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Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Sunday, June 14, 2020

E’steem: Blast From the Past Cover By Bill Walko


Just got the new cover for E’steem: Blast From The Past from Bill Walko this week and it looks FANTASTIC!


For this follow up to 2018’s E’steem: The Sands of Time I draw inspiration for this cover from George Perez’s CLASSIC cover for Marvel Two-In-One #50. Since that comic dealt with time travel and taking on a past self, I felt it fit the story I was telling about E’steem and John Haynes taking on the demon E’steem of the past. 


Bill did an AMAZING job on E’steem: Blast From the Past’s cover! I love how he pays homage to legendary comic artist George Perez while telling his own story. I love how he changed the figure compositions to reflect female body language (Men and Women’s bodies move differently) and made the action so dynamic that it looks like it’s moving. I feel like I’m watching a scene from an E’steem animated series!


Oh yeah and Rubble. If you’re paying homage to George Perez you gotta have rubble. It was a staple of all those late 1970s Marvel Covers that made the battles on them feel so EPIC. I think George Perez would smile if he saw this one!



E’steem: Blast From The Past will be available this fall in Paperback and e-reader formats. You’ll definitely want to pick this one up because it’s going to feature the first SJS DIRECT comic an adaptation of E’steem: No Good Deed by Bill Walko! Patreon Patrons will get that strip for FREE!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Temptation of John Haynes Cover Refresh By Mike Williams

The Temptation of John Haynes has a new cover by Mike Williams.
With the popularity of the John Haynes series I wanted to put a new cover on The Temptation of John Haynes to get more people buying the book that started it all. I figured with a new cover and the new trade dress readers would quickly recognize Temptation and pick it up along with A Conversation With Death, Dark Succubus, and The Man With Nothing To Lose.
Mike did an AMAZING job on this cover, he took the story of my old cover and made it into a MASTERPIECE! It’s like a painting!
I love how John appears to be calm, cool and collected in the face of E’steem’s seduction. And I love how devilish E’steem appears. From that wicked smile to those evil eyes she appears to be a deadly female predator out to take John’s soul.
The Temptation of John Haynes NEW COVER is now LIVE on Amazon and online retailers like Smashwords and Google Play so pick up or download a copy today!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Isis: Revenge Of The Cybergoddess Color Concept Art

I spent my Thursday night last week coloring all the concept art I did for Isis: Revenge of the Cybergoddess. Wanted to wait till I got some new markers. But sadly eBay and Staples failed me. So I had to work with the decade old markers in my old set. Even though Several of the markers in my 10-year old Bic Mark-it set have dried out completely, I managed to put together color models I believe will pop on the final cover. 

Did a color model of the cover concept. Want to to use the spire of the Freedom Tower in the background like the Ross Andru Superman Vs. Spider-Man for an update on that classic image, but I’m also leaning towards One Times Square as the background piece. The only thing that keeps me from using One Times Square in the background is the fact that it’s fairly low and all the Jumbotrons and the ads on them would be busy and distracting from the battle. 

Also did a color models on Isis’ Black costume pinup. Wanted this one to be SEXXAY. I’m hoping the commissioned art will be as sexy as those old Jet Beauty of the Week photos.

And I also did color models of cybergoddess 3.0 Was gonna use the same navy blue and steel blue on Cybergoddess 3.O but those markers are…DEAD. I spent a good week trying to order new ones from Staples and eBay but…couldn’t get anything shipped. So I had to go with a new color palatte. Since 3.0 is an upgrade I figured Raheema would want to swap out some colors to signify the changes to her design.  

Getting ready to put together the storyboard for the art for the Isis: Revenge of the Cybergoddess Cover and the pin-up. And I’d love to get some fanart to put in the back of the book to go along with the pin up! So if you want to do some fanart I’d be glad to publish it in the upcoming Isis: Revenge of the Cybergoddess paperback and eBook!