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Thursday, April 23, 2020


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Isis series Cover Collage

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Talking About African American Fantasy With H.D. Campbell

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Shawn Reviews Male Vs. Man By Dondre T. Whitfield

When I heard about Dondre T. Whitfield’s Male Vs. Man last year I was counting down the days until the book’s release. As an author of Men’s issues books and a YouTuber who makes videos that discuss men’s issues from a God centered perspective I was eager to learn how he defined the difference between a male and a man. After reading Dondre’s book in three days, I have to say he not only clearly defines the difference between a male and a man, but gives readers the blueprint on how a male can start doing the work towards matriculating into manhood.

As I was reading Male Vs. Man I could relate to a lot of what Dondre was writing about. As a kid growing up in the South Bronx in the 1980s I ran into my fair share of males. And growing up in the mid–late 1980s in a God centered home I knew there was a difference between a male and a man as early as 12 years old. Back then I couldn’t put a finger on it, but now that I’m older I’ve come to understand the difference between the two.

Like Dondre states in his book, Males are stuck in a state of arrested development and want to be served. They live for women to take care of them and take the lead in the relationship. They live for their lusts and don’t think about anything except what they can take from others.

Men understand the role God has established for them on earth and are looking to serve their families and communities. Men want to be responsible stewards who live to Serve The Most High Living God and hold themselves to the standard of service Jesus established when he washed the apostles’ feet. 

A lot of what Dondre writes about I’ve experienced in my own life with my Walk with God over the last 30 years. What I really like about this book is how Dondre comes straight from The Bible to present the differences between a Male and a Man. And I have to agree with him about how Males are flesh centered and how Men are Christ Centered. One of the reasons I believe we are having a Man crisis here in America as I see it is because we don’t have enough God-centered Men with a foundation in Christ teaching boys about the true definitions of manhood or showing them a true model of manhood and masculinity God established in The Bible.

And I also like how he talks about being an active example of Christ, something I practice every day in my own life. There’s a big difference between a religious person and a follower of God and Dondre clearly understands that. Men who have grown into manhood and understand their God established roles are doers of the Word are active and try to show an example of Christ in their lives and apply the Word to their everyday walk.

What I also like about the book is how Dondre lays out a blueprint for males to grow into manhood. In my own book The Man Crisis I talk about investing in men to end the Man Crisis that has led to so many men winding up on a road to self-destruction and self-destructive behaviors. And that investment of time like Dondre details in several chapters regarding the time he spends with his son is the difference between a boy growing up to become a man with purpose and direction or a Male who winds up going nowhere. 

As a writer of men’s issues nonfiction books, and a writer with over 25 years in the game, I have to say Dondre T. Whitfield has done an excellent job on Male Vs. Man. It’s a well written book that clearly presents the problem of males and helps them work towards becoming men. Now in the book Dondre says he’s been told he’s not a good writer, but when I read his book I clearly heard his voice speaking to me. That’s the mark of a good writer. I’m hoping to see more men’s issues books from Dondre T. Whitfield in the future, I believe he has a gift for writing and I’d love to see him share more of his wisdom with readers.  

I highly recommend you get Dondre T. Whitfield’s Male Vs. Man for your father, son, brother, uncle, and any man or boy in your life. I believe this book is going to help out a lot of men and boys out there and transform their lives. It’s a book that’ll I believe is going to give a lot of males out there a clear picture of why they are lost and give them a road map to help get them started down the road to God Centered manhood and start working towards living an abundant life. 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Isis: The Main Event Now Available in Paperback and KindleUnlimited

Isis: The Main Event 

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Divastation! Nemesis asks Isis to work with her in a series of wrestling matches in Las Vegas’ Dangerous Divas of Wrestling. As Isis learns about the world of sports entertainment during their feud, the powerful she-demon Umbuttra is planning to turn their steel cage match at Divastation into a literal Hell in a Cell. Can the goddess next door and the Greek goddess of Retribution stop the Beast From the Bowels from literally bringing down the house at the pay-per view?

Isis: The Main Event is Now Available in Paperback and Kindle Unlimited! You definitely want to pick this one up because it's the conclusion to the Nemesis storyline that started in Isis: The Ultimate Fight and continued in Isis: Power of The Princess. This is the turning point in the Isis series and sets up a major revelation for the character and will lead to big changes in her future! 

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