEEL something for a woman that makes him passionate about her. Something that lights that spark within his soul. Something that stimulates his heart. Something that makes him smile when he sees her. Something that makes him to see her as the only person he wants to share his life with.

It’s that natural something special that attracts a man to a woman and a woman to a man. But these educated women are so busy trying find a man who fits into their “perfect” life that they don’t understand it’s their quest to be “perfect” that’s turning everyone away.

The sad part is the single successful well-educated woman thinks she’s so perfect that no one can measure up to her unrealistic standards. The only perfect person who ever walked this earth was Jesus Christ.

The rest of us are fucked up. But God loves us all anyway.

The Single Successful well-educated woman looks down from her ivory tower and feels sorry for everyone, but the rest of the world of Real Men and Real women look up at her and feel sorry for her walking around with her high position laundry list of qualifications for her perfect mate because they understand how out-of touch she is. How many Six-foot-six guys with six figure jobs, MBAs from Ivy League schools are out there in that world of seven billion people? And how many of those guys would be interested in her? Moreover, how many would be interested in having 2.5. kids with her?

If I put the Single woman’s criteria for a man in an algorithm, input it into a computer with data about the seven billion people on this earth, I’d still come up with ZERO. Why? Because her criteria for a relationship with a man is ILLOGICAL.

In her quest to live life on her terms, the single, successful, well-educated woman is missing out on living the life God has planned for her. And that life is a richer more abundant experience than whatever list of goals she has written down on some piece of paper. If she’d just let God lead her and guide her, maybe she’d find that man. But God can’t work in her life to lead her to that special someone because she can’t fit him in on her schedule.

Men and women on God’s Earth are imperfect creatures. And it’s those flaws and imperfections that give us the rough edges that allow us to connect to others. It makes us relatable to others. As we identify with our common experiences we find people who want to share our lives with. But because these single successful women are working so hard to be perfect they’re like Teflon. People slide right over them and pass right by them.

Maybe if these single, successful well-educated women out there would focus on developing things like a personality, presence, charisma and voice, they’d radiate the energy that would make them attractive to men. But as long as they run around with their laundry lists of ridiculous qualifications and a need to find that “perfect” man to be the Ken who fits into their Barbie Dream Life, they’ll always be ALONE. Because in this world of seven billion human beings, that person just doesn’t EXIST.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet isn't a cosmic Saga.. It's just the the Story of a SIMP

I was looking through my old comics a few months ago when I found my Trade paperback of The Infinity Gauntlet from 1992 or so. Back when I was in high school, The Infinity Gauntlet was considered one of the defining moments of the Marvel Universe. A saga to end all sagas. A story every comic fan had to read and think was great.

I wasn’t impressed in 1992.

After reading it again 22 years later, I’ll have to say The Infinity Gauntlet was one of the most overrated stories in comic book history. In fact, I’ll have to say it sucks just as hard as Transformers: The Movie did in 1986. All hype, all flash, and absolutely no substance.

Everyone wants to point out how much of a bad ass Thanos was. But I’m gonna have to go on record as saying Thanos was one of the biggest SIMPS in comic book history.

Some will say Thanos was a mad god. A man obsessed with death. All I saw was a super powered pussy beggar in between the pages of the Infinity Gauntlet. A big purple SIMP.

Here we have someone with incredible power who goes on a quest to get the power of a god and what does he try to do?

Impress a female.


Yes, Thanos wants the power of a god so he can impress Lady Death. The first three issues are just him pussy begging. Like the Simp with the brand new shiny car and a boomin sound system he bought after saving up from his two summer jobs delivering pizzas, he thinks his brand new Infinity Gauntlet will finally get the attention of his dream girl. Yeah, there are subplots about the return of his nemesis Adam Warlock and the destruction, death and carnage on Earth in this six-issue miniseries, but the core of the story is just a big purple BITCH pussy begging a female for a chance to get under her long black robe. There are so many violations of the player rules in this story it’s just not funny.

Thanos kills half of the universe to impress her, does battle with Earth’s mightiest surviving heroes, kills all of them (the entire story crumbles to dust after issue #4) and then goes on to fight cosmic entities like Galactus and Mephisto, beats them with ease and then gets turned on by…

Lady Death.

Yep, for all his efforts all Thanos gets is PLAYED.


What’s even crazier is that not only was he going to all these lengths to impress a woman, but he was going to give her something she ALREADY HAD. Every living thing in the universe including Thanos had to die, so his attempts to impress Death were completely and utterly SILLY.

Like most of the “Nice Guys” in real life who make all those efforts to win over females, Thanos wasn’t thinking clearly. He had such tunnel vision that he couldn’t see that none of his efforts were going to work in getting Death to like him.

I wonder if he ever heard of the Earth phrase “Charge her to the game and keep it moving.”

I’m gonna have to say Thanos was one of the biggest suckers in comic book history. Totally overrated. For all his cosmic power and incredible genius he was just a Bitch-Made™ chump with NO GAME. If anything he needed to learn some macking skills from his brother Starfox. Now that cat was a true player. He scored more pussy in the Marvel Universe than any other comic book character.

The only thing I learned from reading the Infinity Gauntlet is to NEVER try to impress a woman, something I learned in real life three years before. Why? Because all a man is doing when he tries to impress a female is giving all of his power away.

Everything Thanos did to impress Death gave her more and more leverage in the relationship. And she took that leverage and beat him over the head like a bludgeon.

For all his brilliance, cosmic power and tactical strategy, Thanos needed to learn about the power of indifference. If a man doesn’t care (and I mean from his heart just doesn’t give a shit, not pretend not to care) Women will respect him. And that will give him leverage in the relationship. She will chase after HIM, instead of him pursuing HER. Which will make him the leader of the relationship instead of the one being led.

The greatest mistake Thanos made wasn’t it was being led by a female. Moreover it was chasing after a female. Even though he had the Infinity Gauntlet and limitless power, he had no power over himself. And that’s the main reason why he got his ass kicked by both by Lady Death and emasculated by his granddaughter Nebula. She seized power when Thanos had defeated Eternity and achieved complete power over the universe. By taking the Infinity Gauntlet off his lifeless corporeal form she totally clowned his Simp ass.

As a comic book saga, Infinity Gauntlet is overrated. Not even in the league of the Korvac Saga. Now the Korvac Saga was how a Real Man handled a master plan to take over the universe.

If you ask me, Korvac was a true badass. He wanted to bring peace to the universe. The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy were so scared of him they got on a bus went to his house in Queens to kill him in the middle of the day.

With his cosmic powers he pretty much murdered everyone outside of a handful of heroes.

Plus he had his woman in check. And when he sacrificed his life she started laying whoop ass on the surviving heroes. Now that was a soldier.

Eventually she woke up and realized what her man had done and went to join him in “death” Again, a true soldier. She even restored the dead heroes back to life as a parting gesture.

But when he saw how people across the galaxy weren’t interested in his “paradise” he allowed the heroes to think they “killed him”. The reason I say Korvac allowed the heroes to think they killed him, is he always held all the cards. He could have killed everyone with a thought and kept it permanent. But to protect their fragile egos, he allowed them to think they had won. One of the truest testaments to character and manhood I had ever read about in a comic.

I’d have to say Korvac didn’t die, he just gave up because he realized he couldn’t win. He understood he couldn’t impose peace on a chaotic universe that didn’t want it.

For all the super-powered brawling, battling and carnage, Korvac always kept his personal power. And he never lost his position as a man. He saw something wasn’t working and moved on. That’s what Real Men do.

Korvac charged the entire MARVEL UNIVERSE to the game and kept it moving. You gotta respect him for that.

Korvac came into the Marvel Universe on his own terms and he left on his own terms. He never lost control. He never lost his position. It was the heroes who lost control of themselves coming after him.

At the end of the day, Korvac was a PIMP and Thanos was a SIMP. There’s a clear difference between the two, and when one reads the Infinity Gauntlet and Avengers: The Korvac Saga they’ll see it clearly.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progress Report.

 One of my readers Greg, wanted to know how I was doing with my eBooks and my publishing career. Well, here’s a Progress report.

I started my summer campaign early this year and it was a tremendous success. My two new eBooks Manginas- They Look Like Men ButAct Like Ladies is a smash hit with a record 44 downloads in a day and over 16 Facebook Likes.

All About Nikki-Three Episodes from the SensationalSecond Season was also a solid performer with a record 30 hits in its first day of release and over 54 downloads in a week. It got 9 facebook Likes.  

Both titles look like they’re on their way to being a huge success.

I’m going to be doing something new this year for the Summer eBook exclusive series. Instead of just doing YA books, there’ll be a mix of titles for everyone. YA, screenplays, nonfiction, fiction and fantasy. Oh, and Hot N’ Steamy Shorts will be back this August for adults. Make sure you’re in an air conditioned room because these stories will literally MELT your e-reader!

There will be a Kindle exclusive eBook and there will be Smashwords exclusive eBooks, and there will be eBooks spread across all platforms. (well, the eBook platforms I know about) I’ve been asked to put books on Google Play, but I’d like to read a bit more about them before submitting a title there. Kindle gets the most traffic out of all the ebook platforms out there. That’s where I have the most readers.

My new novel The Thetas will be exclusive to Kindle for the Summer. I will offer it on the weekends throughout the Summer as FREE to KDP select readers. It’ll also be available for you to borrow if you have Amazon Prime.

And since no one on Kindle never read the Season 2 sneak preview of All About Nikki- KDP readers will get their own exclusive All About Nikki eBook! It’ll also be available throughout the Summer to KDP select readers or available for you to borrow if you have Amazon prime.

Smashwords readers got to read the first three episodes last year and they’re getting to read episodes 4-6 early because they gave me 34 facebook likes.

I’m experimenting with the summer campaign to see if I can get more new readers to try titles across both platforms.

The Isis series has been doing fairly well in its initial release on KDP select. Since the Black Friday Launch of Isis: Amari’sRevenge and Isis: The Ultimate fight I’ve gotten strong numbers on the free promotions. Over 260 people downloaded Isis: Amari’s Revenge and over 230 people downloaded Isis: The Ultimate Fight on Black Friday 2012.

A Christmas Day campaign netted over 150 plus downloads of Isis: Amari’s Revenge and over 120 downloads of Isis: The Ultimate fight.

Isis: Amari’s Revenge was a big hit on Black Friday with over 10 Facebook Likes in the first day it was downloaded. Isis: The Ultimate Fight had a strong showing as well with 6 Facebook Likes.

The latest Isis series ebook Isis: The Beauty Myth did fairly well on its first day on KDP select with over 115 downloads. But from the lukewarm response to the story compared to the other Isis stories, I may have to regroup.

Some might have been turned off by the nudity in Isis: The Beauty Myth. Even though I was trying to make a point about beauty, body image and how it relates to self confidence in that story, I don’t want to alienate readers. I’ll definitely try to keep things PG or even G from here on in.

I’ll also try to keep things on the lighter side with Isis. I kind of like the mix of action and comedy in her stories. No promises.

The Isis series has been so popular with some readers that after they read the new stories, they come back for the old ones! And some readers have gone deeper into the backstory picking up other stories in the Isis continuity like The Saga of MastiKatious, The Politics of Hell and Baptism of Blood-The Origin of E’steem.

Seeing how readers have responded to the Isis series has shown me that Jim Shooter’s business model for selling and cross-selling comic books actually works on novels and short stories. And it looks like the stories are so compelling readers are coming back for more.

All of the new Isis series stories were actually concepts I had for my hypothetical Wonder Woman run. If I wrote comics, those would be some of the stories I’d be submitting. I imagine Terry Beatty, Josh Howard or Bill Walko’s art as the pictures telling the story of my words in pictures…

I plan on continuing the Isis series this summer with a brand new eBook and a paperback. Still ironing out the storyline on it.

I also want to do some E’steem solo stories so people can see the heroic side of the former demoness. I have some great concepts for heroic E’steem and expanding her rogues gallery. Again, just ironing out the kinks in the storyline.

An Oscar weekend campaign where I gave away free digital copies of All About Marilyn was a blockbuster hit with over 280 downloads over two days. It was the number one free Screenplay on Kindle for all of Oscar weekend. In fact, every time I offer All About Marilyn for free on Kindle it always takes the top spot for screenplays and screenwriting.

I’d love to do a new Marilyn story. Something where we find out what she’s been doing. Something where she goes to the New York Comicon. I really would. But her “voice” has changed in my head. Instead of sounding like she used to, now she sounds like a super-mellow surfer chick version of Persia White and says “dude” all the time. I’ll figure out something.

The Temptation of John Haynes continues to sell decently in eBook format. While A Recipe for $ucce$$ continues to sell consistently. Recipe has sold over 2,000 copies over the last two years and continues to win over readers across numerous eBook platforms. Not bad for a book that I actually had given up on back in 2009.

I’ve been learning a lot over the past year about promotions and catalog management. Since my catalog of eBooks has grown to over 30 titles, I’ve had to do different promotions to get new readers to try my work and to keep interest in titles going. Each campaign shows me what works and what doesn’t. I’d like to get to the point where I don’t have to offer eBooks for free and they stand on their own two feet and readers start buying them.

Paperback sales are well…DEAD. I’m still looking for a way to recoup my Lightning Source Maintenance fees on All About Marilyn and The Temptation of John Haynes for this year. If it wasn’t for me doing Federal Jury Duty I wouldn’t even have had the money to pay to keep them in print. But Thank God he worked things out. If I can just get $24 worth of sales on these paperbacks I’ll break even for the year.

The paperback edition of All About Nikki- The Fabulous First Season will be going OUT OF PRINT this summer. So if you want to get a paperback version of Nikki, GET IT NOW. The book hasn’t sold a single copy since it was published in 2011.

Sad. I put a lot of work into that Nikki paperback and most will never see how great it is. I really wanted to share that book with readers but it seems no one wants a TV season in paperback.

Oh well, move on. Not every book finds an audience. Focus on the books that sell.

The blog has been doing blockbuster numbers lately. I’ve gone from 200 hits a day to 300 to 400. Lately I’ve been flirting with 500 to 600 hits a day and inching closer to 700. They say anything over 1000 hits a day means a blog is starting to get popular; maybe I’m building a following.

Blogs about the comic book industry are the most popular, followed by blogs about men’s issues. The least popular actually are blogs about African-American community and…book promotion blogs.

Career wise, right now I’m struggling to keep my eBooks and paperbacks in print. My savings are at their lowest (only have $300 in the bank) and sales have been slow this April. I really could use some sales right about now. With me being out of work these past few years, the only way I make money is with my books. So if anyone out there is reading this blog, it’d be greatly appreciated if you bought a paperback or an eBook. Will I get to the next level? I don’t know. I’m still working hard. Still making baby steps on that slow road. Every little bit of help people gives me gets me that much further towards my goal of becoming a best-selling author.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shawn James is NOT Tyler Perry

I was having a discussion with family about getting to the next level and my struggles with my limited savings to promote books and eBooks when someone told me Tyler Perry had no money but was able to do more with no money.

I took offense to that statement.

Moreover I took even more offense to being compared to Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry doesn’t care about the quality of his work. I do.

Shawn James has had some success as a writer. But while struggles to get to the next level, he refuses to make the shortcuts and compromises Tyler Perry has made to achieve his riches. If the price of American success is degrading Black People and the image of Black people then Shawn James will NEVER be considered successful in America.

Of course Tyler Perry has had great success in White Supremacist AmeriKKKa. He promotes and perpetuates the racist images and stereotypes of Black people that White People are comfortable with. He’s going to be promoted and pushed to the next level because he’s giving White people and brainwashed Black people exactly what they want: Coonery, Coonery, and more Coonery.

Let me explain this to everyone:  Shawn James is NOT Tyler Perry.

I refuse to sell Black people out for a fast dollar like Tyler Perry. I love my brothers and sisters too much to throw them under the bus just to get paid.

Since 1991, my mission as a writer, artist and entrepreneur has been to create positive literature that will inspire and uplift brothers and sisters. And over the past 20 plus years I have never strayed from that mission.

Nor do I plan to.

I refuse to sell slop to people and call it entertainment like Tyler Perry. I refuse to rush out a book or a screenplay to readers just to make a fast dollar off them like he does with his movies and his stage plays. I refuse to make money off the backs of Black people and give them absolutely nothing in return that enriches them.

Unlike Tyler Perry, I take pride in my work. If I produce a book, a screenplay or eventually a stage play or a film based on my writing, I’m going to do my best to ensure it meet standards for quality. Yeah, there may be a typo or two in a book I produce, but rest assured, I have made every effort to make sure that product is the best it could be.

While Tyler Perry exploits the desperation of Black people. He knows how starved Black people are for entertainment featuring people that look like themselves. He’s the only game in town with a brand name. He serves slop to the Black masses because he knows they have no standards. He serves slop to the Black masses because there is no one in the Black community with a strong enough brand to challenge him.

Damn, if Shawn had ten million dollars to produce a film. Or four or five million dollars to produce a couple of All About Nikki episodes. He’d give him the run for money that he deserves. Because I believe that Black people deserve better than the garbage they’re currently getting from him.

Tyler Perry could care less about the quality of his films. Ten years and dozens of films and stage plays later he has made next to no effort to improve in his craft as a playwright, a director, or a screenwriter.

While over the past fifteen years Shawn has worked hard to improve his craft as a novelist, screenwriter, and recently his efforts to write nonfiction books.

Shawn listens to his readers when they tell him about spelling and grammar issues. He tries to listen when they tell him about content. And even with his limited budget, he makes efforts to try to make his book covers better and the quality of his writing better.

When they ask him to write about a subject in a blog, he makes an effort to write on the topic.

Unlike Tyler Perry, Shawn isn’t afraid to ask for help. He isn’t afraid to admit he doesn’t know everything. In fact, he’s willing to take the advice of others. He knows that most people who offer advice are just trying to help him get better at what he does.

And he isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong. While Tyler Perry refuses to listen to anyone.

And he refuses to change. Which is why his product is becoming stale and declining in quality with each new film or stage play. Has anyone seriously looked at Tyler Perry’s work? Has anyone taken the time to examine it? The man can’t write a coherent story. His dialogue makes NO SENSE. And can the man end a damn story organically?

Nor does Tyler Perry care about the message of his films. He promotes the Black woman as a victim of the abuses of EEEEVIL Black men who need to be saved by a light-skinned Captain-Save-A-Hoe.

Seriously, isn’t that kind of sexist? I mean, isn’t the Black woman strong and independent? Can’t she learn a lesson where she takes responsibility for her actions? Why is it in a Tyler Perry movie does she need some light-skinned a dude to put on a magic cape and some Woody Woodpecker galoshes to save her from a situation SHE put herself in? Why is it she NEVER learns to take responsibility for HER actions? Why is she always a VICTIM?

And seriously, what is the deal with Tyler Perry and rape? Why does he think sex is a horrible thing? Why is it that he always correlates sex with violence? I just find it strange how he correlates Black women with sexual violence instead of sexual pleasure. Is he saying that Black women are sexually unattractive in his own sly way?

*end of rant*
Back to Shawn explaining why he’s NOT Tyler Perry.

In all of Shawn’s stories he promotes Black empowerment, Black leadership and entrepreneurship and personal responsibility. In his stories characters aren’t victims, it’s clearly shown that they make the choices they make and the reasons why they make them.

Moreover, he presents scenarios from an objective perspective. The main reason why I use revolving first-person perspectives is so the reader can draw their own conclusions about the action transpiring in front of them. I want my readers and one of these days my viewers to THINK critically about what they’re watching and what they’re imbibing mentally.

Tyler Perry could care less about what media Black people imbibe as long as he’s making money. Shawn James understands that the books people read, the moves have an impact on their lives.

So I make an effort to make sure there are positive messages and positive themes in his stories. I make an effort to present images of Black people that are balanced and functional. Black men who are leaders and Black women who are supporters. No one is a victim in a Shawn James story; people take responsibility for their actions and make efforts to learn from their mistakes. At the conclusion of the stories I write, we see how characters grow and change as a result of their experiences.

There is no Prince Charming/Captian-Save-A-Hoe/White Knight to save a damsel in distress in a Shawn James story; women stand on their own two feet just like the men. Moreover if there’s a man involved with a woman in a romance, they work together with the man in their lives to overcome the obstacles in front of them and achieve their goals.

I make every effort to show healthy, functional relationships where men and women are shown loving each other and caring for each other. Many who have read my work like A Recipe For $ucce$$ and All About Marilyn praise it for how it’s fair and balanced. How I present an objective view of the action transpiring in the story.

Shawn James is not Tyler Perry. I value my readers and I value my community. I want people to have not only positive images of Black people, but balanced humanized images of Black people. Again, when I present a book, a blog, screenplay or any other form of media to the public, I make every effort to make sure it’s the best quality it can be. I know brothers and sisters work hard for their money. So I work hard to give them the best possible stories I can for that money.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New eBooks on Smashwords

Starting my Summer series early this year with two new FREE eBooks on Smashwords!

Smashwords readers have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to content, compared to my Kindle readers so I'm offering them their own exclusive eBooks early this year!

The first is: Manginas- They Look Like Men but Act like Ladies

What is a Mangina? A man who thinks and acts like a woman. Worse, he’s a man who gives women a free pass to get away irresponsible and immoral behavior just because she was born female. 

In this eBook readers will learn why men who adopt this way of thinking are dysfunctional and how their sexist and misogynistic actions hurt both men and women. Readers will also learn how to break free of this self-destructive pattern of behavior and the tools to moving forward to a more productive life paradigm.

I wrote this to be the sequel to STOP SIMPIN-Why Men Don't Need Finance to Get Romance. Pondering making this a trilogy with The Misadventures of Captain-Save-A-Hoe as the last book in the series. Each "nice guy" is different and I try to go in depth about their numerous flaws and dysfunctional approaches to life.   

And: All About Nikki- Three Episodes from the Sensational Second Season

Six months after moving to Los Angeles sixteen-year-old Nikki Desmond is adjusting to life on the west coast. As she starts a new semester at Beverly Hills High School, she’s resolving to make changes to overcome her surly racist and rude behavior. In episodes four through Six of the Sensational Second Season of this teen sitcom, Nikki tries to navigate the Beverly Hills High social scene with a combination of tough love, humor and life lessons. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Gravy-Shawn has to check yet another Single Black woman....

Sometimes I get comments on the blog that are just so ridiculous I have to share them with my readers. I got another Black woman from the Why 70 percent of Black Women are single Blog. Now she took what was written so personally I could practically feel the emotions coming off the screen.

Some people take the internet WAY too seriously.

Anyway I've dissected her comments the usual Shawn James way. Her comments are in bold, mine in regular type. I'll be back Sunday. I've got to wash this Ether off my hands.

 "As a black woman I am EXTREMELY hurt by quite a few of your comments about black woman as if black men are any better.
Wow. Just Wow. Listen to the Histironics in this comment. I can just see the neck rolling, teeth sucking and eye snapping just as if she were in person.

She’s extremely hurt. By the words on a computer screen written by a guy she doesn’t even know. WTF?
Seriously, why would someone get so bent out of shape over something someone wrote on a blog? And something someone wrote over A YEAR AGO?

Damn….Just Damn.

If something someone wrote over a year ago is offensive to you in that blog, then it must be TRUE regarding your character.

 Not saying everything you said is completely false because I have met some black woman that fit that catagory but it hurts me to see MY own race turn against me because they had a bad experience or two.

Good Gravy. Look at the hubris here mixed in between the lines of the shaming language.
Who said I was turning against my own race? I have stated before in numerous blogs that I love Black women.

And who said I had a bad experience or two? As I’ve stated before on numerous occasions, I have good relationships with Black women just like I’ve had bad experiences with Black women.

But all Black women want to hear about themselves are good things.
I’m sorry. But the world doesn’t work that way. Just like you have to hear the good, you have to hear the bad.

Now If I didn’t love Black women, I wouldn’t have written this blog. I would have let Black women continue going on in their delusional state of superiority and self importance. But because I constructively criticize Sistas I’m seen as a race traitor who has had bad experiences with Black women.

*Shawn Laughs hysterically because this is the funniest thing he has heard in a long while. *

Here’s the deal: People who love us tell us the truth. And Shawn loves Black women enough to tell them that truth.

Shawn isn’t like the majority of Simps and Manginas in the Black community. He’s not afraid that he’ll get his supply of pussy cut off because he says something to upset Black women.

No, Shawn doesn’t see Pussy as a precious resource the way Black men have been raised to. He knows that with women outnumbering men 4 to 1 he doesn’t have to kowtow and kiss women’s asses to get them to drop their panties. And because he doesn’t worship at the altar of Vagina, he says what needs to be said to the American Black woman.

And darling majority of things you are claiming about black woman, it's not just us that's ALL WOMAN.

Here we go. The usual deflection and minimization Black women use to justify their dysfunction. Not to mention the poor grammar.

Sorry, I ripped that argument to shreds a year ago too. It doesn’t work here on The Issues of Black woman are different from those of other races blog.

In that piece I pointed out how the Black women is at the BOTTOM of society. So her having that bad attitude and negative view of men works AGAINST HER.

Even if women of other races have these issues, they can STILL have a relationship with that “good” brotha you put on STANDBY and IGNORE. Even if you CRAP on him he STILL has options that you DON’T.

And speaking for the majority like myself I live and die but the words forgive and forget.

Good Gravy, put down the chicken N’ waffles and learn some sentence structure. And some spelling too.

It looks like someone has been watching those Tyler Perry DVDs and those Tyler Perry Movies on the regular.

I find it funny how Black men are just supposed to “forgive and forget”, But Black women can always remember to throw shit up in his face whenever things don’t go their way..

I also find it funny how Black women like to act like Black men don’t have feelings, or any needs or wants. We brothers are just supposed to be robots that sit in a closet somewhere until we’re needed.

Since we are forgiven it is foolish for us not to forgive.

Again, watching that Tyler Perry. Mixing Christianity in with the Shaming language like a typical “Church going sanctified Strong Black woman”.

As a Christian, I believe in forgiveness.

But I also believe in not being a FOOL.

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. If a Black man is burned by a Black woman, he should stop dealing with that Black woman.

But if Black women in his area refuse to change their ways and remain hostile, belligerent and abusive, I say that brotha should move on to another area. If he finds a Sista there he likes there, good for him. And if it’s someone outside of his race there that he likes, then good for him too. Life is too short to settle for being miserable with people who refuse to change their perceptions and outlook on life.

I am a black woman that has experience things that i shouldnt have at a young age, even racism
Good Gravy, here comes the extra salty tears.
Cue the violins…Now she’s a VICTIM.
Guess what? Shawn’s experienced a lot of shit too. Growing up in a single parent home with a part-time dad, A brain aneurysm at the age of seven, kids picking on him for most of his childhood calling him crazy and retarded, Having to spend a fifth year in High School to graduate, losing three jobs that were supposed to launch his career, a period of depression, social anxiety disorder, being forced to live on $2 a day for four years, and being on his THIRD stint of being unemployed for four years or more.

He’s been told to give up. To quit. To take some government benefits and call it a life.

But Shawn refuses to be a VICTIM.

He refuses to give up. He knows he just has to keep going. In between those ordeals, He graduated from college at the top of his class, started a publishing business and published over 30 paperbacks and eBooks.

But even as Shawn struggles in the face of dwindiling personal savings, a brotha perseveres.
and it is our experience that shape our attitude; but anyway honestly darling I know I don't know you but this article sounds pretty bitter.

Yeah, experience shapes us. But it also allows me to teach others. Which is why I write my blogs.

And that piece was written so Black women could learn. So they could learn about the behaviors that men say are turning them away from Black women. So they could take a corrective course of action and change their lives.

But rather than make an EFFORT to change their lives, Black women would rather waste their precious time ARGUING with you and being INDIGNANT about maintaining their WRONG position.

Ironically through their actions proving one of my points about Black women always having to be right to be one hundred percent correct.

Damn, now I know how Tommy Sotomayor feels.

I’ve published more blogs this month responding to a blog I wrote over a year ago then on fresh new content. I’ve kept re-iterating the same arguments over and over again, but some of you Sistas just don’t get it.

If it sounds bitter because it’s not what you want to hear. No, you want some sugar coated crap from the professional Captain-Save-A-Hoes like Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and Michael Baisden who will kowtow to you and tell you how great you are and how it’s all that “nasty Black Man’s fault” for not worshipping you.

Seriously, why is it whenever you disagree with a Black woman you are considered bitter? Why is it every time you try to present HARD FACTS to a Black woman they have to trot out their shaming language? Why do they always try to turn themselves into the VICTIM?

Sorry, but Shawn doesn’t deal in sugarcoating facts. He writes cold hard TRUTH. He’s been writing cold hard TRUTH for close to 20 years now. If you don’t like his truths, then don’t come to his blog.