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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Daredevil Season 4 Coming to Disney+

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thoughts on Disney+ She Hulk- Madea Goes Gamma

Friday, May 13, 2022

E’steem: Horror of the Hyena Woman Now Available in Paperback and Kindle on


ISBN: 979-8414667292
Hyena! A horrifying hyena woman is terrorizing Times Square. Can Hell’s Aspiring Angel help the NYPD's Supernatural Affairs Division stop this wicked African Were-Woman before she kills again?
I got inspired to write E'steem: Horror of the Hyena Woman from a conversation with one of my YouTube viewers and Facebook friends. After he told me about the legend of the Hyena man, a werewolf who stalked Africa, I decided to create my own version of the character. 
I also drew inspiration from one of my favorite Disney animated series Disney's Gargoyles for the model for this story. Disney's Gargoyles was the first place I saw actress Salli Richardson-Whitfeild perform when she did the voice of Elisa Maza. Salli is the inspiration for E'steem and Disney's Gargoyles was one of the major influences on my writing. I always loved how Greg Wiesman always had a great mix of mythology, action and fantasy in the episodes of Gargoyles and I wanted to capture the spirit of an episode of Disney's Gargoyles with Horror of the Hyena Woman. 
I had a lot of fun writing this story and I'm hoping you'll have as much fun reading it!  You can get your copy of E'steem: Horror of the Hyena woman in paperback and kindle on right now!

Friday, April 1, 2022

E'steem: Horror Of The Hyena Woman
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8414667292
Hyena! A horrifying hyena creature is terrorizing Times Square. Can Hell’s Aspiring Angel stop this wicked African Were-Woman before she kills again?
This story was inspired by one of my viewers and Facebook friends from Africa! Pre-order your Kindle copy today!


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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

John Haynes: At Death's Door Art is FINISHED!



John Haynes: At Death’s Door Comic Art is DONE!


Antonio Baldari has completed the last page of the art for John Haynes: At Death’s Door! All 32 pages are FINISHED!


Antonio has done a FANTASTIC job on the art for John Haynes: At Death’s door and I’d like to thank him for taking the time to do all the art for the comic!


And I’d like to thank all those Patreon patrons, YouTube viewers and donors to the Ca$happ and Paypal. If it wasn’t for your support I wouldn’t be able to get the funds to this comic to print!


Currently, Antonio is finishing up the rough early pages to get them consistent with the later ones. Once I get all the finished pages and the cover, I’ll be sending them to the letter then launching the Kickstarter for John Haynes: At Death’s Door!


I can’t wait to get the finished comics to print! And I can’t wait to share the finished comic with everyone! Counting down the days until I launch the Kickstarter!

Friday, March 18, 2022

Isis: Legacy is Now Available in Paperback and Kindle! Get your copy today!

 Isis: Legacy is now available in paperback and kindle!

Legacy! Isis travels to the Theta House in upstate New York to meet Colleen Anderson, the granddaughter of her late best friend Alma Travis. After getting to know her new sorority sister, Colleen starts to figure out Isis is more than human. Will she figure out the secrets of Isis’ New Heliopolitan heritage?
Isis: Legacy is the 20th Isis series book and celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Isis series in print! The conclusion to the Thetas Story arc, it concludes the second story arc in the Isis series! So you don't want to miss out on this one!
Get your copy of Isis: Legacy on in paperback or Kindle today!

Saturday, February 19, 2022

John Haynes: At Death's Door Principal Story Art is DONE!

Got the 30th page of John Haynes: At Death's Door from Antonio Baldari on Friday! So the principal art for the John Haynes: At Death's Door Comic is DONE! Now I'm just waiting for the epilogue and the cover! Once I get that art it goes to the letterer and I launch the Kickstarter! 

I couldn't have gotten this far without the support of all you patrons. Thanks for all the donations that helped make this comic happen! 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Isis: Legacy Cover By Bill Walko


Just got the concept sketch from Bill Walko for Isis: Legacy. And I love it! 

 Bill tells a great story in this image. I love how this sketch shows how Isis has been a part of Black history for the last century. Bill did a fantastic job show how Isis was a sophisticated sista during the 1940s. The portrait of Andrea Thomas Robinson reminds me of all the photos of the beautiful Black women I saw in old magazines like Ebony and Jet. I love how dignified and elegant Andrea Thomas Robinson looks! In some ways her painting reminds me of the iconic Curt flood portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! 

 And I love how modern Isis and Colleen looking at the photo contrasts the portrait. Both Isis and Colleen show how much the world has changed for Black women and how there’s a lot more diversity to black culture today with Colleen the Black Goth Girl on the left and Isis in her more contemporary street clothes on the right. I wanted this cover to pay homage to Black women of the past and show how sistas today appreciated the sacrifices they made to get us to today.


Isis: Legacy is the conclusion of The Thetas story arc. The Thetas was the novel that introduced Isis to the SJS DIRECT Universe. Isis came into the modern SJS DIRECT Universe when Colleen saw the picture of Andrea Thomas Robinson on Doc’s nightstand and the portrait in the vestibule of the Theta House. I further explored Isis’ backstory in The Thetas in Isis: Imitation of Life and Isis: Death of A Theta. In Isis: Imitation of Life readers saw how Isis was a hero during the dark days of Jim Crow by teaching young Black girls to love themselves, and in Isis: Death of a Theta readers saw her pass on the leadership of The Thetas to Doc Flowers, Colleen’s mentor in The Thetas. With Isis: Legacy I wanted to bring things full circle by having Isis finally meet Colleen. This was a story thread that had been building from Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess. Something would just get in the way of Doc introducing Isis to Colleen. With Colleen Anderson being a major character in the SJS DIRECT universe, I wanted the meeting of Isis and Colleen to be an event. 

 Isis: Legacy is the conclusion of the second story arc that started with Isis: Wrath of The Cybergoddess. What role will Colleen play in the third story arc? Will she be following along as Isis goes where she’s needed? Will she replace Doc? Will there be a culture clash as Goth Girl gets to know the Goddess next door? Could the Goth N’Lovely Spinsterella make an appearance in a future story? I’m still working out the details for the third story arc of the Isis Series. And those could be possibilities for future storylines. 

Isis Legacy is now available in Paperback and coming to Kindle in March! Pre-order your kindle version today!