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Friday, March 30, 2018

First look at the AWE INSPIRING MIND BLOWING ISIS: Escape From Transylvania Cover

Here's your first look at the AWE INSPIRING MIND BLOWING Isis: Escape From Transylvania Cover by Bill Walko! 

Man, this cover is INCREDIBLE! It's like an animation cel taken right out of my imagination from the climax of Isis: Escape From Transylvania! With all those hungry Vamps around, I'm wondering how they're gonna get out of this one!

I love Drac in this pic, he reminds me of Gene Colan's Dracula from Tomb Of Dracula. 

And I love Isis' Civilian look. Her street clothes look just like I Imagined them to look like, stylish but something you'd wear for taking on vampires Buffy Summers style. 

And something John reminds me of Ash from Evil Dead.  Can you imagine Tia Mowry as the voice of Isis and Michael Ealy as John Haynes?

There's so many nods to classic horror in this piece, I can see homages to Filmation's Drac Pack to many of Bill's Classic pieces where he drew Buffy The Vampire Slayer and homages to DC horror comics. 

Isis: Escape from Transylvania will be out May 2nd! And you're IN FOR A TREAT! This Book reads just like a movie! 

And If you want to get a head start on the previous installments to the Vampire story arc, Isis: Night  of the Vampires and Isis: Bride of Dracula, head over to Today!  

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Isis: House of Isis Now Available in Paperback & Kindle Unlimited!

ISBN: 978-1530804740

Hotep! When Isis learns there’s a new Egyptian templeoperating in Harlem she soon discovers that Priestess Anjara is up to no good. Can the goddess next door stop her from miseducating and exploiting the brothers and sisters in the community?

You definitely want to get Isis: House of Isis. I go HARD IN THE PAINT on Hotep and Pro-Black Negroes and their philosophies in this story. Over the course of a hundred pages I deconstruct the ideologies Hoteps have about Ancient Egypt, The Black Woman being the God who created the Universe, and expose the hypocrisy many Hoteps and Pro-Blacks have regarding concepts like Black Group Economics and building and supporting Black-owned businesses in the Black community. 

Over the course of this story readers will learn about the numerous tricks and mental manipulations Hoteps and Pro-Blacks use to try to shame people into questioning their Black identity. And they’ll learn how these hustlers use these psychological tricks to get them to buy into seeing them and their false ideologies as the end all to be all to what Blackness should be. 

I wrote this story in direct response to many of the Hoteps and Pro-Blacks on social media who said that Isis wasn’t a Black character because she was light skinned. Many of these Hoteps and Pro Blacks made the excuse that they wouldn’t buy an Isis series story because of Isis’ skintone and hair texture, but what they don’t understand is what makes someone a hero isn’t the color of their skin, or the texture of their hair, but the content of their character. And in this story I wanted to show what made Isis a hero to the people of Harlem is her willingness to serve them as the goddess next door.

You can pick up Isis House of Isis in paperback and on Kindle Unlimited on today!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Shawn Reviews Jessica Jones Season 2

I started watching Jessica Jones Season 2 last week. And six episodes in this show is so grimy I feel like I need a shower after watching each episode.  

Yeah, I get that detective series are supposed to be hard and gritty. But man, Jessica Jones and Patsy Walker as so NASTY I feel like I’m watching hookers on Times Square, not a hard-boiled detective series.  

Jessica Jones Season 2 starts out with stronger writing than the first. And while the premise of Jessica investigating the mysterious origins of how she got her powers is interesting, the execution of the concept just doesn’t work. In order for a mystery like this to work, the audience has to root for the hero.

Unfortunately, that’s hard to do with the way Jessica Jones is written. Jessica is just so unlikeable it’s hard to care about her, the mysterious reasons why she got her powers or if she even solves the mystery behind it. Jessica doesn’t have a single character trait that makes you relate to her struggles or identify with her. The more you get to know Jessica, Trish, or any other woman featured in this show the faster you want to click out of this series. The women in this series are just SLEAZY and SKANKY you can smell the scent of sardines radiating from their crotches.

I get that Jessica Jones comes from a dark and gritty world like Frank Castle does in Netflix’s The Punisher. But while Frank has some semblance of honor and a moral code, Jessica and every woman on this show is completely amoral. And because Jessica, Trish, or even Jessica’s mom has no real moral compass like Frank does, Jessica just can’t stand out as a hero in her own series.

Instead she just appears to fade in the background of a group of extremely sleazy, skanky women most decent people would make every effort to avoid. Maybe the producers thought by making all the women sleazy slutty and GRIMY it’d make for a harder-boiled detective series. But all that does is make me want to click out of the series. Seeing a group of women hard drinking, drugging and sleeping with random men like they do on Jessica Jones is just not something most viewers want to binge watch.

I wish the producers of this series had picked up some issues of Max Alan Collins and Terry Beatty’s Ms. Tree to see how a heroine can show strength of character. While Jessica Jones has super powers, she just doesn’t have any of Michael Tree’s resolve. Like Jessica, Michael Tree is a double tough hard-boiled Private Investigator. However Ms. Tree comics are more focused on showing how Michael Tree is a detective with skills are on the level of Batman and pulp heroes like Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer. And she’s a consummate professional who knows how to carry herself in the tensest of situations. She gets the respect of readers because she can take the same responsibilities of the men she works with, and she carries herself with grace and class, something Jessica Jones just can’t seem to do on her best day.

The big difference between Jessica Jones and Michael Tree is that Ms. Tree is a survivor who wants to honor the memory of her late husband and Jessica Jones is a victim who wants to dwell on her tragedies to maintain co-dependent relationships with the people around her. And the victim narrative that Jessica and her friends like Trish Walker take on this show is something that’s starting to grate on me as a viewer. Instead of giving us a series about a super-powered PI who solves crimes in the superhero community, this show just gives us a depressing series about a miserable alcoholic woman who wants to wallow in self-pity.

That shit is starting to get old. If there’s a character who needs a revamp it’s Jessica Jones. She needs a new story, a new direction, and a fresher perspective on the whole super-powered detective premise. Something less skanky and something a bit more fun and action oriented.

I thought Jessica Jones would find its footing in its second season. While the writing has improved from Season 1 to Season 2, Jessica Jones is still a disjoined series that struggles to figure out if it’s a detective show or a superhero show. When Jessica uses her powers it doesn’t feel organic, and when she does investigations they’re mysteries I just can’t find compelling. If Netflix’s producers don’t revamp Jessica Jones and give it a new premise, it’s going to be a show with one foot on a banana peel and another in the graveyard.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Emasculated Spider-Man and E'steem The Sands of Time Sample Chapter

I recently saw an excerpt from a Spider-Man comic Wakanda Forever: The Amazing-Spider-Man where Wakandan Servants were braiding Peter Parker's hair.

What a way to effeminize a hero and make him into a PUNK.

If only Marvel knew how it was emasculating it's flagship character in the name of diversity.

When women braid a man's hair it's a sign they have no respect for him. That they see him just like another WOMAN.

Now I wrote a scene similar to that Spider-Man Comic featuring John Haynes in E'steem: The Sands of Time where John Haynes interacts with E'steem and an Ancient Egyptian Servant.   Once you read this excerpt, you'll see how a man keeps his masculinity and interacts with women.

Chapter 18

I follow Sanara down the tiled floors of the royal palace into the South guest quarters. As she pushes past a beaded curtain I step a living space on par with the five-star hotels I’ve seen on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. A leopard skin rug lies in front of a full sized mahogany bed decorated with the finest Egyptian cotton sheets, a table with polished silver mirror above it, and a leather chair in the corner. As a warm wind blows the gauzy white curtains above the window, Osiris’ servant is eager to get my opinion regarding their amenities. “I’m hoping the quarters are to your liking John.” Sanara says
I could stay here for an eternity. “I’m very happy with them Sanara.” I reply dropping my backpack beside the bed on the floor.
“The Pharaoh will be pleased to hear that.”
“Does he always assign such beautiful maids to attend to his guests?” I ask as I peel off my jacket.
Sanara blushes on hearing the compliment. Before she can answer my question, I hear footsteps walking down the pathway. When I see E’steem passing through the beaded curtain carrying a tray with a bowl filled with water and towels on it I smile. “You can head back to the throne room Sanara. I’ll be attending to John from here on in.”
Sanara gives me a playful smile after E’steem walks into the room. “You’re in for an treat John.”
“How?” I ask tossing my jacket on the bed.
“Most men in Egypt would give everything they owned for a chance to be attended to by the fairest woman in Egypt.”
E’steem gives Sanara a look after hearing the nickname she’s called. “Go on back to the throne room.” She orders.
“You two have fun.” Sanara says as she saunters through the beaded curtain.
The look on E’steem’s face tells me she’s going to. Once Sanara heads down the hall I find out more about the title she’s been given by her peers. “So I’m being taken care of by the fairest woman in Egypt?” I ask.
“That’s what they call me.” E’steem sighs as she squats down to ease the tray on the leopard skin rug.
“You don’t seem too happy about the title.”
“It’s not that great of a title when men eye you like a piece of meat hanging in the bazaar.” She says springing up to meet my eyes.
I’d have to say there’s brains to go along with that beauty. “You’d rather they see how smart you are.”
“I practically know the Ancient texts like the back of my hand. But all most men see is my behind.”
I don’t mind looking at it myself. “How’d you convince your father to let you be my maid?”
“I didn’t. Mother told him that it’d be good for me to be around men my own age.”
“I guess I should thank her.”
“You can do that at dinner. “ E’steem replies. “I just need to wash your hands and feet.”
“I can do that myself.” I say reaching for the towel.
“I’m sure you could,” E’steem says taking my hand. “But it’s a custom here for the Pharaoh’s maidens to attend to a guest.”
And a special honor for the Pharaoh’s daughter to attend to someone personally. “I guess I don’t want to break tradition.”
“You definitely don’t.” E’steem sings smiling at me.  
I guess she sees me as someone special to give me this honor. I have a seat on the foot of the bed. As E’steem kneels at my feet, a curious expression falls on her face as she examines my white Reebok high tops.“ These are strange sandals.” She says untying the laces.
“They’re not sandals.” I tell her as she pulls my shoes off. “They’re called sneakers.”
“Sneakers?” E’steem inquires examining the inside of my Reeboks.
Yeah, they have rubber soles. So they don’t make noise when you walk.”
“So you can sneak around in them?”
I guess I could use them for stealth if I wanted to. “If you want to.”
E’steem slips on my sneakers. As she walks around the room in them she smiles. “They’re are soft as pillows inside.” She says stepping out of them. “And they increase your speed when you walk.”
“Yeah, that’s why I wear them to school. I can walk to the train in no time.”
E’steem meets my eyes as she falls back at the foot of the bed. “You must be very swift with these sneakers on.”
I move like lightning when I break them in. “I can walk cross-town from Tenth Avenue to Seventh Avenue in less than ten minutes.”
“And these cotton things must be to keep your feet from sweating when you have them on.” She says peeling off my socks.
Man, she catches on fast. “That’s what socks do.”
E’steem takes my left foot in her hands. As she rubs it with the towel soaked in warm water I feel goosebumps all over my body. As she gently massages my foot with her slender fingers I let out a gasp. Man, she’s got a magic touch. “Wow.”
“I take it you’re happy with me attending to your needs.”
I wish the girls were like her during my time. “Very happy.”
E’steem smiles as she takes my right foot gives it the same gentle massage while she washes it. My body tingles on the touch. After she reaches over and washes my hands she flashes me a flirtatious smile. “Now you’re ready to have dinner with the Pharaoh.” She says proudly.
I peer down at her bare feet covered in the dust of the desert on the leopard skin rug and smile. “I don’t think you’re ready to go to dinner yet.” I flirt.
“I’m not?”
“Look at all that desert dust on your feet. Someone should wash them for you.”
I’m given a playful look by the princess. “Er…Aren’t I supposed to be tending to you?”
“A gentleman always reciprocates when a lady shows him gratitude.”
 E’steem smiles at me as she points her toes up at me. “Wash away.”
I hop off the bed onto the leopard skin rug. As I take her slender left foot in my hands I wonder how they stay so soft when she walks around barefoot everywhere. “I don’t see how you walk around without shoes.” I say playing with her anklet.
“With me being a child of the gods I barely feel the grit of the sand under my feet.” E’steem replies.
“So it doesn’t hurt when you walk on rocks and stuff?” I ask as wash her left foot.
“Not really.” E’steem replies. “While my feet are soft as silk on the outside, they’re hard as sandals on the inside.”
“I guess that’s why you don’t need shoes.” I say as I start washing the right one.
“With all the flipping and flopping all they do is slow me down.”
E’steem smiles as I finish washing her feet with the towel. After I cleanse the dust of the desert off them, I think about some massage tips I read about in the Cosmopolitan magazine I bought a month ago. When I start letting my fingers dance down the middle of her right foot she throws her head back then gives me a coy smile. Looks like that article was right on the money about foot massage driving a girl wild. “My, you’ve got magic in your hands.” E’steem flirts.
“Just something I learned from reading a magazine.” I say jumping off the floor back on the bed.
E’steem gives me a quizzed look as she eases up off the floor and sits next to me at the foot of the bed. “Magazine?”
“They’re kind of like books. But they have a lot more pictures in them of clothes, make up and stuff-”
E’steem lights up on hearing about magazines. “That sounds like something I’d definitely want to read.”
She’d probably buy all the fashion magazines they published if she came to 1987. “I thought you were working to become a priestess-”
E’steem gives me a playfully coy look as she rubs her foot against mine and her fingers dance along the sleeve of my shirt. “I didn’t get the title of fairest woman in Egypt by just reading papyruses.” She flirts. "Do you have any with you?”
Sadly that issue of Cosmopolitan is under my bed in 1987. And if she knew what I actually used it for, I doubt we’d be getting close like this. “All I’ve got are my school books and comic books.”
I’m given an eager look after mentioning my comic books. “I wouldn’t mind looking at those.”

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ava Duvernay To Direct DC’s New Gods…WTF?

Warner Brothers recently announced that acclaimed Director Ava to Direct an adaptation of DC Comics New Gods.

Damn. Just Damn.

Now normally I’d be elated for Ava DuVernay with this announcement. On dramas like I Will Follow and Selma she’s a good director. But when it comes to a concept on the level of DC Comics New Gods she’s just out of her depth.

Ava Duvernay is good at drama. But she just doesn’t know how to make fantasy films work. Her first film in the fantasy medium, A Wrinkle In Time was critically panned and flopped at the box office. And all her inexperience in the fantasy genre showed onscreen. If she directed New Gods it would be a DISASTER.

New Gods is an EPIC fantasy. It’s two worlds in of incredibly complex characters who are larger than life. It’s the kind of project that requires a seasoned fantasy filmmaker who understands how to make a grand vision work onscreen. Someone like a Peter Jackson, a Steven Spielberg, James Cameron or a George Lucas in his prime. Someone who understands how to work in the medium and use all the tools of it including miniatures, stuntmen, and green screens and CGI to make a world come to life onscreen.

As talented as Ava DuVernay just does not have the experience with fantasy film genre to understand how it works. And that showed in A Wrinkle In Time. While she has done great things in dramas like I Will Follow and Selma, She needs a LOT more seasoning on lower-budget fantasy movies before she can tackle a massive project like New Gods.

Warner Brothers big mistake regarding DuVernay is believing that because she could direct one type of film, she could direct any type of film. However, when it comes to the fantasy genre it requires a set of specialized skills. Skills that a person builds over time working on smaller lower-budget films in the genre before tackling bigger budgeted films.

All the legends of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre like James Cameron, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had to hone their skills on smaller films like Duel, the original Terminator, and THX 1138 before they got known for fantasy classics like E.T. Aliens, The Abyss, T2, Indiana Jones, and the Star Wars Trilogy. But Ava DuVernay is given the reins of one of DC’s biggest after one film.

Because Diversity. 

Yeah, we need more Black directors working in the fantasy genre. But not like this. Ava DuVernay directing New Gods is an affirmative action hire plain and simple. Unfortunately DuVernay is so caught up in being Hollywood’s diversity darling she can’t see that the game is chess, not checkers.   

Warner Brothers is setting DuVernay up for failure in the same way it set Pitof up in 2004 when he was offered an opportunity to direct Catwoman starring Halle Berry. Pitof had an acclaimed film VIDOCQ under his belt. But when it came down to Catwoman he was out of his depth. After a year of bad buzz, The film flopped and Pitof’s career in film was over before it even started.

Hollywood is using Ava DuVernay as their pawn to checkmate Black directors and the Black fantasy and sci-fi genre in the future. They’re giving her big projects on the front end to make it appear like she’s got a fair shake. But after her projects fail at the box office and get critically panned those same studio executives use her flops as the reason not to go out and finance and produce fantasy films by other African-American filmmakers or offer Black people jobs behind the camera on fantasy and sci-fi movies.    

Comic fans have been anticipating a New Gods movie for decades. And with a seasoned fantasy director it could be an epic film on the level of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. But if Warner Brothers produces a New Gods film with Ava DuVernay today, it’s guaranteed to be a failure far more epic than Batman V. Superman and Justice League combined. Something that would completely TARNISH Ava DuVernay’s career and make it where she’d never work in film again.

Ava, if you want to make a movie in the fantasy genre more suited to your skills Contact me. Cut your teeth on an adaptation of The Temptation of John Haynes or Isis. On a smaller scaled smaller budgeted project like this you can learn the ins and outs of fantasy filmmaking  and get an understanding of how the story model works. You’re just NOT ready for New Gods.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Isis: All that Glitters Comic Script Sample

I’ve been working on and off on a comic script adaptation of the upcoming Isis series book All That Glitters for the last few months. As everyone knows, It’s always been my dream to turn the Isis Series novelettes into Graphic novels. And I believe doing this adaptation is a great way for me to develop a sample script to submit to comic publishers.

Working on this script I’m realizing there’s a big difference between comic writing, screenwriting, and novel writing, and each style has its own quirks. I think my style is a good fit for the comic medium, it’s just turning the words and dialogue into panels that’s the challenge.

After you read the script, compare it to the sample chapter of the novelette I posted a few months ago to see the difference between the styles!

A smiling Isis is teleporting out a flash of light onto 23rd Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in front of a Chase Bank. The slender chestnut haired mocha skinned black woman with a mane of long bushy curls, and straight Egyptian style bangs A cute goddess next door, she’s dressed in street clothes consisting of faded blue jeans, a white buttondown blouse, a black leather jacket, and black Chelsea boots. It’s lunchtime on a cold fall day and there are people on the sidewalk and traffic on the street.

Isis: (Thought bubble) Just got paid-

Establishing shot
Isis walks into the bank vestibule reaching into her front jeans pocket with an annoyed look on her face. The vestibule is busy with people standing at the ATMs.
Isis: Just when I get out of the office…

Isis approaching the ATMs holding her iPhone-
Isis: You do know I’m off the clock John boy-

Establishing shot
Wide Shot of E’steem standing in the Morris Phillips Executive Suite in front of a mahogany desk. Wearing a red wrap dress and red high heels, she’s holding the receiver of a corded phone on a mahogany desk in an office furnished with luxury furniture and tall picture windows.
E’steem: I’d think it’d be hard to go shopping without a way to pay for it Princess.

MEDIUM SHOT Split Screen
Isis still holding her phone.
 Isis: What’re you talking about? I just got paid-
E’steem: You left your ATM card on my desk. So you want to come back here and pick it up?

Establishing shot
A playful smile on Isis’ face as she pushes past the door and steps onto the bank floor. Isis: Don’t have to. Back in the good old days of the 1940s we had these people at the bank called tellers-
E’steem (on Phone) They call them customer service associates these days.

Isis is standing at a bank table in the back of the busy bank with a smirk on her face as she writes out a Withdrawal slip.
Isis: Humor an old lady for a minute willya. Now back in them days we had these little slips of paper called Withdrawals. You’d fill em’ out, present em’ to the teller and they’d give you cash money you could spend anywhere you liked.

Close up of E’steem smiling on hearing the joke.
E’steem: You and your old fashioned ways-
Isis: (on phone) That’s how we used to do it in the olden days of the Twentieth century.

The slender Isis standing near the door in the near background is putting her phone in her jacket pocket as Golden Shine a tall, tanned, beautiful blonde with an hourglass figure wearing a designer White bikini and a pair of strappy sandals steps through the door. A designer tote bag slung on her shoulder, she saunters into the bank with a confident stride and a smug smile on her face.

With Isis’ thoughts on Golden Shine’s big entrance.
Isis: (thought) This has to be some sort of reality show stunt.

Golden Shine walks by the line People on line take out their Smartphones to record her. She’s glowing as the Bank Manager a stout man in a pinstripe suit steps out from behind a swinging door Nervous, he’s intimidated by her beauty.
Bank Manager: Can I help you Miss?
Golden Shine: I’m here to make a withdrawal.

Beads of sweat on Bank Manager’s forehead as Golden Shine smiles at him.
Bank Manager: Would you like a Withdrawal slip?
Golden Shine: No thanks, I’ll get it myself.

A dumbfounded look on the Bank Manager’s face in the background as Golden Shine walks through the door he came out of to approach the tall, steel silver bank vault door in the distance-

A smiling Golden Shine grabs front of the Bank Vault’s safe door and tears it off the wall like cardboard as-

A shocked Isis has a wide eyed gasped look on her face watching Golden Shine tear the vault door off its hinges.
Isis: (thought bubble) Looks like bikini babe is turning her reality show stunt into a Bank robbery-

Ripped off vault door on the side of the wall. There’s a gleeful smile on Golden Shine’s Face in the foreground as she steps into the Vault filled with stacks of dollar bills.  Isis in the farthest background as customers in the midground are holding up Smartphones to record the robbery as-
Isis: (Thought bubble) And everyone is too busy being a part of the live studio audience to do anything.

Isis is about to go into action. An elderly Security Guard patrolling the vestibule and ATMS rushes past her with his .38 revolver drawn as Golden Shine stuffs her designer tote bag with stacks of dollar bills.
Isis: (Thought bubble) Maybe I can stop this before anyone gets hurt-
Guard: D-Drop the money Miss.

Medium Shot
With A bag full of money slung over her shoulder, Golden Shine nonchalantly looks over at the guard pointing his gun in the distance.
Golden Shine: You better put that thing away before you hurt yourself. You’re not man enough to take on this much woman.
GUARD: Don’t come any closer-

of the guard firing his gun

Bullets bounce off Golden Shine’s large breasts like jell-O.

The nervous guard’s gun is out of bullets. Golden Shine scowls at him as she snatches his gun away.
Golden Shine: Looks like you shot your load big man. But it’s not enough to do me any damage.

Golden Shine Crumples up his .38 like tissue paper in her manicured hands. 

Golden Shine nonchalantly walks through the door and drops the crumpled gun in the dumbfounded Bank manager’s hands as the old guard clutches his chest. 
Golden Shine: Something to remember me by.

The guard falls over in the far background as Golden Shine saunters past the dumbfounded bank manager towards the door as. Isis starts making moves toward it.
Isis: Excuse me miss, can I see a receipt for that withdrawal-

A serious Isis confronts Golden shine at the door. Golden Shine rolls her eyes.
Golden Shine: Don’t tell me you’re gonna play hero concerned Citizen-
Isis: Goddess.

The taller Golden Shine has her hands on her hips ad a contemptuous look on her face as she looks the shorter skinnier Isis up and down.
Golden Shine: I look more the part than you stringbean.
Isis: That’s what you think Goldilocks-
Golden Shine: That’s Golden Shine. And you’re gonna find out there’s more to this beach body than meets the eye.

Isis swings on Golden Shine who catches her fist.
Isis: Tell it to the cops in Central booking-

Golden Shine has an evil grin on her face as she looks down and holds Isis’ fist in her hand.
Golden Shine: You’re good Beanpole. But you just can’t beat perfection.

Golden Shine judo tosses Isis’ body-


From the back Isis is seen crashing through the exploding glass door of the entrance into the vestibule of the bank.

A stunned Isis is lying on the floor as we see the sexy legs and pedicured toes of Golden Shine strolling through the shattered doorframe. 

Golden Shine is getting closer as Isis stirs out of a daze.
Isis: (Thought Bubble) …Okay, she got a lucky shot.

Golden Shine is halfway about to step over her when Isis’ manicured hand is seen grabbing her ankle.
Isis: (Thought Bubble) She’s just a mortal. You’re a goddess. You can still take her.
Isis: I didn’t see your receipt.

Isis trips up Golden Shine. She lands to the floor on her backside with a-

A fallen Golden Shine points daggers at Isis who is getting to her feet.
Golden Shine: Still want some more of this Princess?
Isis: You’re not leaving here with that money.

Golden Shine nonchalantly shrugs her shoulders as she looks over at Isis.
Golden Shine: Guess I gotta show you why you don’t mess with the beautiful people.

Isis swings on Golden shine and misses.
Isis: Prepare to get that pretty face messed up-
Isis: (thought bubble) Did she just move fast enough to dodge my punch?

Golden Shine hits Isis in the jaw taking sending her reeling-
Golden Shine: Told you were out of your league Stringbean.

Golden Shine grabs the shocked Isis by the back of her jacket and the waistband of her jeans and
Isis (thought bubble) Crap, I wasn’t expecting SunTan Malibu Bimbo to pack that kind of power in her punch. She hits as hard as E’steem. Gotta regroup before-
Golden Shine: You think you can hang with me Stringbean-

Hoists a shocked Isis in the air above her head. There’s an evil grin on her face as she looks over at the bank’s picture window She-
Golden Shine: But I’m just too fabulous for you.

Hurls Isis through the Bank’s front window.

People holding Smartphones to record the carnage on the street as a dazed Isis on the sidewalk shakes out the stars in her eyes while Golden Shine strolling out of the bank’s front door pointing a key fob at a- 
Isis: Come on, get it together Goddess! If you don’t take this blonde bimbo down you’re gonna get laughed out of the New Heliopolitan Pantheon.

Bentley parked on the corner. Golden Shine grabs the handle as Isis gets to her feet in the background.

Of Golden Shine sitting in her car. She smiles as she flips Isis a bird-
Golden Shine: Better luck next time Stringbean.

Driving off leaving a pissed off Isis in the dust.
Isis: Oh No, she’s not getting away from me.

Isis runs off the sidewalk into-

Midtown traffic. Cars, buses trucks and Yellow cabs. Running at super-speed Isis is ahead of all of them as-

Golden Shine’s sees Isis in her rearview mirror.

Isis has her manicured hands on the bumper as-

A nonchalant Golden shine presses a button on her Bentley Dash.

Isis eyes grow wide and her chestnut curls are standing on end from receiving an electric shock from Golden Shine’s secret weapon.

Isis’ hands fall away from the bumper as-

Golden Shine drives off leaving Isis laying in the street. Midtown Traffic is seen barreling down in the direction of her unconscious body.

I’m just starting on this script and I hope to have it finished soon. And I’m hoping to get the Isis: All That Glitters paperback & eBook out sooner rather than later (If I can get the funds to pay for the cover). But right now you can pick up the two newest books Isis: House of Isis coming out on March 27th and Isis: Escape From Transylvania coming out in late April/Early May!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Isis: Bride of Dracula Now Available on KindleUnlimited!

I’ve decided to bring Isis: Bride of Dracula to KindleUnlimited. So everyone who has a KindleUnlimited subscription can read one of the best-selling Isis series adventures for free!

In addition to being exclusively on KindleUnlimited, you can also pick up Isis: Bride ofDracula in Paperback too!

It’s a good time to get caught up on the Isis Vampire story arc that started in Isis: Night of theVampires and Isis: Bride of Dracula, because Isis: Escape From Transylvania is coming soon!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Isis: Escape From Transylvania Cover Concept

Sketched up a new Isis: Escape From Transylvania cover concept this weekend after I took a photo to get the composition right. I thought setting things in a graveyard with Dracula rising behind Isis and John would tell a stronger cover story. Want to put some vampire hordes in the background to make it more terrifying, but I don’t know if that’ll cost more. 

I’m hoping to get Isis: Escape From Transylvania out sometime this year; I think readers are gonna love this one. It reads just like a movie!