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Friday, August 30, 2013

When You Hire a Hood Rat…You Put Yourself Right Out of Business

Lots of business owners like to hire Black women to meet both the quotas for affirmative action by hiring a woman and a minority. Unfortunately, their decision to hire the wrong Black woman usually comes back to bite them in the ass several years later. Many a business owner has come to ruin by allowing their business to be mismanaged by a ghetto Hood Rat.

Most business owners can’t differentiate between a decent hardworking sistas out there. On the surface, the educated sista and the Hood Rat may look the same. They may wear the same suits, the same hairdos and have the same advanced education such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Some may even have a somewhat professional demeanor. But it’s only when one examines them closely that they see how this dysfunctional woman can wreak havoc in a business.

Why shouldn’t you hire a Hood Rat? I’ll break down all the reasons:

A Hood Rat is not a consistent professional. As stated before, the Hood Rat may have a professional demeanor and may speak well, but that’s about it. Her attitude, her hostile body language and her abrasive approach to business often wind up turning off clients and customers. She may paste on a friendly face for some White and foreign customers and clients, but when pressed by people she can get downright nasty. A Hood Rat under pressure from an irate customer or a customer who challenges what she believes to be her authority can get cursed out and verbally abused. Some may even get physically violent.

A Hood Rat has horrible interpersonal skills. Hood Rats in the workplace do not know how to communicate effectively in the workplace. She doesn’t talk to people, she talks at them. A Hood Rat is a loudmouth who thinks fear is a way to motivate people into doing what needs to be done. Because she doesn’t understand how to form a professional relationship with co-workers and how to persuade them to work with her, she winds up alienating most of her co-workers and demoralizing a workplace.

A Hood Rat believes a job serves HER. A Hood Rat doesn’t care about serving the customers in a business, she believes an employer’s business is supposed to serve her and cater to her on her terms. An extreme narcissist, the Hood Rat will come into work late, and make personal calls. She’ll even do things like eat in workplaces and make cell phone calls in front of clients. Others will use company office supplies like postage, paper and toner like it was their own.

Because she has a hard time understanding the difference between professional and personal boundaries, the Hood Rat will make the business an extension of her home. It’s not common for a hood rat to decorate an office space with excessive personal effects, play loud radios or mp3s or even bring her children to the office when she can’t arrange for childcare. And she’ll insist that people have to tolerate her problems…Just because she’s a victim of circumstances beyond her control.

The Hood Rat is not a good worker. Give a regular sista a project and…it gets done. Give a Hood Rat a project and…It gets lost in a Black hole.

If a manager asks a regular sista about a project, she’ll tell you where she is on the task and what she needs to finish it. Give a Hood Rat a project and it never gets completed. Why? While Most Hood Rats are good talkers they’re not good at anything else. Things like research, writing, decision making and critical thinking are where the Hood Rat falls completely apart in the workplace. She can’t plan out a strategy. She can’t dissect and break down information. She can’t organize. And she can’t deliver on the due date.

When challenged on why her work is poor or mediocre, the frustrated Hood Rat will launch into her defensive attacks. These include deflections such as blaming other co-workers or saying they didn’t get enough help. When that doesn’t work, they launch into shaming language. In this verbal assault she’ll often try to turn herself into a victim by talking about how she has to juggle kids and her other home responsibilities and how she’s feeling overwhelmed. And because many male bosses are Manginas, they buy into this Straw Man argument instead of firing her for her incompetence.

Hood Rats don’t know what professional boundaries are. A Regular Black woman understands what professional distance is. The ability to keep her work life and her personal life separate. The Hood Rat, because she comes from a dysfunctional single-parent home doesn’t understand why people don’t cross this line.

Hood Rats usually cross the social boundaries of work by mixing their personal and professional lives. They’re the kinds of women to flirt with male co-workers and date supervisors. Then when the relationships go sour file a sexual harassment lawsuit with Human Resources and make efforts to get him fired. Or if they really hate the guy they’ll key his car in the parking lot. Some will even go as far as having a man arrested on false sexual assault charges or false rape charges.

Hood Rats are HORRIBLE leaders. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is putting a Hood Rat in a management position. Most business owners don’t understand that Hood Rats don’t even know how to manage their own lives. This is why when they come into a business chaos ensues.

A Hood Rat thinks bullying, threatening and intimidation are ways to motivate workers. Unfortunately, their fear-based management style often leaves employees demoralized and unmotivated. People who work around Hood Rat managers often dread coming to work and stop caring about the work that they do.

Hood Rats don’t solve problems. When problems arise a Hood Rat…gets angry. Because she lacks critical thinking skills, analytical skills or problem solving skills, the Hood Rat becomes frustrated when a problem arises. When confronted with conflict she often explodes with anger and emotion yelling and screaming.

And when that doesn’t work, a Hood Rat just sweeps a problem under a rug. Instead of confronting a problem, a hood rat will just hide the evidence, then lie and deny anything is wrong. When confronted about her mistakes she’ll then try to play the victim and blame her managers for not giving her enough support. In any case, problems at work never get solved when a Hood Rat is in charge, they only continue to get worse.

Hood Rats are not team players.  A Hood Rat is not a professional in her work. Most professionals can remain objective and focus on bringing in the best people for the project. But a Hood Rat often plays favorites. She’s the kind of woman to hire friends, boyfriends and relatives to work for her even if they don’t meet the qualifications for the position.

She’s also the kind of woman to play favorites among co-workers. A Hood Rat will often put her friends in charge of a project and laud undue praise on them. Then she’ll verbally abuse and berate co-workers she doesn’t like or give them tasks that are exteremely difficult. This pettiness is one of the primary reasons all the passion and energy are sucked out of a workplace. It’s hard for workers to remain motivated in a place where they aren’t appreciated or respected for the work they do, but for who they’re friends with.

Worse, she doesn’t supervise any of these people. And thanks to that personal bias she has towards her friends, when they make mistakes, productivity grinds to a halt in a workplace. Because they’re never held accountable for their actions by a supervisor who is focused on the best interests of a business, a businesses’ productivity declines. The Workplace is just a social club for the Hood Rat and the popularity and power of her and the members of her Mean Girls™ clique are more important than things like productivity or profits.

A Hood Rat will embarrass a boss.  A manager thinks that Hiring a Black female Hood Rat will protect their company from undesirable Black men, but sooner or later this backfires on them. Hood Rats are often known to bite the hand that feeds them . Eventually will do something so unprofessional that it will embarrass a boss with their superiors, or make the company look bad in some way shape or form.  Usually Most bosses who Hire Hood Rats usually wind up being forced to resign to save face and their careers.

A Hood Rat will cost a business money. Because a Hood Rat only thinks a business serves her needs she does things to the detriment of the business. Her nasty attitude and unprofessional behavior usually wind up alienating customers and clients. And that bad word-of-mouth costs a business money. Over time those dollars can mean the difference between staying in business and going out of business.

Hood Rats cost other Black people employment opportunities A Hood Rat looks out for only one person…HERSELF. And to that end, she makes sure that no other Black people are allowed an opportunity to get hired. If she’s working reception, She’s the type to “lose” the resumes of other African-Americans, especially African-American men. A Hood Rat does not want competition for her job and her spot as the HNICE (Head Nigger in Charge.)

If other brothers and sisters do get hired at a company, she’s the one working tirelessly to get them fired. She’ll do passive aggressive things like not telling her Black co-workers about company policy or will refuse to train and support them on the job.

And while she’s not supporting those employees, she’s gossiping and spreading rumors about those new Black hires to management to make them believe that the Black male or Black female employee is incompetent. Unfortunately, if the Boss is a Simp or Mangina, he’ll believe everything she says and will terminate those Black employees on her word.

Hood Rats are never made accountable for their actions. Due to her hostile demeanor and bad attitude, a Hood Rat is never made to take responsibility for her actions. If she’s not blaming someone else she’s trying to manipulate them into doing her work for her. And because most American bosses in Corporate America are Simps and Manginas, they rush in to play Captain-Save-A-Hoe and solve her problems for her instead of forcing her to solve them for herself.

American companies often hire Hood Rat Black women thinking of saving money and from discrimination lawsuits. But hiring these dysfunctional workers often winds up costing a business time, productivity and money due to her surly attitude, poor work ethic, mediocre productivity, and unprofessional behavior. Combine a Hood Rat with a Mangina supporter in management and it’s recipe for driving a business straight out of business.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black Folks are still Waiting for a Black Messiah to take them to the Promised Land.....*FACEPALM*

Fifty years after the March on Washington and the “I have a Dream speech” the Negro masses are still dreaming. Still hoping wishing and praying for another Black Messiah to take them out of the ghettos and into the “Promised Land” of riches and prosperity.

Someone should have told these fools to get up off their asses in 1964. Because faith without works is dead.

Fifty years after the March on Washington, Negroes all over these United States are still waiting for the great Black leader to rise out of the poverty of the single parent female headed households of the ghetto like Moses came out of Egypt. Still waiting for this deliverer to take them out of AmeriKKKa into the “Promised land” Dr. King spoke of in his speech.

Poor deluded fools.

When the false goddess Oprah Winfrey came out and proclaimed Barack Obama the first Black President of the United States the Negro masses thought the Messiah had come. They thought he would be the one to take Negroes to the Promised Land of prosperity, a place of milk and honey overflowing.

Five years later after the election of the Black Messiah Barack Obama, Black-run cities like Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta are corrupt crime ridden cesspools where Black people murder other Black people, schools and libraries are closed due to budget cuts and high unemployment and poverty is the norm. The Black masses still cry out to their false god to come and help them, and get upset when he forsakes them.

It’s clear the Negro Masses need to get up off their asses and do it for themselves. But the cowardly, superstitious Negro sits around waiting to be taken out of his ghetto into a Promised Land.

All while a gold mine of $1.1 trillion dollars flows through the Negroes allegedly impoverished community into the hands of Arabs, Jews, Whites, Hispanics and Asians.

What aggravates me most about the Black people around me are how they wait for someone else to do things for them instead of doing it for themselves. They never once think about taking responsibility for themselves or their condition. No, they sit around like a bunch of sheep waiting for the “Messiah” to come and save them from their own irresponsible behavior and generation after generation of irresponsible decision making.

Negroes in the masses may be religious but they’re not spiritual. If they were truly spiritual they’d understand why faith without works is dead.

Anything worth having in life is EARNED. We have to work for it. And in some cases we have to fight for it. Nothing in this life anyone has gained has ever been given to them.

God gave the Children of Israel a Promised Land. But in order to get that gift from Him they had to work for it. Some of them had to fight for it. A few of them even had to die for it. But they had to have faith in God to work for what He promised to them.

Unfortunately, while Black people have faith, they just don’t want to work.

Which is why the Black community is dying a slow painful death while the rest of the world leaves it in the dust. The Cowardly superstitious Negroes sits around in the ghetto waiting for a Black Messiah to come out of their dysfunctional fold and take them somewhere when it’s clear they aren’t ready to go anywhere. These fools still wait for someone else to do the work while they sit around in their Section 8 government housing hoping wishing and praying for them to show up in a magic yellow school bus that will take them to the “Promised Land” just for being Black.

I’m sorry life doesn’t work that way. You don’t get cash and prizes for being born a particular skin color.

Seriously, Brothers and sisters, how do you expect to get to the Promised Land if you’re not taking steps to get there? How do you expect to get to the Promised Land when you have no promise at all? How much of a paradise would a “Promised Land” be if it were filled with the lazy, shiftless, and incompetent Negroes that make up the masses of the Black community today?

After we get there, how do we expect to keep a Promised Land a place filled with prosperity when we fill it with a bunch of Negroes who can’t finish high school or who don’t have any skills in any particular trade? How does a land stay filled with promise when they people who are supposed to live there don’t even have the basic tools to live up to their potential BEFORE they get there?

I dare to say with the condition the Black community is in, The Promised Land would become a ghetto in six to eight months and owned by Koreans, Arabs, and Whites in less than a year. Why? Because you shiftless NIGGERS don’t know how to build or maintain the communities you’re in right now. You don’t know how to build and maintain businesses and you don’t know how to develop a political base. Hell, you don’t even know how to work together. How can you go to a promised land when you’re not working towards any of Gods Promises?

No one can take you Negroes to the Promised Land because you’re still living in a ghetto. And you can’t understand that ghetto is in your minds. Just as a man or a woman thinks, is what they are. Unfortunately, most Black people believe their reality is the ghetto.

Which is why Black communities across the country 50 years after the March on Washington are still ghettoes of filled with people co-dependent on the government instead of independent places filled with businesses that employ their own people. Black people are the only fools patiently waiting for a Messiah to come and take them to freedom.

Not understanding that without struggle there can be no progress. And a people pacified by public assistance and government handouts put up no struggle.

Brothers and sisters, the Promised Land is HERE RIGHT NOW. And it’s always been here in plain sight. Only to get there we have to get up off our asses and build it in the neighborhoods we live in. The tools are all around us to make our community as great and as strong as Hispanics, Asians, Arabs and Indians. We just have to be willing to WORK just as hard as all those people are to make our communities into a place of prosperity and peace. Is it a lot of hard work? Yeah, it is. But that’s the way God intended things to be. Faith without works is dead. The Black Messiah you’re waiting on is staring at you in the mirror every morning. That’s the person who is going to take you to the Promised Land.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Someone Flagged Shawn’s YouTube Channel

Some chump  flagged Shawn’s YouTube Channel. It seems he took offense about the Is the Black Woman America’s new Coon? Video.

This troll name calls then I reply and block him. His response? Flag the video out of spite.

Now this was a video that had been up there for close to a year. It was a video with no profanity, or no offensive comments. Just a five-minute video making an observation about all the Black female coonery transpiring over the last five years. Things like the Black women having fights in fast-food restaraunts, street fights, twerking videos and not to mention the entertainment coonery like Tyler Perry Movies, The Help and Lee Daniels Movies like Monsters’ Ball and Precious.

But You Tube found it offensive enough to flag. Why? Because some butthurt Bitch-Made™Mangina from a female-headed household couldn’t stand hearing the truth about his Black “Queens”. Guys like this think they’re going to get pussy points™ from women in cyberspace for flagging videos and getting channels taken down that make commentary holding the hoodrats, hoes, baby mamas and other degenerate Black women accountable for their behavior.

All these guys do is fuck up YouTube for the rest of us by silencing the voices that speak that produce great content which makes people think. This is why intelligent brothers are moving away from YouTube and getting their own sites. Turning YouTube into the Next MySpace, a place for trolls and attention whores to make Twerk videos and other coon bullshit.

You Tube is supposed to be a place where you can broadcast yourself. But if you’re Black the only Black people allowed to broadcast themselves on YouTube are Coons, Mammies, and jezebels. Intelligent conversation from Black producers, especially Black male producers just gets flagged or deleted.

Google really needs to get its shit together on YouTube. People should not be able to flag videos, subscribe to channels or post comments about videos until they can upload their own videos. That would vet a whole lot of the trolls, attention whores, and butthurt feminazis, libtards and Bitch-made Simps and Manginas who can’t stand hearing an opinion that they disagree with. If you don’t like the channel or what’s on it, Don’t watch it! There are three billion videos on YouTube, go watch one of them.

In the past I have spoken out against this kind of censorship because I hated seeing good brothers and sisters like Jia Ireland, Mr. Superboy and Dan Freeman having their content deleted and flagged. Now these same trolls are trying to step to me about my content, content that features no profanity, and no offensive content. It’s clear to me some people on YouTube don’t want Black people thinking about anything other than a yellow gumball, some black & Milds or the next pair of air Jordans coming out. They want everyone to be a stupid as they are.

When these cretins hear intelligent conversation and knowledge they get upset not because the content offends them, but because it’s forcing them to THINK on a more critical level. These crabs in the barrel are content being slaves and want to keep others mentally enslaved.

Thanks to this Bitch-Made(tm) scumgina, I’ve been forced to set most of my videos to private to protect my channel. However, I will keep the Survival guide for Black men up to help Black Men  in the job market. . If I do any more videos (and I only do them rarely)  I may just only post to Generation-X net or some other channel.

If you have realplayer, download my videos now, it's the only way to make sure you'll have my content in the future.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Barnes & Noble Needs to Get it Together With the Nook

I  like the Nook. I believe it’s a great device. Unfortunately due to Barnes & Nobles’ mishandling of the e-reader it winds up being treated like the red-headed stepchild of the Kindle and the ipad.

The Nook is the Atari 5200 of the 21st Century. Great design, easy to use, and a strong solid catalog of titles. It’s one of the best e-readers for documents with special formatting like screenplays. All About Nikki-The Fabulous First Season reads just like the paperback on the Nook. -

Unfortunately, like the Atari 5200 30 years ago,  the Nook’s growth has been hampered by Barnes & Noble’s mismanagement.  What’s keeping the Noook from competing with the Kindle is the way Barnes and Noble sells eBooks and the way they promote them. Barnes & Noble just doesn’t understand that eBooks aren’t sold by retailers or publishers, they’re sold by authors. Most of the top selling eBook titles are sold by indie authors like myself.

And we can’t use the device to promote our work because Barnes &  Noble won’t offer us the tools to promote books on the Nook that we have on Amazon’s Kindle.

Amazon has the KDP Select program. That program has allowed authors like myself to access an audience of new readers. The ability to promote books as free on the Kindle gives readers an opportunity to try new writers and if they like them buy other books in their catalog.

I’d love to promote some books as free on Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, I can only do that through Smashwords. I believe If I had an opportunity to promote books as free through the Nook directly I could reach the audience of Barnes &  Noble customers out there. If B&N made promoting books free on the Nook without the exclusivity Amazon insists on, they could gain the upper hand in the eBook wars.

The second big problem for the Nook is that Amazon, Sony and Apple also allows e-readers access to the international market. This is a big market for indie authors like myself. I get a big chunk of free sales from foreign readers and some sales from foreign readers. So far Barnes and Noble only has the UK Market. Nice, but if the Nook is going to compete with other e-readers it has to do something about allowing readers an opportunity to publish in foreign markets.

Another problem for Barnes &  Noble is the fact that there are No tweet or facebook buttons on the pages for books like Amazon and Smashwords has. This is the main reason I pass them by in my book promotions. I use social media primarily to get the word out about my books and without Twitter buttons, Facebook buttons and Pinterest buttons I have no way of posting links to my followers letting them know the book is for sale on their site.  Sure I could copy and paste, but that’s a hassle requiring me to have two tabs open at the same time. If Barnes & Noble had a Twitter button, a facebook button and a Pinterest button on the pages for all the books on their site, I’d use them a lot more often than Amazon or Smashwords.

In addition to the lack of promotional tools for authors on Barnes &  Nobles’ website are the spam reviews. I’ve got several on some of my titles and even after reporting these incoherent messages left in the review section for some of my eBooks they still haven’t been deleted. It’s  aggravating for me to direct readers to a link to a title I publish and then have to deal with page full of spam. All those spam reviews look so sloppy and unprofessional. Amazon deletes the junk on their pages and polices their site judiciously, and Smashwords doesn’t put up with nonsense either I’d think Barnes and Noble would establish some standards for quality on their site as well to give their eBook customersr a quality shopping experience.

Along with the website problems and the lack of publisher tools, The Nook also suffers at retail from Barnes & Nobles’ decision to hire inexperienced people to sell the device. Instead of hiring salespeople who know the Nook in and out, they hire 18 and 20-year-old college students who don’t’ know how to work the device. Most times when I’ve gone into a Barnes & Noble no one will show any customers how to use the device. Nor have they worked with the device and gained an understanding of how sell the features on the e-reader to the customer.

Even more frustrating than the inexperienced salespeople are the broken or frozen nooks that sit on the sales floor. I’ve tried to use a nook in store several times and couldn’t get the e-reader to start. Seeing a device that costs $200 frozen in-store is not an incentive for a customer to buy it. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons the nook struggles at retail. Customers want to be able to tinker with the device. Authors like myself want to show our work on it to customers. But too many display items are nothing more than paperweights.

I really like the Nook. And I really like shopping at Barnes & Noble. I’d love to post more links to their store on my blog and use them in my book and eBook promotions on Twitter and Facebook. But in between their poorly designed hard-to-navigate website, and lack of promotional tools, and I can’t utilize them in promoting my work to readers the way I do with Amazon and Smashwords. If Barnes & Noble were to get it together with their digital publishing business, I’d be glad to use them to promote my titles more often.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Some say we need movies like the Butler and The Help because we need to teach the Black kids of today their history.

I’m sorry, I don't agree with that argument.

Movies like TheButler and The Help are whitewashed, revisionist tales created by White Liberals and Hankerchief head Negroes to make White people feel comfortable about the position of Black people in society. When they watch these movies and see po’ miserable Black folks at the BOTTOM of society, it makes them feel secure about their place on top in White Supremacist AmeriKKKa.

I consider it child abuse to let a Black child watch movies like The Butler, The Help, or Precious. These movies don’t teach Black history. They teach White Supremacy. In between the lines of these movies is a destructive message that a Black person cannot achieve any type of success in AmeriKKKa without the support and favor of a “great White Savior” who approves of them.

If anything, these movies promote the idea that White people are Black People’s Gods. And if Good little niggers know their place they’ll receive a reward from their White Jesus for not challenging White Supremacy.

Worse, they are filled with historical inaccuracies and re-written in such a way to make white people appear to be superior. Did you know that the Butler in Lee Daniels movie was never a butler in real life, but a manager? Did you know that his wife wasn’t a drunk? No, Lee Daniels re-wrote the story of “the Butler” to fit the narrative of the White Liberals and Black Hankerchief heads like Oprah Winfrey he was pandering to in order to present an image of Black people they felt comfortable with.

In their eyes Black people can only be seen in film as shuffling servants, whorish jezebels, sexually depraved brutes or other old racist stereotypes repackaged in brand new boxes. And because White Liberals put their pet Negroes like Oprah Winfrey up in front of these dehumanizing images to sell them, Black folks and White folks buy into them not knowing they’ve just been spoonfed rat poision.

I would NEVER let a child watch such films because they do not present an accurate reflection of African-American history. If anything, these images are nothing but poison to a young Black mind.

Some also justify movies like the Butler saying that we need to hear about the bad parts of Black history.

Again, that argument does not wash with me.

All White Liberal Hollywood presents are the negative parts of Black history. All we’ve gotten from Hollywood since its inception are stories about shuffling servants, slaves, downtrodden Negroes, Whorish Black bitches, Jivetime Niggers and other bottom-feeders of the Black community. Outside of a short period from 1971-2000, we haven’t seen many positive images of Black people in AmeriKKKan media.

Just like Hollywood can focus on the worst parts of Black history, they can focus on the best parts of it. But Hollywood only focuses on the worst parts of Black life because it fits the patronizing narrative of the White liberal and makes White moviegoers feel comfortable about the low position of society.

And just like we have movies about butlers and maids, why don’t we have movies about our great inventors like Dr. Charles Richard Drew and George Washington Carver? Why don’t we have movies about our great Black diplomats like Ralph Bunche? Why don’t we have a movie about Black Wall Street or a Black town? Why don’t we have a movie about our great educators like Ida B. Wells or Mary McLeod Bethune? Why is there no movie about Matthew Henson the great Black explorer or Shirley Chisolm, the first Black woman to get elected to Congress? Why are there next to no stories about the Black middle class? Why not a story about a Black family dealing with Affirmative action, or Busing in the 1970’s?

All those stories would make fascinating and entertaining movies, but Hollywood won’t make them. Why?

Because the White Liberal is uncomfortable about presenting images of Black empowerment. Those images would make many uncomfortable about competing with Black people.

Others say we need movies like The Butler because schools don’t teach Black history.

And again, that argument does not wash with me.

I’m sorry Black folks but that’s not your local public schools’ job to teach Black children Black history. No, brothers and sisters, It’s our job to teach our children Black history. It’s our job to go out and get the books, the magazines and the movies and teach our kids Black history. That’s how I learned Black history growing up and that’s how your kids should learn Black history. There are a ton of resources out there including Wikipedia and YouTube videos that will give a young brotha or a sister a TRUE chronicle of Black history. We just choose not to take advantage of those tools.

No, we just keep waiting for White People to tell us about ourselves instead of showing them who we really are.

I feel bad for the brothers and sisters growing up today with films like The Butler, The Help, and self-hating filmmakers like Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Shondra Rhimes. Instead of growing up with images that will inspire them and give them a sense of pride like I did, they’re growing up with images of Black people that degrade and insult us. What most Black people don’t understand is that if you watch too many movies featuring Black people as maids and butlers as children is that when those Black children grow up they only aspire to become maids and butlers, instead of becoming doctors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers like their ancestors were.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


It’s a known fact that Comic fans pay the highest prices and get the least value for their dollar. Why? Because they’re too afraid to speak up for themselves.

Whenever someone starts to call a comic book publisher or a toy company on their bullshit, Three or four more comic fans come out in defense of the companies that produce their comic books and action figures to justify the abusive and unethical practices being perpetrated. By using their peer pressure they guilt, bully and shame other comic fans into silence.

It’s this fanboy bullying that gives the publishers like DC Comics and toy companies like Mattel the leverage to dictate the terms of the business relationship to the comic fan. This is how they can charge outrageous prices like $4 for a comic book and $40 for an action figure.

Just last week when Mattel offered its Club infinite Earths Subscription to DC Comics fans they made numerous threats like “The horsemen have stopped sculpting” and “some figures won’t be available Day of sale” all in an effort to bully comic fans into buying a $300 monthly subscription for 13 action figures.

Only in the comic and toy collecting world does the retailer dictate the terms to the customer. And in the comic book world the customer is never right. They are told to buy it the way the retailer tells them to or else.

That’s bullshit. Unfortunately most Comic fans don’t have the backbone or the balls to stand up and call the comic book publishers and toy companies, and the cowardly fans who back up these bullshit policies on it. No, they listen to the same old excuses from companies like DC Comics and Mattel and continue to settle for less.

Comic fans are told they have to put up with long waits for shipping, defective or damaged products and comic books with padded out stories that go on for hundreds of issues. On top of it, they have to deal with horrible customer service at the comic shop and from some online retailers.

The prices just keep getting higher and the quality just keeps getting lower. Five years ago it was $2.50 for a comic book with 20 pages of content. Now the price is $4 for a comic with 16 pages of content, minimal storytelling and big splash pages.

Five years ago the price was $9.99 $12.f99 or an action figure. Now that price is $20-$25 at retail. And Subscription figures like Mattel offers for its Club Infinite Earths are now hovering towards a $40 mark with UPS shipping.

With product at these astronomical and insane levels, you’d think prices would hit a threshold. Unfortunately, because comic fans lack the discipline and resolve of regular consumers they don’t set a boundary and draw a line in the sand. It’s this lack of an economic boundary that allows Comic publishers, retailers and toy companies continue to push the envelope seeing how high they can drive prices.

It’s clear to me most comic fans don’t value their money and more importantly they don’t value themselves. Only a person with no self-esteem would along with these unconscionable terms presented to them by comic book shops, toy retailers and comic publishers. In the comic book fan’s world, the toy or the comics they collect have more value to them than their personal intangibles like dignity, self-respect.

It’s also clear to me producers have a spoiled entitled attitude when it comes to doing business with comic fans who consume their products. The retailers, toy companies and publishers all approach the customer with an air of aloofness and arrogance. They feel the customer has to put up with their crap if they want to buy their products. Some even think it’s their right to take advantage of the customer.

When it’s not that way at all. If the comic fan would grow a backbone the market could change to their favor.

In the non-comic book world, the customer understands their worth. They have personal power. And they dictate the terms to the retailer on what they’ll buy and what they’ll pay for it.

Because the customer dictates the terms of how they’ll spend their money in the real world prices are usually low. Manufacturers and retailers have to prove they can EARN the customers’ money. If not they can take their money to a competitor to leverage a better deal.

In the rest of the world, consumers would vote with their wallets and walk away from businesses where they received poor quality products and poor service. If those businesses don’t offer them the products they want they go find competitors to deal with.

Collectors and fans, There’s no such thing as “Rare” or “Exclusive” in a world where tooled molds still exist and a company can get things back into production with a phone call to China or a printing press. Exercise some patience and you can get the best quality product for your money. Instead of paying the highest amount of money and getting the least value out of all the consumers, you could get much, much more for your money.

Seriously fans, if you don’t get a figure from the first run there will probably be a second run. If you don’t get a comic from the first run there will be a second printing. Everything is digital now and can be ordered and delivered in a week to a month’s time if the demand is there. Don’t let companies like DC Comics and Mattel bullshit you. There’s no need to rush to eBay and go into a bidding war on whatever. If there’s demand there will be supply.

Comic fans have to start value themselves higher than the toys and comics produced by comic book publishers and toy companies. That’s the only way they’re going to concentrate their spending power. It’s the only way fans can make an impact as a consumer group and that allows them to expand the comic book business and drive down prices.

Long-term, new customers are only going to be attracted to businesses where they can get the best value for their dollar, and right now the comic book industry is driving away those customers with their unethical business practices. No one in the industry it’s hard to get new customers when they see the old ones being mistreated. Maybe if comic publishers, toy companies and retailers started treating their older customers with respect they wouldn’t be struggling to get new business.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Butler is #1 at the Box office- Shawn wants to give up on the Negro Race

Lee Daniels The Butler was #1 at the Box office. Another movie made about a shuffling, buckdancing Negro servant by Uncle Toms like Lee Daniels Oprah Winfrey to Pander to White Liberals in Hollywood is what Negroes are willing to pay for at the cinema. Worse, There’s talk of Oprah getting an Oscar nomination.

Shawn just wants to punch someone in the face.

Words do not describe how mad I am. Brothers and sisters you keep falling for the game of Hollywood Hucksters like Lee Daniels Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. They sell you COON images and the Negroes keep paying to go see them instead of protesting them.

It’s like Black folks just can’t think logically. They’re so desperate to see an image of themselves they don’t have any standards for what they pay for. Just because a Celebrity Bed Wench like Oprah is in a movie the Negro sheeple open up their wallets and go out and pay money to see a movie without questioning the content.

If one takes Lee Daniels' body of work apart they’ll see that this Uncle Ruckus makes movies that literally mocks and ridicules Black people  . He repackages old racist stereotypes and resells them to the Negro masses as entertainment at their expense to gain favor with the racist White Liberals in Hollywood. He’s no different than Jay-Z, Diddy Russel Simmons or any of these Uncle Ruckus Rap moguls. But instead of making records, he just does his work with a camera. Unfortunately, the Negro can’t see the panoramic picture of how they’re being exploited and taken advantage of.

Seriously, It’s like the Black folks are a special brand of stupid. They just don’t understand Economics.

This is not how you get positive films that present Black people in a human light made in a capitalist economy. Every coon image you Negroes pay money to see tells the Executives in Hollywood to go out and make more movies like this. When you spend $20 million of your $1.1 trillion Black dollars on movies like The Butler, The Help or Tyler Perry movies it only sends a message to the entertainment business to continue producing MORE movies like this.

Which is detrimental to the image of Black people all over the world. Films like Monster’s Ball, Precious, The Butler, The Help and Tyler Perry Movies all promote the image of the Negro as a victim. Someone who can’t stand on their own two feet. Someone so pathetic and so STUPID that they need the help of a Great White Savior™ (in the case of Tyler Perry a “Good Black SIMP) who feels sorry for their situation and fixes things for them.  In The Butler we're told if we're good little Negroes, Mr. Charlie will gives us our freedoms. All that protestin' and marchin' all that's doin is riling up Good White folks.

Good Gravy.

None of these movies teach a message about Black people taking responsibility for onseself and making efforts to solve one’s own problems.  Black folks always need to have their actions validated and approved by White people to be considered "good".

When this was never the case. Black people have never needed or wanted a “Great White savior”. During Slavery, there were free Blacks who worked in skill trades like carpentry, Ironworking, brick masons, who were educated and intelliegent and took care of themselves. They had jobs and some had businesses. After Slavery Black folks had their own businesses and towns. We had doctors, lawyers, and our own politicians. During Jim Crow Black folks had their own businesses and towns.  Sure we had brothers in jobs like Pullman Porter, but those men were part of a Black Middle class that raised families.

But Hollywood will never make a movie about any of those people. Because it won’t lend to the White Liberal narrative of Black people being pathetic and downtrodden.

The truth is most hardworking Black people never begged the White Man for anything, because we had our own. The fight for Civil rights was never about government handouts, it was about equal gaining protection under the law. The right to compete in the American economy, own a successful business and not fear terrorism by jealous Whites. The right to walk down a street and not get attacked by cops just for being Black. The right to get true due process under the law in the court system. The right to vote and participate in elections where laws and policy regarding Black people were being created. The right to go apply for a job you are qualified for and not get turned down just for being Black. And the right to use public government offices and services like schools WE PAID TAXES for without getting denied the services we paid for.

Unfortunately, a lot of Brothers and sisters buy into the White liberal narrative of AmeriKKKan history and misinterprets what the mission of the Civil Rights Movement was about. In this revisionist chronicle brothers and sisters are told they are victims of racism and needed the help of great white saviors and government programs to gain equal rights. This is why the Negro is regressing instead of progressing some 50 years later.

Seeing the success of movies like The Butler and The Help makes me lose all hope for Black people. It’s like there’s no hope and no change for Black people.  Instead of moving forward they just keep sliding backward, embracing the very stereotypes created by White Supremacists as truth about who they are and what their condition is. Ironically, proving to the world that they are nothing more than slaves.

When films like The Butler and Tyler Perry movies take the top spot in Hollywood it discourages me as a writer. I feel like I’m wasting my time trying to present a different picture of Black life to Black people in my books and screenplays. Looking at Black media over the past seven years, it’s clear the Negro doesn’t want positive Black stories like I write and publish. Stuff that talks about personal responsibility, and taking control and charge of one’s own life. Stories that show Black people as human beings who have their own moral code and values.

 No, Black folks see themselves as completely co-dependent on the White Liberal and his government programs. And when that doesn’t work (which it usually doesn’t by design), they feel justified to turn to crime and debauchery. This is why the Negro loves the Street Lit and Erotica, and even some of the alleged Christian fiction at the bookstore. As long as someone tells them their condition is someone elses’ fault, the Negro buys into that story and plunks down their cash eagerly.

I’ve been fighting this fight for 21 years trying to bring positive humanized images of Black people to the forefront.  And I feel frustrated and exhausted.  I mean, it's like it’s a losing battle. Every time I or someone like Tim Reid, Tim Russ, The Hudlin Brothers or the late Dwayne McDuffie  try to present something positive to Black folks, the Negro masses just resist it at every turn. It’s like there’s no hope to change the course of the Negro race; they just keep falling for the same games over and over again generation after generation. I just want to give up on the Negro race. Seriously, it's like a lost cause.

I think Black folks would rather watch movies about  maids, jezebels and butlers rather than movies about entrepreneurs, functional families and business owners because they think it's too much work to take responsibility for their own condition. Watching those kinds of movies for many Black folks I believe is  like having a mirror held up to their faces and being forced to take that long hard examination of self where they see that the reason they are in the miserable situation they're in is staring in that reflection.

The Butler made $25 million. Black people still have nothing.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Isis: All About The Goddess cover rework

The original Isis: All About the Goddess cover was cool, but I just felt it didn't tell enough of a story with the image. So after looking at some of those Pulp fiction covers of the 50's and 60's I came up with a new concept. (WARNING NUDITY!)  Inspired by those old pulp covers I worked on a new concept mashing up the Isis series (ankh pendant) All About Marilyn (she's a guest star) and those old pulp fiction covers:

This backshot will be on the paperback! 

I believe these two cover concepts definitely tell more of a story than the previous cover below. I really like the colors, and the simplicity of them. Compared to the earlier cover concept, I feel they tell a stronger story, convey stronger emotions, and I feel the pulp theme fits within the genre of the story (this one is a mystery)

The reason why Isis is sitting is a defining moment in the story (I won't give too much away)

I'm apprehensive about the nudity, (Don't know if Amazon or Smashwords will let me get away with nippless breasts) but I'm trying to make an artistic statement with this cover. Normally I don't do this kind of art for the Isis series (it is YA and targeted towards teen readers) But this story set in the world of the college art studio has more adult themes and I felt it would be more appropriate to show what goes on in the world of art school and what people have to draw there.  Don't worry, the story is still PG-13, (mild profanity, and  artistic nudity. but I do my best to handle the subject matter with the same sensitivity that I did in All About Marilyn. 

Nice, but there's no story here. You don't really FEEL anything..

Isis: All About The Goddess will be out around Christmas. It'll probably be on KDP Select on Kindle and you can borrow for free with Amazon prime or buy for 99 cents.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Charging people to the Game

Many times you hear guys say the phrase: Charge em’ to the game and keep it moving. What does this mean? Simple.  It means a person cuts their losses on the relationship with someone, cuts off all contact with that person and move on with their life.

Who can be charged to the game? Anyone. Girlfriends, friends, and even family members.  Sometimes you even have to charge a job or a neighborhood to the game if you plan on making positive steps in your life.

Brothers and Sisters, When you’re trying to go somewhere in life, some people can’t come with you. They refuse to change their toxic and dysfunctional ways.  And in those cases it’s just best to simply STOP having contact with them.

Some may think charging people to the game is harsh.  But it’s necessary. Just like people throw away stuff they don’t need anymore, you need to cleanse your life of garbage people who no longer enrich it in any way shape or form.

Sure you may be close to these people.  You may even love them. But what they’re doing and how they’re living is destructive to you. And you don’t need their dysfunction, drama and negative energy invading your life.

Toxic people are like crabs in a barrel. Just when you’re trying to come up, they pull you down. They’re looking for some company to join them in their misery. Don’t let that be you!

The longer you stay around toxic people the sicker you’ll become. Eventually you wind up radiating the same negative energy and thinking the same negative way they do. Instead of moving ahead in your life you wind up going nowhere as you wind up carrying their emotional baggage and personal garbage.

How do you charge people to the game? Simple. Just stop calling them. Just stop talking to them. Delete their numbers out of your cell phone. Delete their e-mail from your address book. Unfriend them on Facebook and stop following them on Twitter. Block them on YouTube.

If they come to your house, tell them you just don’ have time.  If they invite you somewhere, simply just decline. Sooner or later they’ll get the message you just don’t want to be bothered by them anymore.

Life is too short to deal with people who bring nothing but drama and dysfunction with them everywhere they go. Let them take their problems someplace else.

I’ve had to charge people to the game many times in my life. I’ve had to charge schools to the game. I’ve even had to charge jobs to the game.

Back when I was in Park West High School 25 years ago, I had to charge a lot of people to the game. Most of the people I was in class with were more focused on boyfriends, girlfriends, sneakers, clothe, slinging crack rocks and other bullshit than grades and getting their diplomas.  Their toxic nonsense was dragging me down.

There was no way I was going to graduate and get my diploma in that toxic environment. So I charged those people to the game and moved on to Taft High School in the Bronx and focused on getting my High School diploma.

12 years ago when I was working at a nonproifit as part of the Americorps* VISTA Program  the vice president of the program where I was working at the time took me to lunch and told me he didn’t have a place for me in the organization. Even though I had done great work for them he decided I didn’t fit into his vision for the organization.

Instead of trying to kiss his ass and beg him for a job there, I just charged the job to the game and kept moving on to the next job.

Five years ago I had to charge my job at a public college library to the game. When I realized that my supervisor and her boss were liars, I had no choice but to let go of a good Civil Service job with benefits.

On the surface it looked like they let me go at the end of the week, but what they didn’t know was I had already charged them to the game days before.

I’m not going to lie to you brothers and sisters, charging people to the game isn’t going to be easy. It’s going hurt, especially if you have close ties to those people or that place in your life. But you have to do what’s right for you and what keeps you moving forward in life.

Sometimes people aren’t right for us. And sometimes situations aren’t right for us. And the longer we stay in a dysfunctional situation the worse it’s going to get. It’s better to part ways from the company of dy sfunctional people before you wind up mired in their misery.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why You Women DON’T Want to be the Side Piece

In a previous blog, I went into detail about all the problems women would have if they became a Side Piece or a mistress. Now I’ll explain to everyone why a woman doesn’t want to be a Side Piece.

Why don't you want to be the side peice? Let me list the reasons:

You are automatically put in the Hoe Category. Men put women into two categories: Ladies and Hoes. Ladies are women they form committed long-term relationships with, and Hoes are women they have short term-relationships with. Usually after having sex with a Hoe a few times, most men get rid of her.

A Side piece is automatically put into the Hoe Category. Why? Because men know she is not loyal. Men know that if this woman will cheat with them, they will cheat ON them.

If you act like a Hoe, you will be treated like a Hoe. And most men pay hoes to leave. Women, your actions define your character with men. If you don’t show a man that you are worthy of earning their trust all they’re going to do is screw you and be through with you. All side pieces and Mistresses do is wind up being passed around from man to man and laughed at until they turn 35. Then they head to the social graveyard known as online dating.

You are always going to be SECOND.  A Side piece will always be second best. No matter how good the sex is, men who cheat with them will always go back to their wives or girlfriends.

A Side Piece situation is one where it’s a lose-lose for a woman. It’s where a woman sits on the bench waiting to be called. And when she’s called it’s usually to pinch hit from the waist down.

You always get the leftovers. A man’s wife gets the best. She gets to go to the best places, live in the best home, and wear the best clothes. She also gets to spend most of her time with him, and is considered a top priority in his life.

A Side piece…gets the scraps from the table. And because most women who are side pieces have low self esteem and no self-confidence they think they’re getting top shelf-treatment. In reality they’re getting the equivalent of the tin foil swan with the leftovers someone ate out of. They get second-hand clothes, second hand shoes, and second-hand sex. If a guy has something his woman doesn’t want he gives it to her.

You’re dumpster diving for a man.  Being a Side Piece or Mistress is the equivalent of being a vagrant digging in the dumpster looking for something passably edible to eat or something passably decent to sell. Side pieces are desperately looking in life’s trash cans and dumpsters scavenging for some other woman’s scraps. In most cases they think they’ve got gold. But all they have is trash no one wants.

You get less than half a relationship. A Side piece doesn’t get a whole relationship like a wife or a girlfriend gets. As stated before all she gets is second best. The man she gets isn’t just physically not available; he’s also not emotionally available. Most of him is invested in his wife or girlfriend. If he has any spare time he may give it to you. Sometimes walking the dog takes priority over you.

You’re wasting time.  Time is the most precious thing on earth. You can’t get it back once it’s gone. And Many a Side Piece/Mistress waste the best years of their lives chasing after someone else’s man.

Time is not on a woman’s side. Youth and beauty don’t last forever. And sex alone isn’t going to keep a man interested. A woman needs to focus her time on God’s Earth building a relationship with a quality man of her own who will be HER husband, not waste it trying to take someone else’s man. Because once you get older, it gets that much harder to have a long-term relationship with a tarnished reputation as a home wrecking hoe.

You destroy your chances at ever getting a committed relationship. When a woman is put in the HO category they tell other men that she’s a HO. And when a woman gets the HO label she’s not going to be able to find a man who will want to commit to her. Sure men will have sex with a HO, but outside of a SIMP, no one will marry her.

Men value loyalty, honor and trust in a woman they want a long-term relationship with. It’s these character traits that make her a partner he values enough to offer his hand in marriage. When you become a side piece/mistress all he’s going to offer you is the door. A Men don’t pay hoes to stay. They pay them to leave.

You could have had better. The sad part about the women who are Side Pieces is that they don’t think they can do better than some woman’s husband or some other woman’s boyfriend. They think they have to settle for being a booty call when they can actually have their own boudoir. If they just had a little more confidence they could have radiated the positive feminine energy to attract single, available men to them who would have been willing to commit to them.

Ladies, you don’t want to be the Side Piece/Mistress. It’s the equivalent of being a second or a third string football or basketball player who sits on the bench of life and waits to be called up to play. And does anyone remember who those #2 people were? Don’t let that be you.

Value yourself enough to say you deserve better than second best. Why settle for less when you can get the best? Think of yourself as a first rate woman and you’ll get first-rate treatment. If you raised your standards and stopped digging in the garbage can you can have your own man.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Simp trilogy

In 2011, I published Stop Simpin-Why Men don’t need finance to Get Romance. I followed it up in 2013 with Manginas-They Look Like Men But Act Like Ladies. And Later this Year I’ll be publishing the Misadventures of Captain-Save-A-Hoe.

Now it seems like I wrote these books in a rapid fashion. But what people don’t know is that the content of all three of those books were the result of over ten years worth of research.

Way back in the 1990’s both men and women used to say I was a “nice guy”. Some employers said I was “too nice” to work for their companies. That I was “too good” to fit into their organization, and they didn’t have a place for me.

Wondering what a “Nice guy” was one day in 2003 I did some research on the matter and found an article on Heartless Bitches International on “Nice Guys”. It was an article that changed my life.

I soon learned about the dysfunctional nature of the “Nice Guy” and began devouring every article I could on the subject. I soon learned that these “Nice Guys” weren’t really “Nice” at all. They were insecure, passive aggressive, and most of all, dishonest. The reason they never got what they wanted out of life is because they never ASKED for anything.

Nor were they aggressive enough to go out and get what they wanted. Thanks to the way they were raised in female headed households, these men thought if they pleased women first they’d get what they wanted from them, even though they NEVER told them about what they desired.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Which is why these men are often disappointed and simmer in frustration for years then eventually explode in rage.

I soon learned “Nice Guy Syndrome” was considered an actual disorder reading Dr: Robert Glover’s No More Mr. Nice Guy. I bought the book in 2009 and read it over a dozen times since then, gaining more and more understanding about the dysfunctional condition of the “Nice Guy”

In 2010 I was watching HeavenlyTruth1’s videos about Pussy beggars and Pussy Scavengers. He made brilliant observations about Nice Guys in those three videos. All of his statements backed up Dr. Glover’s evidence in No More Mr. Nice Guy and the classic “Nice Guys-Bleah” article I read on Heartless Bitches International.

I then followed this up by watching the YouTube Videos of other men. And As Dr. Robert Glover said in his book, listening to men gave me a perspective on manhood, and most importantly “Nice Guys.”

As I watched more YouTube videos I came across the videos of The Iceman, also known as MadVoodDooman and Tariq Nasheed. Both men talked about the SIMP at length. As I listened to their videos, I soon came to realize that a A Simp is nothing more than slang for “Nice Guy”.

A lot of what Dr. Glover described as “Nice Guy” syndrome fits within the behavior pattern of a SIMP and his cousins, the Mangina and the Captain-Save-A-Hoe.

Dr. Glover’s book was great. It helped me immensely in my research into “Nice Guys”. But it was dealt with the general topic of “Nice Guys. I wanted to deal with each type of “Nice guy” in depth. From my research into “Nice Guys” I learned SIMPS, Manginas, and Captain-Save-A-Hoes all have different sets of issues. And I believed each set of issues needed to be addressed specifically.

Which is why I wrote the Simp Trilogy.

Some guys think they need to spend money to get a woman. Those guys need to read Stop Simpin and learn why they don’t need finance to get romance.

While others put women on pedestals and give them a free pass for behavior. Those guys need to read Manginas. They need to see why they act like ladies and why it’s keeping them in a dysfunctional life paradigm where they go nowhere.

And others think they can have a relationship with dysfunctional women like single mothers, prostitutes and strippers Those men need to read Misadventures of Captain-Save-A-Hoe and learn why these women are predators and have no interest in being saved.

Learning about what it is to be a “Nice Guy” I’ve broken out of that dysfunctional pattern of behavior and I’m living life on my terms. Going for what I want in life and not looking to please others. I believe every man can change his life paradigm if he makes an effort to apply himself.

I wrote each of these eBooks to help other men could break free of their vicious cycle. I want other men out there to go out and be the best men they can be. If one man changes his life reading just one of the books in the Simp Trilogy, then I believe the ten years of research I put into these eBooks will be worth it.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

“You’re GAY”- Shaming language taken to the Extreme

In a previous blog, I discussed shaming language. Words and phrases people like bullies use to try to hurt, humiliate and shut down people they feel inadequate around. One of the most devastating pieces of shaming language bullies like to use against men is the accusation of homosexuality. When men or women say a man is “gay” it’s usually a clear sign that a man or a woman is extremely insecure in the presence of that man and scared of them.

Bullies will often use the phrases:

“You must be gay”

“You’re gay”

“You look like a faggot,

“You walk like a faggot,

“You stand like a faggot,”

“I bet you take dicks in the butt”

“You gonna fuck animals” (Yes, one guy turned the homosexual charge into a bestiality charge on me in High school)

Or its other variations to devalue a man they either do not understand or cannot relate to. When people make the “gay charge” It’s a sign that they’ve lost control over themselves and cannot deal with the presence of someone who represents a lifestyle that is clearly different than what they’ve experienced. Because they can’t understand this person, they need to devalue them so they can feel some sense of adequacy about themselves.

People who make the “gay” charge are forced to attack a person’s sexuality because they can’t challenge them on any other level. They often know they aren’t smart enough to match wits with them, they lack the interpersonal skills to communicate with them and they can’t relate to their hobbies or interests.

The goal of the “gay” charge is to try to bring the target man down to the bullies’ level. Most of the people making the “gay” charge usually live in a social sewer and want the men they target with this threat to come down into their gutter and start flinging feces back at them. When they say “I’m not gay” they’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives.

That’s just what the bully wants to hear.

Once a boy or a man says “I’m not gay, they’ve given the bully power and control over them and in some cases their sexuality.

Weaker males who react this shaming language will fall into the bullies’ paradox trap. In this trap the man accused of being gay does things to the bully and his peers that he is not homosexual. But because the standard for the man’s sexual identity is established by the bully and NOTHING he does will ever prove he is heterosexual. Everything he will do will be WRONG in their eyes. They’ll just keep raising the bar to gain more and more power over the target of their bullying making them do more and more humiliating things to degrade and devalue them.

In addition to men, Women love to use the “gay” charge too. When they’re interested in a man, and he doesn’t express an interest them, they’ll throw out the “they’ll throw out the charge of homosexuality to cover their feelings of hurt and inadequacy. For many it’s a huge bruise to their egos. They believe that every man finds them attractive, so they need a reason to justify being rejected by this man.

In other cases women will use the “gay” charge to shame a man into silence when they are losing an argument. Again, this is shaming language meant to bully a man by emasculating him. If a man reacts to it he will give the woman power over him and tool she can use to shut him down in an argument.

The accusation of homosexuality usually has nothing to do with a person’s sexual orientation. It has to do with the bullies’ feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. What they want to do is make the person feel like there is something wrong with them for being who they are. If anything, the bullies’ feel threatened by the target. They know they can’t come up to his level, so they have to bring them down to theirs.

The best response to bullies who use the gay charge is indifference. Responding with an indifferent look and statements like “whatever”, “that’s what you feel” or just walking away and saying nothing at all takes the power out of the bullies’ hands and keeps it in yours. As long as a boy or a man stays on the high ground, he can overcome the bully. You know what your sexual orientation is and you have nothing to prove to this person.

Ever since I was twelve years old I have had to deal with the “gay charge.” I didn’t know it at the time, but it was a clear sign these boys and girls just did not understand me nor could they relate to me. So they had to approach me with the topic of girls, sex, and sexuality. It was the only way they could feel intellectually superior in a social situation with a person they felt inferior around. Again, these people couldn’t come up to my level. So they had to bring me down to theirs. Stay out of the sewer!

Guys, don’t react to the gay charge. What men and women who use that accusation are trying to do is make you react so they can gain power and control over you. Take the high ground. When someone says you’re gay laugh at them and walk away. You know what your sexual orientation is, and you don’t have anything to prove to anyone else.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Rallying the DC Comics Resistance against the New 52- Let’s keep fighting the Good fight!

I was on Facebook on Friday reading the pots of the DC Comics resistance movement (a proud member) and there was a guy on there who was sounding defeatist on seeing that DC’s sales were up for June.

I don’t want that kind of negative talk to spread among those against the New-52. It’s counterproductive.

I’m urging all comic fans who hate the New 52 to keep fighting. Only continued resistance to the Didio regime at DC Comics will lead to Warner Brothers finally getting the message and firing him and taking DC Comics publishing division in a better direction.

Fans, artists and writers, this is a marathon, not a sprint. And in a marathon, it’s not how you start, but how you finish. As someone who has been in the publishing business for over a decade, I can tell DC fans from personal experience that this is a long haul business. And it requires patience, endurance, drive and determination to achieve your goals. The longer you stay in the fight, the more progress you’ll make towards getting where you want DC to go.

Every day DC’s editors’ come out and say something stupid like “we only publish comics for 45-year-olds alienates one or two more customers.

And with the way they mistreat creative talent they further drive a wedge in between them and the writers and artists needed to create new titles.

In addition to the way DC mistreats its creators, it alienating its vendors. Since the New 52 became forced on them Companies like Mattel just don’t feel as passionate about  DC Comics as they did five years ago. DC Product languishes on shelves at retailers like wal-mart and Target (if it ever gets there) and when it arrives most just pass it by for other Mattel products such as WWE or Monster High.

It’s clear to me DC Comics’ editorial regime is falling apart internally. No one smart wants to work there with clueless Dan Didio out-of-touch Jim Lee and incompetent Bob Harras running a company with no direction and no concrete plan for the future.

And more and more customers are walking away from DC Comics. Fans just have to keep up the good fight by voting with their wallets. If you don’t accept the New 52 as the status quo, the status quo will change.  There’s only so many DC Comics comic shops can order before they eventually wind up being stuck with worthless product the way they were back in the early 1990’s when the back issue market crashed.

Incompetent business regimes have fallen due to customers walking away. Comic fans we have to keep up the pressure on DC Comics.

I’ll give you some examples of change that transpired due to customers walking away:

In the late 1970’s NBC run by Fred Silverman was in last place. By 1982 he had been replaced by Brandon Tartikoff.

Tartikoff rebuilt NBC and by 1984 had built it back into a competitive network that dominated TV ratings with first place finishes for five straight years.

In 2003 Dawn Ostroff came to power at the CW as the head of programming. After running lifetime and UPN into the ground, she was determined to turn the CW into Lifetime Lite with a focus female oriented shows. Her obsession with making the  CW into a girls’ network took the networks’ ratings into last place.

In 2010 CW had enough of last place finishes and fired Ostroff. With Ostroff gone, The CW now features a mix of programming for male and female viewers and is steadily trying to re-establish its identity.

In 2001, Jeff Zucker took over programming at NBC. He flooded the schedule with reality programming and dramas for over a decade. Thanks to his incompetent leadership, NBC was in fifth place behind FOX and on the brink of bankruptcy again.
When it was time to sell the network to Comcast the first thing they did was get rid of Jeff Zucker. Finally after ten years of mediocre programming and last-place finishes, NBC is making a serious effort at rebuilding itself into a competitive network.

Sooner or later it’ll be Dan Didio’s turn to wind up on this list.

In a corporation, you can only go on for so long making bad business decisions before executives at the very top get tired of hearing your excuses. After four or five years of constant failure there was no way for Silverman, Ostroff, or Zucker to hide behind the declining numbers that transpired on their watch.

Didio, Lee and Harras will be held accountable for their decade of failure.  It’s only a matter of time.

Someone at Warner will eventually realize that Didio and his merry morons can’t keep blaming the instruments or the chefs for their inability to cook up stories that make the DC Universe sing. They’ve been given a new universe of characters, yet over the past two years they keep making the same mistakes they made over the last decade with the old DC Universe.

After ten years clearly the proof is in the pudding. These guys just don’t know how to publish entertaining comics. When you’re given one of the best catalogs of characters, the finest creative talent and unlimited capital for promotion and you still lose readers, then maybe it’s not the DC Universe that’s the problem. Maybe it’s just the fact that Dan Didio doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

There was never anything wrong with the DC Universe or its catalog of characters. For 60 years under competent leadership like Jeanette Kahn and Paul Levitz DC Comics entertained readers of all ages. It’s not until Dan Didio came along and published Identity Crisis that DC lost its way. Since then DC has been directionless. But this is what happens when one publisher has no publishing experience, the other (Lee) has driven a company into bankruptcy, and the editor in chief (Harras) ran another company into the ground back in the 1990’s.

We didn’t need a new DC Universe in 2011. And we don’t need 52 comic books on sale every month to get new readers now. What Warner Brothers needs to do is get rid of the three incompetent people running DC Comics into the ground and hire an new editorial team focused on producing books for readers of all ages.

I believe that with a new editorial team focused on working with creators towards crafting stories that maintain the mission and spirit of DC Comics that DC can get itself back on track. There are twenty million new younger readers out there eager to get their hands on a DC Comic. And their parents’ would be eager to share their favorite heroes with them if we can just let those creators produce content for them.

But first we need to replace this dysfunctional editorial regime with that new editorial team to start publishing books to reach those new readers.  But in order to get that change, we DC Comics fans have to stay in the fight.  This is a marathon, not a sprint!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DC Comics Management Proves Shawn Right- DC Comics is going in the WRONG DIRECTION

Recently someone at DC Comics told Paul Pope  that DC Comics only publishes comics for 45-year-olds.


Here’s the deal. When products reach a median age of 40 companies start making plans to discontinue them. Why? Because the audience for said products is SHRINKING.

Shrinking audiences mean shrinking profits. Just like DC is experiencing right now.With management like this, it’s no wonder why DC is turning into the new Hostess Foods.

First they said they were targeting 18-to-24-year-olds with their New 52. Now it’s 45-year-olds. Does Does anyone have a focus at DC Comics? Does anyone have a business plan at DC? Does anyone know how to run a BUSINESS at DC?

No wonder writers, artists, and licensors like Mattel are just frustrated about working with DC Characters. They have to deal with inmates running an asylum.

Clearly Dan Didio and his merry group of morons (Jim Lee, Bob Harras and Goeff Johns) have no idea on how to run a comic book company. They’re making comics for themselves with characters they like, not running DC like a business. They think their way of publishing comics is the ONLY way, not understanding that publishing in general has changed since 2008. Unfortunately, they’re stuck in the late 1980’s-early 1990’s in terms of story models and publishing DC .  A model that’s OBSOLETE in a post 2008 publishing marketplace.

There’s a reason why companies don’t target 45-year-olds: They are old and set in their ways as consumers. They refuse to try anything new and scoff at change.

And again, they’re a shrinking audience. The number of 45-year-olds will get smaller over the next 20 years. Why?  Death, old age and a shrinking income will wipe out a majority of these consumers. And who will be there to replace them?

No one. Because no one at DC is trying to reach those customers while they're young. 

In addition to thinking that DC Comics are only published for 45-year-olds Clueless Dan Didio thinks all-ages comics means Scooby Doo. And that “kiddie” comics (Books accessible to all readers) don’t have a place in his DC UNIVERSE.

Good Gravy.

Written for tweens and teens! 
All-ages reading!
So I guess books like My Isis series wouldn’t be considered all ages to him? Nor would a book like The Thetas. Or my All About Nikki screenplay eBooks. Those books feature complex plots, mult-dimensional characters and things like irony, foreshadowing, symbolism and other literary elements.

All of them are targeted at younger readers. But older readers enjoy them too. And they all move fairly briskly with audiences all over the world, especially women.

Markets of new readers the DC Comics could be reaching if they published titles like I do. But they’d rather shove violent grim N’ gritty 100-issue sagas down readers’ throats featuring immoral characters doing whatever they feel like in the hopes of pleasing a shrinking audience 45-year-old White men.

Didio needs to understand that all ages doesn’t mean dumbed down. It just means tailoring content so that it’s accessible to readers. Every story is its own entry point with its own beginning, middle and end. While some events are referenced, they aren’t directly connected to the previous story. It’s a story model that’s stood the test of time. It’s the foundation of good comic book storytelling.

But no one wants to go in that direction. No they think their “new and improved” approach will save the day for DC. Targeting 25,000-100,000 readers when twenty million children are waiting to get into comics. Moms and Dads who grew up with comics are desperate to get their kids reading them and share their love of superheroes with them.. Unfortunately, they can’t because the content is so graphic, so violent, and so sexually explicit.  

I’ve found in my ten years publishing books and eBooks audiences want All-ages stories. Libraries want them. Bookstores want them. It’s a growing market with customers chomping at the bit for product Money in the Bank for DC.

Sadly, DC still publishes titles for older readers. Readers other companies have charged to the game. DC is not only the new Hostess Foods, But the new Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. Old brands that are on the scrap heap because the management refused to change its failed approach to business.

There’s nothing wrong with DC's catalog of Superheroes. There’s only something wrong with Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Bob Harras’ approach to publishing comic books.  If Shawn was in charge of DC for 90 Days you’d see a difference in the approach to business and the products produced. Give me a year and the median age of a comic book reader would be down to 12-14 instead of 45. I’d make it my primary business to produce products targeted at those twenty million younger readers and their families, not old men who live in the basement with their mothers.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Identity Crisis-What Happened to DC Comics Superheroes?

Before the story Identity Crisis, DC Comics had a clear sense of its mission. DC Comics published  stories featuring Black and White Characters and a good moral message After this story went to print,  it seems like DC Comics fell into a gray area and lost its sense of direction. Some think Identity Crisis was a great story, but  I believe Identity Crisis was the story that created a Crisis of Identity at DC Comics.

Identity Crisis was the first event under the editorial leadership of current DC editor-in chief and co-publisher Dan Didio. Written by New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer, It was supposed to be a big event that “shook up” the DC Universe. It shook up the DC Universe alright. Unfortunately, it did so much  irreparable structural damage to the DC Universe that it took four reboots (Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, Flashpoint and the New 52) along with the epic storyline Blackest Night to try to fix it.

Unfortunately in the aftermath of all these attempted patches, the DC Universe is STILL broken.

If Shawn ran DC Comics in 2004 Identity Crisis would have never seen print. I believe it’d be better to pay best-selling author Brad Meltzer a kill fee than to publish a story that compromises the characters of the DC Universe and damages the DC Comics brand the way Identity Crisis did.

Before Identity Crisis, DC Comics superheroes were clearly the good guys. They stood for what was right, and always tied to do the right thing. They were decent people who came from good families who dedicated themselves to serving and protecting the public. Friends who stood for truth, justice and the American way.

There was always a line in the sand with a DC Comics Superhero. Sure some characters like Batman bent rules, but they never broke them. And when characters like Adrian Chase (Vigilante) did break those rules it was clearly shown that there was a penalty for such actions (After killing a police officer, it’s Chases’ own conscience is what led to him committing suicide.) Again, there was always a line in the sand in the DC Universe with the good guys. Heroes made it an effort not to kill. They always found another way to overcome the challenges presented to them.

On the other side of the coin, DC Villains were clearly the bad guys. And while they wore the Black hats they too had a line in the sand that they didn’t cross. Sure, guys like Lex Luthor and Bane committed crimes and had plans to take over the world. But there were some crimes they’d never commit like rape.

Until Identity Crisis.

In a flashback set during the 1970’s of Identity Crisis, super villain Dr. Light rapes the wife of Elongated man Sue Dibney on the Justice League satellite. And instead of consoling the wife of a fellow team mate and a close friend, the Justice League vote to wipe everyone’s mind and act as if nothing happened. Then Batman finds out and they decide to wipe his mind.

Having read comics from the Satellite era of Justice League I know, Identity Crisis has DC’s heroes acting out of character. I don’t believe that guys who worked in Law enforcement like The Flash and Hawkman would even consider proposing wiping Dr. Light’s mind. Both of these MARRIED men would sympathize with Ralph and Sue. Seeing Sue in pain would remind them of their own wives Iris and Shayera.

And The Flash was one of Ralph Dibney’s closest FRIENDS, he’d NEVER want to keep such a thing like the rape of his wife from him. If anything, both The Flash and Hawkman would want to HELP their friend the Elongated man and his wife get through this crisis.

Nor would I believe Zatanna a woman, would want to erase another woman's mind after experiencing such trauma, especially one she considered a friend. That's not something any woman of character would do. She'd be dishonoring her father Zatara by using her magic in such an unethcal way. If anything she'd be one of the first to console Sue.

And a guy like Hal Jordan who was an intergalactic cop would definitely protest. That kind of action is what separates Hal from Sinestro. Besides, Isn’t one of the standards to get a Green Lantern ring being completely honest? This would be one of the things that could get him kicked out of the corps.

And a liberal like Green Arrow would definitely not be for wiping any minds. He’s the kind of guy who believes in keeping things fair and that people have to be brought to justice. Moreover, he’s the kind of guy who would want the TRUTH to come out to show that the Justice League is all about getting JUSTICE, even for the bad guys like Dr. Light.

The secret gets revealed years later when Sue Dibney is murdered and her body is burned. That sends the DC Universe into a tailspin of paranoia where everyone heroes and villains are running around scared. Heroes are killed, villains are killed and even civilians like Jack Drake, the third Robin’s father.

The end result of Identity Crisis turned the black and white world of DC Comics into a muddled gray area. With DC’s heroes and villains stepping over the line in the sand established for close to 70 years, characters have no idea who they are and what they stand for. No one knows what good or evil is anymore. It became okay for the good guys to do things like lie, cheat steal, and even Kill.

That’s not the way of the Justice League or DC’s Superheroes. It’s the way of the Crime Syndicate or the Justice Lords. That’s why I believe this story should have never become canon in the DC Universe. It compromises the mission of DC Comics and what it means to be a DC Superhero.

In the attempt to return back to the line in the sand DC’s characters got more lost under Dan Didio’s management over the next five years. Good men like the Blue Beetle were murdered standing for what was right. Wonder Woman killed a man. Batman became paranoid and started spying on people. Liberal Heroes like Green Arrow who used to believe in the rights of others killed a villain without giving them due process. The recently resurrected Jason Todd an apprentice of batman (a man who hates guns) felt it was okay to carry guns and kill criminals. Wonder Woman went from an ambassador of goodwill from Paradise Island to a street vigilante dressed in a jacket and…pants. Straight laced good guy Barry Allen came back from the dead after 25 years and became just as amoral as the rest of DC’s current heroes. Superman went to Iran to fight for Iran’s freedom instead of Truth, Justice and the American way. DC Comics superheroes became so directionless, Superman took a trip to find himself.

And two years later the DC Universe was rebooted into the New 52 Universe. A place where there is no good, and no evil. Just a bunch of people dressed up in spandex and armor doing whatever the hell they want and calling it justice. In the new DC Universe we can’t tell who’s a super-hero or a super-villain. DC Superheroes spend more time fighting each other than the bad guys. Some of them think it’s actually okay to do the things that the bad guys do. DC’s characters went from wandering in the wilderness to sinking into a moral quicksand.

All while Dan Didio, Jim Lee , Bob Harras and Goeff Johns sit smugly thinking they've done such a great job. The new CEO of Warner Brothers needs to fire the entire lot of them. Over a decade with Didio in Charge and DC Comics is a pale shadow of its former self. The Hostess Foods of comic books.

It’s clear to me where DC Comics Lost its way When Dan Didio stated that he needed a “rape” for Identity Crisis. His pitiful attempt to shock readers by using Sue Dibney’s rape as a “gimmick” for a story changed the fun and entertaining world of DC Comics into a dystopian place filled with darkness and misery. Heroes who generations looked up to became as depraved as the villains they fought against. Readers no longer got quality stories that taught a good moral message about good triumphing over evil. Instead of DC Comics standing for Truth, justice and the American way, it became a place about people who get ahead by any means necessary. Instead of DC comics being an escape from problems and an inspiration for people to find a solution for them, they just became a reflection of real life.

And that’s sad. The DC Universe no longer has real heroes. In their place are people with the codenames of our DC’s heroes, but not the heart, soul, personality or spirit of them. They’re now just properties, not the people readers grew up to know and love in fantastic adventures. A way for corporate parent Warner Brothers to get rich from merchandising.

The heart and soul of DC Comics was lost when Identity Crisis was allowed to go to print. This story sent DC Comics into a tailspin in which the brand never recovered. In Dan Didio’s quest for success by any means necessary he compromised the content of the character of DC’s iconic heroes. Instead of being symbols of who we could be Now they’re soulless symbols of what we’ve become.