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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dealing with a Cyberstalker

Yesterday I had an encounter with a cyberstalker. And it rattled me.

 Now this individual had been trolling the blog for several weeks. And after I deleted their comments they would stop.

A week ago they came back. And when I realized they would not stop after some replies I started deleting their comments. When that didn’t stop them from re-posting the same comments over and over again along with more personal attacks questioning how many hits I actually get and the lack of comments in the comments section, I changed the settings of the comments section.

But less than an hour after I changed the settings of the comments section they decided to escalate things. They came to my Facebook with a Spoof Shawn James page looking to escalate the cyber bullying into cyberstalking.

I hit the block button. And I’ve contacted the Police here in New York City. When person follows you from one social media site to another posting harassing comments it’s a CRIME.

As I stated before in a previous blog, I don’t do “beefs”. I don’t go back and forth with people in tit for tat exchanges. In most of my web conduct I try to avoid drama whenever possible.

I find it sad that people, especially Black people cannot agree to disagree. This stalker got upset because I refused to agree that Nino Brown from New Jack City was the same stereotype as Mary From Precious and the maids from the Help and that the Movie No Good Deed did not feature stereotypes. In their twisted mind arguing over the semantics of a moive none of us were making money on was the basis for continued harassment in the comments section.

Clearly this person has mental health issues.

I’m pretty rattled by this. In my 15 years on the Internet I’ve run into lots of people with different views. Comic fans. Toy Collectors. Wrestling fans. Pro-Blacks. Afrocentrics. Feminists. Homosexuals. Goths. Art Models. Artists. Writers. Even actors and actresses. People all over the world And I got along with most of them. Yes, we all had our differences of opinion. But we always kept it civil.

Yeah, there were disagreements sometimes. And most times we agreed to disagree. But most of the time we all understood if there was content we didn’t like we just clicked out and moved on.

But that kind of rational, logical thinking does not exist on the Black side of the web it seems. The David Carroll, Akwesi 100, Iceman, Jia Ireland, La Reyna, Dan Freeman, GeneralBacklash/Colnel of Wisdom JM McSwain side of the web seems to be the exception to the Black World Wide Web, not the rule. For every one of these intelligent brothers and sisters we have seven minstrels causing trouble for other Black people online.

I have to wonder what’s WRONG with Black people?  Why can’t they just LET THINGS GO? Why is there always so much drama and nonsense on the Black side of the web? Why do Black folks have to take things so PERSONALLY? Why is the Black side of the Internet such a SEWER?

I’m starting to find out how crazy it is when it comes to the Black side of the Internet. And the more I learn about most of the Black folks online, the more I want to avoid them.

What’s crazy is that these Negroes will follow me around social media and harass me over my views on a couple of movies but won’t have the backbone to go to a White Supremacist Group’s website and troll them with ad-hominem attacks.

Nor will they have the backbone to go out and harass the webmasters of a racist stereotypes in a White-owned website like Ghetto Gaggers.

Nor will they have the backbone to go over to the official site of one of these rappers like Nicki Minaj or one of these entertainers like Rihanna to protest how they present degrading images of Black women.

Nor will they have the backbone to go to the site of the backers of these rappers and harassing e-mails to the CEO of Viacom, Disney, NewsCorp, Warner Brothers, Universal, or Sony to tell them that the content of their movies and TV shows are demeaning or degrading to Black people,

And the reason why this individual won’t go after any of those individuals is because those individuals have the power to slap them down in a second. All of these groups will call up the ISP this fool gets their internet on on and in a few seconds have his IP address blocked and his account terminated.

And after that, the FBI would put out a warrant for his or her arrest. And because the people they are harassing are White and nonblack, they will make those charges stick. Sending his or her stupid ass to jail. Crazy.

Moreover, This Negro who will troll my blog and cyberstalk me won’t make the effort to confront the local Pastor in his or her community who exploits the Black women and children in their neighborhood.

Nor will they have the backbone to confront the Arab store owner about the women exploited behind the counter, the food stamp fraud, illegal drug sales, and stale groceries,

Nor will they have the backbone to confront the drug dealer who sells the weed and meth to the people in their community.

Nor will they have the backbone to confront the gang members in their own community that terrorize the youth and indoctrinate them into a dysfunctional way of life.

Dealing with the Negro this year has me at a cross-roads. For a while I’ve been thinking about calling it a career. And incidents like this with this cyberstalker have me feeling that it would be best to move past the Black community. I came to help brothers and sisters with my writing. However, when it comes to many of these Negroes, I’m starting to realize there isn’t much I can do to counter the dysfunction. They are FUBAR and completely beyond my ability to help.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Disagreements, The Internets, and The Negro.

Some people don’t know how to agree to disagree.

In my travels over this World Wide Web these last 15 years I’ve met lots of people and seen lots of different viewpoints. And in my journeys I’ve learned to agree to disagree.

If I liked the content someone posted on their website, I kept visiting that site. And when I found valuable information there, I bookmarked it.  In a lot of cases I became a regular visitor.

If I didn’t like what someone posted on their website, I just moved on to the next site.  Simple as that. No drama, no arguments. I just clicked out of the page.

But some people, especially some people in the Black community just don’t get this. They’ll see the content on a website or a YouTube video they don’t like and continue to visit said site or said channel. They’ll argue for pages and pages and pages in the comments section. And even though they don’t like the content, they’ll subscribe, follow and look for new posts every day to be angry about.

Instead of understanding the logical thing to do is just click out of the page and move forward to the next one. There are three trillion web pages on this information superhighway. If you don’t like the content, just move on to the next site.

But most Negroes I’ve learned are not logical thinkers. With most Negroes having been raised in single mother households, many are emotional. And the emotional response for a Negro is to try to destroy any information that they do not agree with.

Because stopping up their ears and closing their eyes just doesn’t seem to work. Nor does clicking the back button with their mouse.

When presented with information they do not agree with online, The Negro will do everything in their power to make their viewpoint the ONLY viewpoint, even on another person’s webpage.

The rest of the world calls this cyber-bullying. But for the Negro it’s business as usual.

Some will try to point to statistics citing how unpopular the site is. This is a minimization tactic to attempt to lower the value of the webmaster’s content. They’ll say you only have such-and-such comments and so-and-so Twitter followers. Or you only have so many Facebook comments.

When none of this has anything to do with why a Webmaster like myself is posting said content. It may not be important to the Negro, but this is what the Webmaster wants to post about on their page. Whether or not it’s popular has nothing to do with why the Webmaster is producing it. Again, if you don’t like the content, use the back button and head to another site.  

Other Negroes this group will tell others about said site in the hopes of gaining a false consensus. They’ll send links to the site to their forum in an attempt to get their friends to agree how bad the site is.

I call this Pseudometrics. An attempt to use phony statistics to shame webmasters like myself into not producing their content. The hope is that We’ll see so many people complaining about our content on their message board or other forum that we’ll stop producing it.

An attempt to use the group to control the individual. A ploy from a Juinor High class playbook.

Again Negroes, if you don’t like the content of a webpage, there’s a BACK button on your browser. Click that and be taken to another webpage of your choice. Or type a word in the search bar.

Then there are those who are just too cowardly to express their feelings in the comments section. These butthurt individuals hide behind another person’s message board to say how they really feel about someone elses’ website. They post up a link and then they and their friends start making all sorts of putdowns and insults they don’t have the backbone or the balls to say themselves in the comments seciton.

And finally, handful of Negroes will start sending messages to the webmaster looking to argue with him or her about content on their own page. The hope is that by keeping up a prolonged argument the person will concede and agree with them.

A page taken from the Black woman’s playbook of “You are going to listen to me no matter what.” An online version of following the individual around and not letting them leave.  Because the Negro female believes she is right, and she’s going to convince you that she is right no matter what.

The rest of the world calls this cyber-stalking. But again business as usual for the Negro.

This is what the delete button is for. And the Block button.

And if that doesn’t work I go to the ISP and block their IP address. I have no time for drama or bullshit.

Here’s the deal Negroes: On the World Wide Web no one has to listen to you. What many Negroes in this group don’t understand is that you can follow a webmaster from blog to blog or forum to forum looking to take it off topic. Hoping to get more people to join in and continue arguing, but a smart webmaster like myself will SHUT IT DOWN. Now if Google would allow me to BLOCK and BAN commenters like Facebook does, that’d be great.

And let’s face it following people around is a total waste of time. Time you cannot get back out of your life. Again, most logical thinking people like myself who disagree with the content on a webpage will just click out of it and call it a day. I understand it’s that Webmaster’s right to have those views.

And when I don’t like his or her content, I go to another site with content I’m actually interested in. Life is too short and my time is too precious to spend it arguing with someone halfway across the globe about their views on a webpage.

One or two of these Negroes will go to the extreme of writing to the WebHost to get a site that offends them shut down. Or in the case of YouTube try to flag content they disagree with, and have it deleted.

Only the Negro goes to these extremes to have content censored on the Internet. Only the Negro will go to a website and argue for pages on end with other people about content they disagree with. Only the Negro wants to turn the World Wide Web into the Semi-Fascist state that the dysfunctional Black community has become under the leadership of the Black Matriarchy.

The greatest irony is that while Negroes are the most oppressed people in the world they make every effort to oppress and silence other Black people. For the Negro, there is only one viewpoint that they feel comfortable seeing being expressed: The one that falls within agreement with their White Liberal Slave masters.

What I find funny is that these same Negroes who will take the time to go to blog to blog to disagree and argue with me over content on my blog will NOT go to a White-owned website like Ghetto Gaggers and voice any protest. Here is a site that promotes hatred, sexual violence and openly degrades Black women and not a PEEP is heard from any of these Negroes who are so offended by what they read in one of my blogs.

Nor will these same Negroes go to WorldStar HipHop and voice any protest. Here is another site that openly degrades Black people on a daily basis by presenting some of the most embarrassing images of Black people and not a PEEP is heard of any of these Black folks who are so offended by what they read in one of my blogs.

What the Negro does not understand is that the World Wide Web is an open platform. And on it you will find content from people all over the world. You may agree with some of it, you may not agree with some of it.

But it is that person’s First Amendment right to post that information on their page. If you don’t like it, you just move on to the next page. There are three trillion web pages out here. You can take your bandwith and your time and go visit one of them. It's a waste of time to keep arguing with someone about something online. Move on. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

TGIT….How far Black society has FALLEN

Back in the 1990’s ABC introduced a block of Kid-oriented sitcoms and called it TGIF. 20 years after the debut of TGIF, ABC has introduced a Thursday night block of dramas called TGIT featuring Black women participating in debaucherous and immoral behavior.

Oh how Black society has fallen.

Shondra Rhimes produced dramas Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder make up the TGIT Thursday night Block. Yes, it is the first block of programming on a major network produced by a single Black woman. But is this the BEST content Shondra Rhimes has to offer? And is it the kind of content we want to promote to represent Black women?

Most of the images in the TGIT line-up present some of the most negative images of African-American Women. Both Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder feature Black women being Bed Wenches. And Grey’s Anatomy is just a Nighttime soap revolving around a sexcapades in a hospital.

The Original TGIF featured positive Black shows like Family Matters, Sister, Sister, and Hanging With Mr. Cooper Shows that featured decent Black folks and presented the image of Black people in a positive light.

TGIT feels like a HUGE step back when it comes to the depiction of Black people on Television. Yes, we have a block of television programs produced by a Black person. But all the shows are Minstrel shows.

TGIT is no different than a Block of TV programs in the 50’s featuring Shine, Mr Bojangles, Amos N’ Andy and The Bula Show all on one night. A passive-aggressive slap in the face from Disney to the Black community. Yeah, they’ve given us Black shows. But they all feature content perpetuating the worst stereotypes known to man.

And all of this is okay because the content is produced by a Black woman.

Damn. Just…Damn.

The worst part about it is that Black women are sitting here celebrating this kind of content. All one has to do is go on Twitter or Facebook on Thursday and they’ll see dozens of Black women anticipating the next episode of Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder. Some even plan parties around these shows.

Self-hate at its finest.

The more and more I look at the Black race the more I realize it’s going backwards, not forwards. Thirty years ago Black folks protested Angel Heart when Lisa Bonet played a role featuring the same stereotype featured in Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. Fifteen years ago some Black people called out Halle Berry for playing the same type of role in Monster’s Ball. Today, Black women embrace those exact same Jezebel stereotypes and praise them.

Damn. Just…GOD DAMN. White Supremacy at its finest. And not one of these Skrong ejumukated Black women with all their college degrees from so-called top universities has leaned the critical thinking skills to see the social engneering being done in these programs they watch. The most educated women in the world but still FOOLS when it comes to the subtle politics transpiring around them.

Most Black people think this is just entertainment. But it’s clearly social engineering. This nearly two-decade onslaught of racist stereotypes from Hollywood is designed to not only change the way Black people are seen by the world, but how they see themselves. In between Beyonce, Rhihanna, Nicki Minaj, TGIT, movies like No Good Deed, Zane’s Addicted, and minstrel shows like The Real, Black people are being socially engineered to accept the stereotypes of Jim Crow as a social norm.

What many Black folks watching programs like the TGIT Block don’t understand is that this media isn’t just targeted at them. It’s also tagrted at their children. The Black woman is the transmitter of culture to her children. And when they see Mom aspiring to be like Olivia pope, they think she’s someone to model after too.

That means the generation of Black girls growing up imbibing this media will eventually become the first generation mentally conditioned from birth to believe that being a White man’s Whore is more beneficial to them than being a Black man’s wife. And because they were told that this LIE by a Black woman, they accept it as a part of their lives as the truth.

But Shondra Rhimes has an entire block of TV shows on one night. Only she sacrificed of the image of the Black woman to get her success.

Shondra’s got hers. Fuck You.

Unfortunately, most Black women planning the Scandal Parties where they plan to get away with Murder of their children’s minds don’t see the middle finger she throws up at them in her mansion with her White husband.

The image of the Black woman is at the lowest point I’ve seen in years. I’d have to say it’s literally in the sewer. And what’s most disturbing is it’s Black women themselves driving it down further and further into the abyss. When there are literally a block of programs around the debauchery and degradation of Black women on network television, I wonder if there’s anyting I can do counterprogram this kind of content.

Monday, October 20, 2014


When I published the Original Stop Simpin-Why Men Don’t Need Finance to Get Romance in 2011, I designed it as an eBook for teen and tween boys and young men so they could learn the basics about Simps and Simpin.

However, over the course of the last two years while I was writing Manginas: they look like Men but act Like Ladies, The Misadventures of Captain-Save-A-Hoe and Why 70 Percent of Black women are Single, I’ve learned a bit more from other men about Simps, Simpin and the paradigm.

And I’d like to share that information with readers. So I’m planning a second edition of Stop Simpin-Why Men don’t need Finance to Get Romance. This edition will be more comprehensive, going more in depth into the Simp and explaining further why the Simp paradigm is guraunteed to end up in failure for men and boys who participate in it.

The response to the original editon of Stop Simpin-Why Men Don’t need Finance to Get Romance has been extremely positive over the last three years it’s been free online. Several thousand men have downloaded the eBook and many have contacted me on Twitter and Facebook to tell me how the book has helped them. I want to help more men take their lives to the next level. That’s why I’m planning this revised eBook.  

I want the new Stop Simpin eBook to be more comprehensive and focus more on men empowering themselves so they can look at women objectively and make every effort to break free of the Simp Paradigm. So I’ll probably be adding chapters such as:

How a man becomes a Simp (dealing with single mother households, Feminism, and Simps in American media)

Types of Simps,

The Power Simp- A danger to both men and women,

Personal Power and the Intangibles of Manhood,

Controlling your emotions,

Quenching your thirst,

Why the Woman of your Dreams is a Nightmare,

Why it’s important for men to NOT put women on pedestals,

Understanding your Value as a Man,

Understanding the Value of a man’s time,

Vetting Women,

Assessing what women to the table,

Pussy Begging 101,

How women turn Simps into Tricks,

Why Pussy is overrated,

Why it’s important to keep your wallet in your pocket,

Why Men are NOT supposed to submit to women,

What Simps lose when they submit to women,

What happens when a Simp sacrifices his personal power and intangibles to get with women,

Why it’s important for a man to maintain his personal power and intagibles,

Why it’s important for a Man to Control his dick,

And an updated chapter on breaking free of the Simp paradigm.

Thanks to interacting with men’s groups on Facebook, Reading things like Eliot Rodger’s manifesto, watching youTube videos and just talking to brothers, I’ve learned a lot more about Simps and Simpin over the last few years. And I want to share that new information with men out there. The more men who learn about the Simp paradigm, the better. I believe the earlier boys learn about simpin the faster they can be broken free from that dysfunctional way of thinking.  

Right now I’m roughing out the outline second editon Stop Simpin. This is a book project that I want to get out there ASAP, and I want to put my best efforts behind it. The only person who can teach a boy about Simps and the Simp paradigm is another man, and we desperately need more books out there for boys that discuss men’s issues.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Warner Brothers announces 10 DC Comics movies in 5 Years…Don’t Believe The Hype

Warner Brothers announced on Thursday they’d make 10 DC Comics superhero movies in the next five years.

I doubt they make it to the third one. And with the dysfunctional way Batman V. Superman is going story wise, I doubt they make anything past that pathetic little movie. 

I remember the ambitious plans Warner Brothers had in the when they were on top of their game in the 1990’s. Michelle Pfiffer was to have her own Catwoman movie. Nick Cage was to star in a Superman movie.

Then Batman and Robin happened. And in 2004, Catwoman coughed up a hairball that derailed DC’s ambitious plans until the successful Nolan/Goyer Dark Knight trilogy.

Warner Brothers always has big plans for it’s DC Comics superhero franchises. The big problem for them has always been execution.

I can’t honestly belive Warner Brothers is going to be able to make 10 superhero movies when they can’t even consistently keep a catalog of 52 comic titles in print. Over the last three years almost all 52 of their New 52 comic book titles have been cancelled.

Heck, they can’t even keep their comic book universe consistent. Batgirl has gone from 30 something to 19 or 20 in the last few months. Bad guys like Lex Luthor and Captain Cold are on the Justice League with Batman and Superman. And Wonder Woman acts more like Conan the Barbarian these days than the ambassador of peace and goodwill established in comics 75 years ago.

If a company can’t even keep its characters consistent in its comic books, then how can that company be trusted to adapt said characters to film?

I look at the schedule for DC Comics superhero movies and what I see a MESS. The entire movie schedule sounds like someone throwing shit on a wall and seeing what will stick, not a well-thought out plan for building a cinematic universe.

I mean, DC announced a Cyborg movie. Run that through your head. A Cyborg Movie. A movie revolving around a supporting character in the Teen Titans. A character who in his 30-year-history has NO archenemies of his own and no definitive story to build a screenplay around.

Also in their schedule Warner Brothers announces a Green Lantern movie. I have to ask: why make a movie based on a concept that BOMBED at the box-office just a few years ago? Why not let the audience wash the STINK of the first movie out of their minds before tackling said character again?

And in addition to these movies Warner Brothers announces an Aquaman movie. Aquaman? Really? Yeah, he’s an interesting character. But I don’t think he is appealing enough to carry a movie on his own. I don’t see people coming out in droves to spend $15 on a character most people believe only talks to fish.

Then there’s the Wonder Woman movie Warner has planned. I’ve gone into her numerous problems related to adapting her character to film in several other blogs such as her shaky rogues gallery and lack of “voice”, but Warner thinks it can make a movie in spite of these problems. But based on what I’m seeing with Batman V. Superman and Man of Steel, I doubt it.

Finally, Warner Brothers announce a Flash movie. While they have a new hit TV series on the air, they cast a new actor to play the role while said TV show just came to air.

Isn’t that redundant? And Isn’t that a SLAP in the face to that cast and their hard work? Why not graduate TV’s Flash into the role and save a few dollars?

And I have to wonder: Will the audience come back to watch a Flash movie with a Flash TV show on the air? I know comic fans are a passionate bunch. But there comes a point where even they’d get tired of seeing the same thing over and over.

And that’s the danger of Warner Brothers’ plan. Right now there are too many superhero movies. The market is struggling to find an audience for the flood of films currently on the market right now. Movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Warners’ own Man of Steel underperformed at the box office.

It’s that rocky foundation that could undermine Warner Brothers’ ambitioius plans. The entire Warner Brothers’ franchise is based on the foundation of Man of Steel, a movie that not only underperformed at the box office worldwide, but split its audience afterward. And they’re building on that foundation with a sequel featuring Batman fighting Superman and possibly Wonder Woman. A movie guaranteed to further split the audience even further.

In the entertainment business, splitting the audience is BAD. And today’s DC Comics Superhero movies are often so polarizing that they turn off over half the comic fans they target. More people ARGUE about DC Superhero movies then get excited about them.

That’s not the kind of energy a smart studio executive wants because angry people don’t spend money on movie tickets. Comic fans should be UNITED and EXCITED about an upcoming DC Comics movie like they were for Batman in 1989 and Superman: The Movie in 1978.

Warner Brothers has yet to find a way to light that spark in their fanbase in the last 25 years. They haven’t figured out how to build that enthusiasm and anticipation in comic fans. They haven’t figured out to make the chatter for their products positive on message boards and social media where superhero movie tickets are sold through word-of-mouth. With employees like Dan Didio, Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder making numerous negative comments about beloved characters behind the scenes, it’s hard for longtime comic fans to get excited about films featuring DC Comics characters.

The way I see it Warner Brothers shouldn’t be announcing so many superhero movies. It’s clear from the cinematic mess known as Man of Steel Warner hasn’t figured out the formula for success when it comes to superhero movies. From what I’ve seen so far, Warner Brothers NEEDS to work on its story model for superhero movies, its marketing plan for selling superhero movies, and its plan merchandising for merchandising superhero becaue they are NOT ready for prime time.

Warner’s plan for 10 superhero movies in 5 years reminds me of Hollywood’s ambitious plans for musicals and epics in the late 1960’s. Studios like MGM and FOX thought it could go on financing these big budget movies for years.

Then the Vietnam War came. And the audience shifted. Studios like MGM and FOX not ready for the social changes transpiring around them suffered a series of flops like Cleopatra and Tora! Tora! Tora! that almost bankrupted them in the 1970s.

From the looks of things that kind of paradigm shift could be coming sooner than later considering how many movies superhero and non-superhero underperformed this year. Gen-X is in its 40s. And Gen-Y and Millenials are getting older. And many of them are looking for something other than superheroes to watch. There’s only so many movies an audience is willing to watch before they get bored with them.

Yeah, Guardians of the Galaxy was the #1 movie of the summer. And Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the #2 superhero movie. And Warner Brothers and DC Comics are desperately playing catch-up. But I have to wonder if they’re too little, too late. From the looks of things the superhero genre is starting to head toward a peak sooner rather than later. Like the big-budget musicals, westerns, and epics of the 1960s the increasing costs of these films are slowly encroaching on profit margins. I truly doubt a movie featuring second-tier and third-tier characters like Aquaman and Cyborg can justify getting a $100-$200 million budget most superhero movies cost these days. And I seriously doubt they’d even be able to pull the $300 to $600 million at the box office needed just to break even on a production of that size.

All it takes is one audience shift and Warner Brothers or even Disney’s Marvel Studios could wind up just as bankrupt as MGM and 20th Century Fox were back in the 1970’s. And I believe that could possibly happen in the next five years if 2014’s lackluster summer is an indicator to the future.

I doubt Warner will even make three of the movies its announced in its 10-movie schedule. Seriously I have to wonder if Marvel Studios will even finish its Phase 2 or even start Phase 3. In the movie business, nothing is guraunteed. Audiences are fickle and can change its interest in films on a whim. So Warner Brothers may announce big plans today, I’ve learned not to expect much from them five years later. The world is changing and the plans of the movie studios may change with it. 

GOOD GRAVY The Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama….IT JUST DOES NOT STOP!


Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the Internets…Halle Berry is back with MORE BABY MAMA DRAMA.

*SIGH* Somebody just give this woman an episode of Maury once a month so she can embarrass herself on a regular basis during Sweeps periods. It’d get higher ratings than that horrible Extant show that just aired this summer. Now that TV show was shit on a plate with a cherry on top.

Halle Berry is headed back to court to get the child support she pays to Baby daddy Gabriel Aubry cut from $16,000 a month to $3,000 a month. She claims Gabriel isn’t working and is living off the money.

All While Husband #3 and Simp Du Jour Oliver Maritnez sits around the house…living off her money. I guess he needs more money for his trips to the liquor store for that bottle of Ripple and his morning pack of Kools.

In Halle’s world a dusty ass husband can live off her money buying wine and cigarettes, but her baby daddy can’t get child support to maintain the lifestyle of the daughter she insisted on having on her terms.

Don’t you just love the hypocrisy of women like Halle Berry?

Now the terms of the court are this: Child support is for the child. And the goal of child support is to help the child maintain the lifestyle afforded when the child is at home with the parent who makes the higher income.

The fact is Halle Berry makes more money than Gabriel Aubry. So she has to pay more in Child support to so Nahla maintain an equal lifestyle in Mr. Aubry’s home.

I don’t see where anything is unfair here. Many women have been living off men’s child support for over 40 years. I can tell readers stories about women here in the South Bronx who have taken child support money to finance SUVs, clothes, trips to the hair and nail salon along with taking care of a boyfriend or two. All while their children’s fathers sleep on air mattresses or live with family because judges take over 2/3 of their income for Child support.

These women justify these expenses as caring for the child. So what’s wrong with a man spending some money on himself to care for his child? I mean if Ollie can have his Ripple and Kools, why can’t Gabe?

Seriously how much did Halle Berry make last year? A couple of million dollars? I doubt that $192,000 she’s paying in Child Support is gonna bankrupt her. It’s probably pennies compared to what she made wasting people’s time filming that abomination to Science fiction called Extant show and filming the hot mess known as X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Here’s the Kicker: now it’s okay for Halle Berry to give an ulimited amount of money buying Ripple and Kools take care of a bum ass husband who isn’t working. But not okay to spend $192,000 to support baby daddy in taking care of the daughter SHE insisted on having?

Ah, these double standards. I guess they come with the territory of women living on their terms. Thanks Feminism. This is women living on their terms. Women like Halle Berry make all the decisions, but never want to take any responsibility for them. When things go wrong in their lives because of the STUPID decisions they make, then they’re victims.

And now Halle Berry wants to go to court to get that child support reduced to $3,000 a month because she says she’s being victimized by a lazy no-good man. The same courts that slapped her with a child support order when Gabriel realized he was a White man. And White men don’t have to live on Halle Berry’s terms.

Halle was so angry at brothers she couldn’t see the game White men play when it comes to relationships with Black women. The main reason why White Men get involved with Black women are based in economics, not romance. Ever notice that most of the dusty White dudes Black women involve themselves in make considerably LESS than they do? That’s because those White men are SMART enough to look out for their assets long-term. If they break up with said Black woman, that gurauntees them spousal and child support when they go to divorce court.

Gabriel Aubry is playing Chess. And Halle Berry is playing Candy Land. And she just drew a red card that slid her ass down into Caramel falls where Gabe is waiting to checkmate her ass before she falls into the sweet quicksand.

The definintion of insaninty is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. And Halle Berry is clearly crazy as catshit to think she can win in a White Supremacist institution like the AmeriKKan court system.

AmeriKKKan courts were made by White Men for White men. And here we have Halle Berry, a Black woman asking a White Supremacist insitution to make a judgment against a White Man like Gabriel Aubry.

Good luck with that.

I thought Halle would learn the lesson the FIRST time she went up in Mr. Charlie’s courthouse. But here we are again.

Here’s the deal: AmeriKKKan White Supremacist courts do not make judgments against White men to favor Black women. It sets a bad precedent that other White Judges might possibly be forced to follow. Sort of like that whole OJ Simpson trial 20 years ago.

And White Supremacy is going to let a Negro bed wench like Halle Berry slip one past them the way that Sellout OJ Simpson did. AmeriKKKa is still smarting from that travesty of Justice 20 years later. That makes the white boys extra vigilant about keeping Negro bed wenches like Ms. Berry in their place.

Nope, Ms. Halle Berry is gonna be on the hook for that Child Support at $16,000 a year for the next 18 years. And that’s how it’s gonna stand. You lay down with a White Man, you have babies with a White man, you deal with life on HIS terms when you go into his White Supremacist courtroom. The games she ran on brothers like Eric Benet and David Justice don’t work on White men like Gabriel Aubry.

Poor Halle Berry just doesn’t understand the legal precedent for interracial relationships between Black women and White men was established in the courts with Tonya Pinkins 20 years ago. And that standard says she’s gonna pay her White man a bunch of money whether she likes it or not for the next 12 years. And if she keeps pushing, she may wind up having to get on Welfare like Ms. Pinkins did when he’s given full custody. 

Halle wanted kids on her terms. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand White Supremacists here in AmeriKKKa don’t play by a Black woman’s terms. There’s a lesson here for all the Black women out here who want to watch shows like Scandal and aspire to be like Olivia Pope. Will they learn it? Probably not.  Maybe when another high profile Black woman like Tamera Mowry or Persia White winds up getting screwed over by the court system by White men they’ve married, Black women will start realizing that they hopped over the fence right into a pool of quicksand.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why Black women DON’T Need Feminism

 Many Black women believe that feminism is about fighting for all women’s rights. This is a lie that has been perpetuated through society for the last 40 years uncontested.

What many Black women don’t know is that feminism is a White Supremacist social construct. And the goal of feminism is to promote the superiority of White women in America, not fight for the rights of women of any other race.

Throughout history White Feminists have made every effort to distance themselves from Black women. During the early days of the suffrage movement, White Feminists had nothing to do with Black women like Harriet Tubman and Sojurner Truth. Sojurner Truth openly denounced White feminists in her “Aint I a woman speech.”

And some like Susan B. Anthony were racist as well. Anthony was upset that Black men got the right to vote before White women did, and stated that it was wrong that “Niggers got the right to vote before White women.”

Feminists like Margaret Sanger worked behind the scenes to eugenically purge the Black race in Planned Parenthood clinics. Sanger’s goal was to use abortion and sterilization to purge the Black race from American society.

When Black women like Mary Mcleod Bethune and Ida B.Wells asked White feminists for help in the Civil rights of Black women both were rebuffed and blown off.

While thousands Black women were being raped during Jim Crow by White men, not a single White feminist advocated for their rights as a woman. Not a single White woman marched or protested

However, when a Black man was accused of raping a White woman, many of these same White feminists were probably at the lynching party cheering on the murder of this brother.

In the 1960’s during the Civil Rights movement White feminists like Gloria Steinem Steinem promoted the idea to Black women that they were women first, and Black second. And sadly many Black women fell for that lie.

Not understanding Steinem was a CIA agent sent out to divide the Black community so White Supremacists could conquer it and control its economy by giving Femiinist thinking Black women control of it.

A Black feminist is a White Supremacist. Only she doesn’t know it.

Black women need to understand Feminism is not about helping Black women fight against sexism or misogyny. It is about promoting White Supremacy in the Black community. It is a tool White Supremacist Males use to control Black females and the way Black females think.

Black women need to ask: Where were the White Feminists when Gangsta rappers 2 Live Crew was promoting raunchy lyrics like Me So Horny in the 1990’s? Where were the White Feminists when gangsta rappers were calling the Black woman Bitch and Ho?

We never saw a protest from NOW or any other White feminist organization when gangsta rappers like NWA and 2 Live Crew. Not a single White woman was seen at a protest when these rappers came out with their sexist and misogynistic lyrics.

But there were plenty of Black men out voicing protest with Black women about this kind of music. 

Where were the White Feminists when Lisa Bonet was starring in Angel Heart? Where were the White Feminists when Halle Berry was starring in Monster’s Ball?

While these kinds of films were degrading to the image of Black women, not a single White feminist showed up to protest against them on Oprah or any talk show.

But plenty of Black men spoke out against both of these movies.

And Black women need to ask: Where were the White feminists when Lil’ Kim debuted Hard Core in 1997? Again, another sexist and degrading image of Black women. But there wasn’t a single White female to participate in a protest against it.

Although there were many Black men to speak out against this album cover.

And where are the White feminists when singers like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Rihanna prance around half-naked on stage and sing raunchy lyrics? To this day we hear from Black men protesting these performers.

But not a single word from a White Feminist. Silent as a rat pissin’ on cotton.

And where were the White feminists when magazines like Smooth and King were featuinmg images of scantily clad Black women? Again, images that could be considered sexist and degrading to women, but when it came to Black women, not a PEEP was heard from ANY of these White women.

Furthermore where were the White Feminists when a Black woman is raped or assaulted by a White Man? It’s interesting to note how these White women will come out when a White woman is assaulted or raped by a Black man to talk about violence against women like in the case of OJ Simpson, but not a single one of these White Feminists showed up when a Black woman was alleging about White boys on the Duke Lacross team raped her.

And it’s further interesting to note how the White Feminists perceives her sexuality as different than that of a Black woman. If a White woman participates in certain behaviors like posing in a sexually suggestive way or walking around topless or having sex on camera it’s “empowering.”

 However when a Black woman participates in the same behavior it’s just normal. Because in the eyes of these female White Supremacists, a Black woman is naturally a Jezebel and a whore. And the degradation of a Black woman in public is just the way things are. In the eyes of a White Feminist Black women are less than human, and aren’t deserving of human rights equal to that of White women.  

So there’s no reason to come out and protest for the rights of a Black woman. When something tragic happens to a Black woman like a rape, a murder or an incident of police brutality no one cares.

Except a Black man.

The message the White Feminist sends to Black women is one based in the hypocrisy.
She’s the one who has rights. She’s the one who will protest when she perceives her rights are being violated.

But will remain as silent as a rat pissin on cotton when it comes time to fight for Black woman and her issues. And that’s because the Black woman has no rights inher eyes.

The only person fighting for the rights of the Black woman is the Black man. Only the Black woman doesn’t undestand it. 

Black woman, you have to realize that the only man out to elevate and uplift you is your Black man. He has always been at your side since the inception of this country. He is the only one out to support you and protect you from White Supremacy. However, when you embrace a White Supremacist construct like White Feminism, you put a target on your back. The White Supremacists in AmeriKKKa aren’t acting in your best interst. They only use you as a tool to divide and conquer the Black community. 

Interracial relationships on Sci-fi TV Series-All new All-different Tokenism

I’ve been noticing a trend in Sci-Fi shows as of late. Casting a Black female lead with a White male lead. In shows like Eureka, Sleepy Hollow and recently CW’s new Flash TV series, the female lead has been a Black woman. Some would say this is progress. But I say it’s going too far.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for diversity in science fiction and fantasy. But I’m not a fan of token diversity. In the case of Eureka and Sleepy Hollow, both of these roles were written for White actresses. And in those cases they got lucky and found talented Black women who were a good fit for the role.

However, in the case of CW’s The Flash this kind of casting throws off the entire dynamic of the Flash mythos. In the comics Iris West is Barry Allen’s future wife. And her nephew is Wally West. And Wally West goes on to become Kid Flash. Does this mean Kid Flash is going to be a token Black character like in the wretched New 52 comics?

The Wally West most of the world knows and loves from the comics and Justice League Unlimited cartoon is a red-haired White kid from the Midwest. And everyone knows Wally West inherits the Flash role when Barry Allen dies in the Crisis.

I’d hate to see all that great storytelling lost in the translation of this adaptation if this show goes that far. And the casting of a Black Iris West seriously puts that at risk. The last thing comic fans need is a SCANDAL in a promising show like The Flash.

In a the case of shows like Sleepy Hollow and Eureka there were legions of fans who wanted to see the White man pursue a romantic relationship with his Black female lead.

However, I wonder if those same fans would be rallying for these interracial couples featuring White Men and Black women would want them to come togthether if a producer made a sci-fi show Black man in the lead role with a White woman. Would there be protest? Or would they give it the negative and downright hostile reception some viewers gave Hancock a few years ago when it was in theaters?

Sci-fi shows are trying to diversify their casts. That’s a good thing. However, there’s always been clear double standard when it comes to the casting of leads of color when it comes to gender. A Black woman can be seen with a White male lead performer as a love interest and the reaction is positive. However when the reverse is presented in the case of a movie like Hancock or a Worf/Troi or a Worf/Dax situation there’s anger and outrage.

 In these cases I have to wonder if sci-fi truly about equal opportunity? Or is it about showcasing the same racism featured in shows like SCANDAL in a futuristic setting?

We always see White guys like Captain Kirk chasing all sorts of Alien females of different ethnicities and species. But we’ve yet to see Black men like Ben Sisko or a Blade pursuing all sorts of alien and vampire females in sci-fi and fantasy stories.

I have my concerns about Iris West’s change of ethnicity in CW’s The Flash. When it comes to intellectual property I personally follow the rule of do unto others as they’d do unto me. I wouldn’t want my Black charactes changed into White ones, so I don’t like watching White people’s characters changed into Black ones. Personally I’d be pissed at the idea of a White E’steem paired with a Black John Haynes. Or a White Isis in a Nubia filled with Black people.

And the reason I’d be pissed about it would have nothing to do with race. It’d have to do with story.

The way I structured stories such would be completely thrown off. Both Isis and The Temptaiton of John Haynes were structured to revolve around Black culture and Black history. Both characters are designed to be Black. And the whole idea of a White woman in those roles prevents people from enjoying a story about the way I originally intended it to be written and would prevent audiences from seeing the message that I’m trying to convey to them.

Yeah, I know a lot of these comic book and sci-fi novels came about during the time when White Supremacy was at its apex. And that the sci-fi, fantasy and comic book worlds are filled with mostly White characters made by White men. But shoehorining Black people into stories doesn’t help diversify them. It prevents people from getting an adaptation that’s true to the source material.

I’m hoping The Flash has a long run on TV this time. And I’m hoping to see the real Wally West, the red-haired kid who loved his uncle so much he followed in his footsteps to become a hero in his own right. I want to see that story come to the screen, because it’s compelling and powerful and would make for powerful television drama. And the casting of a Black Iris West can prevent that storyline from reaching the screen.

What truly helps diversify the Comic book, Sci-fi and fantasy genres is promoting Original Black Science fiction and fantasy produced by Black writers, artists and publishers like myself. Audiences deserve comic books, science fiction and fantasy stories where Black characters are featured as the main characters, not shoehorned into stories where they don’t fit or tokens that add nothing to the story. 

Moreover, audiences deserve Black characters that are created to be Black. Characters like Cyborg that come from the Black experience are rich and multi-dimensional and add to comics like The New Teen Titans. They represent true diversity because they are intentionally part of a truly diverse cast, not a token who is just added there after the fact to make it appear the cast is diverse on the surface.

Again, I’m all for diversity. But I believe if a story features all the characters are of a certain ethnicity when the writer creates them, then all the actors who play them in the adaptation should be the same ethnicity. Shoehorning a Black or minority actor into a role that wasn’t written for them doesn’t make a story more diverse or enrich the experience, it reeks of political correctness gone too far.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Steve Harvey, Raven Symone and other Sold out Negroes

I’m kinda in between a pair of stories, so I haven’t had much time to write a real blog. But I wanted to drop some thoughts

I wonder if there’ something in the water in Hollywood. The way these Negroes are selling out is just disturbing.
We got Steve Harvey saying that he’s going to get Paula Deen to teach Black boys about cooking.

Process that through your mind. Paula Deen. Southern racist Paula Deen is gonna teach Black boys about cooking.
And most of these Black women will co-sign this nonsense the same way they co-signed so-called Christian Tyler Perry being a baby daddy.

Steve Harvey is the New OJ Simpson. He probably got his Uncle Ruckus Card in the mail last week.

Now there were at least three Black male chefs Steve could have elevated and still got press.
Rock from Hell’s Kitchen Season 3
Chef Jeff
And Christian from MasterChef Season 5. And that’s just the Black male chefs I know off the top of my head.
Instead he shows how much of a sellout he is and picks Paula Deen.

Damn. Just Got Damn.

How is a racist white woman gonna teach Black boys about cooking?
Is Steve Harvey’s mentoring program really about training Black boys to be better Black men? What can a Black boy learn from a racist like Paula Deen but White Supremacy. Aren’t these Black boys getting enough of that in the classroom from the White woman who teaches them every day?

The only thing Steve Harvey is teaching black boys to be is a Bitch-Made™ SIMP like him and to pander to Women and Mr. Charlie. I dare to say to even be a COON as well. In between him, these single moms and Homosexual Don Lemon mentoring Black boys the Black community is going to be fucked up in 20 years or so.

Then we have Raven Symone declaring she’s not Black. Officially announcing to the world she’s a bed wench.

First she’s a Lesbian. Now she’s not Black. She’s American. Another one of these individualized niggers who believes in the “rainbow”. Someone who will be traveling down a highway trying to avoid the cops in a few years.

Raven needs to ask OJ Simpson how that worked out. He was AmeriKKKan too. Then the friendly and tolerant White liberals in KKKalifornia showed him how much of a nigger he was.

The way I look at it Who needs the KKK when we have Black Hollywood. These niggers do a great job of promoting the destruction of Black people. The way I see it our so-called Black entertainers are nothing more than a bunch of Uncle Ruckus Minstrels these days. A role model for being the perfect slave for White Supremacy All the Negro will have to do is follow the lead of these Hollywood shines and they’ll be back on a plantation in 25-30 years.

I never thought I’d see the day when Black people would lose their dignity. Their self-respect. Their self worth. Here we live in a golden age with a Black President. Where Black people have all the technology and the tools to build an infrastructure for themselves and instead of rolling up their sleeves and working together, these niggers sit here and are STILL begging Mr. Charlie for scraps from his got damn table.

I have to wonder if there’s something in the water with Black folks? Or is it that these niggers are so got damn scared of the thought of actually being forced to take responsibility for themselves that they have to run back to White Daddy and show him why they need him. The Co-dependent mentality in most Black folks has come out during this Obama Presidency. Instead of showing that the Black race can do for itself, all Black folks have done is show why they continue to need White Supremacy.