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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Ta Naheshi Coates & J J Abrams Working on Superman Reboot

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Isis' Black Costume Comes full Circle

A costume comes full circle.

Back in 1998 when I originally created Isis I gave her a black leather outfit. The sleek black costume with a mandarin collar and a gold ankh on the chest was inspired by Batman Beyond and Spider man’s black costume. Back then I was going for a futuristic take on the Egyptian gods.

However after seeing the release of Blade in 1998, The Matrix in 1999 and X-Men: The Movie in 2000 I decided to scrap that suit. There were too many characters in the media wearing Black leather. And I didn’t want Isis to be just another pretty face in black.

So Isis got a white top and kilt for her first story in 2002. I thought the outfit was more “Egyptian” looking and made her look distinct. Plus with her auburn hair it had more of a visual “Pop” than the black suit.

And Isis wound up wearing her white outfit for the last 18 years. But due to events in Isis: The Main Event she’s got to put on a new outfit for Isis: Revenge of the Cybergoddess.

This is where the BIG FIGHT STARTED! 
I wanted to do something special for the climax of the second story arc. While Isis’ white outfit provides great contrast to the Cybergoddess armor, I felt this story needed to show how Isis was ready to make a change to deal with Raheema’s threat.

So I pulled the black costume out of mothballs. 

For the newest version of the black costume I decided to update a few things to make the black suit a bit more modern like the gray sneaker soles which were inspired by Auska’s plugsuit from Neon Genesis Evangilion. Outside of that, it’s the same outfit I designed twenty years ago.

Will the black suit come back for more stories? Will the white kilt and top be back? You’ll have to keep reading the adventures of the goddess next door to find out.

Isis: Revenge of the Cybergoddess  will be Available on Kindle and Paperback in April 2021. This one is EPIC, if you thought the fight between John Haynes and God Katious in The Man Who Rules The World was big the fight in Revenge of the Cybergoddess takes it to another level!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Setting Up High Stakes In Comic & Fantasy Storytelling

Monday, February 15, 2021

John Haynes: Taking Care Of Business Sample Chapter

Here's a sample Chapter of the Upcoming John Haynes: Taking Care Of Business! Enjoy! 


Chapter 8





I’m about to change the channel on the big screen TV as the end credits of the episode of All About Nikki start playing. Maybe I should take Lilith up on her offer. I could give her some field training while I sampled the fare at the food festival. If she’s used to handling my kind of trouble we should be able to hang out in Brooklyn for a few hours once the maids finish cleaning the penthouse.

I’m rethinking my afternoon plans when I hear the private elevator come up. Looks like the housekeeping team is a little early. Maybe once they’re done I’ll see if Lilith wants to head downtown. When I turn away from the TV to greet Claritza and her team with a smile I’m surprised by a trio of Asian women I haven’t seen before. The three women dressed in black uniforms smile back at me when I inquire what happened to the regular housekeeping staff. “What happened to Claritza?” I ask.

“Claritza and her team took the day off.” The first maid tells me.

That’s not what she told me last night. “Did something come up?”

“Yeah, the supervisor said something came up.” The second woman says.

“I’ll go vacuum your bedroom Mr. Haynes.” A third woman says.

While the third housekeeper rushes down the hall with a vacuum cleaner, the two other women start going through their cart for cleaning supplies. “So where do you want to start?” I ask.

“Counts on where you want your body to be found.” One of the maids says pulling a pair of daggers from behind her uniform. 

As the first woman stalks towards me with her blades the second one grabs a meteor hammer out of her cart and starts twirling it. If I ever needed the backup of a bodyguard it’s right about now…


 You can pre-order your copy of John Haynes: Taking Care of Business on Kindle or pick up the paperback today!