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Monday, September 29, 2014

Isis Series News

I just completed the next installment of the Isis series. It’s titled Isis: Power of the Princess. It’s a follow-up to Isis: The Ultimate Fight and features Nemesis and Zeus, King of the Greek gods.

Here’s the blurb:
Rematch! Convicted for causing an inter-realm incident, Nemesis escapes house arrest on Olympus and goes on the run on Earth. Hoping to prevent injury to mortals and property damage, Zeus asks Isis to go on a diplomatic mission find the fugitive goddess and bring her back to Olympus to face justice for her crimes.

Since the story is really short, (10,000 words) I may just go back to the old “abstract” type covers I’d been doing in the past for this one. I’m pondering doing another Kickstarter to hire another artist to design the cover for Isis: Power of The Princess. I’d love to build on the positive impression Bill Walko’s Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess cover received and I’d love to make hiring artists for the Isis series cover the standard from here on in for the Isis Series, but money has always been an issue for me. We’ll see what happens.

I want THIS to be the Standard!
The cover I’m planning is a single figure/ half figure like above. Something that shouldn’t cost much. I’ll see what I can do. If not, it’s back to my art. This drawing will NOT be the one I use. 

Isis: Power of the Princess will be in paperback and eBook. The Paperback will get wide distribution, the eBook will be KDP Select exclusive. You can read Chapter 1 NOW! 

Chapter 1

The Geto Boys My Mind Playin Tricks on Me pumps from the stereo in my bedroom as I finish the last few reps of my second set of one-arm push-ups. Four walls have been staring at a goddess ever since Zeus confined me to this suite in the Parthenon of Olympus. Thank the gods I only have another hour before my court date. There’s quite a few people I’d like to smite with my sword of retribution on when I get out of here.
To take my mind off the trial these past few months, I’ve been trying to stay in shape. My body’s gone to Hades with the food Hera has ordered her heralds to serve me. I’ve lost so much weight I’m half the size I was when I fought in the AFC. I haven’t been this skinny since Zeus started sending me out to mete out retribution on mortals.
I’m about to start my crunches when my Smartphone rings. I jump up off the floor and hurry over to the night table. When I’m greeted by Hermes’ smile broadcasting on the screen I realize I’m going to have to cut my workout short. “Hey Nemi, are you decent?” He inquires through the phone.
“Yeah. I’m decent.” I snarl.
“Zeus says we’re going to have your hearing in about 15 minutes.”
“I’ll be ready.”
I hit end, toss the phone back on the night table, and peel out of my workout gear. Then I streak across the suite into the bathroom’s shower stall. After I wash off the sweat from this morning’s workout and towel off, a flash of light envelops my body and the hem of my one-shouldered toga dress falls at the middle of my thigh. When I finish putting on my lipstick and put my hair back up in a topknot ponytail, the chime of my Smartphone lets me know it’s time for me to face the music.
“Nemi, it’s time.” Hermes says somberly.
“Great. Let’s get this over with.”
I grab my Smartphone and a flash of light takes me from the bedroom suite in Olympus to the throne room in the west wing of the Parthenon. A pantheon of Olympian gods and demigods sit in the gallery behind me while Zeus and Hera sit in their thrones in front of me. The tall burly bearded red haired man dressed in a green caftan, gold belt, and sandals looks over at my sword in its sheath and my enchanted balances covered in a layer of dust on the evidence table before addressing me.
“Nemesis, you stand before me charged with insubordination, dereliction of duty, harassing a goddess, and causing an inter-realm incident.” Zeus says. “How do you answer these charges?”
I’m definitely screwed. But I’m not going down without a fight. “Not guilty Great Zeus.” I snarl.
Hera scowls at me after I make my plea. “Not guilty?” she says. “Clearly we have evidence of your dereliction.”
Hera gestures and a stack of my fight DVDs appears on the table next to my sword and balances with AFC’s War of the Gods on top. Wow. I had no idea they were such big fans.
“It wasn’t dereliction.” I excuse. “Fighting in the AFC was something I did in my downtime to keep my smiting skills sharp-”
Zeus gestures and all the supplements I used to bulk myself up to my fighting weight appear on the table next to my sword and enchanted balances. He gestures again and my Smartphone slips out of my hand and begins broadcasting video of me in workout gear training and posing in the gym onto the big screen television mounted on the wall above the table for all the gods to see. “Downtime?” He continues. “If we look at your schedule it seems your training regimens for the AFC has been all you’ve been focusing your time on for the past several years.”
“I was number one. And to stay on top I had to make some sacrifices.”
“Your number one duty was to be the goddess of retribution.” Hera chides. “And thanks to your insubordination and dereliction of duty, numerous mortals have gone unpunished for their hubris.”
“I would have gotten to them. Eventually.”
“It’s clear to me you have an obsession with fighting in that cage-”
The gallery of gods is full of gasps on hearing my correction of Zeus. He glares at me as he clenches his fists. No one minimizes my sport. Not even my father.
“…Octagon has made you just as arrogant as the mortals we send you out to punish for their hubris.” Zeus finishes.
“So is that why Hermes told me about Isis?”
“I wanted to see how far you would take things.” Hermes says hopping out of his seat to stand next to Zeus.
“And the fact that you disobeyed my orders and harassed and harangued Isis to get that fight a few months ago shows me how obsessed you’ve become with fighting in the Octagon.” Zeus continues.
“You’ve grown so callous and so indifferent to the people you serve you have no regard for mortal or god.” Hera says. “You have embarrassed this realm and yourself with your malicious, reckless, and irresponsible behavior.”
“So I guess I’m guilty in your eyes?”
“Let’s see what verdict your balance gives.” Zeus says.
Zeus gestures and my enchanted balances rise off the table. As they float over towards me, I take a deep breath as they measure the worthiness of my character. When the balance falls to the left side I frown. Crap, convicted by my own instrument of justice.
Figures I had no chance. I better just take my punishment and get through with it. Six months breaking rocks in Tartarus will do wonders for my biceps and my delts. I’ll be back in fighting shape in no time. If I’m lucky I can get another mortal fight league to sign me up right around the time I’m released. “So what’s my sentence?”
“From your unrepentant attitude it’s clear to me you don’t appreciate the position we have given you.” Zeus continues. “Perhaps you’ll learn some humility in your new line of work.”
I’m getting a new job? Hmmm…This could be interesting. “What are you gonna do? Make me a lame doctor who limps on an enchanted wooden stick while I pine for the handsome male nurse who works for me?”
“You wish.” Hera says. “You’re not getting off that easy.”
“So it’s hard labor on the ol’ Tartarus rock pile?”
“I don’t think so.” Zeus says. “You’ll need to be soft and slender for your new position.”
So the diet of ambrosia and vegetables was for a purpose. Big deal. I’ll find the local GNC wherever they send me and stock up on my usual supplements.
“For the remainder of the year you’ll be working in the Minotaur’s Maze.” Hera continues. “And if you do a good enough job there, we may consider letting you go back to meting retribution out on the mortals you’re supposed to serve.”
I cringe on hearing about the location of my new job. Gods no. Not the Minotaur’s Maze! That place is a labyrinth of horrors! I’d rather be tormented in Tartarus than even visit there! I’ve got to get them to reconsider their judgment.
“Great Zeus, please reconsider. I provide an essential service to mankind-”
“I don’t believe the mortals will be harmed by you being out of circulation for such a short time.” Zeus says. “ Besides, what’s another few months when you’ve been gone for five years?”
“I’m just saying the whole world could change in that little time Great Zeus.” I plead. “I mean, what about society? What about the unrepentant mortals?”
“What about them?” Hera says. “You’ll get to them. Eventually.”
“NO! There’s no way in Hades I’m going there!”
“It’ll be a cold day in Hades before I ever set foot in that place!” I say disappearing into a flash of light. 

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Leaves the Black Community Holding The Bag

U.S. Attorney Eric Holder is calling it a career. Unfortunately, there are some unresolved issues he’s leaving on the table like:

Filing Civil Rights Charges against George Zimmerman for violating (Did he ever investiagate that matter as he promised?)

Investigating the matter of whether NYPD officers violated the Civil Rights of Eric Garner,

Investigating whether officer Darren Wilson violated Michael Brown’s Civil Rights,


A Federal investigation of the Ferguson Police Department.

As the Nation’s first African-American Attorney General and just as a Black man, I’d think Eric Holder would have made these cases a priority before he left. After all, his boss President Barack Obama said his hypothetical son could have been Travon Martin.

But instead of showing how concerned he is about the abuses being perpetrated against other Black people, he’s heading for the exit. Abandoning the Black community when it needs him most.

A Sad Shame. Because 93% of Black people voted for Barack Obama. And this is the service we get from the Attorney General he appointed. Instead of drawing a hard line in the sand and taking constructive action to help the community who made the biggest effort to support his boss in two straight elections, Eric Holder packs his bags and heads for the exit when it’s time for him to go to work.

Eric Holder’s resignation is a clear statement on how ineffective the Obama Administration’s top watchdog is on Civil Rights. And a clear statement on how little he cares about Black people. If you had to Judge Eric Holder by his actions, he’s nothing more than an empty suit who makes empty promises.

Holder said over a YEAR ago he’d investigate George Zimmerman and see if he could file Civil Rights charges in the murder of Trayvon Martin. However, in that time he has done NOTHING.

In the case of Eric Garner, Holder was as silent as a rat pissin on cotton. A Black man clearly gets his civil rights violated by police and this Tom says NOTHING.

And a few weeks ago Eric Holder went to Ferguson in place of Barack Obama when the town was rioting over the death of Michael Brown. And instead of a plan of action to prosecute Darren Wilson, he tenders his resignation.

In the aftermath of the L.A. Riots in 1992, George H.W. Bush’s Attorney General filed charges against the cops who beat Rodney King almost immediately. And this was with a low approval rating. And being on his way OUT of the White House.  

And in the aftermath of the Abner Louima incident Bill Clinton’s U.S. Attorney filed charges against Justin Volpe for violating Abner Louima’s Civil Rights.

It’s a sad day when two WHITE Attorney Generals for two WHITE Presidents can do more for Black people than the first Black Attorney Gerneral and the First Black President.

This is an embarrassment for the Obama administration plain and simple. Here we have three legal cases which could possibly shape the nation’s dialogue on race in the 21st Century and The nation’s first Black president is sitting in the oval office twiddling his thumbs while his Black Attorney General chickens out. When your nation’s top watchdog resigns in the middle of a Crisis it’s a sign leadership has collapsed. Instead of making a defining statement about how the law will be interpreted regarding race, Eric Holder heads for the exit, and Barack Obama makes a promise to apporint someone else.

Who will take two years to get up to speed on the cases of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Before the election of 2016 stops his work cold.

Shawn sees the chessplay here. And he understands what these two pedigreed House Negroes are doing. Like an NFL coach, they’re running the clock out. Waiting until Barack Obama’s term is over in two years then they’ll just pass the buck onto the next Republican president. Then they’ll play the ol’ shuck n’ jive blame n’ shame game when the new Republican President’s Attorney General doesn’t take any action in the cases of Travyon Martin, Eric Garner, or Micahel Brown. Then Obama, Holder and other Armchair buffer Negroes like Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, The Noob Black Panthers the pastors of all the Black churches and the NAACP will say it’s all the Republicans fault and the Republicans are racist.

When the ball was in the hands of the First Black President and the first Black Attorney General. But because both these pedigreed House Negroes were too afraid of taking a hit and rumpling their Brooks Brothers suits, they fumbled the football.

Ladies and Gentelmen of the Black Community Eric Holder Pimp smacked you with a pinky ring. And he didn’t leave a mark. While he and the elite Blacks like the NAACP celebrate his superficial career accomplishments, the serious issues like the Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown caes that would have truly defined race in America are being left on the table.

Tell me Black folks, is this what 93% of you voted for?

You would think our first Black Attorney General would make a STATEMENT about Civil Rights. But ironically our first Black Attorney General makes a statement for White Supremacy by being as SILENT as the first Black President on issues of race. 

Black folks, Eric Holder has left you holding the bag on Civil Rights. And Barack Obama is planning on having his new Attorney General to keep that bag on his desk until the new Republican president’s Attorney General throws it in the trash.

The truth is No one in the Obama administration CARES about Black civil Rights. These elitist pedigreed Uncle Toms like Barack Obama and Eric Hoder are slaves of the Democratic party and do what their White liberal corporate bosses tell them. Basically, they’re nothing more than lap dog flunkies of the White Supremacists who sponsored their election to office.

Obama and Holder have their money. So Fuck You Black America.

Unfortunately, most of the Black community won’t see the middle finger Eric Holder gave the Black community when they asked him for help. Mind you this is a community that voted 93% for his boss Barack Obama. A man who said Trayvon Martin could have been his son. But his attorney General would rather head for the door and the comfort of retirement than lift a finger to get him justice.

Maybe Eric Holder will understand the impact of his silence on issues of race when he encounters the same kinds of racist cops his fellow pedigreed brother Henry Louis Gates ran into back in 2009 when he’s traveling through the roads of this wonderful AmeriKKKan countryside during his “comfortable” retirement. Because the same kind of racist cop who profiled Mr. Gates didn’t see an Ivy League degree or a high profile title, he just saw another nigger that needed to be put in his place.

I feel bad for Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown. Maybe The true Living God can give these men the justice our first Black President and our first Black Attorney General were too afraid to seek. Maybe one day we’ll have a Black President and a Black Attorney General who will act like MEN and not like mice.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tyler Perry’s gonna be a Baby Daddy…WTF?

Guess what folks, Tyler Perry is going to be a baby daddy.

Good Gravy. Does anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?

Here we have Tyler Perry, a born-again™ Christian fathering a child out of wedlock.

Even though the Holy Bible he uses as the basis for his Pseudo Christian plays says fornication is a sin.

But all the Black women who watch his movies and stage plays are offering him a special Pussy Pass™ for the blessed event of having his first Bastard.

In many of Tyler Perry’s movies and stage plays he shames Black men for having kids out of wedlock. And he shames them for not being responsible enough to care for the Black women they involve themselves with. In some he insists on promoting marriage at the end of the story.

Let me see…Marriage is good for characters in Tyler Perry’s stage plays and movies, but not for Tyler Perry himself in real life. I have to wonder if Hollywood has changed him. Or was he this fucked up before he ever got to Hollywood.

For all the preaching in Tyler Perry movies, there’s very little Christianity being practiced in his real life.

Tyler, get the mote out of your own eye before you take the plank out of the Black community’s.

The only reason Tyler Perry is getting a Pussy Pass™ from most of the Black female Born-again™ Christians in the Black because he takes the side of all those baby mamas and hood rats who pay for tickets to go to all his movies and his stage plays.

What’s going on with Tyler Perry is a clear example of the quid pro quo I talked about in previous blogs. He makes excuses for Christian Black women’s sinful behavior, and she looks the other way at his sinful behavior.

Typical Black Pseudo Christian Hypocrisy. The kind Jesus Christ, the son of God called out with the Pharisees and Saducees.

But only God can judge Tyler Perry and Black women. Or should I call him by his real name, White Jesus. AKA Mr. Charlie.

Plain and simple, Tyler Perry is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, no different than his buddy T.D. Jakes or one of the pimp pastors at one of the ten churches on the block of a Black neighborhood. Someone who exploits Black women’s pain to get into their purses.

For most Black women it’s okay for Tyler Perry to commit fornication and be a bastard baby maker (BBM). But all the brothers out here who are baby daddies are no good N-Words to those same Black women.

Again, this is an example of the double standards of Black women participate in. They give dusty Negroes like Tyler Perry a free pass for bad behavior but then criticize decent working-class brothers for making minutest of mistakes such as forgetting to leave the toilet seat up.

Straining at a gnat but swallowing a camel.

Black women who call themselves Christians need to realize that we need to judge EVERYONE by God’s STANDARD. If God says fornication is a sin, then NO ONE should be making excuses for Tyler Perry’s Bastard Baby Making. The same standard he preaches in his stage plays and movies should be the standard for his life. If he can’t practice it, then he shouldn’t be preaching it. It is what it is.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dan Didio IN HIS OWN WORDS- Why He Should NOT Be in Charge at DC Comics

I’ve gone on and on in countless blogs about why I believe Dan Didio should be FIRED from his position as co-publisher at DC Comics. And this one statement from him clearly shows why he is not qualified to work at DC Comics or anywhere in the comic book industry.

"Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests. That’s very important and something we reinforced. People in the Batfamily, their personal lives basically suck.” — Dan Didio

I have PROOF from countless DC Comics in my 3,000 plus collection to refute this argument. Plus this fun little pic from the Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Trade I bought last year on eBay: 

Back in the 1970’s when Denny O’Neill wrote Batman, Bruce Wayne had a well-balanced social life. Yes even during the grim n’ gritty era, Batman even smiled from time to time, took time to catch a movie, go out on a date, or just relaxed with Alfred and Dick Grayson at Wayne Manor on a slow night.

And Dick Grayson was one of the most social heroes out there. In between leading the Titans and going on solo cases as Robin and Nightwing, Dick always had time for hanging out with his friends at the Titans Tower, romancing his girl Starfire, or just kickin’ it with Tim Drake in Gotham City.

Superman’s world is one big ball of sunshine. It’s a happy place filled with hope. And so is Wonder Woman’s. I mean, she lives on PARADISE Island, a virtual Utopia.  And the Flash is known for being sunny and fun, especially in the Wally West days where he like Dick Grayson was known for having a large supporting cast of friends. All those characters have lived happy personal lives since their initial creation.

Yes, superheroes are commited to using their powers to protect and defend others, but they do not sacrifice EVERYTHING to do it. They do have time for a social life. Not every waking moment of their lives is saving the world or preparing to save the world. There’s downtime even in crimefighting, and any good comic book writer will write a story or two to reflect what goes on during those slow period in a heroes’ life.

The way I see Batman is a part of Bruce Wayne’s life. Superman is a part of Clark Kent’s life. Wonder Woman is a part of Princess Diana’s life. Nightwing is a part of Dick Grayson’s life and the Flash is a part of Wally West’s life.

And a small part of their lives at that. In writing superhero adventures, there is this thing called BALANCE. There are 24 hours in every day, and even fictional people have time for this thing we call life. We need to see heroes alter egoes doing stuff in between their jobs and fighting crime like going to the supermarket or getting a haircut. Playing ball or hanging out with friends.

Every DC Comic I used to read back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s used to showcase those awesome slice of life moments. And I enjoyed those moments more than the superhero adventures. Why? Because it showed me there was a person under the mask who was just like me.

 Yeah even superheroes have a bad day or hard times, it’s not an ongoing thing. There is sunshine in between the clouds and a light at the end of a tunnel. No hero’s life is non- stop misery.

The way I always saw it superheroes probably went on patrol maybe 2 or 3 hours a day. They worked a case here or there in between their regular nine-to-five jobs and school. Occasionally a case might take a week or two, but this was oftentimes a rare exception. While the fights in most comics may have 32 pages and storylines were three or four issues, that often worked out to be about five or ten minutes to a few hours real-time in a comic book world.

Besides, who would want to spend an entire day in costume brooding and obsessing about taking down bad guys? Life is too short for anyone to spend it worrying about problems related to a job all the time.

I’d like to think Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman even took a day off from crimefighting the way Dick Grayson probably does. Especially in the summertime.

In a lot of cases, those happy personal lives Dan Didio hates superheroes to have are often what writers like myself like to use as a setup for a story.

Here’s the deal: Superheroes lives don’t have to suck. Being a superhero is a CHOICE people make. It’s basically an unpaid volunteer job.

Being a superhero is not a nine-to-five job people have to do in order to pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads. No, people become superheroes because they want to use their special abilities and skills to help serve the communities they live in.

And since the job of superhero is a choice they volunteer for, they can easily hang up the tights and LEAVE if the job is making them that miserable. When it comes to volunteer work, people quit all the time in real life. Some people just don’t have time. Others just don’t like the mission of the organization. A few become disillusioned on seeing the internal operations of a nonprofit and just stop coming in to help out.

I’d like to think Superheroes would have the same motivations regular people do when it came to their volunteer work. No one is forcing them to put on tights and take on the bad guys. So what’s motivating them to stay there and take on the bad guys has to come from inside of them.

I’d like to believe that superheroes volunteer to help their communities because they find some sort of satisfaction in their work. And they keep doing that job because they love it. That personal satisfaction of making their communities a better and safer place makes it worth taking all those beatings from the bad guys.

Yeah, some like Batman may enjoy working alone. Others like Nightwing may enjoy working in a group. A few like Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman may just enjoy helping others. But they’re all there because they want to be there. If crimefighting was making them miserable they would have quit a long time ago.

The way I see it Didio’s statement about superheroes being miserable shows how little he knows about them. It shows he doesn’t understand the story model or how to write stories in the genre. He’s clearly the wrong man to be publishing comics.

Any good storyteller like myself knows that characters like superheroes need to have a well-rounded life with good times and hard times. It’s how they overcome the challenges presented to them is what makes them relatable to the reader and allows them to identify with their experiences. That’s what gives writers like myself the motivation to write compelling stories for them.

There’s no real motivation for a writer like myself to put fingers to the keyboard and write a story about an angry miserable person month after month and year after year in a run. For me, writing is FUN. And I like my characters to have FUN in their adventures.

Over time, stories about miserable, brooding heroes get stale and repetitive. They become one-note. And the characters become flat and one-dimensional. Eventually, there comes a point where the audience just wants the character to stop having their pity party and GET OVER IT.

Dan Didio’s view of superheroes is not a good one for the comic book medium. And having him in a leadership position at the #2 publisher of comic books is detrimental to the industry long-term. Angry brooding heroes went out of style in the late 1980s with trenchoats and heavy five o’clock shadows. The story model got TIRED after a while because all the angst and pointless drama started to grate on people’s neves.

What Dan Didio and most executives at Warner Brothers don’t understand is that most people read comics to get away from problems, not be confronted with more of them.
People don’t pay $4 to read about someone with a life that sucks.

No, they pay $4 to read about good guys overcoming the odds, beating the bad guys and saving the day. People read comics to ESCAPE their problems. Some even read them to find SOLUTIONS for them. Comics books sell HOPE to people. They inspire people to be better and do better. They show people how to make a difference by taking constructive action.

One of the tenets in the entertainment business states you don’t bring the customer a PROBLEM. Dan Didio with his statements shows he violates that business principle. And because he violates that business principle he clearly shows why he isn’t qualified to run a multibillion dollar publisher like DC Comics. If the executives at Warner Brothers were smart, they’d have handed Dan Didio his pink slip a decade ago and brought in someone far more qualified to run their DC Comics publishing division.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Sexual Shame of American Christians

I’ve been a follower of Christ since I was 15. And since I was 13 I’ve had an issue with the repressive view of sex American Christians have.

From what I’ve seen growing up most American Christians have a hard time talking about sex. Some can’t even say the word sex. For most American Christians, the subject of sex is a taboo that is to be discussed in secret, something to keep hidden from their children.

And because most American Christians are so ashamed of sex and their own sexuality they wind up stuck in a dysfunctional life paradigm that cripples them.

Yes, fornication is a sin mentioned in the Word of God. However, God did not make sex to be the bad thing most American Christians believe it to be. He made it to be part of marriage so husbands and wives could share their love for each other and produce healthy functional families where children have a clear understanding of who their mothers and fathers were.

God created human beings to be sexual. And those sexual feelings and desires we have are a natural part of who we are. They are nothing to be ashamed of. To deny those feelings is to deny a part of ourselves.

However many in organized religions such as Catholicism and American Christianity teach men and women to be ashamed of their natural sexuality. To suppress and in some cases deny their natural sexual feelings and desires.

In American Christian homes men and women are taught not to talk about sex. To keep sex a secret from their children. They tell their children to be ashamed of their bodies and to be ashamed of the natural sexual ways they function as human beings. Most American Christian families fear that if they teach their children about sex at an early age they’ll go out and have sex with each other.

That’s a ridiculous and irrational fear. One I believe most Americans need to face.

Personally, I don’t believe teaching children about sex when they’re young will lead to them having sex at an early age. If anything, teaching children about sex and how their bodies function sexually will help them grow up to be adults who make responsible choices when it’s time for them to become sexually active.

Thanks to this sexual shame they’re taught in the home, many American Christian kids grow up learning sexual perversion instead of healthy sexual expression. Because their parents don’t teach them about their bodies and how to express their sexuality in a healthy way, Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood Movie studios teach them about sex from the day they are born. And the way they learn about sex from that media teaches them dysfunctional values and ideologies that impact them for the rest of their lives.

In America sex sells. And the main reason it sells is because most American Christians believe sex is some unspoken taboo to be acted out in secret instead of a natural part of life to be done out in the open. That perception of American sexuality allows big business to exploit the American masses and sell products to them like books, movies, clothes and even everyday items such as soap and dish detergent.

Thanks to this sexual shame, most Americans see the picture of a nude or half-dressed body and automatically think sex. It’s this perception of sexual shame that makes many think that sex is some sort of social currency. Something that will increase someone’s social value and social status, not something people do as part of a healthy relationship.

Many Christian boys growing up learning from Madison Avenue advertisers if they have sex with a woman they are more valuable as human beings. And if they want to get sex from women to increase their social value with their peers, they have to put themselves in a subservient and submissive position under women in the hopes of winning them over.

Basically learning how to become a SIMP instead of being the leader and head of the family God intended him to be. Part of being that leader and head of the family is coming to understand his sexuality and healthy appropriate ways of how to express it.

American Christians taught sexual shame at an early age they wind up learning sexual perversion as the natural way to express themselves sexually. When they see the distorted images of nude men and nude women or men and women in lingerie from Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood movie studios they think sex.

Worse, because they see these images of celebrities undressed, they start believing that sex is something that will make them popular. Attractive. Desirable. That sexual intercourse has more valuable than their personal intangibles such as dignity, self-respect and self-worth.

And worse than that, they start believing the distorted images in that Madison Avenue ad campaigns or that the sex scenes in Hollywood movies are the standard they should aspire for. That their bodies must be just like the bodies in the media they watch in order to be considered sexually attractive and desirable to others.

Because most American Christian parents are so ashamed of their bodies and their own sexuality, their first reaction is to hide sexualized media from their kids instead of sitting down and explaining to them why the images in that media are not realistic or healthy expressions of sex. In most cases these images are only there to sell a movie or a product and are used to get the attention of people by pandering to the lowest common denominator.

The silence American Christian parents have about sex leaves their children curious about their bodies and themselves. Some even wind up anxious and confused because there is no parental guidance to show them healthy ways to express themselves sexually. Since their parents won’t talk to them about sex openly, they’re forced to go in secret to learn about sex from perverted media like pornography.

Why is pornography perverted? For the same reason Madison Avenue ads with allegedly “sexy” models and Hollywood movies featuring sex scenes are perverted. They are distorted images of the human bodies of men and women and distorted unrealistic expressions of sex and sexuality. All these images are actually fantasies imagined by the producers, not the healthy expressions of sexual behavior of everyday people.

The main reason why pornography is so popular in America is because so many American Christians are taught sexual shame. And the only way to express themselves sexually is in secret with pornographic materials such as magazines, movies, toys and in extreme cases interacting with strippers and prostitutes.

Hiding themselves. But not understanding that God is watching.

Ironically because American Christians are taught sex is something ugly and filthy by their parents most wind up interacting sexually with some of the most depraved and perverted people in society, and participating in sex acts considered sins in their own Bibles.

One of the biggest perverts in society is your local pastor. While they preach sexual shame to their congregations, they’re often the main ones who have illicit affairs with church members and in a lot of cases have huge secret stashes of pornographic materials in their homes.

The sexual shame most American Christians are taught is one of the reasons why pornography is a billion dollar business in America. What many don’t know is that most of the customers who buy pornography are American Christians and children of American Christians who refuse to talk about sex openly with each other. Since no one talks about sex, they head to the store to look at magazines and to the internet to learn about it.

Unfortunately, when they imbibe this perverted media they learn dysfunctional ways to express themselves sexually. They grow up believing that the distorted images in pornographic magazines are real people and the sex acts in pornographic movies are real sex acts.

And thanks to their parents’ sexual shame they never learn the truth that all of the sexual images in pornography are fake.

Worse, they pass dysfunctional values on to their children regarding sex. Teaching them to be ashamed of their bodies. To be ashamed of how their bodies function sexually. To hide their sexual behavior.

It’s this sexual shame that leads to many teenage girls being ashamed of their bodies when they become pregnant. Because they’re not educated about sex and healthy sexual expression at an early age, they wind up learning sexual shame when they become anxious and overwhelmed at the fact that sexual intercourse leads to pregnancy.

It’s this sexual shame that leads to them starting dysfunctional families when they have children out of wedlock. Dysfunctional families where they don’t teach their children about sex because they’re ashamed of it. And perpetuating a vicious cycle of secret behaviors such as consuming pornography, having sex in secret places such as staircases and bathrooms, and participating in secret abortions to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Most American Christians will argue that Abortion kills children. But it’s fornication that creates unwanted pregnancies. And the main reason most Christian children participate in fornication as a teenager is because they aren’t taught about sex and sexuality at an early age. I believe if those Christian boys and girls were educated about their bodies and about their natural sexuality at an early age, they’d probably make better choices on when they became sexually active in their teen and adult years.

I believe it’s time for American Christians to start talking about sex openly, especially with their children. I believe if Americans started talking about sex openly like Europeans do, it would lead to a better quality of life for everyone. There would definitely be a decrease in unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases. And if American people came to an understanding about sex and sexuality at an early age, Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood movie studios wouldn’t be able to use sex as a tool to sell dysfunctional behaviors as social norms and destructive images to people.

Yes, I’ve read my fair share of Playboys and watched my fair share of porn like Milf Hunter. But as I’ve grown older I’ve come to understand that the main reason why I consumed that material as an adolescent is because I was miseducated in American sexual shame. And now that I’ve learned healthy ways to express myself sexually, I now understand how important it is to teach other American Christians about sex and how to express their sexual feelings and desires in a constructive manner so they don’t wind up being exploited by Madison Avenue ad campaigns, Hollywood movie studios, and San Fernando Valley pornographers.

God did not make sex to be a bad thing. It’s a natural part of life. Sex is one of the ways men and women express their feelings for each other. When men and women learn that they are naturally sexual, their bodies are designed to function in a sexual way and that sex is a natural part of life, they usually grow up learning how to have healthy sexual relationships with each other. American Christians have to stop being ashamed of sex and making it a secret. When people have open and honest discussions about sex they have open and honest sexual relationships where people become emotionally and spiritually closer to each other.

When Opportunity Knocks…

Sometimes you run into opportunities that can’t be passed up.

If Bill Walko wanted to do another cover for the Isis series I’m going to make sure it happens.

If George Perez wanted to draw a cover for one of my books I’m going to make sure it happens.

If John Byrne asked me to draw a cover for one of my books I’m going to make sure it happens.

If Josh Howard asked me to draw a cover for one of my books I’m going to make sure it happens.

If Gail Simone wanted to write a story in the Isis series, I’m definitely going to make sure it happens.

Why? Because they’re once in a lifetime opportunites.

Artists like John Byrne and George Perez are LEGENDS in the comic book business. You don’t say no to them. You just make it happen.

Like Bill Walko, Josh Howard is an artist whose work I love. I’m eager to see what Isis would look like in his distinct style.

And writers like Gail Simone are masters of their craft. If she wanted to do a story with my characters, I’m going to say yes to her.

Now I believe in Black Group Economics. But I also believe that if there’s an opportunity to work with some of the best talents in the comic book industry I’m going to take it.

I want to give my readers the very best publications at SJS DIRECT. And I’m willing to work with experienced professionals in the industry towards giving them the best reading experience.

The opportunity to work with Bill Walko this summer was one of those a once-of-a lifetime chances. Here was an artist whose work I loved who wanted to draw a cover for my characters. Someone who had done art that had been featured for products seen across the country, and is a known name in the comic book world. I had to take the opportunity to work with him.

In business, you have to focus on the big picture. If the art from a nonblack artist will get my book exposure with a larger audience of both Black and nonblack readers and that exposure increases my sales, that helps my Black-owned business help the Black community. And the sales from those books allows me an opportunity to hire other artists and photographers for my projects.

God blessed me so everything came together so the Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess cover could be produced. And the response to the cover from most of the people I’ve shown it to has been extremely positive.

Would I hire a Black artist for one of my projects in the future? Yes. Again, I do believe in Group Economics. If I could work with a Black artist like Darryl Banks or Mark D. Bright on a cover, and we could come to an agreement on terms I’d take the chance.

Some opportunities are once-in-a lifetime. And you just have to take them. Because they are a chance to take your business and your career to the next level. That’s why I worked so hard selling my collectibles on eBay and made so many sacrifices to make this project happen. Having been out of wok for over five years, I know how hard it is to get a break. And when I get a one I take it. Because sometimes that small break I get can lead to a bigger one in my career in the future.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

AmeriKKKan Media Promoting the Brute Stereotype…Connecting The Dots

What do the Movie No Good Deed, Adrian Petersen and Ray Rice have in common? All of these incidents are all part of a media campaign to perpetuate the Brute stereotype about Black men in AmeriKKKan media.

When one uses critical thinking skills and connects the dots with these events they see a theme: a perpetuation of an image of violent, savage Black men. Black men society needs to protect itself from. By any means necessary.

This propaganda campaign is designed to make Black men look like public enemy #1. We have White Feminists coming out against Ray Rice. We have White Feminists and child psychologists calling Adrien Petersen a violent man with issues and saying he abuses children.

And with the success of No Good Deed at the Box office, it looks like the propaganda campaign to make Black men into public enemy #1 is working.

What most Black people don’t understand is that White Supremacists in AmeriKKKa don’t want Black men to be seen as human beings. The images of Ray Rice as a hardworking husband and Adrien Petersen as a responsible father are not something they want to promoted in the media.

So White Supremacist media works hard to color the image of these Black men through a stereotype filter. Turning Ray Rice into a woman beater, and Adrian Petersen into a child abuser.

All while promoting Idris Elba’s portrayal of violent, murderous, and psychopathic Colin into a mainstream image of Black men on over 2,500 screens across the country.

Savage Violent morally depraved Brutes. Enemies of the state. A clear and present danger. People who make White Supremacists and racists feel validated in their fears about Black men.

What’s dangerous about the Brute caricature and stereotype is that it dehumanizes black men. When people start seeing real Black men like Adrien Petersen and Ray Rice as Brutes, they stop seeing them as people they can relate to and instead start seeing them as inhuman creatures that are a threat to their safety. Creatures that White and nonblack people can justify killing the same way George Zimmerman felt justified in killing Trayvon Martin.

During Reconstruction and Jim Crow, the Brute caricature was used as propaganda by White Supremacists to justify the lynching of Negro men. To White supremacists back then, killing a Negro man was as justified as killing a wild bear, raccoon or a rabid dog. Negroes were believed to be a clear and present danger to most. And because All Americans didn’t see Negroes as human beings, lynching became entertainment and sport.

So it was okay to kill them and leave them in the street for hours like Michael Brown.

Black folks have to understand that the media we imbibe isn’t just news and it’s not just entertainment. The images we watch and the news we hear is often used as part of a social engineering campaign by White Supremacy to affect the way people think. If the media presents negative images and news over a period of time about Black men, people start believing the images and news as the truth. Over time people start believing Black men are Brutes, violent, savage Black creatures that are a threat that society needs to protect itself from.

Long-term that can lead to people’s perceptions changing about Black men. Men like Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

All of this media can have a tremendous impact on their cases. Instead of potential jurors seeing them as victims of police brutality, they start seeing them as savages who deserved death by white folks afraid for their lives. That perception can lead to the acquittal of the officers who murdered these men.

And it can lead to the murders of more innocent Black men. Murders that will be justified because society won’t see Black men as human beings.

What’s being done to Adrien Petersen and Ray Rice has a direct impact on Black men on the street like Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. The efforts of White Supremacists to dehumanize these men will eventually trickle down to the brother on the street making life that much harder for him. This is why every Black man must make every effort to call out the media smear campaign in the news and in movies Like No Good Deed. Responsible Black men must make every effort must be made to counter the image of the Black Brute, because if it’s not stopped here and now it can lead to the death of your husband, father, son, nephew or grandson later.

Monday, September 15, 2014

No Good Deed is #1 at the Box office…GOT DAMN!

This weekend No Good Deed, the movie featuring Idris Elba playing a Black Brute was #1 at the box office with $24.5 million dollars in ticket sales.

Damn…Just Got Damn.

The success of No Good Deed at the box office truly shows me how double-minded the Negro is. Several weeks after rioting in the streets over the death of Michael Brown by a White cop in Ferguson, and going on a Caravan for Justice for Eric Garner for being murdered by a White cop who put him in a choke hold in Staten Island, scores of Negro men and women headed to the theaters across the country to watch a movie featuring a Black brute terrorizing and menacing both Black women and white women.

Buying tickets to watch a movie featuring the very stereotype that got Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin killed.

Showing the world how inconsistent the Negro is regarding social issues.

Any Negro who went to see No Good Deed this weekend and went to a rally for justice Michael Brown, Eric Garner or Travyon Martin this summer is a Hypocrite. By buying a ticket for this movie you have PISSED on the graves of those Black men.

How can the Negro ask for justice while going to a movie that breathes new life into the very stereotypes that got each of those three men killed? How can the Negro protest the way these Black men were racially profiled and depicted as thugs in real life media but then go and watch a fictional movie with the exact same stereotype that got those three men killed this summer?

A total inconsistency in action and words from the Negro.

I find it funny since the trailer for No Good Deed premiered we haven’t seen Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, The Nation of Islam, the NAACP, The Urban League, The Divine Nine Black fraternities and sororities, or any of the other Black organizations protesting this movie and its racist stereotypes with the same tenacity and passion they had when Eric Garner got choked out, Michael Brown got shot in the street or when Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman two years ago.

Make THIS into a Movie Hollywood
$24.5 Million dollars. Wrap that around your head. The Negro can find $24.5 million dollars to watch a movie that perpetuates the worst stereotypes about Black men but will BALK at spending 99 cents on an eBook I write featuring positive humanized images of Black people. Some will even say they’re spending too much money.

And these same Negroes who can find  $24.5 million dollars to watch a Black brute terrorize people onscreen in No Good Deed somehow magically can’t find money or the time to participate in Group Economics and watch humanized images in movies like The Great Debaters, Black Dynamite, Pride, Akeelah and the Bee, or I will Follow.   They can’t find money to watch Will Smith’s After Earth.

But these same Negroes will write an article talking about how Hollywood won’t make summer Blockbusters for Black people and have Snaa Lathan co-sign it on Twitter.

Well, what’s anyone’s financial incentive to make those movies for you Negro? You spend $24.5 million dollars to make a movie featuring a Black Brute #1 at the Box office, but let a $100 million dollar Black sci-fi movie like After Earth TANK at the Box-office during the summer last year. You let Black indie movies with great stories made by Black people movies DIE at the theater.

But a movie made by White folks breathing new life into old stereotypes perpetuated since Reconstruction in the South you give $24.5 million dollars to and make the number one movie in America.

God Damn.

Any Black man or woman who bought a ticket to see No Good Deed this weekend paid for a bullet to kill their son, husband, brother or Nephew. By watching this movie you have sent a message to the WORLD that you validate these stereotypes about Black men as a social norm for yourself and the Black people in your community. That a Black person’s life has no value unless it’s taken by a nonblack person or a White cop.

Contrary to popular belief, No Good Deed is not just a movie. It’s White Supremacist propoganda meant to perpetuate a negative image about Black men. What most Negroes don’t know is the images in these movies set a STANDARD for how Black people are viewed. 14 years ago Halle Berry ushered in a new generation of Jezebels with her Oscar winning performance in Monster’s Ball. And Idris Elba’s performance in this movie is clearly being used to usher in a new age of Black Brutes and Brute culture in the black community.

Art imitating life. Which I know will lead to the deaths of countless young Black men when they try to emulate the behavior of Simp ass Colin like they did gangsta rappers for the last 25 years.

First Lee Daniels’ The Butler #1 at the box office last year, and now this Big Black Brutefest is #1 at the box office this year. I feel like I’m wasting my time writing these books and screenplays. I’ve been working my ass off for the last twenty years to elevate the Black image and take it out of the sewer. And Black people continue to buy media featuring the very stereotypes that lead to brothers and sisters getting harassed by cops and racially profiled by them.

It deeply disheartens me to see No Good Deed as the #1 movie at the box office this weekend. It makes me feel like I was wasting my time and my money trying to publish positive Black fiction all these years. It’s becoming clear to me what the Negro wants is a Minstrel show. And that both Black man and woman are Hell-bent on taking the Black community backwards instead of moving it forward. What saddens me most about the success of movies like No Good Deed is that Black folks would rather perpetuate a stereotype about themselves than embrace their humanity.