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Monday, June 1, 2009

Isis Chapter 1

I'm finally posting the first three Chapters of my first novel Isis, a fantasy story that combines Egyptian mythology, and African-American History into an action-packed adventure. I wrote this back in 1999; when I was only 26, it was the second novel I completed and the first I self-published in 2002 . I wasn't the greatest editor back then, so if there are any grammatical mistakes, please be understanding about it. I'm posting these chapters so readers can compare and contrast my earlier writing style to that of my recent novel The Cassandra Cookbook.

copyright(C) 2002 Shawn James

Chapter 1

The blue flames of the lake of fire light my way as I descend into the dark pit of Hell. The sweet smell of brimstone and the harmonic wails of tortured souls put a smile on my face. I miss this place. As a herald I spend most of my time on Earth collecting the souls of the damned and torturing the souls of the righteous. It's a job I enjoy and wish to return to. If I had to stay in that palace one more day I think I would have snapped. There's only so much torment a soul can take.

I cross the lake of fire walking across a bridge of dead men's bones. As I approach the cave of the crocodiles, the great serpent Lord Seth slithers out to greet me. He's anxious to hear what I have to tell him. Ever since the elder gods banished him here, I have been his eyes and ears to the outside world. Without me all he'd know is darkness. Lucky for him, a lot happened during my visit to Heliopolis. Disguised as a servant, I was able to acquire some
valuable information. This time we will finally destroy the gods.

It's been a long time since I've made someone suffer. I take a seat in his throne, cross my legs, and smile at him. He gets back at me by being polite. That's just cruel.

“Greetings E'steem. Have you brought me more souls to torment?”

“I have something better than souls master.”

“What could be better than a soul?”

“Information. I've been in the palace of the gods.”

“There's no way you can enter the palace of Heliopolis-”

“There are ways. Remember my father went into Heliopolis.”

“Your father was slain by Osiris.”

“Do you want to hear what I've learned or do you want to discuss ancient history?”
He scowls at me. “What have you learned?” He barks.

“There has been a trial among the gods. The daughter of Osiris has been banished to the Island of Solitude for crimes against the gods.”

“You lie, I have no niece. My brother's only children are his bastard sons.”

“Oh but you do have a niece. This is the child of Osiris and a Nubian slave whom he sired as concubine. Her name is Isis, the same as her stepmother.”

“I watched my brother for centuries. I would have known if had left Heliopolis.”

“Perhaps not. He might have disguised himself to elude you.”

“What were the charges against her?” Seth digresses.

“She let hatred enter her heart. She betrayed the gods and went to worship another god.”

“I'm sure she was cleared on the latter charge. Osiris would have to punish ten thousand generations of Egyptians for not worshipping the gods.”

“Osiris didn't judge his daughter. Ra and the elder gods passed judgment on her. Remember, Osiris can't try a member of his own family. And you know Ra' s sentences are always harsher than Osiris'.”

“Hold on. If she has let evil into her heart why isn't she here?”

“She hasn't embraced the evil inside her as part of herself as you did. There's still hope that she can be redeemed.”

“Just like the elder gods to show mercy on one of Osiris' bastards. If she were my child she'd be rotting here.”

“What you have told me is of no use to me.” Seth continues. “So my brother has another bastard. I cannot harm a hair on his head.”

“That's where you're wrong.”

“How? I can't leave this place to extract vengeance upon-”

“You can harm Osiris in a way far worse than slicing him to pieces. Now that Osiris is aware of his daughter he will surely want a relationship with the child.”

“True, nobility was always my brother's greatest flaw.”

“Think about it. There are two sides of her family she can embrace. She's halfway here.”

He thinks abut it. “Yes, you're right. Perhaps I can harm my brother this way.”

Seth smiles in anticipation of the execution of my scheme.

“Go ahead with your plan E'steem. Go ahead and bring me the soul of Isis.”

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