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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Friday, September 23, 2022


Here’s a sample chapter of my upcoming book THE WOMAN CRISIS. The Woman Crisis will be available in paperback and e-Readers on November 29! Pre-order your copy at online booksellers today! 




Chapter 5

How Feminists Took Women Out of God’s Natural Order





In the beginning God created Man. And to help Man do his work on Earth, He created Woman. 

Made from the rib of Adam, God made the woman to be a man’s helpmeet. In that role she was meant to be at a man’s side and help him in doing God’s work on earth. Her job was to serve man and make sure his day-to-day needs were being taken care of so he could focus on performing the labors and tasks God wanted done.

In order for the Earth to be maintained to the Lord’s Standard, God created an Order. This hierarchy ensures that God’s work on Earth is done efficiently and effectively on Earth. That order goes as follows: 

  •   God, the creator of the universe,
  •   Jesus, the Son of God and the Ruler of the Earth, 
  •   Man, God’s appointed steward over the Earth,
  •   And Woman, the helpmeet and support of man who helps men do God’s work on Earth. 

Under God’s Natural Order, the woman had an important role as a helpmeet to a man. While that role was different from a man’s, it was just as essential for ensuring God’s work was done on Earth. While she had to submit to the authority of a man in God’s hierarchy, she had autonomy and authority of her own in her position under God’s Natural Order.

The first responsibility a woman had as a helpmeet was to provide companionship to a man. God stated in Genesis it wasn’t good for a man to be alone. So he made the woman to provide him companionship so he wouldn’t be on the earth by himself. As his companion, she gives a man comfort that no other creature on earth can.

And as his companion she gives him perspective on things no other being on earth can. That perspective can allow him to see things from a different viewpoint than his own. Sometimes her perspective can help him be able to accomplish something that he wouldn’t be able to do on his own.  

The second responsibility he gave the woman was to be the subordinate under Man in God’s Natural Order. The woman was designated by God to be a man’s second in command. As his second in command she was supposed to submit to the authority of the man. Under that man’s authority she was supposed to perform the subordinate tasks that the man delegated to her so he could focus on ensuring the labors God wanted performed would be completed to His standard. 

The third responsibility a woman had as a helpmeet was to provide a man with emotional support. While a man is logical being, he needed someone to help him deal with the stresses of life. When a woman gives a man emotional support it gives him encourages him to persevere in the face of adversity. 

And that emotional support she gives him inspires him to go out and do his very best. A woman’s love can motivate a man to go out and do things he wouldn’t normally do on his own and achieve goals he didn’t think he was capable of accomplishing.     

The fourth responsibility a woman had was being his biological equal. While women are anatomically different, they are part of the same species. A woman is the only being on earth who is designed by God to be sexually compatible with a man. After a man and a woman have sexual intercourse, they are the only beings on earth who can reproduce to bear human children. 

The fifth responsibility a woman has under God’s Natural Order was to be a wife to a man in marriage. God established the institution of marriage so men and women could come together under His authority. When a man and a woman consummate their marriage through sexual intercourse, they become One Family Under God. As one family under God they bear the fruit of children that can directly trace their bloodline back from their parents to God. 

The sixth responsibility a woman has under God’s Natural Order is to be a mother to a man’s children. As a mother, her role was to provide care for the children while the man provided for the home they established. As their first teacher, she would teach them how to serve God and prepare them to be part of God’s Order. With the foundation in God she taught them, they would be able to become men and women who follow God when they grow up. 

However, feminists don’t want to be a part of God’s Order. And because they didn’t believe in God they didn’t want to submit to men under His Patriarchal order. They thought they could create their own matriarchal order where they could become the leaders and eventually become the superiors to men. 

Due to their negative experiences with men, most of the women who became feminists didn’t value the role of Helpmeet God gave women. Because of the trauma they experienced due to their father not being in their life, their father not providing for their needs, and men abusing them, they coveted the role of leader, protector and provider God established for men. 

Thanks to all the mental, physical and emotional trauma they experienced in their lives as children, most of the women who became feminists don’t trust a man to take the leadership role God established. They fear being abandoned, abused or betrayed by a man if they commit to him. So they believe the only way they’ll be secure and get their needs met is if they are in the leadership position God established for men.

Feminists have put women in America in Crisis because they have taken women out of the Order of God. As feminism was used to supplant the American culture for women by academics, big business, politicians and the wealthy, it taught women to reject the natural role that God established for them. 

As women and girls were indoctrinated into feminism and feminist culture in the mid 1960s, they took on a man-made role where she was told by a small group of wealthy men that she would be the equal of a man. In that role she believed she could take the leadership role God established for men and be the head of God’s natural Order. 

And as that small group of wealthy men gave feminists that role, they were told they could independent. Because many of these women were so caught up in their emotions about the power and freedom they thought they’d have in this man-made role and the possibility of controlling their own money, they couldn’t see that they were still being provided for by a small group of wealthy men and politicians in the government.

Women who learned the new man-made role of an “independent” woman in feminist culture thought they were going to receive economic security that would allow them to be liberated from dependency on men. However, because women are emotional, they still wound up with the same insecurities that feminists in the past had. While Big Business and government could provide a woman with a job and government programs like welfare and affirmative action to give her economic security, they could not give her the emotional security a man provided. 

That’s because God created the woman to cleave to the man in marriage. And a man is the only being designed by God to meet woman’s emotional needs. As part of God’s Natural Order the man not only provides for the woman’s economic security but also provides for a woman’s emotional security. When a man loves a woman she is becomes emotionally secure because she knows emotionally and spiritually fulfilled by both that man and God.   

 God made men and women to depend on each other in an interdependent relationship. And in His Order the woman’s role is just as important as the man’s. While the woman’s role is different than a man’s it has equal value to God. 

While the woman’s role appears to be less than the man’s to a feminist it is just as essential to God. As a man’s helpmeet a woman takes on responsibilities that allow her to do work that is of equal service to God. Caring for the man and the home allows the man to be mentally sound so he can go out and do God’s work. And managing their home allows him the ability to focus on the tasks he needs to do for God.  

And caring for his children ensures that they will be taught a foundation in God. As the child’s first teacher she lays the foundation for teaching them why it is important to submit to God because when she submits to her husband she not just serving her husband, she is serving Him. 

Feminists don’t see a value in the role of a woman in God’s Natural Order. Their lack of faith has them afraid to trust in God and the men who are a part of His Order. And because they don’t trust in God to meet their needs, they look to themselves. While many of these women want to tell the lie to themselves about they are empowered and doing things on their own, they don’t see how they’re submitting to a group of wicked wealthy men who secretly provide for them in the shadows. 


You can pre-order your copy on Kindle today! And you can pre-order THE WOMAN CRISIS on Smashwords  the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and Google Play!




Sunday, September 11, 2022


 The Woman Crisis is now up for pre-order at online booksellers! It'll be coming to ALL online booksellers on November 29!

There’s a crisis going on with America’s girls and women. Unfortunately, no one in America is talking about it.

Over the last sixty years as America has raised three generations of girls in feminist culture, they’ve been suffering in silence. While these girls were told by feminists that academic achievements and success in their careers would give them satisfaction, sixty years ago most of America’s women aren’t at peace with themselves today. Instead of having it all like feminists promised them, many are anxious. Others are depressed and a few are despondent. In a world where womanhood has been redefined by feminism, many women aren’t feeling liberated or empowered anymore. Instead many are feeling so overwhelmed by the pressures to meet the standards of success established by feminists that they’re participating in self-destructive, violent, and criminal behaviors. And an increasing number are committing suicide.

In this book I’ll detail the redefinition of womanhood and femininity by feminists has led to women being in crisis today. And how this growing crisis among America’s women could do damage to America’s culture and civilization in the future.
You can pre-order your copy on Kindle today! And you can pre-order THE WOMAN CRISIS on Smashwords  the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and Google Play!

Sample chapters will be coming soon!