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Monday, October 28, 2019

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Eternal Night Sample Chapter

Been busy working on my new Vampire novel Eternal Night. With me being I'm midway through the second act of the novel, I'm ready to share an excerpt with you!
NOTE: This is a draft and things can change in revisions.

Chapter 19

My eyes flutter open as I stir out of a state of unconsciousness from the orgasm. When I see burgundy satin sheets under me I smile. If Malus’ could lay me out with just that golden tongue and those fingers of his I can only imagine what his dick would’ve done to me.
As I look over at the mahogany nightstand across from me I catch the time on the clock. 11:15! Man, I must’ve been out all night. Sadly, I won’t be able to get a chance to take a ride on Malus’ cock this morning, I’ve got a kajillion things to do in order to get ready for work at Merrill on Monday Morning. So I guess I’ll have to make something up when I tell Mattie about my sexcapades last night. I wrap the burgundy satin sheets around me, grab the phone off the night table and punch in Mattie’s number. “Hello?” Mattie yawns into the phone.
“Guess where I’m calling you from this morning babybat?” I tease.
“Don’t tell me you slept with him-” Mattie sighs.
Technically I didn’t. But she doesn’t need to know that. “I did. And I found out Malus sleeps on burgundy satin sheets.”
“Dude, way too much information on the skank moment-”
“Just wanting you to know what you missed out on-”
“The only thing I’ll be missing out on is the penicillin shot you’re gonna need in a few days after you take that walk of shame back uptown.”
“Nothing to be ashamed of Mat.” I sing. “At least I got to say I slept with a celebrity before I died.”
“A skeleton bone is a skeleton bone.”
My future husband doesn’t need to know what’s in my graveyard. “Yeah, but it’s a story I’ll be proud to take to my grave.” I say. “Now that I’ve had my fun I’m gonna get out of here so I can get ready for my big day on Monday.”
"Taking that ride of shame on the LIRR?”
“I’ll call you when I get back in the city.”
After I hang up, with Mattie, I punch in the number to
Exellence Cab company in Harlem. “Excellence Cab?” the dispatcher says over the phone.“Yeah, I need a car sent to 187 Ocean Avenue.” I tell the dispatcher.
“Malus Manor?”
“We’ll have a car sent out there in ten minutes.”
“Great, I’ll be outside the front gates.”
With the cab taken care of, I streak out of bed and search for my clothes. I soon find my stuff folded up neatly in a chair on the far side of the room. As I’m grabbing my lace thong off the top of the pile I notice something odd about my fingers. I can’t feel the texture of the material between my fingertips. Maybe it’s the wine is giving me a bad hangover. Or I’m still woozy from the blood I lost from that bite Malus gave me playing vampire.
But is that possible? I only had one glass of wine and a wine cooler last night. That’s not even enough alcohol to get buzzed on. I eyeball the leg holes of my panties and fishnet tights and step into them. Then I bunch up my dress, put it over my head and slip it on. Once I step in my heels and sling my purse over my shoulder I find the door across the chaise. It’s a challenge getting the knob to turn with my fingers feeling numb but I manage to get it open once I look down at my hand. The faster I get out of here the faster I can get home to start getting ready for work at Merrill on Monday morning.
As I march down the tall staircase I notice all the black curtains and shades over the windows in the foyer are still down at eleven in the morning. Maybe Malus is sleeping in late since he had a really late night. That works for me. Saying goodbye after a one-night-stand would just make things awkward.
I’m at the bottom of the stairs when Griselda rushes over to me. “Excuse me Miss Lilith, where are you going?” She asks.
“Home, Griselda.” I reply.
A worried look falls on Griselda’s face. “I don’t think that would be wise in your condition.”
Condition? What’s she talking about? “Yeah, I’ve got a little hangover from the wine, but I think I’ve recovered from last night-”
“I really think I should wait until later this evening before you do any traveling Miss Lilith.”
Looks like Malus wants to go another round with me in the bedroom. As much as I’d love to spend the day with my favorite musician, I’ve got to get back uptown. “Could you thank Malus for a wonderful evening? I’ve got to go.”
“Miss Lilith-”
I rush down the limestone steps of Malus’ mansion and hurry down the cobblestone path towards the front gate. As the sun radiates down on me I start smelling smoke. Who would be barbecuing at this hour?
Whoever it is must not really know how to shop for groceries, I start smelling the scent of rotting chicken burning as I’m halfway to the gate. When I see the cab in the distance the rancid stench of the meat gets worse and the smoke starts getting my eyes. I’m about to gesture to the driver that I’m here when I notice my hand blistering and blackening as flames start erupting on my skin. OH MY GOD I’M ON FIRE!
I’m about to panic when I see my skin peeling and flaking off my body. Before I can scream for help I hear footsteps rushing behind me. From the scent of the perfume I know it’s Griselda. She wraps a blanket around my shoulders and pushes me back towards the manor. “YOU’VE GOT TO GET BACK IN THE HOUSE!”
She has a point; the paramedics can help me out here. It takes all my strength to run back up the stairs into the house. I let out a scream seeing the skin and muscles on my arms and legs and blackened and blistered from the burns. Things start going black I collapse onto the carpet. Please God, don’t let me die like this…

I'm hoping to have Eternal Night out in 2020. But if you want to learn more about Lilith's story you can pick up Isis: Night of The Vampires!