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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Isis: The Main Event Sample Chapter

 Haven't had much time to blog over the last few weeks, I've been busy doing Radio shows, livestreams and promoting books. And in that time I finished writing the first draft of next year's Isis series story Isis: The Main Event. In this story The Goddess next door steps in a steel cage in an action packed Isis series story set in the squared circle! 

Chapter 10

I catch the serious look in Ashley’s eyes after I finish my molten lava cake. Now that we’ve outlined the story for our feud it looks like she’s ready to get to start getting to the business of having me beaten up by her wrestlers in the ring. Are you ready to see our facility Isis?” She asks.
Guess I better see where I’ll be working. “Sure.”
We ease up out of our seats and head out of the restaurant. After we walk through the busy mall of shops in the hotel’s lobby, Ashley stops at an elevator bank at the end of the hall and pushes the down button.” So where is the DDW facility?” I ask.
“Right downstairs.” Ashley replies.
Since we’re a part of the Hotel’s live entertainment everything is in-house.” Ashley continues. “Our arena, training facility and production studio are all part of the hotel’s operation.”
“And here I was thinking I thought Vegas Hotels had only topless flamingo dancers and Elvis Impersonators-”
“In another era.” Ashley says. “Today’s Vegas has a whole different set of house shows.”  
The elevator opens and we all get on. After Ashley presses B3, the elevator descends into one of the hotel’s sub-basements. Once it opens I see a wrestling ring set up a few feet away. While two girls in spandex workout gear are practicing their moves, others are working out on top-of-the-line gym equipment on the far side of the room. When we step out of the elevator everyone stops what they’re doing and focuses their attention on us. “Okay ladies,  listen up.” Ashley calls out as we step out on the floor. “We got new talent in the house.”
After Ashley calls out to her wrestlers, the girls who were working on their moves slide out of the ring and almost all the women working on the gym equipment stop working out and approach me. While one woman still continues to lift weights on the bench press, I put on a professional smile as I’m introduced to my new co-workers. “This is Isis.” Ashely says. “She’s gonna be working with us until Divastation.”
Before I can introduce myself to the Dangerous Divas, the woman who was lifting weights on the bench press drops her barbell back on the rack hard and jumps off the bench. As the tall mahogany colored woman dressed in black spandex and sneakers pushes through the group of women she points daggers at me. “So this is the girl who will be in the program with Nemesis?” she says in a thick African accent as she brushes her dreadlocks out of her face.  
“Yeah, Umbuttra, Isis is the girl who beat Nemesis in The War of the Gods.” Ashley replies.   
Umbuttra scowls as she peers down at me. “She’s a lot smaller than the girls who usually work here.” Umbuttra says.
Don’t let her size fool you.” Nemesis says. “Isis can handle herself in the ring.” Nemesis says.
 “I would probably snap her in two if I had a match with her in the Octagon.” Umbuttra says glowering at me.
I’d like to think I’d beat the crap out of this playfighter if we had a real fight. Maybe after I give her a little demonstration of how strong I really am she’ll back off.  I scoop up the big woman and hoist her above my head. “It’s not the size of the girl, but the power of her punch.” I jab.  
The wrestlers gasp as I effortlessly hold the six-foot woman in the air and meet Ashley’s blue eyes. “Looks like you’ve got an understanding of how to do a body slam.” Ashley says.
“Just trying out some of the basic moves I studied on YouTube.” I say heaving Umbuttra onto the mats around the ring.
After a round of raucous laughter, Ashley gets to business. “Well, we’ll see what you have in the ring tomorrow during practice.” Ashley says. “Right now we got a show to put on. Everybody get into costumes and get ready for tonight’s matches.”

Isis: The Main Event will be out sometime in Spring of 2020 Until then you can pick up 2019's Isis series book Isis: All That Glitters on in Kindle and Paperback!