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Monday, June 1, 2009

Isis Chapter 3

I watch Isis from my window as she writes her thoughts in the journal Osiris gave her. I still have reservations about the judgment Ra passed on her. I always felt his sentence was too harsh. She has withdrawn so much in the time since she's been imprisoned. The hatred can only grow inside her if she's left to herself again.

We made a promise to Keer-Sheba an eon ago to look out for her daughter. We haven't kept our word. We left Isis to the reprobate ways of humanity while we gods went about our business. Osiris and the elder gods are foolish to believe that he can have a relationship with Isis after she leaves the island. She'll never leave the island without our guidance.

I leave my bedchamber and head for the hall of judgment. Osiris is there judging the endless stream of souls with the balance and feather of truth. They have waited a long time to be judged, they can wait awhile longer.

“Osiris, I must speak with you. It's important.”

“I am about my business. Can this wait until later?”

“No, this can't wait.”

He takes the feather of truth off the balances. “Isis, what is this about?”

“It's about our daughter. We can't leave her alone again.”

“Ra has passed judgment on her. When the hatred is purged from her soul we will-”

“I know what Ra said. But we can't wait until then. Our daughter has gone on too long without our guidance. She'll never be redeemed without our help.”

“Isis, we're not supposed to interfere. She has to find her own way and we're supposed to go about our business.”

“What's our business Osiris? To advise and protect man. Your daughter is of mortal flesh, worthy of our aid.”

“Those are no longer our duties. Long ago in Egypt yes, but not in these godless times.”

He reaches to put his feather on the balance. I snatch it away from him. He scowls at me. I'm not going to let him do this to our family.

“I never thought you'd be a hypocrite. Who needs more help than our daughter?”

“I'm being practical. There are-”

“You can try the hearts of men but you won't try to face your own child. What kind
of judge doesn't obey his own laws?”

“A fair and righteous one.”

“No. A corrupt one, and I know you aren't corrupt. Do you want Isis to be one of these unworthy souls?”

He sighs. He always does when he knows I'm right. “Send for Horus. Tell him he is to rule in my stead until this affair is taken care of.”

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