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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Regrouping on The Isis Graphic Novel

Monday, April 29, 2019

Black Women & The Tenth Commandment

Eighty percent of Black Women say they are Christians. However, Eighty percent of Black women violate the Tenth Commandment without even knowing it.

The Tenth Commandment says thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house. However, most Black women covet everything White women have. 

The sad fact is most Black women covet the beauty that they believe White Women have in American society. They covet the attention White Women receive in American society. They covet the social status White Women have in American society. And they want to be elevated to the high position of social power White Women have been given by White Men in society.

When Black women covet the beauty of White Women they sin against The Living God. Making the image of White woman a god they put before the Living God who created them.

A God who said His followers are to have no other gods before them.

Jesus stated that no man can serve two masters, they’ll love one and hate the other. And Black Women shows how much she hates The Living God by her lust after the appearance and position of a White Woman.

When Black women covet White beauty and White beauty standards they deify White people. And instead of them having their eyes on God, they have their eyes on the White man and the White woman and make efforts to please them instead of the God who created them.  

Showing how little they Love the Living God. And how much they love the gods they truly serve, the White Man and White Woman. 

The reason why so many Black women deify White people and covet White beauty and White power is making the mistake of believing that the White Woman is her neighbor. However, she is not her neighbor.

She is her enemy.

An enemy who puts her at enmity with God. Because those who put a god before them like most Black women who worship White people have are an enemy of The Living God. And In their quest to receive the acceptance of False gods in this life, most Black women put their souls at risk of  eternal damnation. 

The Truth is as  Black women covet White beauty and White power they don’t love White women as they love themselves. Instead they are jealous and envious of them because they covet the attention their beauty standards and social position get them.

Coveting White Beauty and the position of White Women is not just self-hatred, it shows a hatred of God. It shows ingratitude towards the God who created Black women by saying what He created as perfect wasn’t good enough. That what He made needs to be changed to meet the standard of a false god.

When Black women sew in a White woman’s hair into their head bleach their skin and cut off their beautiful Black noses and lips to appear White, they show the world they don’t serve The Living God, they serve false gods, the White man and White Woman.

Black women need to understand that God made Black women. He knew what he was doing when he made your skin and He knew what He was doing when he made your hair. He made you in His Image. And He made you PERFECT.

Black woman, The Living God loves you. And you need to understand that if The God who created loves you and sees you as perfect you should love yourself enough to see the you He created as perfect.

God made your dark skin perfect. He made your kinky hair perfect. So stop trying to change it to meet the standard of beauty of a false god of your own creation.

Instead of coveting the White woman’s beauty and the position that White women have in Satan’s world system, Black women need to see the power of the position God has given them in His Natural Order. As the Helpmeet and support of the Black man God has given you great power. And if you embrace the love of the Living God and the Black Man he gave you, He will bless you to be in a greater place in His Kingdom  than any place you could be in The White Man’s fiefdom.

Friday, April 26, 2019

E’steem: The Sands Of Time Easter Eggs

E’steem: The Sands of Time was originally written to be a stand alone story that gave readers a look at E’steem’s past and show readers what kind of heroine she was before she became the she-demon.

Continuity wise in the SJS DIRECT Universe, E’steem: The Sands of Time takes place before the events of the eBook Baptism of Blood: TheOrigin of E’steem.

The story for E’steem: The Sands of Time was inspired by Disney Princess movies like Little Mermaid, Beauty And the Beast and Frozen. With E’steem: Sands of Time I wanted to write a story to show it was possible to write a story in the Disney Princess model featuring a Black Princess and tell a story of Black-On-Black love that transcended time.

Yeah, I know Disney made a movie featuring Black Disney Princess The Princess and the Frog. But Princess Tiana isn’t from a royal bloodline like E’steem is. Nor does she have a Black prince as a love interest like E’steem has.

 In The Sands of Time, E’steem is a Princess from the Royal Katian Bloodline who has been adopted by the Egyptian gods. So she’s a real Princess. And her prince John Haynes will grow up to become The CEO of Morris Phillips known as The Man Who Rules The World in her era. That’s as close to a king as you’ll get in America.

I wrote E’steem The Sands of Time to show Black perspective of Ancient Egypt. Every Egyptian character in the story is designed to be BLACK. And I wrote all the characters I imagined BLACK actors as the characters.

Princess E’steem is inspired by actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield. Whenever I write E’steem’s narrative and dialogue I always hear Salli’s voice as E’steem’s.
Salli was the voice of Elisa Maza in Disney’s Gargoyles in the 1990s, and from her work on that show and the strong performances she’s given in the numerous films she’s done over the years like How U Like Me Now, Posse, A Low Down Dirty Shame, Pastor Brown and I Will Follow, show she definitely has the acting ability to her play a Disney Princess.

With Sands of Time I wanted to show how Ancient Egyptian women had significant roles in the Egyptian empire and how they contributed to society. What many don’t know is Ancient Egyptian women had lots of rights in Ancient Egyptian society and could get educations and work in jobs at the side of men. And I wanted to show how women had job prospects in Ancient Egyptian society by showing how Princess E’steem aspired to become a priestess in Pharaoh, Osiris’ temple.

The Suitors Baka, Dartrius and Ma-Sil in E’steem’s past are inspired by the thirsty guys I’d see in my South Bronx neighborhood back in the 1980s. With the suitors I wanted to show how thirsty dudes are something that transcend time. If guys didn’t holla at females civilization wouldn’t go on!

E’steem’s suitor Baka is named after the Master Builder character the late Vincent Price played in the 1956 Cinematic classic The Ten Commandments. And the reason why working for one of the builders is to pay homage to that film.

E’steem’s suitor Dartrius is play on the name Darius. I thought the name was Egyptian enough for a guy.

E’steem’s Suitor Ma-Sil is inspired by actor Dondre T.Whitfield, Salli Richardson Whitfield’s husband. Whenever I heard Ma-Sil’s dialogue I always heard Dondre’s voice as Ma-Sil. I always thought Dondre had an amazing range as an actor from his roles like Robert on The Cosby Show, Terrance Frye on All My Children guest spots on shows like Girlfriends and Second Time Around. I thought he’d be great to voice over the suitor who was the most aggressive in his pursuit of E’steem.

The-Name Ma-Sil is a homage to Ka-El Superman’s Kryptonian name. It’s a homage to comic books, the place where I learned how to read and write.

I originally planned a chapter for the jealous girls E’steem said bullied her in E’steem: Ascension to be featured in Sands of Time, but just couldn’t fit them into the story.  Maybe in the next flashback story.

The 14-year-old John Haynes in this one is based on myself back in the days of the 1980s. I drew a lot from my freshman years at Park West High School to write the 14-year-old version of John Haynes. A lot of the problems I had were his and a lot of the routines John participated in back then were things I actually did growing up in the South Bronx. Story wise The John in this story is coming off the breakup he had with his first girlfriend Tisha that was mentioned in The Temptation of John Haynes and is trying to move past the bullying and harassment he endured in Junior High school. I wanted to give a glimpse of who he was in 1987 and how he would grow into the man he is today.

The run in with Durrell Kelly in John’s opening chapter of The Sands of Time is actually based on a real life experience I had with guys I used to go to school with at IS 148. Whenever they’d run into me on the train when I was going to Park West back in 1987 they’d love to bring up many of my past fights in Junior High. Back then I wanted to get a fresh start in High School and show people I could be an achiever who got good grades in school. Unfortunately, people back then didn’t want to see who I was working to become and kept trying to throw the past in my face.

The scenes of John Haynes in the 149th Street 3rd Avenue Train station at the start of The Sands of time were actually part of my routine when I was attending Park West High School. Back then I’d ride the 55 bus to the train station and take the 2 train to 72nd Street to get a 1 train to 50th Street to go to school.

On Fridays, I’d take the 2 train to 42nd Street and Times Square to get comic books from the newsstand there before taking a 1 train back up to 50th Street to go to school. Afterschool, on some Fridays I’d get a Two slices of pizza and I’d be ready to start my weekend watching Saturday morning cartoons.

14-year-old John’s outfit in Sands Of Time reverses the colors of his adult clothes. While the adult John wears a Forest green shirt, black jeans and Chelsea boots, the teenage John wears what teenagers wore back in 1987, a black mock turtleneck and his pants are olive surplus BDUs. He also wears Reebok Ex-O-Fit high tops like I wore back in my Park West days. 

The comic books John picks up were usually released on the Friday of the fourth week of the Month in 1987. Usually Batman, Iron Man, West Coast Avengers and Captain America came out at the end of the month in the late 1980s.

The TV Shows and movies John talks about Star Trek The Next Generation and Back To the Future 14-year old John talks about are Stuff I used to watch as a teenager. Back when my family used to rent videos in the 1980s I watched Back to the Future over a dozen times and that film and 1984’s The Terminator was the foundation for everything I learned about Time Travel Stories and the time travel story paradigm.

The Pharaoh Osiris is inspired by actor Samuel L. Jackson. Whenever I write Osiris I always hear Sam Jackson’s voice as the Pharaoh. Samuel L. Jackson has played everything from the hitman Jules in Pulp Fiction to Mace Windu in Star Wars prequel Films to Nick Fury in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. If there’s anyone who could play Egypt’s First Pharoah, it’s him.  

In The Sands of Time we see how close Osiris is to E’steem. The way E’steem playfully banters with her father in this story is a contrast to the bitterness she has for him in the first Isis. Osiris has big dreams and big expectations of E’steem and he wants to see her achieve them as a Child of the Gods.

Queen Isis is inspired by actress Angela Bassett. Whenever I’d write Queen Isis’ dialogue I always imagined Angela Bassett’s voice as the Queen. Angela Bassett has a regal presence like an Egyptian Queen, and I always wanted to see her play that role in a film.

In E’steem: The Sands of Time Queen Isis is concerned about E’steem’s well-being. She sees the pressure all of Osiris’ expectations are putting on her and just wants E’steem to enjoy her youth before taking on the adult responsibilities of becoming a priestess.

Both Queen Isis and Osiris’ subplots foreshadow the events of the storyline of Baptism of Blood- The Origin of E’steem and hint at E’steem’s future.

E’steem’s mentor Mamnet is inspired by actress Suzanne Douglas. Suzanne Douglas played the Mom in The Parent Hood. Whenever I’d hear Manmnet’s dialogue in my head I’d hear Suzanne’s voice. And her warm kind performance would be perfect for a High Priestess who was making efforts to prepare a young eager princess for the priesthood.

Mamnet is another name I took from the 1956 Cinematic Classic The Ten Commandments. However, this time I wanted to show how she was a servant of the Pharaoh, and not some bitter old crone like in the movie.

The villain of the story Decadia is inspired by actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Seeing Jada’s work in numerous films like Matrix Reloaded, Set It off, and Gotham I know she has the chops to play a high-tech villain.

 Decadia’s 1980s leather outfits and braided hairstyles are partially inspired by 1980s fashions and Jada’s leather outfits when she played Niobe in The Matrix Reloaded. Her futuristic leather outfits are meant to be a contrast to the Ancient Egyptian attire and John’s 80’s fashions.

The chapter where John is transported to Ancient Egypt is was inspired by a scene in the Canadian Animated series Class Of The Titans from Nelvana. In that animated series Herry, the descendant of Hercules is sucked down in the sands of a hourglass from our time to Ancient Greece. I thought that kind of visual effect would be fun way to bring John into Ancient Egypt and have his first confrontation with Decadia and her Chronosoldiers.

Lucifer is inspired by actor Keith David. Whenever I write Lucifer’s narration and dialogue I always hear Keith David’s voice as Lucifer.

The Chapter where John Plays Whitney Houston’s How Will I know is inspired by a scene in the movie Back To The Future Where Marty McFly is in the 1950s and plays Van Halen to wake up his future Dad to give him the message to ask his mother out. With that chapter I wanted to show how music brings people together

I chose Whitney’s How Will I know because it’s a fun perky song and captures the spirit of the 80s. It encapsulates the innocence of teenage love, and makes us ponder how will E’steem know if she loves John.

The Chapter where Esteem washes John’s feet is based on a tradition in Ancient Egypt. Usually when a traveler was a guest in a wealthy man’s home his servants would wash their hands and feet. For a Princess to attend to a man and wash a man’s feet is a sign that he is an honored guest in their home. And that the Princess has a thing for him.

The bedroom encounter between teenage E’steem and John is meant to contrast events that transpired in Chapter 102 of The Temptation ofJohn Haynes. Both scenes are meant to show how consistent E’steem’s character is as related to her moral beliefs and principles. It’s that dedication to her beliefs that lead E’steem to make hard choices regarding her relationship with John in both stories.

The love story of The Sands of Time isn’t just about John and E’steem falling in love, but showing how much they love those who don’t love them. John and E’steem are two misfit teenagers who the world has shown no love in either of their eras. And even though they have found love with each other, they selflessly sacrifice their relationship to save a world of people who haven’t shown them any love. What makes E’steem and John heroes in this story is the courage they have to let each other go and the faith they have in God knowing that He’ll let them find each other again when His time is right.

I was working on E’steem: The Sands of Time when my father passed away in December of 2017. I think I was writing around Chapter 32 or so when I got the news.

I stopped work on E’steem: The Sands of Time to go to his funeral in North Carolina and didn’t return to work on the book until January. Even though I grieved his loss I committed myself to finish the story.

E’steem: The Sands of Time and The Legendary Mad Matildawere the two books I was working on when I found out about my father’s health issues in 2017. They’re two books that mean a lot to me because they’re the last two books I was working on when he was alive.

I originally planned to release E’steem Sands of Time as part of the Spring 2018 catalog as a standalone with Isis: Escape From Transylvania and John Haynes: A Conversation With Death. But Bill Walko wasn’t available to do the cover in June.

 So I postponed the book until the fall when he was available making it a part of Fantasy Flashback Fall with another delayed book 2016’s Isis: Imitation of Life. And Bill gave me a MASTERPIECE of a cover in October. If I ever made an animated version of Sands of Time, Bill would be the artist I’d hire to do the designs and lead the animation team!

The response to E’steem: The Sands of Time has been extremely positive. Since its release in October 2018 it’s been the best-selling E’steem series book EVER. It’s received critical praise from readers and is seen by many as a heartwarming love story on the level of Disney’s Princess movies.

Will I do another story about teenage E’steem? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

E’steem Goddess Of? Now Available in Paperback & KindleUnlimited


ISBN-13: 978-1979732161

Torment! While E’steem prepares for her new role as a goddess, the demonic dominatrix Avarisk, The Tormentor hopes to make her life a living hell when she pays a visit to the Island of Solitude. Can New Heliopolis’ new goddess use her new powers to beat back the deadly dominatrix?

If you’ve read E’steem: Ascension, you definitely have to pick up E’steem Goddess of?! Dealing directly with the aftermath of the events of E’steem: Ascension and all the major changes the E’steem character went through in that story this story showcases E’steem’s new avatar powers as she takes on the deadly demonic dominatrix Avarisk, The Tormentor.

And if you’re new to the E’steem series, this is the book you want to pick up. This is the start of E’steem’s second story arc. Now that E’steem is no longer a part of Lucifer’s Legion, she’s getting ready to take her life in new direction. LOTS OF BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN THIS STORY! SO YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

John Haynes: The Man With Nothing To Lose Cover Concept #1


Decided to break out the custom action figures to design a cover concept for the upcoming John Haynes: The Man With Nothing to Lose.

I was looking at some images of the late Patrick Macnee and Dame Diana Rigg portraying John Steed And Emma Peel from The UK’s Avengers TV series and I got inspired. Steed and Peel represented the image of a power couple in these images. 
And I thought an Black man and a Black woman standing together back to back would represent an image of strength, confidence and power when it was presented on the cover.

I had to make a few changes to the composition of the figures to tell my own story about Black-on-Black love John’s fist up shows his strength as a man ready to take a stand and fight for what’s right, and E’steem’s hand glowing with light shows how she inspires him to keep fighting. As I see it when a Black woman is standing by her Black man he’s a man with nothing to lose, because he knows she’ll have his back.

This is the cover concept I’m the most eager to see rendered by a professional comic artist. I think it tells a POWERFUL story of Black-on-Black love and is the kind of image that shows how John and E’steem are the power couple in the SJS DIRECT Universe.

I’ve got a more action oriented cover concept I’m sketching out in my imagination with John facing off against The Block, a villain inspired by rapper Notorious B.I.G. In that concept I’m imagining John is facing off against one of his former bullies in the Junior High school lot one last time. I’m hoping to get that one on paper soon.

John Haynes: The Man With Nothing to Lose is in the middle of its second draft and I’m hoping to have it available by 2020. Until then you can pick up the first book in the John Haynes series: John Haynes: A Conversation With Death at Amazon in Paperback or KindleUnlimited. And you can get caught up on John’s story by picking up the book that started it all TheTemptation of John Haynes and its sequel The Man Who Rules The World on in paperback and  e-readers!  

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Difference A Narrative Makes in A Story


When I write stories I oftentimes use a revolving first person perspective to give a reader insight into what a particular character is thinking. As the reader reads the chapter of the story being told from one character’s viewpoint it’s like a camera lens that lets us see the action from their perspective.

However, when I use that revolving first person perspective to present those contrasting viewpoints it leads to some unanswered questions for the reader: What’s the other character thinking about that scene? What does the action look like from their perspective?  How would their perspective give a reader insight into the story if I told it from their narrative instead?

I decided to explore a change in narrative with a chapter from of my novels, Spinsterella . In the published edition of Spinsterella we get to see Matilda’s thoughts regarding her sexual encounter in the hotel room with The Quiet Man in Chapter 17. However, over the Christmas Holidays I decided to write that chapter from the perspective of The Quiet Man for fun. From his narrative of the events there are some significant changes in perspective and significant changes in descriptions of the details of the action.

If you have a copy of Spinsterella, you can compare the published Chapter 17 to The Quiet Man’s perspective view of the action and see the difference a narrative can make to a story.

Chapter 17

What do you do when an attractive woman asks you to spend time with her? I think the answer to that question is fairly obvious.
I think can spare an hour or two to hang out with Matilda. Since we’re having such a great time I don’t think Mom will mind me spending a little overtime at work. The only thing I’m worried about is the possibility of an evening with the office ghoul turning into a sexual harassment case. However, from the flirtatious smile I’m given after accepting her invitation I don’t think I have to worry too much about my job. Yet.
I get a good look at Matilda’s sexy backside as she saunters over to the sofa and gestures for me to have a seat. As I silp off my barn coat and drop it on the far end of the sofa next to my swag bag, Matilda takes off her Santa hat, slips off her sandals and drops them on the coffee table. If she’s taking off her shoes it looks like she’s looking to get comfortable. “You like It’s a Wonderful Life?” Matilda asks taking the remote off the coffee table.
I don’t think a movie that dark will set a festive mood. “Nah, that’s too depressing.” I reply falling into the center cushion of the sofa.  
“How about Scrooge?”
Work with me here Mattie. I’m trying to liven the mood here. “Miracle on 34th Street has always been one of my favorites.”
Matilda points the remote at the huge LCD TV across from us and scrolls down the series of movies on the hotel’s on-demand service finding the holiday classic on the listings. While it starts to play on the big screen, I fall back on the cushions and relax. As I’m getting into the story of the holiday classic I feel Matilda’s hand fall on my thigh. I’m thinking she’s just getting comfortable until I feel her fingers crawling into the waistband of my khakis. Hold on. Is she putting a move on me?
Looks like she is.  I’ll just play this cool until I see where things go. I keep my eyes focused on the TV screen as I feel her slender manicured fingers creeping through my man forest and brush against my cock. It takes all my resolve to keep my eyes on the TV screen when she starts stroking me off. Man, she’s got a way with a dick, my cock is practically throbbing from the handjob she’s given me.
I don’t think she’s done; I feel her hand slip out of my pants and reach for the buckle of my belt. I pretend to indifferently watch the Holiday Classic as Matilda slides off the sofa and starts unbuttoning my khakis. After she unzips my khakis and I feel her hands grabbing for the waistband of my pants and boxer briefs my eyes meet hers in a glance. I keep trying to play it cool as I feel Matilda yanking down my pants and boxers, parting my thighs and taking my hard cock in her hands. When I feel her ebony lips kiss the head of my dick I feel a shock surge throughout my body from my head to my toes.  I keep trying to act indifferent as I feel her tongue run down up and down my shaft before warmth of her mouth envelops my member. When she gets a rhythm going and her cheeks sink in I can’t play indifferent anymore. She feels so good; when I let out a grunt she takes my dick out her mouth and gives me a playful smile. “Dude, you know I’m sucking your dick.” She teases.
I keep laying it cool.“…And-”
“So you were just gonna let me suck your dick?”
Er…Yeah. “You looked like you were having a good time.”
Matilda lets out a laugh on hearing my response. “Dude you are so wrong!” She chuckles as she slaps my thigh.
“Well, what do you do when an attractive woman wants to suck your dick?” I ask.
“I guess I can’t argue with that logic.” Matilda concedes.
“So are you gonna finish?”
Matilda shrugs her shoulders and starts getting back to polishing my knob. As she starts going down on me again I look down at her slinky sexy red dress. Looks like it cost a lot of money. And I’d love to see her in it again. “You better get out of that dress.” I request meeting her eyes.
“Why?” Matilda asks taking my cock out of her mouth again.
“I’d hate to see it get ruined.”
Matilda hops out from between my legs and springs to her feet. As she reaches for the teardrop zipper on the back of her dress I take in the strip show while she peels the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and eases them down. My eyes grow wide seeing her breasts fall out of the slinky silk garment and it falls into a puddle of cloth at her feet. Damn, spooky got a body on her. Looks like she spends more time at the gym than she does in the graveyard. When I get a look at the mistletoe embroidered on her G-String I wonder if she’ll let me have taste of her sweetness. “You were expecting someone to kiss the mistletoe? I flirt.
I’m give a playful smile back on the inquiry that tells me she was. “Nah, these panties just make me feel festive.”
Maybe next time. I smile taking in the sight of all the graceful lines of the soft sculpted muscles of the Goth Monster Au Natural. “I have to admit I was expecting to see some tattoos.”
Matilda gives me a look on the observation as she puts her hands on her hips. “Dude, tattoos are for whores and sailors.
“And you’re a Lady Monster.”
“Yes, I am.” Matilda says giving me a flirtatious smile.
Matilda gives me a playful look before she gracefully falls back to her knees. As she dives into my cock with both hands she swirls her tongue around the head of my member before her head starts bobbing up and down on it. Man, she’s really tearing into my dick; when I see her cheeks sink in again, I start thinking about math equations in the effort to keep from busting a nut. After a good minute of working my dick like a porn star I meet her brown eyes as she takes a breath “Getting tired?” I ask.
“I’m okay.” Matilda says as she takes my cock out of her mouth and takes a deep breath.
Well, I don’t want her to get winded on just the foreplay. Maybe she needs to take a break. “I think you ought to lie down.” I request.
I’m given another smile as Matilda hops off her knees into a crouch. After she slinks onto the sofa she nestles her head on my stomach and starts stroking me off I see if I can get her off too. I slide my hand across her toned firm backside and slip them between her legs. As my fingers brush back her G-string and I slide my fingers inside her Matilda lets out a gasp. When I hear her chuckle and start to purr, I smile. I start stroking her gently and slowly, in a few moments she throws her head back and lets out a scream when she climaxes. 
After she comes down from the orgasm Matilda gives me an eager smile as she meets my eyes. “Dude, I’m gonna need you to get out of those clothes.” She requests.
“You wouldn’t want me to make a mess.”
When an attractive woman asks you to get naked, you get naked. Matilda hops off me and I ease up off the sofa. As I start undressing, I feel Matilda’s eyes on me. When I see her stepping out of her G-string I catch the hungry look in her eyes. Now I know why she didn’t want me to have the shrimp at the Christmas party. She sees me as her main course.
Once I’m undressed I feel the Goth Monster’s eyes on me. I’m about to lean in for a kiss but Matilda stops me with a finger she puts to my lips. “Why don’t you have a seat?” Matilda requests.
I guess after all the foreplay she wants to get right to business. I flop on the center of the cushion of the sofa. As Matidla climbs on top of me I feel the anticipation building between us. Once she straddles my hips and I feel the warmth of her velvet walls enveloping me I let out a roar once I’m inside her. Man, she’s really putting it on me, her pussy is putting a vice grip on my dick. How long has it been since she last got some?
Matilda must really be into me, I hear the sounds of her thighs slapping against mine as she rides my dick. As her breasts and her black widow pendant bounce up and down and hit me in the face I try to slow the frenzied pace of her hips. I cup her breasts in my hands and give her a gentle pinch on the nipples. She throws her head back from the orgasm then her body melts in mine as she nestles her head on my chest.
After she comes down from the second orgasm I’m given a horny smile. “Want to take this in the bedroom?” She purrs.
With the way she’s into me I have to wonder if she wants me to spend all of the Holidays with her. I nod my head as Matilda hops off me. After I take her black manicured hand I ease up off the sofa and follow the slender chalk colored woman out of the living room into the luxurious master bedroom suite. Once we’re in the bedroom she falls into the duvet, rolls over, and gets on her hands and knees before giving me a playful smile that tells me to come on. I jump in bed behind her and smile as she pokes that sexy ass of hers in the air. I become filled with anticipation as I ease myself inside her. I grab her around her small waist and stroke her slowly then start getting a rythym going with my hips. As I hear the sounds of her firm toned hips slapping against mine, I hear her letting out screams of pleasure. Her walls squeeze me tightly, I can’t take much more of this; I get one last look at that firm toned ass of hers before I let out a loud grunt and feel myself exploding in an incredible orgasm that hits me in the head and sends me collapsing into the duvet. Man, that definitely wasn’t what I was expecting.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

John Haynes: Dark Succubus Cover Concept

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working hard on The John Haynes Dark Succubus Cover Concept.

Since this one has a sequence in the realm of dreams I wanted it to be a bit surreal with the Succubus wrapping her wing around a calm cool and collected John.

From what I’ve read the Succubus is a dark temptress who seduces men with their beauty and promise them their heart’s desires. Then as they fall for their charms they take their souls on the road to Hell. While John has been tempted by former  she-demons like E’steem in the past, he’s going to have his resolve tested when he matches wits with Selene a sultry sexy succubus who thinks she can manipulate him into betraying his Lord with an offer he just can’t refuse.  

Hoping to RETIRE This cover soon!
Full Shot of Selene!
I want the story for John Haynes Dark Succubus’ cover to be a contrast to what I’m planning for upcoming Temptation of John Haynes cover refresh where E’steem in her demon form will be offering a piqued John an apple to symbolize how he’s being tempted by The Devil. With John Haynes being one of the more popular characters in the SJS DIRECT Universe I want to put a quality cover on The Temptation of John Haynes so readers will have an incentive to pick up the book that started it all!  

 I’m hoping to have John Haynes: Dark Succubus out this year. The book is edited and uploaded to Kindle in Paperback and Kindle. All I’m waiting for is the cover art. Until then you can catch up on the John Haynes series by picking up The Temptation of John Haynes, The Man Who Rules The World and  John Haynes: A Conversation With Death in Paperback and Kindle!