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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


I had been eager to take a look at Spike Lee and Rusty Cundeiff’s Tales From the Hood 2 because the way Keith David portrays the Devil is similar to the way I wrote Lucifer in TheTemptation of John Haynes. Unfortunately, in Rusty Cundieff and Spike Lee’s attempt to make social commentary in between their tales of terror they produce a film that’s so filled with social justice narratives that it’s practically propaganda for the Democratic Party.

I never thought Black filmmakers could produce a movie more racist than minstrel shows of the 1920s.  But here we are.

Tales From The Hood isn’t a horror movie. It’s far left propaganda masquerading as a horror movie. The film opens on The Devil driving in an Escalade to see Dumass Beach, a politician and businessman who is Spike Lee’s and Rusty Cundieff’s stand in for Donald Trump. Beach is developing the RoboPatriot a robot who will be the future of Law enforcement that will make America Great Again. But to make the RoboPatroiot really great it needs to hear some stories from The Devil. Because it’s a learning robot it’ll imbibe the information it gets and use it to go after all those pesky Nigras.  

The first tale Good Golly… Good Gravy. I can’t believe a Black man made this. In their attempt to tell a story about Black racism, Rusty Cundieff and Spike Lee make a story so racist it’s not funny. The story features a white girl and her black friend who go to visit a Black museum filled with racist propaganda. And during the visit the white girl has a fixation on the Golliwog doll, a doll that’s a representation of an old racist stereotype of the Antebellum South. The old man talks about Branding in a sequence that is well, done, but Cundieff’s heavy handed storytelling makes the story fall apart as the White girl, her black friend and her brother go to steal the doll. As the story progress the brainless bedwench and the Whie boy get killed and the White girl…Has sex with the Golliwog doll. And To conclude the story nine months later she dies as she births a bunch of Golliwog dolls in a sequence that isn’t horrific in a scary sense, just horrific in the fact that a Black man produced something this racist and put it onscreen.

The second tale is a disjointed one that involves thugs who kill a reformed pimp. To get at the man’s fortune, the thugs invade the home of a fraudulent psychic. The psychic actually gets powers and kills the guys, then goes out to pimp the white folks in the new body he possesses.  

I guess the moral of the story of this one is that in order for a Black man to achive success he needs to be…White?  Who knows? But the movie goes on as The Devil continues to tell racist tales to make Dumas Beach’s robot get a better understanding of Nigras and why they are bad.

The third tale features a pair of sexually deviant beta Black and Hispanic males who decide to pose as Hollywood agents, drug some women and attempt to rape them. Only to find when they are making their video the women are…Vampires. And instead of the guys becoming undead on the first bite, the women decide to feed them to their past victims.

Clearly someone didn’t do their research.  And they don’t know the difference between Vampires and Zombies. People become vampires after being bitten by a vampire. Zombies eat human flesh to live.

But Cundieff and Lee are so caught up in their zeal to malign Donald Trump they can’t put the basic components together for a vampire story.

Good Gravy.

The fourth tale is the one that REALLY Pisses me off. These bastards drag the name of the late Emmitt Till through the mud to make their commentary about Black people supporting Conservatives and Donald Trump.

Rod Serling this ain’t. In the most heavy handed preachy and misinformed tale, we have a Black conservative with a pregnant White wife who is shamed by family and the ghost of Emmitt till, the four girls who died in the church bombing and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  As the Klan patrol in white outfits and Nazi helmets comes to beat him up, Emmit and the victims of Jim Crow tell him he has to make a sacrifice. And that sacrifice is to die committing to….The Democratic Party.


If only Rusty and Spike knew that the racists who were running the Jim Crow South like Bull Connor were DEMOCRATS. And Jim Crow’s racist policies that made Blacks second class citizens in the country they built were created by DEMOCRATS.

It was towns filled with DEMOCRATS who made up the all-white jury who acquitted the men who murdered Emmit Till. And 60 years later it was a DEMOCRATIC President Barack Obama who did NOTHING when his attorney General let George Zimmerman get away with the murder of Trayvon Martin by refusing to file federal civil rights charges against him. And it was DEMOCRATS who didn’t pursue federal civil rights charges against Darren Wilson or Daniel Pantaleo for the murders of Michael Brown or Eric Garner.  And it was a DEMOCRAT who recently convicted Bill Cosby for sexual assault.
BuBut Cundieff and Lee give those DEMOCRATS a Pass for their continuing and ongoing racism…Because Trump is EVIL.

This was the story that pissed me off the most. I’m no Trump supporter, but if Cundieff and Lee wanted to make a Serling-esque commentary they should’ve used Tales From The Hood to take Eric Holder for his cowardice or take a shot at George Zimmerman by having a character who is praised as a hero for murdering a so called thug followed by the ghost of the boy he murdered.

But that kind of storytelling requires objectivity and imagination. Something that the producers of Tales From The Hood don’t have. They’d rather use the horror genere as a way to shame Black people for making what they believed was the wrong choice in the 2016 election.

FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT. I came here for a Black horror movie, not a lecture on who to vote for. We don’t get that many Black horror movies and Cundieff and Lee BLOW the one rare chance we get by turning a Black Horror movie into a propaganda platform.

As the stories end we get the conclusion of the wraparound story. And Dumas Beach announces his greatest creation the RoboPatriot. And it…looks like the retarded bastard child of the 1990s’ ToyBiz My Pal 2 and Robocop’s ED-209. I knew the budget for this movie was LOW. But that Robo Patriot is a special brand of fucked up when you see it onscreen. Even Robbie the Robot From Forbidden Planet would laugh his ass off seeing that thing.

Thanks to The Devil’s tales the Robo Patriot identifies criminals, illegal immigrants and…then turns on its white Slave Masters. Kiling all the White folks and making A DUMBASS BITCH out of Dumas Beach. Who believes he’s escaped the carnage by getting in The Devil’s Escalade where Satan drives him straight to HELL!

To be taken to the lake of fire by two of the worst demons I ever saw in a movie. Good Gravy. I ain’t seen special effects makeup that bad since the Halloween section of Party City on November 1st.

Yeah, there’s horror onscreen in Tales From The Hood 2. But it doesn’t provide many chills or scares to the viewer. In this disjointed and uneven anthology, Spike and Rusty are too busy beating people over the head with their Anti-Trump propaganda that we don’t get many scares or social commentary in these horror tales, instead all we get is a lot of unresolved feelings regarding the 2016 Presidential election thrown up onscreen.

The great Irony of Tales From The Hood 2 is in their attempt to make their commentary they promote some of the most racist stereotypes about Black people and promote the worst images of Black people on film. While they take jabs at Trump in Tales From the Hood, they tell stories that reinforce many of the ideas that White Supremacists have regarding Black people. 

The greatest horror of Tales From the Hood 2 is seeing once great filmmakers like Rusty Cundieff and Spike Lee falling from grace by giving us this abomination of a movie. Instead of giving us a solid story and well-developed characters like they did in classic movies like Do The Right Thing and the original Tales From the Hood from the 1990’s, Cundieff and Lee go full SJW by pushing identity politics in the most heavy handed fashion possible in a series of poorly written tales that aren’t very hood or present Black people in a balanced way like the original Tales From The Hood did.  

After Watching Tales From The Hood 2 I’m convinced Keith David could be a great Lucifer in a Temptation of John Haynes Movie. And I’m convinced that with a great script and great co-stars like Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Michael Ealy he could probably make playing the devil his signature role in a Temptation of John Haynes Movie. But after watching Tales From The Hood 2, I can’t recommend this movie. It’s pure unadulterated trash that belongs in a dumpster fire. The only place Tales From The Hood would be considered quality entertainment is in the Ninth level of Hell right after a Who’s the Boss Marathon. Yeah, it’s THAT BAD.

Monday, October 29, 2018


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sana Amanat's LIES AT NYCC 2018 About Getting Work At Marvel

Monday, October 22, 2018

E'steem: The Sands of TIme Now Available in Paperback & Kindle Unlimited

ISBN: 978-1984223753

$12.00 Paperback. $3.99 Kindle Edition (Kindle Unlimited subs read for FREE!)

Time! In an effort to prevent the adult John Haynes from being a threat to Lucifer’s future, Decadia, an agent of Cronus hopes to hide his death of in the Sands of Time. Thrown four thousand years into the past, a 14-year old John lands in Ancient Egypt where he meets Princess E’steem, a 14-year old aspiring priestess. Can these two teens from two different times thwart Decadia’s assassination plans and prevent her from destroying the space-time continuum?
You definitely If you like Disney Princess stories, You’ll love E’steem The Sands of Time! In this fantasy Flashback story readers will get a chance to see what Princess E’steem was like before the tragic events that led to her becoming a she-demon. As she helps a time displaced John Haynes find his way home readers will see how heroic she was when she was younger in this terrific teen time travel romance.

I wrote E'steem: The Sands of Time  so Black girls could have their own Princess story. Yeah, I know Disney did Princess & The Frog, but I have issues with that story. First, Tiana isn't a Princess from a royal bloodline. E'steem was the Princess of Katia and as the adopted daughter of Osiris she's a real Princess.

Second, I wanted to show Black-on-Black Love. In Princess & the Frog Tiana's love interest is a nonblack man. With Sands of time we see E'steem a Black woman falling in love with John Haynes, a Black man. I wanted to show that Black-on-Black love transcends time and can overcome the greatest challenges.

You can pick a paperback edition of E’steem: The Sands of Time on and other online booksellers or pick up a Kindle edition. If you have a KindleUnlimited subscription you can read E’steem: The Sands of Time for FREE! 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Netflix Cancels Luke Cage….Sweet Christmas.

For Some bizarre reason Netflix has decided to cancel Luke Cage.

Sweet Christmas.

Now I can Netflix see cancelling Iron Fist because it was an absolute shit show. But this has to be the most boneheaded thing Netflix has done.

Luke Cage was the most popular series on Netflix. The first season literally CRASHED Netflix’s servers. And the second season was the best thing Marvel Studios EVER produced. With storytelling, acting and directing on the level of DC’s The Dark Knight It BLEW THE DOORS off the mediocre Avengers: Infinity War, subpar Ant Man and The Wasp and average Black Panther. And with the MASTERPIECE ending we got showing Luke Cage becoming a Power Man and about to be tempted by his new role as the Sherriff of Harlem to become corrupt everyone was anticipating a Season 3.

But because Marvel and Netflix couldn’t come to an agreement the show is ending without giving us what could’ve been a CLASSIC third season.

Some comic fans are speculating that the cancellation of Cage and Iron Fist means we’re gonna get a Heroes For Hire series.

I don’t think so.

With the way both series ended, a Heroes For Hire Series would be just as disjointed as Netflix’s dreadful Defenders series. In order to create a Heroes For Hire Series there needed to be an organic ending to the Sherriff of Harlem Storyline and the Immortal Iron Fist storylines set up in Cage Season 2 and Iron Fist Season 2.

Others are speculating that it’s because Disney wants to have exclusive content for its streaming service.

I don’t think that’s the case either. Daredevil got a Season 3 and Jessica Jones as HORRIBLE as it was got a season 3. And with Disney still smarting after making the BONEHEADED mistake of canceling Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, a PROFITABLE TVshow that was WINNING its timeslot due to political reasons, the last thing they want to do is hand ANOTHER HIT SHOW to COMPETING network like they Did when Last Man Standing Went over to FOX and became a HIT.

Not to mention putting Luke Cage on Disney’s streaming service would leave a SOUR taste in most comic fans’ mouths. Taking a POPULAR show from a streaming service most people are subscribed to in an effort to get them to buy yours is a DICK MOVE that would ALIENATE customers.  

Plus the Hard R content on Luke Cage doesn’t really fit into Disney’s image. Nothing like characters dropping F-Bombs and having sex to rile up the ire of all those people who watch Disney Princesses, Zack & Cody reruns and Doc Stuffins.

From what I’ve read I’m thinking Marvel wanted to change the narrative of the show. I’m thinking executive producer Cheo Hodari Coker and Netflix wanted to keep the series dark and gritty like the comics, but Marvel wanted to find some way to shove their gynocentrism and identity politics into the show. With Netflix taking a hit on Iron Fist thanks to the gynocentric narrative, identity politics and the complete emasculation of Danny Rand, Netflix just decided to pull the plug on the show rather than produce a poor quality product they couldn’t sell.

That’s the reason I believe Luke Cage got cancelled so abruptly. Coker was already planning and writing season 3 but Marvel’s exexcutives had their own plans. Plans that would have emasculated Luke Cage over 10 episodes and made him a bigger BITCH than his modern comic book counterpart.

I’m thinking Marvel is the real villain here. The whole idea of a strong masculine heterosexual Black man as a hero who leads and protects his community makes many of the people who work at Marvel uncomfortable. The Luke Cage like Cheo Hodari Coker was presenting in his adaptation refuted many of the ideas many whites and nonblacks had about Black men and the stereotypes presented in the old Power Man comics. Coker’s Cage presented a narrative made by Black men for Black men that promoted a positive portrayal of Black manhood, Black masculinity and Black leadership.

That made many of the people at Marvel uneasy.

While Marvel and Disney had their grievances with Black Panther becoming popular they didn’t mind promoting him because he promoted a gynocentric narrative that appealed to Black women and emasculated Black men. But Luke Cage promoted a positive idea of Black manhood made by Black men for Black Men that showed the POWER Black men had in their communities and a way to use that POWER to take back their communities from the criminals that terrorized it.

White Supremacist media ain’t gonna have that on their platforms. No, the whole idea of promoting a strong Black man who LEADS his community on HIS TERMS on their platforms runs counter to White Supremacy. They’d rather have us watch cucked Black Panther in White Man’s Wakanda, butler John Diggle or bumbling stumbling Mr. Terrific or James Olsen be the Guardian of the Friendzone who hopes, wishes and prays that Kara Zor-El lets him get a look at what’s under her red Supergirl skirt than See Luke Cage literally take CONTROL of his Life and CONTROL of his community.  

It’s a shame to see Netflix’s Luke Cage end so abruptly. Luke Cage was the best thing Marvel ever produced. But because Marvel’s racism we’re not gonna get a Season 3 that will show us how Luke Cage is the Power Man, and how the Power Man protects the Black community from those who would threaten it.   

The cancellation of Luke Cage shows me why it’s important for Black men to own and control our own characters and our own media. Luke Cage was Marvel’s property. And because Marvel didn’t like the narrative that Cheo Hodari Coker was telling with their character they decided to make efforts to change it. It didn’t matter about how profitable or how popular the show was it was all about the agenda Marvel had and the identity politics they were trying to push regarding Black people. Marvel wanted their Luke Cage property to tell their kind of story, not one that the audience wanted.

This is why Black men need to own and control their own characters like I do with John Haynes. When I publish my John Haynes Stories like The Temptation of John Haynes, TheMan Who Rules the World or John Haynes: A Conversation With Death, I control the media and the narrative. And because I control the property I can tell the story of a Black man from a Black man’s perspective without having anyone to make efforts to censor it.

While I’m sad to see Luke Cage get cancelled I see an opportunity for Cheo Hodari Coker to take his craft to another level on another project. If Mr. Coker and Netflix ever wanted to produce a John Haynes series or a Temptation of John Haynes movie to fill the void Luke Cage has left, I’m game. Everything Cheo Hodari Coker did with Luke Cage I do in my John Haynes stories. And I think his production style would be a PERFECT fit for the character. So if he’s up for adapting the adventures of The Man Who Rules The World, I’m game. I think if we worked together we could produce something that can crash the Netflix Servers again. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Two of my favorite comic artists are crowdfunding to get their books published. And I want to help get the word out about their awesome projects!

This week Bill Walko is launching a Kickstarter to print the Hero Business Season 2 graphic novel. The Hero Business is a FUN webcomic that’s The Avengers Meets NBC’s The Office and reminds me of the late great Dwayne McDuffie’s classic Marvel comic Damage Control. I never miss a Hero Business strip, and here’s a GREAT opportunity for you to find out how awesome this comic is!

A few years ago I backed the first season graphic novel for The Hero Business, and I’m backed this one on the first day it was launched! When you support Bill’s Kickstarteryou’ll have a chance to get both the first and second season in paperback or digital or you can opt to donate on one of the higher reward tiers for one of the variant covers, the Hero Business mug and the new AWESOME Hero Business pins!

And Josh Howard is raising funds on indiegogo to publish the second issue of T-Bird & Throttle. Having read and reviewed the #0 and first issues I can honestly say this is one of the BEST comics of 2018. After reading those first two issues I was so eager to find out what happens next in this story, I made my donation on the first day the project was launched!

Along with the second issue, Josh is offering the first and #0 issues and some awesome extras like variant covers and commission sketches if you decide to pledge on one of the higher reward tiers.

Bill’s Kickstarter just launched yesterday and is ¼ of the way to getting funded!
Josh’s indiegogo is half past there and has been extended for two more weeks. I really want to see both these GREAT artists get their projects funded, because I want to get great comics in the hands of readers and both these GREAT artists build a larger audience of readers!

You can donate to Bill’s Kickstarter until November 15th.

And you Can donate to Josh’s indiegogo Until the end of October. Let’s get these AWESOME projects funded!  

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Netflix Cancels Iron Fist-THANK YOU

 This Friday Netflix announced that it’s cancelling Iron Fist, one of the five series based on Marvel Comics superheroes on the streaming service.

And I’d have to say this was a mercy killing. After completely emasculating Danny Rand over the course of 10 episodes there was place for Iron Fist to go after Season 2 but downhill.

It’s hard to find a reason to keep watching a show after the lead character has been turned into a complete BITCH. Danny Rand was too PASSIVE to be a hero, letting every character push him into the background of his own show. And when he gave away his own power to Colleen Wing, it just was the last straw.

The show was supposed to be called IRON FIST. But Danny Rand acted like IRON WIMP. Instead of having BALLS of STEEL his NUTS were crumpled like TIN FOIL and dropped in a pocket of Colleen Wing’s purse.

Yeah, Season 3 promized Orson Randall and the Immortal Iron Fist. But the problem was Danny Rand wasn’t presented to be the MAN he needed to be in the first two seasons. For all the setups, there was no PAYOFF in Danny learning how to be the MAN who used his martial arts skills to protect those in his community from those who would threaten it.

It was hard to see Iron Fist someone as a hero when he couldn’t even protect himself. When writers have Iron Fist, the world’s greatest martial artist hiding behind WOMEN and having women help him fight his battles, viewers has no reason to CARE about watching his series.

The biggest problem with Netflix’s Iron Fist is that the writers just didn’t understand MEN. From the start, Danny Rand was written from a gynocentric perspective and that made him too passive and too unassuming to be a hero. He radiated no masculine energy and had no masculine presence.  Heroes are supposed to be written with confidence, self-assurance, and intelligence and even a bit of cockiness.

Yeah, I get that Danny Rand is supposed to be this Martial artists raised by humble disciplined martial arts masters. But I’d like to believe even the most disciplined American martial artist would have some swagger. Former Power Rangers, Austin St. John, Walter Jones, and Jason David Frank are humble guys. But they still had swagger. Confidence. And their strong masculine presence gave us a reason to watch Power Rangers in the 1990’s. 

When I think of Iron Fist I think of type guy in the style of Austin St. John, Jason Frank, or 1980s B-Movie star Michael Dudkioff’s Joe from the American Ninja movies. Joe was the kind of guy who was quiet and humble, but could throw out some playful one-liners as he used some oldschool American resourcefulness in his martial arts fighting style to beat his foes. Like Joe in the American Ninja movies we needed to see Iron Fist BEATING THE SHIT out of 20 guys in 10 seconds, in fast-paced martial arts sequences like Austin St. John, Walter Jones and Jason Frank did on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

With Iron Fist I wanted a show that was 1993’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on steroids. A show that featured fast paced marital arts and BIG action sequences with lots of chumps getting WRECKED and boss villains getting their asses kicked. A show that spent its three episodes showing how a lost Danny Rand wound up in K’un L’un, grew up being taught by those Masters the discipline he’d need to get home, working towards EARNING the Iron Fist. Then as the season progressed, he’d leave K’un Lun, return to earth making money in cage fights, starting a dojo with Colleen Wing tagging along as he actively laid out a strategy to take his company back, then started dealing with the Meachums using strategies he learnd from those masters.

Then as season 2 went on we would have had the Steel Serpent Storyline. With a big muscular Tong Po looking dude from the 1980s Kickboxer movies playing Davos, not that Beta Incel they cast to play him. After Danny beat Davos with the help of Shang-Chi he would learn about Orson Randall coming to the city looking for him.

That show would have EASILY gotten a season 3. But because the writers wrote Iron Fist as a passive, unassuming Beta Male who let himself get overshadowed in his own show by EVERY MEMBER of his supporting cast that’s why Iron Fist got cancelled.

The lesson here for Netflix and Marvel Studios regarding the failure of Iron Fist is to let the HERO be the CENTER of his show. If a show is called IRON FIST we need to see IRON FIST doing all the cool shit, not side characters like Colleen Wing. People want to see the MAIN CHARACTER doing THEIR THING in a show with their name on it. In an ACTION show we want to see the HERO being ACTIVE taking the LEAD and TAKING CHARGE in their OWN STORIES. 

What’s sad about Iron Fist is that the show never actualized its potential because the writers and producers couldn’t execute on concept. Every episode of Iron Fist should have been a martial arts movie with big superhero movie special effects, but the producers just gave us a meandering cop show with no story and no substance. Then as the second season progressed they decided to push girl power on Danny Rand’s show, minimizing and emasculating their own hero.

Giving us every reason to Change the channel. Or click out and watch someone else like Luke Cage. Everything Luke did in Season 2 Danny should have been doing in Iron Fist.

Iron Fist should have been an action packed martial arts show with fast paced martial arts, intriguing stories about an American applying far eastern philosophy in the west as he adjusts to life in America. With the right writer Iron Fist could have been a martial arts classic. But due to incompetent showrunners with a jumbled vision all we got was a mess of a superhero show. Thankfully, Netflix put this show down before viewers could suffer another season of terrible writing, terrible acting and piss poor production values.

I want to thank the executives at Netflix for cancelling Iron Fist. You did us all a great service by ending this horrible show. When a TV show shows no signs of improving you just pull the plug.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


This month I’m proud to kick off a special event in the SJS DIRECT Universe: Fantasy Flashback Fall.

In the Fantasy Flashback Fall stories I give readers a look into the pasts of the characters in the SJS DIRECT Universe while taking a moment to teach a lesson in African-American history. These unique stories are designed to educate readers about Black culture and the Black experience while entertaining them with an action packed adventure.

The first book that will be released in Fantasy Flashback Fall on October 22nd will be E’steem: The Sands of Time. In E’steem The Sands of Time we get a look at Princess E’steem’s past in Ancient Egypt before she became a demon. As she works towards getting a time displaced teenage John Haynes back to his time of 1987, readers will learn about life in Ancient Egypt, Egyptian culture and learn about the role the Heliopolitan gods in the building of Egyptian civilization.

With E’steem: The Sands of Time I wanted to give Black girls a Princess story in the style of Disney’s Princess stories like Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

I always felt it wasn’t fair that we couldn’t get a Disney Princess story with a Black princess. (In my eyes Tiana doesn’t count, because she was a friggin' frog for most of the movie and at the end of the day she married a nonblack Prince) So I decided to write a story where the Black girl could be the princess and falls in love with a Black Prince. Anyone who knows SJS DIRECT Universe continuity knows E’steem is descended from a royal African bloodline (Katia) and is adopted by Osiris, the Pharaoh of Heliopolis. So she’s a REAL Princess. And John Haynes is gonna grow up to become The Man Who Rules The World So he’s on his way to becoming a king…In the technical sense. So technically it’s a Princess story that meets the standard of Disney’s Princesses.  

In my Princess story I wanted readers to see a true picture of Black-on Black love and how that love transcends time. I always thought it was a shame that we don’t get many stories of Black-on-Black love these days. With E’steem: The Sands of Time wanted to show the power of Black love and how helped two people overcome the challenges they faced.

What makes E’steem:The Sands Of Time unique is that All the Egyptian characters are Black. When I wrote this story I imagined an ALL BLACK cast of actors voicing the characters like Salli Richardson as E’steem, Michael Ealy as John Haynes, Samuel L. Jackson as Osiris, Angela Bassett as Isis, Suzzane Douglas as Mamnet, Keith David as Lucifer, Dondre T. Whitfield as Ma-Sil, and Jada Pinkett Smith as Decadia. In too many media adaptations we get an image of Whitewashed Egyptians. In The Sands of Time I wanted to show what Ancient Egyptians really looked like and the parallels between Ancient Egyptian culture and Black American culture.  

E’steem: The Sandsof Time will be available in paperback this week, and Kindle and KindleUnlimited on October 22nd Pre-order your digital copy today or get your paperback copy Tomorrow!