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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Negro Bed Wenches-The Only Black Women Allowed in the American Corporate Workplace

In a previous blog, I detailed the three types of Black Men allowed in a White Corporate workplace and the reason why those three sellouts are allowed there. Now I’m going to go into detail about the most dangerous predator in the corporate workplace, the Negro Bed Wench.

The Negro Bed Wench is a Black woman who will do ANYTHING to please her White bosses, especially White men. She is the female equivalent to the Uncle Tom, someone completely loyal to her White bosses and will not only lie, cheat and steal for him, but allow him to use her as his sexual plaything.

Negro Bed Wenches makes White Corporate business owners comfortable. In fact out of all the Black sellouts she makes White bosses the most comfortable. White managers love Negro Bed Wenches because he knows how ruthless they are. As his enforcer, White Men can always count on her to do their dirty work. No matter how immoral, unethical illegal or heinous the act is she’ll get the job done and do it with pride.

Anything an Uncle Tom or a Coon won’t do, A Negro Bed Wench will. And she’ll do it with a smile. Plus they allow him to meet the Affirmative Action quota by killing two birds with one stone, by hiring a minority person and a woman at the same time. 

Negro Bed Wenches are often placed in management positions and entry level front desk positions, she’s known for her hostile no-nonsense attitude and her cold demeanor. White Managers used her to strike fear and terror in the masses of employees and customers, especially the Black males. She’s a cruel dominatrix who lives to humiliate and crush people, especially Black men. 

Examples of a Negro Bed Wench in corporate America include Condoleezza Rice and Olivia Pope on the TV show Scandal. 

A Negro Bed Wench is loyal to only two things: MONEY and WHITE DICK. And she’ll do anything to get an unlimited supply of both. Many a Negro Bed wench will have a Black boyfriend or husband, but that SIMP is usually for show. Negro Bed Wenches lust for White men and crave White dick like a crackhead fiends for the crack rock. Most bosses know they can count on her to offer them a steady supply of pussy when they’re working late nights. She’ll take White dicks in the mouth, the pussy and if gets her a raise, in the ass. Sometimes she’ll let three bosses fill all three holes at the same time.

And after they screw the boss, they screw over the communities they work in with their reinforcement of institutionally racist and inhumane business policies. Negro Bed wenches are indifferent to the suffering of others and will throw people, under the bus with relish. A Negro Bed Wench is ruthless enough to fire old people who have dedicated 20 years of their life to a company, close a day care center serving a community of families and if she has to, even commit murder just to make her white bosses happy.

Brothers have to be extra vigilant on the job when they identify one of these monsters. A Negro Bed Wench HATES Black Men on the job. Especially decent, down-to-earth brothers. For her, hardworking, decent Black men are a threat to the fiefdom she has established with her White Masters…I mean bosses. Negro Bed wenches want to be the HNICE (Head Nigger in Charge) and will do anything to maintain this position of pseudo-authority in the office. Whenever another Black man comes into the workplace she’s the one working tirelessly behind the scenes to get them fired. 

Plain and simple, whenever a Black man on a job sees a Black woman too chummy with a White male supervisor on the job, he better watch out. This traitor is taking information back to her bosses and trying to use it against a brotha to get him fired. 

There are three types of Negro Bed Wench who usually work in corporate AmeriKKKA. The Mammy, the Strong Independent Black Woman, and the Hood Rat. 

Mammies are extremely loyal to their White Masters. These are older women who have maintained a close long-term relationship with the White managers of a company. Usually these are veteran administrative assistants or veteran managers with seniority. These women have a lot of pull and a lot of influence in a White corporate power structure. They can get people hired and fired literally on their word. 

What makes these old women dangerous is the fact that they are deeply entrenched in the White supremacist corporate culture and its way of thinking. In fact, many are so brainwashed that they’ll go along and justify with racist and sexist business policies such as racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Some will go even as far as protecting the racist policies by enforcing them! 

The way they see things, if a White man says it, it must be true and he must be right. In the eyes of a Mammy, a White man is infallible. They are the first ones to defend a White manager no matter how unethical or immoral he is. 

When Mammies are e in management positions like Human Resources they can easily prevent other Black people from getting jobs at a company. In her eyes no Negroes are going to come into the business and take her place as the Head Nigger in Charge.

Like the Black Mangina, the Black Mammy is more likely to help a nonblack person get a job at a corporation than a Black person. In fact she’s more eager to hire a grossly unqualified White, Hispanic, Asian, Arab or homosexual person over an overqualified Black person, especially a Black man. If a Black man’s resume gets on her desk, it’s automatically going in the trash.

Mammies also have a deep seeded hatred for younger Black women, especially good self-aware sistas. Mammies are jealous of the youth and intelligence these women have. Moreover, they’re scared if these women start speaking out against the status quo, they could threaten their position as the top woman in the corporate hierarchy. 

While a Mammy is filled with vitriol and hatred for Black men and younger Black women they are the biggest COONS in the presence of White men, especially older White male executives. It’s not common for an old Mammy with a scowl on her face to twist it into the kindest gentlest smile in the presence of a White manager or executive. And these women will buck dance, shuffle, and Coon like Amos N’ Andy grinning and laughing while these men make all sorts of racist and sexual comments about her and Black people. 

The Strong Independent Black woman is also allowed in White Corporate America. Like the Mammy, these younger women profess an extreme loyalty to White Corporate America. They often work in professional positions such as junior managers, lawyers, HR managers, and office Managers. Some are even executives. They like to boast about their college educations, their designer clothes and expensive homes. Many are cold, calculating and indifferent to the feelings of others. As long as they’ve got theirs, no one else matters. 

Strong Black women are easy to identify by their armor like business suits, hair weaves that look like helmets (some wear dreadlocks that look like feathers in a war helmet) and faces painted up in make-up that looks like war paint. She is always ready to do battle for her White Supremacist Masters on the front lines of Corporate America with her two deadliest weapons: Her hostile attitude and her razor-sharp tongue.

The Strong Independent Black woman believes in feminism like a religion. And White Managers love having her in their corporate businesses because those feminist and misandristic views of men, especially Black men make her into a vicious and brutal enforcer. She is a cruel and vicious overseer who is used to terrorize the office and strike fear in the working masses with her brutal implementation of company policy.

Company policy is the Strong Independent Black woman’s bible. It’s what she uses to justify crushing, humiliating and degrading people, especially Black men. A Strong Independent Black woman will always turn to her corporate rulebook to condone the most unethical and immoral practices even though the Holy Bible she reads in church every Sunday says what she’s doing is wrong.

One of her favorite pastimes is using corporate policy to emasculate, humiliate, and degrade men of color, especially Black men. For them writing up a Black man on the smallest infraction is a pleasure. She has even more fun when she terminates Black men from their jobs. When she fires a Black man, oftentimes there’s a smile on her face. Some may even have a sated expression on their faces just like they’ve had an orgasm after taking a black man’s job away.

However, Strong Independent Black women will turn friendly and kind in the presence of a White Manager or a White executive. All that hostility they had for lower level Black men, other males of color and White women soon dissipates when a White Manager or White executive walks into the room. If you ever see a Strong Independent Black woman in the presence of a Black man then see her in the presence of White Man, You’d swear it wasn’t the same person.

White Corporate Bosses love Strong independent Black women because of their fierce loyalty and commitment to White Supremacy. These women will go above and beyond not only in the business arena, but the bedroom as well. The same Strong Independent Black woman who will talk about Christianity and saving herself for marriage to Black men will be the first to drop her panties or drop to her knees to service a White Dick. This Negro Bed Wench will allow White corporate bosses to run through all three of her holes and nut in her smiling face if it’ll get her a raise or a promotion.

Strong Independent Black Women never get fired from their jobs no matter how nasty, hostile, belligerent or unprofessional they are. A Black man in the same workplace could make one small mistake and White bosses would be insistent on his termination. But A Strong Independent Black woman makes that same mistake, shows up late, and curses people out in public and it’s business as usual. Some even get promoted after YEARS of fucking up on the job!

One of the main reasons a Strong independent Black woman never gets fired even during the worst economic times is because she’s oftentimes a White Man’s sidepiece. White corporate bosses know they can depend of their enforcer in good times and bad to protect their business interests and take care of their sexual needs. 

Like the Mammy, The Strong Independent Black woman is totally and completely dependent on White Supremacy for her existence in the workplace. And because she fiercely fights to protect White Supremacy, she makes sure no Black people get hired. Especially Black men and young, intelligent self-aware Black women. These Handkerchief heads would rather laugh in the face of a brotha or sista and hire a White, Hispanic, Asian, Arab or Homosexual first.

Hood Rats are the female equivalent of Coons. Hood Rats are usually found working in low-level positions such as receptionist or Administrative assistant. Some can even be found in other front desk jobs like cashier or customer service. A few will work as security guards. 

Hood Rats are known for being loud, obnoxious and arrogant. Their fierce bark, razor sharp tongue, surly body language, nasty attitude, and hostile demeanor are what make them perfect for front desk positions. White corporate bosses often use these women as the gatekeepers for their businesses because they’re effective at screening people and keeping undesirables (Black men) out of a company. 

A Hood Rat can literally curse a customer or client out and still keep her job. She can come in late every day and still keep her job. Some will even get promoted after providing YEARS of the WORST customer service at a sales counter or reception desk. Why? Because they save a White Corporate business lots of MONEY. Thanks to them intimidating the masses of customers and clients, they fear asking for anything and take whatever is given to them.

When she’s not at the reception desk or providing horrible customer service at the front counter or the reception desk, A Hood Rat will bully and harass, and threaten other Black co-workers. When a Black person, especially a Black man comes in and says “good morning,” she’s the first to roll her eyes and suck her teeth at them. And around other Black employees, she’s the first to make threats and talk about who she can get fired.

She’ll also do passive-aggressive things to Black co-workers like hiding information, “losing” files, “forgetting” to tell them about phone calls, “forgetting” to relay messages to employees, and chastising them about coming in one second late. But in the presence of a White Man even one in a position LOWER than hers like the janitor, she’s the first to greet him with a friendly smile and tell him good morning. And she’s the first to offer inside information to them on what jobs are available and how to work with certain bosses in the company. 

Many Negro Bed Wenches working in Corporate America are snakes in the grass. On the surface these Black women will talk about Black pride and their love of Black family, but their actions will show how they are only loyal to the institutionally racist White Supremacist power structure. Negro Bed wenches in Corporate America are often the first people to work AGAINST Black people than for them. While most Black people may see the Uncle Tom Black man as dangerous, but the Negro Bed Wench is the deadliest predator in racist AmeriKKKa. She’ll sacrifice her own children to her White Corporate Slave Masters if they tell her to, and does so every day. The only reason she’s allowed so much power in the business world is because she’s given so much of it away.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I’ve watched my fair share of porn in the past. Stuff like Milf Hunter, Isis Nile, Angel Kelly, Nikki Fairchild, Nina DePonca and even some with Hispanic chicks like Angelica Sin, Mason Storm. When I was young n’ thirsty twentysomething early thirtysomething I thought it was hot torrid sex. Now that I know it’s fake, I thought I’d share with you some of the facts about all those skin flicks guys like to beat off to. 

Introduction scenes are meant to pad things out and make things feel more like entertainment. Older Porno movies from  the 1970’s and 1980’s and part of the 1990’s compiled four or five sex scenes on one tape. So setup scenes had to be short under a minute or so. Which is why they were so poorly acted.

But in new internet porn like Milf Seeker and Milf Hunter expository scenes can take as long as ten to twenty minutes. This is done to give the viewer a higher entertainment value per dollar with each download. Opening with a story gives today’s porn an entertainment aspect and allows the porn viewer to identify with the performers and relate to them in a way they couldn’t with the poorly acted porn from the past.

Instead of porn stars like Nina De Ponca ,Isis Nile, and Kristara Barrington who played nameless faceless people who were part of a sexual fantasy, we have characters like the Milf Hunter, the Milf Seekers or Dawn who humanize the pornographic performer and make the sex acts in porn appear more like people in real life.

Most of the guys aren’t fucking these chicks for 20 or 30 minutes straight. In earlier films, sex scenes would go ten to fifteen minutes max from foreplay to the cumshot. But some more recent porno films like Milf Hunter and Milf Seeker have people thinking that these men are fucking these women for 20 minutes or 30 minutes. But when a Real Man starts thinking with his big brain instead of his little one, he sees all the camera tricks and used to make these sex scenes appear longer like:

Looping the tape. Some Porn producers will loop the tape to make the same 30 second scene appear longer. When used with footage from multiple cameras it looks like that guy is pounding pussy with the woman in the same position for ten minutes straight. Sometimes when you look at the pictures closely, you’ll notice where the same frame is starting to repeat itself all over again.

Cutting from one camera angle to another. On porn sets there are sometimes three and four cameras rolling. To make it LOOK like this dude is wrecking that pussy, the camera will quickly cut from a wide shot to a medium shot to a close up.

Moving the Camera around. In addition to the stationary cameras, In “reality porn” like Milf Hunter there will also be a person with a hand-held camera moving around to make it appear as if it’s a single camera shoot. This camera is there to add to the “reality” aspect and make the staged sex appear as if it’s “real”.

It’s also there to allow for transitions from scene to scene when they do the video editing. Having that mobile cameraman allows the action transpiring to have a dynamic feel to it

Combining camera tricks with condoms, penile numbing crèmes, (sometimes baby orajel) and other techniques like breathing and meditiaton, a male porn star can be made to appear like he’s pounding pussy for close to a half-hour. Some shoots will bring in a second male performer to participate in a threesome so a male performer can take breaks.

Porn shoots are not marathon fuckfests. The truth is that pornos are shot like regular movies. Each scene is shot separately and then pieced together to make the final product appear like a whole complete, sex scene. Twenty minutes of video is oftentimes the finished result eight hours of shooting.

The Cumshot is filmed First. The Cumshot or “money” shot shown as the final scene in a porn film to authenticate it as a real sex act for the viewer is actually filmed FIRST. Why? Because after a man busts his first nut, the second and third erections a man has lasts a lot longer. Plus, some guys ejaculate more semen when they bust that first nut. After they get the money shot, the director can start shooting other scenes with different sexual positions without the worry about his male performer going limp.

The vaginal sex always starts with woman on top positions.  In almost every porn movie the vaginal sex always starts with a woman on top position. Why? to help the male performer last longer. When the woman is doing most of the work it takes a lot of the pressure off the man. The less he has to thrust the longer his erection can last through shooting a scene. Plus when the woman rides a dick it gives the viewer a great view of the woman's tits when she's facing the camera the front and her ass when she's not facing it.

Switching sex positions is not just for entertainment. Multiple sex positions are not only a way to give the viewer variety and a more entertaining show  in a porn film,  but a way to keep an erection lasting longer for the man. The more positions performers get into the more scenes they can shoot before taking a long break. 

The Sex scene takes longer than twenty minutes. In reality a porn shoot consists of lots of breaks. Performers undress for a take then break. They have oral sex for a take then break. They shoot sex scenes in one position for a take then break. They shoot a transition scene where they change positions for a take then break. Get back into position for the next sex act’s take then break. Twenty minutes of sex often comes from eight hours of shooting.

Sometimes that’s not the Porn star busting a nut in the Cumshot. Sometimes when the Male porn star can’t ejaculate, producers bring in a stand in to ejaculate on the woman. Usually some dude from the production crew. Because most porn viewers are thirsty dudes caught up in the action they don’t’ even notice the difference. Other times they dribble Pina Colada mix on the woman’s face or her ass cheeks. With a quick camera cut away from the man’s penis, back up to the performer’s sated face, no one is the wiser.

All of the Orgasms are FAKE.  All the moaning groaning and heavy breathing you dudes hear in a porno is an ACT. That woman is not getting the shit fucked out of her. She is pretending to get the shit fucked out of her. And the guy is pretending to pound that pussy is acting too. He is counting down his strokes or thinking of something like baseball until he gets his cue from the director to stop.

Most of the performers don’t look like this in real life. Those big breasts guys drool over? Implants. That sexy perfect hair? A wig. That perfect face? Make-up combined with more plastic surgery.

Most porn stars look like SHIT in real life. They actually look WORSE than actors with no make up. Without their make-up, wigs and plastic surgery, most porn stars look like the drug addicts and alcoholics that they are.

Male Porn stars penises are not that big. Those big dicks many see aren’t real either. Most male porn stars penises are…average. Usually about five to six inches erect. They just look bigger due the fact that most male porn stars today shave their pubic hair. A man with shaved privates looks a lot bigger than one who is hairy.

In addition to the pubic hair shaving, most enhance the girth of their penises with injections of fat. These cosmetic fat injections can increase the width of a man’s penis by a few inches in circumference. While they only last a few weeks, they can make an average sized male performer’s penis look like a well-endowed pussy destroyer.

Most of the guys aren’t that big either. Most of these male porn actors are hard-core steroid abusers. That's how they have those big muscular bodies. And because the roids shrink up their nuts, they use viagra or penis pumps to get their fat injected penises to stay hard through a shoot. Without the Viagra and the penis pumps, these guys would have a hard time getting and keeping an erection on their own.

Most filmmakers prefer actresses under 5’8” tall.  Why do porn produces prefer actresses who are so short? Because they make everything look BIGGER. Because a petite woman has smaller body proportions, she makes her male performer’s average sized penis appear to look like a foot long pussy destroyer.

Petite actresses have smaller skinnier hands. That makes an average White man’s five to six inch penis appear larger on camera. 

Petite actresses have smaller mouths. That makes the average White man’s five to six inch penis appear bigger when she’s sucking on it. And smaller women make well-endowed men look like they’re HUGE. 

Petite actresses have smaller tighter vaginas. A petite woman has a smaller shallower vagina than an average sized woman or even a tall woman. This makes it appear like an average five to six inch White male penis is HUGE when it’s penetrating her.

Combining smaller women with camera tricks, shaved pubes and fat injected penises,  it looks like a man is fucking the shit out of a woman. While taller women are hired in some cases, most porn producers prefer short women due to the fact that they make the male performers’ penises appear to be bigger than they actually are.

Porn is ACTING. Most think porn stars are having real sex like regular people. They’re not.  Yes, a real penis is going into a real vagina. But everything is staged to make it appear like these people are having sex like regular people. And the performers ACT like they’re enjoying themselves. 

Some porn actresses have said they feel like they’re going to puke when they suck a man’s penis. Others have actually thrown up on set while performing oral sex. And after she vomits, she has to go right back to sucking that cock because they’re on a schedule to finish that scene.

Sometimes a male peformers’ penis is too big to fit into a woman’s vagina, especially if she’s a new actress or a petite actress. And some vaginas are shallower than others and can’t fit the penis inside. 

And some women’s vaginas are so loose that the penis keeps falling out. In those cases, they have to shoot with a different set of positions.

On some sets some performers have had to continue having sex after tearing their vaginas. Others had to continue performing while their vaginas were sore from fucking for hours. A few had to continue performing after tearing their anuses. The viewer watching the woman moaning in ecstasy has no idea that sometimes she is in terrible pain.

All of the sex acts are staged. Just like professional wrestlers, Porno actors have basic moves. Before they go to fuck, they talk to each other during a scene about the positions they want to get into and the moves they want to perform on each other. Each sex act between them is choreographed. Some are even storyboarded.

If one notices, after the oral sex scene, many porn actors like the Milf Hunter or Isis Nile often get into the same sexual positions with every co-star in every film. Again, like the WWE wrestlers, this is so the actor can execute their moves consistently with every woman in the same fashion. While some performers may mix it up on occasion to make things entertaining with a fancy sex position like a piledriver finish or an anal finish, the sex acts in a pornographic movie center around three or four basic spots.

Most of the women who do porn are LESBIANS in real life. For all you Simps out there jerking off to those photoshopped and airbrushed pictures in porn magazines and stroking your dick to porno movies fantasizing about these women Here’s a fun fact: most of them aren’t into you. 

Most Women who do porn actually HATE MEN. In real life, they have lesbian girlfriends. And they only fuck heterosexual men on camera, in the brothels, and on the streets for money. These chicks will make it look like they’re enjoying themselves just to get a SIMP to trick their money off on their movies, their lap dances or paying for their pussy. In reality they could give less than two shits about the men who watch their movies or fuck them.

Some of the male performers are GAY.  On the flip side, some of these male porn stars are Homosexual too. And like the ladies, they’re just fucking women only for the cash. With porn only paying $200 a scene, male porn stars have a higher turnover rate for men than women. The pay is so shitty that most male porn stars oftentimes work in gay bars, as male strippers or as male prostitutes.

Most times Porn Stars are HIGH or DRUNK when they are performing. In order to endure all of the sexual abuse (fucking for eight hours straight is not pleasurable) they participate in, many porn stars get high or drunk before they perform. It’s not common to look at a porn actor‘s face and see the redness in the face caused by alcohol in a close-up. Some actresses’ look plastered when they’re sucking dick. Others pumping on a dick are actually high on cocaine. And if an actress’ is having anal sex her eyes will be lolling back in her head from a heroin nod.

Most porno actresses make $1500 or less per scene. Porn stars get the lowest wages out of all the performers in the entertainment industry. Only the most popular FEMALE performers with brand names make $1000-$1500 per scene. And that’s if they’re doing a scene featuring anal sex.

The guys make considerably less. Most barely make $200 for a scene. 

A porn star has to make movies throughout the year to make their rent. This is why you'll see a performer in 25-50 movies in a good year. A top performer barely makes $50,000 a year doing porn. To supplement that low pay,  most top billed porn stars have to make their money stripping in bars and clubs or turning tricks at places like the bunny ranch in Las Vegas.

Other lesser known new comers have to make their money dancing in strip clubs, escort services or in some cases on the street. 

Careers in porn barely last three years or less. Porn has the highest turnover rate in the entertainment business . Some people quit after one scene! Others after six months. Rarely do performers stay in the business longer than two years or more. In between the long hours, low pay, shitty work conditions, the constant sexual abuse, it takes its toll on a person’s mind body and spirit.

Work conditions are deplorable in the Porn industry. Porn stars appear glamorous and made up on camera. But to get you that twenty minutes of video they work in some of the most deplorable working conditions in the world. In addition to the low wages performers oftentimes have no dressing rooms and no security for peformers’ personal belongings. There is no commissary. Sometimes there isn’t even a nurse! Some have to stand around naked all day waiting to do their scene. And Scenes are shot…anywhere at any time once the permit is approved.

To keep production costs low, Most porn movies are shot over the course of a single day. So performers have to work as fast as they can in order to complete the shoot. Breaks between takes are short and scenes are shot as soon as they wrap. 

Porn stars have no rights. Regular actors in Union productions have things like healthcare. Porn stars have medicaid or the free clinic A prodco may pay for an HIV test, but that’s usually it. It’s on the porn star to deal with any veneral diseases they contract on production or if they’re turning tricks. 

Because there’s no union for porn actors, performers don’t get residuals on their work when it is sold in other mediums like DVD, blu-ray or single download. When a porno scene is often repackaged in DVD compilation and sold by a prodco the performers get no money for that secondary sale. In the porn business it’s work for hire. The performer owns nothing and the production company owns everything. So if a studio sells a hundred thousand downloads or DVDs, none of the actors get any pay for their past work like stage and screen actors do.  

Porn stars are usually mentally unstable. Most don’t know that porn stars they see in adult films are often mental cases in real life. Most are drug addicts or alcoholics. Most of their low wages go into paying to support their habits. The emotional and mental stress of being used sexually often makes many feel depressed, and despondent. Some feel so spiritually and mentally empty on the inside that they take their lives. 

The Suicide rate among Porn Stars is through the roof.  Many often wonder what happened to a porn star who was popular for all of a hot second? After a Google search most times you’ll find they’ve taken their lives. It’s not common to hear porn actors killing themselves with shots to the head, hanging, and drug overdoses  . Some jump off roofs and bridges. The list of porn actors who have died young over the last twenty years is mortifying. Most don’t even make it to their twenty-fifth or thirtieth birthday. 

So for all you guys beating off to porn, understand that the action you see onscreen isn’t some hot sex going transpiring in front of you. For all intents and purposes, you’re watching a wrestling match. Some over the top staged, scripted choreographed, sexual entertainment with a pre-determined finish. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shawn’s Plans for the Isis Series and the Comic book Industry

Isis#1 for you comic fans out there
who want to go by numbers!
A decade ago, I originally planned for Isis to be a series of books. Serialized YA stories that had their beginning, middle and end in one easy-to-read volume.

When I resumed my work in 2012 on the new Isis series paperbacks I began my work on developing a new story model. I wanted to mix the style of serialized story structure of Independent reader rand Young adult fiction with the form of comic book continuity. In this model readers would get to read about the Isis characters in stories with events that related to each other, but the main plot of the story would start and finish in that one single volume. Every story is an entry point for the new reader.

In my story model, events from one story would be briefly mentioned in some chapters. For example in a new Isis story, Isis or one of her supporting characters would mention her involvement in The Thetas or having fought in AFC War of the Gods. Nothing special, just a hint of what happened in past stories. Something to give a reader incentive to see what happened in the previous story and try other books in the series.

And so far the model seems to be working. After reading one book in the Isis series, people do come back for the other books and the eBooks.

My original plan was to use the Isis stories as a springboard to develop a new story model for comic books. In this new story model, stories would be self-contained to one trade paperback volume with its own beginning, middle, and end. And in this model, comic book writers and artists could use characters from any era to tell any story they wished.

Along with this new story model they could use any art style they wished, whether it was traditional, Animated, Noir, or manga style. For example, let’s say a writer and an artist wanted to tell a story featuring the 1940’s Justice Society at DC Comics. In this model they could tell that story as a standalone adventure without being bogged down by years of continuity, worrying about who’s dead and how it would fit in with the DC Universe Pre-Crisis, Post Crisis- Post Flashpoint. Since the story is contained to this one volume, all a writer has to focus on is the 1940’s and the story they’re telling about the Justice Society fighting bad guys of that era.

Or say a writer wanted to tell a story about the 1970’s Avengers or the Neal Adams’ style Batman. Using the old comics as a reference, a writer and artist could create a new tale within the style of that old run as an updated standalone adventure.

In the past the Comic book industry has used this model sparingly on titles like New Teen Titans: Games. But the way I see it the graphic novel featuring all-new stories in single-self-contained volumes could be the future of the comic book medium. Libraries, bookstores, and online retailers like prefer comics in this type of format.

Customers also would probably prefer getting comics in this model as well. With stories in a single-volume trade stories are easier to access for new readers. With every story being an entry point, readers, especially new casual readers had no problems understanding the character or her history.

I believe this new story model and this new trade paperback product could also be the product that leads to the resurgence of comics at retailers like supermarkets, Wal-Mart and Target. These kinds of books are more durable and have a longer shelf life than 32-page comic books. They can be stocked for years and when taken out of print can returned for credit and resold in other areas like airport remainder stores, 99 cent stores and discount clearance stores instead of comic shops being stuck with them like they are with 32-page comics which go to rot in comic shops’ quarter bin.
Isis #4

I also believe books created in this model would also provide a higher entertainment value per dollar than traditional comic books. I believe consumers feel more comfortable paying $14 for a 128-160 page paperback book with no ads than spending $16 for four 32-page comic books loaded with ten pages of ads each. And at $4 to print a Trade paperback digitally through Lightning Source it’s a higher profit margin for a publisher than printing comics with Diamond.

In addition I also believe it’d be easier for new customers to access due to the fact that new readers are looking for titles and not numbers. It’s a lot easier to go into a store and ask a clerk for Isis: Amari’s Revenge than Isis Volume 2 #1.

Plus with the open continuity model readers can pick and choose the stories they want to read. If they don’t like a story, they can opt not to read it, like some did with my novelette Isis: Death of a Theta. Since events are contained to that volume the reader can just move on to other stories they do want to read.

Optional Read before Isis #5!
And the creative team can move on to stories the reader wants to read. Feedback from sales will tell a writer to pursue another story if a story didn’t sell. With the model of stories being contained to a single volume, it’s easier for a writer to charge a poorly received story to the game, not reference it and move on to other stories. In this model, creative teams can adapt to the market instead of being forced to do things like retcons, reboots and revamps that frustrate and confuse readers.

Isis  #5
The model I’ve designed for serialized storytelling is still experimental. While I’m still working out the bugs, it seems to flow smoothly for both new and veteran readers. New readers seem to be able to “jump in” and enjoy stories like Isis: The Beauty Myth and Isis: The Ultimate Fight and then go back to read older stories like Isis: Trial of the goddess or forward and read new stories like Isis: My Sister, My Frenemy.

Instead of reboots like the New 52 and Marvel Now, I believe it’s time for the comic book industry needs to start adapting to the changing publishing marketplace and creating a new business model for comic book publication. Instead of publishing $4 32-page comic books and pushing a serialized format that is clearly obsolete and hard for new readers to access, publishers need to start producing graphic novels with stories featuring single-self-contained stories in one volume. Utilizing an open continuity model, readers can pick any story they want to read featuring characters in looks from eras that they want to read. I believe with an open continuity model a new generation of new readers will be able to access comics and the catalog of characters for years to come.
Isis# 6 Coming soon! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Halle Berry Got Married AGAIN….WHO GIVES A ****!

A couple of weeks ago Halle Berry married her current boyfriend and future Baby Daddy Oliver Martinez in Paris.

Shawn didn’t write about it. Why?

More important things were going on in the world. I was promoting my latest book in the Isis Series: Isis: My Sister, My Frenemy on Kindle.

And I was keeping tabs on the George Zimmerman trial. July 13, 2013 A Florida Court showed America a Black man’s life like Trayvon Martin’s still has the same amount of value it had sixty years ago When Emmitt Till was murdered. A person in this country like Michael Vick can do more time in prison for killing dogs than they can for murdering a Black man.

The saddest part is America with its Token Black President in the White House feels this precedent is still perfectly fine.

I immediately stopped the promotion for my new book that Saturday night when I heard the news about the verdict and posted up a blog about the travesty of justice in that Florida courtroom. I’m still deeply saddened and disgusted by that verdict. America had a chance to put a sociopath away before he harmed others, but White Women fantasizing about a White Knight™, let a madman back out to kill again. I don’t know who’s sicker, Zimmerman or his six enablers in that Florida courtoom sitting in the jury box.

After the Verdict, I’ve seen Zimmerman’s insanity full force. This Bitch-Made™ coward says he needs his gun to protect himself. But I have a question to ask America:

Who is going to protect YOU from George Zimmerman?

Seriously, this madman who says he’s in fear for his life shows up at the scene of an overturned SUV ready to play superhero again. It’s like this fool never learned anything from the past year. But that’s par for the course with a sociopath. They never learn from their mistakes and they continue to do the exact same things and expect different results.

The rest of the world calls this Insanity. But the State of Florida calls it business as usual. He and Casey Anthony are two of the reasons I will never visit the State of Florida.

Seriously I urge everyone all over the world to take their travel and tourism dollars anyplace else other than the State of Florida. You never know when you’ll become a victim of a crazy person like George Zimmerman who decides to “stand his ground” because they’re fearing for their life because you speak with a foreign accent, or are wearing the wrong clothes. The way these laws are written ANYONE can be killed by someone who fears for their life in ANY place. Anyone can literally justify killing anyone else for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Imagine if Adam Lanza lived in the state of Florida. He could say he was standing his ground because he was in fear of his life of those elementary school kids and those teachers.

Or Imagine if James Holmes lived in the State of Florida. He could say he was standing his ground because he was in fear of his life in that dark movie theater.

The scary part is a Jury in Florida would find those insane arguments perfectly logical. And both those madmen would be free to wreak more havoc on the streets again like George Zimmerman is doing right now. Even after killing Trayvon Martin, he’s still running around with a cape and Mickey Mouse galoshes on playing hero. And the scariest part is no one in America thinks anything is wrong with it. In the eyes of some people they still think he’s a hero for killing Trayvon Martin.

Sadly I believe it’s only when either a rich White tourist some rich White American is killed due to another paranoid or insane White male claiming to be “standing their ground” that these insane laws will be repealed in the State of Florida and other states with Stand your Ground laws. Maybe after a big office massacre or school shooting due to a psychotic White male nutjob “standing his ground” will there be a constitutional amendment banning these insane laws.

The Constitution gives Americans a right to bear arms, but also a responsibility to take care when possessing those weapons. In the case of Zimmerman he was clearly abusing his right to conceal and carry. What sane a man would need to carry a loaded gun while patrolling a neighborhood watch? If you’re just observing and reporting, where do you need a gun in those duties?

What’s even crazier than George Zimmerman is that some troll came to my blog looking for me to write something about Halle Berry’s third marriage to her first White man when legal precedent was being re-established regarding the value of the lives of Black men in America. Like I honestly give a shit about this washed up almost 50-year-old twice divorced run through Negro Bed Wench with two babies by two different White boys when there are more serious and important things going on in the world.

Sure I’ve written about Halle Berry in the past to teach Black women what happens when Black women think they’re so special when they get involved with White boys. And I also wrote them to teach men what happens when you play Captain-Save-A-Hoe. But that verdict in Florida was more important to me and the rest of the world than the Halle Berry’s third Marriage to her first White Man. Seriously, Who cares if Halle Berry is married to a White man when the value of Black life is confirmed at less than a dog on the same day?

It’s clear to me at this point a Negro Bed Wench like Halle Berry does not care about the Black community that spent its money to make her into a star. While she’s in France on her Honeymoon to a White Frenchman, The rest of the Black community and even the rest of the world is fighting to get Justice for Trayvon Martin. If that doesn’t show Black America where she and Black Hollywood’s priorities are, nothing else will. If you want to know where all of Black America’s real sellouts are head over to Hollywood California. Nothing in that town but Uncle Ruckus’ and Handkerchief heads out to take Black dollars and hand them over to their White Slave masters.

In the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict I’ve got no time for sell-outs like Halle Berry. I’m planning a course on where I want to go from here. With the value of a Black life still at ZERO, who cares about interracial relationships between two washed up celebrities?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Superman or Supernangina?

About a week or two ago, Superman Killed people. Twice.

First in the Man of Steel Movie where he intentionally snapped Zod’s neck. Supposedly to keep him from killing people.

And in the New 52 Where Dr.Light was fighting with Wonder Woman. Here, seeing Wonder Woman in trouble, the emotional Superman Kills Dr. Light by disintegrating him. He says it’s an accident.

I believe this is intentional. DC is Taking The MAN out of Superman and turning him into a rusty butt emotinal SUPERMANGINA.

I’m not liking the direction DC is taking Superman in. Instead of fighting for truth, justice and the American way, He’s acting like a Bitch-Made™ dude from a single-parent female headed household. The guy kind who can’t control his emotions. The kind of guy who loses it over everyday little things. The kind of man who knows absolutely nothing about manhood or being a Real Man.

I’d like to think Jonathan Kent would do a better job of raising Clark than what DC Comics has presented in its new universe. This ain’t no Superman in the New 52. This is a Mama’s boy. No man with his father in his life would be acting like this.

Especially a Real Man like Jonathan Kent. A man who grew up on a farm and spent time with his father every day is going to learn the values of Real Manhood. Clark growing up on that farm learning how to be a man from his father is integral to who Superman being the all-American boy scout he is. It’s how he learned how to temper his super-powers with MANHOOD.

Now you golden age purists can come in with your stories of douchebag superman who kills and bullies, but that’s not going to wash here. Again, any man with his father in his life is not going to be an emotional as depicted in current DC Comics.

The New 52 Superman is not reflective of the values of Smallville Kansas and Middle America. He is reflective of the Bitch-Made™ values of single-parent female headed households. The only guys I see getting emotional here in the South Bronx like The New 52 Bitch-Made™ Superman do are the ones raised by single mothers.

When Clark quit his job at the Daily Planet a few months ago, it was just like a tantrum a guy would throw around here when a supervisor told him to do something at the local Target he didn’t like. Bitch-Made™ guys from single-parent female headed households love to quit their jobs when they can’t get their way, then talk about how they’re gonna take their time to pursue their music careers. Then six months later, bitch and moan about not being able to get a job when they don’t have the money to pay for studio time.

That’s how Clark appeared to me when he showed up in his jeans and a hoodie, and telling his boss Perry White how to do his job. Then he quits and storms out talking about how he’s going to start a blog. Seriously, That’s not what a Real 27-year-old REAL MAN does. That’s what a BITCH MADE™ BABY BOY does.

And now after killing a villain in an “accident”, he’s acting more and more like the guys who come from Single parent female-headed households in my neighborhood. “Accident” is the kind of excuse they make when they do some stupid shit like shooting someone just for stepping on their sneakers, looking at their girl, or talking to them in a way they don’t like. Then they expect people to let them get away for their bad behavior by making excuses for them like mommy does.

When they find out they’re going to jail for 25 years to life they start calling for their mommies and crying like babies.

With Superman on this Bitch-Made™ road, I wonder what’s next? When Wonder Woman disagrees with him and they get into an argument like couples do, will he lose it and call her a bitch like guys from female headed households do in my neighborhood do when they can’t get their way? Or will he start doing SIMP shit like blowing up her phone with a bunch of text messages and emails? Or will he post a silly ass apology video on YouTube where he sings or goes into a crying fit?

And if Wonder Woman breaks up with Superman will he start stalking her in the JLA satellite and following her invisible jet to Paradise Island?

Lois Lane better watch out. If this is how he’s acting with Diana, she has no idea what she’s in for if she gets involved with him. On that note, has anyone heard anything from Lana Lang?

This new direction for Superman is a slippery slope. Emotional dudes don’t know what social boundaries are. And an emotional Bitch-Made™ dude with superpowers is a lot scarier than the super-villains. I’m guessing Batman is gonna have to put on his Adam West cape and bat-galoshes and play Captain Save-a-Heroine with some Kryptonite laced doo doo to check Clark’s punk ass when he starts acting crazy with his current girlfriend Wonder Woman. After Diana smashes it in his face, maybe he’ll start to man up.

Seriously this new Bitch-Made™ Superman is not the kind of man who would make a good role model for children. Hell, he’s not even a good role model for men. It’s really irresponsible for DC Comics to promote their flagship character acting like a Mama’s boy with no sense of self control of self-discipline. Now DC may think it’s building a story where he learns these things, but this is a WRONG MOVE.

In real life Real Men learn discipline and self-control from their fathers before they go out into the world. The ones who don’t learn discipline and self-control often wind up doing crazy stuff like getting into fights over silly shit like someone dissing their favorite rapper, not getting enough ketchup on their French fries (saw this in my local Chinese restaurant first-hand) or getting mad because a girl is dating someone else. Most men who don’t learn how to be a man from their fathers usually grow up to become Simps and Manginas, men who put women on pedestals and worship them. Men who spend their time trying to please women instead of doing what’s right for them and what’s right for others. Men who are led by women instead of leading their communities.

That’s not a man like the Real Superman.

Seriously I’ll take the old Superman any day over this little bitch appearing in DC Comics. At least the Real Man Superman had the character and discipline instilled in him from Jonathan Kent to understand how to control his emotions. Jonathan Kent always instilled in his son that he had to have extreme patience and self-control when using his powers, or he’d harm someone the way this emotional baby boy did when he killed Dr. Light.

And he was smart enough to know how to handle his business in the Justice League and at the Daily Planet. Clark knew better than to shit where he ate. He knew that dating Wonder Woman would complicate his life when he was doing his job as Superman when he interacted with her at the Justice League. As one of the heavy hitters on the team and the spokesman for all of the Justice League, he’d know that it’d be impossible for him to do his job objectively if he got involved with someone at work in the JLA. With millions of lives depending on him, he’d keep things professional with anyone he worked with there.

If the Justice League were in battle and the Real Man Superman saw Wonder Woman having a hard time with a bad guy, he would keep his feelings in check. He’d let Diana handle it. He knows she’s WONDER WOMAN. And knowing her power and skill set, he knows she’s strong enough to handle a lightweight like Dr. light. Only if she ASKED for help would he step in.

And when it came to his job at the Daily Planet, If the Real Man Clark Kent was missing for a week, he’d come to work in his best suit and tie, apologize and say he was doing research. Then he’d go out and write an article that would make the front page of the Daily Planet. Lois Lane would be pissed about getting scooped, but she’d respect him.

It’s a sad day when an American Icon representing manhood like Superman is emasculated. Instead of fighting a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the American way, he’s chasing super women and trying to please them. Will Someone at Warner Brothers grow a pair and finally FIRE Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and Bob Harras already?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Isis: Death of a Theta Chapter 3 and a note

Note: I've been busy working on the last book in the Simp Trilogy, The Misadventures of Captain-Save-A-Hoe.  I'm about 2/3s the way to finishing that book and I'm working on a new blog for next week.

I've also been busy putting together the School of Hard Knocks: The Re-Education of Jim Reid paperback for Lawrence Cherry. It's a great looking book, you should give it a buy. Larry and I put a lot of work into that one. 

I have some articles posted on (Two all-new articles) 

to So until then Here's the third chapter of Isis: Death of a Theta. 

I know stepping down as the leader of the Thetas is the right thing to do. But I still wish I could have gone on a little longer. There’s still so much more work for me to do.
Sure Negroes have made a lot of progress over the last decade or so. With Jim Crow abolished, Black people are finally getting jobs in places they never got before, going to colleges they never could get into, and they’re able to go shopping and eat in places that were once White only. But during this time of great change, I feel that the Theta Sisterhood still needs my guidance more than ever. With the Black woman being the one who teaches culture and history to her children, someone older and wiser needs to help her teach our daughters and granddaughters what they need to know in order to preserve their families and their households from the numerous corrupting influences of that decadent progressive White society.

My greatest fear is that feminism could be the thing that destroys the family structure among my brothers and sisters. With so many of our young pledges learning that abominable belief system in high school and college these days they could start incorporating that poisoned way of thinking into the Theta culture when they become Sisters and Dean Mothers a few years from now. If that happened, it could compromise the entire mission of our sisterhood in the future.
The Sisters gracefully ease out of their chairs and approach me with proud smiles. I paste on a smile as they shift out of their formal roles as Theta officers back into my closest friends.
“We’re gonna take care of you Andi.” Alma says.
“You don’t have to do that.” I reply.
“You deserve something for all your hard work.” Edna replies. “If it weren’t for God working through you many of us wouldn’t be the women we are today.”
Seeing them become the women they are today is all the reward I want for my hard work. “But you don’t have to give me anything Doc. I’m pretty well taken care of.”
“We know your father is an Egyptian god, but I doubt he’s going to be able to pay your bills here in the United States.” Edna says.
He could cover me, but I like being able to take care of myself. “I’ve got a pretty good pension and Social Security payments from my years teaching at Spelman.”
“That can’t go on forever.” Alma continues. “Sooner or later you’re going to have to retire this alias. “You may as well have the money ready to take care of your heir whenever she decides to appear.”
Good old Alma. Always thinking five steps ahead. Even in her old age she still understands the game is chess, not checkers.
“And it’s better that we take care of the paperwork now rather than later.” Millicent says. “It’ll keep people from asking questions.”
“I don’t know. I don’t want to take money from the pledges-”
“I doubt they’d miss it.” Edna says. “Besides, you earned most of that money. Don’t you think you should enjoy some of it?”
“If I enjoyed my money, none of the sisters would be able to have fun here when they pledge.”
“I believe we’d find a way to have a good time.” Edna continues.
“So what are your plans for after you retire?” Millicent asks.
“I’ll let you guys know in a few weeks. Right now I just want to see the baby.”
Mille smiles back at me. “I just put Colleen down for a nap. But I think she wouldn’t mind seeing a visitor if she were quiet.”
“I’ll be light on my feet. I’ll be back to talk shop with you in a minute Doc.”
“We’ll be out on the patio.” Edna says.
After we all leave the ballroom, Edna and Alma head further down the hall out to the patio while Millie and I head towards the tall mahogany doors that lead out to the vestibule. As our heels pound into the parquet floors, Millie’s eyes wander around looking up at the ornate carvings in the ceiling. “Wow.” She blurts.
“The architecture here is breathtaking.” I reply.
“I used to think we lived in a church when I was little. When did you buy it?”
“Buy it?” I snicker. “We built it.”
Millicent’s eyes grow wide. “Built it?”
“Hey, it was the twenties. Money was flowing like water back then. Alma inherited the land and I built her a house as a birthday present.”
“Where’d you get the money?”
“Oil, gold, diamonds in foreign countries, and investments in Black businesses during Jim Crow.” I answer. When Alma’s father passed away, he gave her this plot of land and the hill it was on.”
“This is Grandaddy Blackfoot’s land?”
“Yep, this little hill is sovereign Indian land. Which means the government doesn’t have any jurisdiction over it.”
“Man, you ladies were really clever.”
“Well, you had to be during Jim Crow.” I continue. “White folks were always looking for ways to take colored folks money back then. If you had a business that was doing well, they’d try to use their laws to shut you down unless you did things on their terms. And if you stood up to them, they’d send their Klansmen after you.”
“Wow. They sound worse than the Mafia-”
“We didn’t have to deal with those Italians much.” I continue. “Before that, our biggest problem up here were the White folks and the Iroquois who sold out to them.”
“All this was Indian land?”
“Pretty much. The remnant of Tribesmen that was left sold their property off for a fifth of whiskey and a night with a White whore.”
“Except Grandaddy Blackfoot.”
“Yes. Your grandaddy was one of the last of the Braves. The White Men would own all of this valley if it weren’t for him. Now he really didn’t like the idea of his daughter marrying a Buffalo man, but he realized your daddy was a better choice for Alma than some alcoholic who’d piss away his people’s legacy in the gutter in a few years.”
I can tell from the way Millie’s eyes are lighting up she’s really into my story. “The way you tell it you sound like you persuaded him to see different.”
I did twist his arm. Literally. “Earl truly loved Alma with all his heart.” I continue. “And he wanted to use his education and business skills to preserve this valley for his people and ours.”
“Is that how you met Mom and Dad?”
It was my first stop on the way to building my fortune in America. “I thought I’d be safe coming up here to start a new life. But I ran into the same old racism I ran into in the south.”
“The same kind of people like the Klansmen who killed your husband and son.”
“Yeah.” I sigh. “But this time I knew how to fight them.”
“Did Daddy know your secret?”
“Secret?” I laugh. “Come on, you got me sounding like one of those superheroes from the comic books-”
“Well, you kinda are. I mean the way you tell it sounds like some fantastic adventure-”
“Hey, we were people just trying to live. The only fantastic thing was God working to help us back then.”
“It still sounds amazing.”
I take a deep breath to choke back tears. I’m gonna miss moments like this. Being able to connect with my students. Being able to share our history and show them can see how it’s relevant to them today. Being able to show them how people like us can overcome the greatest adversity with only our courage and our faith in God.
“Nothing amazing about it. The greatest deeds are done by ordinary people who have the faith to believe they can do extraordinary things.”
“I doubt anything I do could be as extraordinary as what you and mom have done-”
“It’s not about big things Millie. It’s the little things people do that have the greatest impact on others. You’d be surprised how you make a difference in the lives of others.”
“Maybe one day I can be as great a woman as you are.”
“I believe you already are.”
Millie gets the door for me as we step out into the vestibule. When we walk out onto the white marble floors she pauses to study the two portraits of a younger Alma and myself hanging on the wall underneath the plaque that says: HONORING THE FOUNDERS OF THE THETA SISTERHOOD.
“Is that what you looked like when you were younger?” Millicent asks looking at the elegant picture of me sitting with my hands in my lap wearing a black dress and pearl necklace.
“It’s what I look like right now.” I reply.
Millicent gives me a piqued look. “You must be hiding all that beauty behind those wrinkles.”
“Nah, just a magic spell. But you’re just as much the looker your mother was in her prime.”
Millicent gives me a smile on the compliment. “I’m hoping Colleen will inherit our beauty.”
“From what I saw in the hospital, it looks like she’s on her way.” She’s got her mother’s face and her grandmothers’ eyes.”
“And her father’s appetite.”
“She’ll outgrow that.”
Millicent turns to approach the stairs and notices the empty space on the wall across from the sofa. “You know, this wall over here could use something to balance out the room.”
“We’re saving that space to put up the portraits of Sisters of exemplary character.”
“No one meets the standard just yet?”
I definitely would say she’s in the running the way she’s spent the past ten summers here giving back by helping other pledges. “There are some sisters who show promise. We’re just looking over their records before we commission their portrait.”
Millie smiles at me eagerly as we head up the grand white marble staircase upstairs. As we make our way up to the second floor she picks up her pace. I know how she feels, being away from your baby for just a minute feels like it’s too long.
We turn the corner and stroll into Millie’s suite. Millie’s husband Jack watches dotingly over his sleeping daughter in her bassinet until he hears our soft footsteps treading onto the carpet. The handsome caramel colored man dressed in a tailored black business suit, white shirt, and red tie smiles as he gently slides off the bed to greet us.
“Is the meeting over ladies?” Jack asks.
“Yep.” Millie replies.
“Doesn’t look Andi here is too broken up about things.” Jack says.
“I take things in stride Jack.” I say flashing him a smile.
“I think I’d be pretty upset being asked to step down from an organization I helped found.”
“When you’ve lived through watching your house burned down, your watching your husband getting lynched, and seeing son your son murdered before your very eyes, being asked to retire from a job you love is hurts about as much as a skinned knee.”
Jack smiles back at me. “When you put it in that perspective it sounds like you deserve a nice long retirement.”
“I wish I didn’t have to take a break right now.” I sigh. “There’s still so much work for me to do-”
“Yeah, I know those women’s libbers.” Jack continues. “We have a few of them in the secretarial pool at Anderson Financial. Giving me fits-”
“You fits?” Millicent says. “Try dealing with one of them when they pledge. That Linda Carver girl almost drove me crazy a year ago-”
“You sound like you’re getting stressed-” I say.
“You don’t know the half of it Andi.” Millicent sighs. “Dealing with that girl was like trying to deprogram a cult member.”
“I have a feeling that they’re going to get worse before they get better.” I say.
“I don’t think I have it in me to deal with any more of those Black feminists if they’re all like Linda was.” Millicent continues. “Those women are just so adamant about fighting for a political cause that’s just nonsense. That women’s lib fight is between that White woman and her White man. It ain’t got nothing to do with us.”
“We need to stay focused on Civil Rights.” I say.
“That’s the way I feel about it.” Millicent continues. “Since when does a Black man have the power to oppress a Black woman when he’s getting his skull cracked open by a White cop? Since when did a Black man ever get the power to hire and fire anyone from a job when he can’t get any job at a White Man’s company but a janitor?”
Hearing his wife’s rant, Jack gives his wife a sly smile. “Er…Is present company excluded from that list?”
Millicent smiles back at her husband then gives him a kiss. “Wasn’t talking about you Pumpkin. You do right by us.”
“You’re only saying that because you’re married to the boss.”
“But Black people have never had the economic power or the political power to oppress anyone let alone each other.” I say. “Most of the people I knew who didn’t have fortunes like me and Alma were barely keeping their heads above water in those maid and porter jobs.”
“And the people in our class both men and women were doing their best to keep what little money they had in Black hands.” Jack says.
“That’s what makes it so ridiculous for Black women today to start embracing feminism.” Millicent continues. “There’s still so much work for us to do in getting our rights from these crackers. I just know this detour is just going to set us back.”
“If it doesn’t divide us.” Jack says.
I peer down at the sleeping Colleen resting soundly under a pink blanket on the bed. “Let’s just hope we can keep that feminist nonsense out of Colleen’s head.” I say.
“I’m going to do my best to raise her to be a lady like you and Momma.”
“Is she going to pledge Theta when she grows up?” I ask turning to Millie.
“If I’m living she’ll be pledging. I just wish she could meet you when she gets older.”
I wish I could be there for her. But with my alias being so old, by the time she turns eighteen or nineteen, I’d have reached the age where Andrea Thomas Robinson should have died a long time ago. Maybe God will make a way for us to share the same close relationship that I have with her mother and grandmother one day.
“Maybe you can tell her stories about me.”
“I don’t think they’ll be the same thing as experiencing you in person.”
“Depends on her imagination.”
“Have you imagined a future for your new alias?” Jack asks.
“Haven’t thought that far yet Jack.” I reply. “The girls here want to take care of my “descendant”, but I’m afraid taking care of her would take money away from the pledges-”
“An annuitized monthly stipend wouldn’t take too much money from them if you established a trust.” Jack replies.
“It’d be just enough money for you to pay your bills.” Millie says. “You could even adjust it for inflation every few years or so.”
Okay, that sounds fair. All I really need is enough money to pay my rent, bills, and groceries and maybe buy myself a trinket or two when I’m in the city. My new alias can eventually find her own way to making a living.
“I think I could live within a budget of twelve hundred dollars a month to start.”

“We’ll take care of the paperwork when we get back into the city.” Millie says.

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