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Friday, December 12, 2008

RAWSISTAZ Review of The Cassandra Cookbook

Here is the RAWSISTAZ Review of The Cassandra Cookbook:

The Cassandra Cookbook by Shawn James Publishing, August 2008
264 Pages, Paperback,
ISBN: 160264229X
Genre: Romance

RAW Rating: 3.5 (out of 5)

Cassandra’s parents own a bakery in Brooklyn and named it after their only child, Cassandra. It is a very popular stopping place for those needing tasty baked goods. It’s so good, a large company, ITC Foods, wants to buy the rights to the cookbook and sell the products nationwide. The deal will make enough money for her parents to retire to Florida and leave the running of Cassandra’s to Cassandra. Cassandra is engaged to a lawyer and her wedding is fast approaching. While negotiating with her parents, she leaves the shop in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, when she reaches her home, she discovers her fiancĂ© is keeping secrets from her. The wedding is off. While setting up the ITC takeover of the cookbook, Cassandra meets Simon James, the company representative. There is an immediate attraction between them, but because of Cassandra’s former relationship, she has difficulty letting down her defenses. Simon is not about to give up and he pursues her. Simon has his own issues – one being his very controlling mother. Will these two ever get together? And will Cassandra actually sell the recipes? THE CASSANDRA COOKBOOK by Shawn James is the story of love and money – which is more important? The characters are well-developed and it is easy to see how they arrive at their decisions. There were side characters and action that kept the book moving. It is good entertainment.

Reviewed by alice Holman,

Remember, there's still time to pick up a copy for yourself or someone you love. Makes a great gift!

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