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Monday, July 24, 2017

The Legendary Mad Matilda Model Sheet

I spent another Saturday night drawing. And I finally did a model sheet for Mad Matilda as she appeared in the first twenty or so chapters of my upcoming novel, The Legendary Mad Matilda.

This full body sheet is based on the cover concept for The Legendary Mad Matilda, and shows the entire outfit she wore for VampJam 95. As the Queen of the Industrial Goth Raves Mad Matilda has a more aggressive look than the elegant one she wore as The Black Widow in Spellbound or the more businesslike one she wore in Spinsterella.

Industrial Goth looks usually feature DIY modded T-shirts, short skirts, spiked collars and cuffs and platform boots, and wild out there hairstyles. And to make Mad Matilda’s stand out, I went with different shading techniques so she wouldn’t be wearing a solid block of black. Goths often use textures and shades of black to break up the black, and I used that technique to make the blacks on Mattie’s outfit stand out in a crowd.

I drew inspiration for Mad Matilda’s Industrial Rave look from many of the outfits I saw Goth YouTubers like Amy Nekrotique, It’s Black Friday and Ligiea Resurrected wearing in their videos. The pigtails were inspired by the one YouTuber Rose Nocturnaila used to wear in several of her videos. And with the story set during the time where Mattie was in her Goth prime I had to incorporate V-bangs as part of her look. Because V-bangs are AWESOME.

The platforms in this design are a lot more elaborate than in previous sketches. Taking a look at several New Rock boots online, I decided to make Mattie’s footwear a bit more elaborate. New Rock Goth boots often use texture and shades to stand out, and I tried to present that in her boots. They kind of have a Jack Kirby vibe to em’ but that fits right in with the Industrial look Mad Matilda wears at her raves. These are based on the tall New Rock platforms with the springs in them; I think they’d be the kind of crazy footwear an Industrial Rave Queen would wear when she hosted her shows.  

Work on The Legendary Mad Matilda is FINISHED. The manuscript is edited, pages are laid out and the paperback and eBook are uploaded to CreateSpace, Kindle, and a Smashwords edition has been formatted. All I need to release this book is money to pay for the cover. So if you can donate anything to my Paypal or my Patreon, I can get this book out by the end of the year!