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Monday, February 4, 2013

Isis: The Beauty Myth Chapter 2

After Isis finishes filling out her mailing list card, Melinda rings up our purchase and slips our lipsticks in separate bags. As Isis drops hers in her Brooks Brothers shopping bag, I catch the frown on her face. I don’t think she was having a sticker shock from the lipsticks, I think she was feeling uncomfortable about her own femininity.
As we head out of the store and start heading up Madison Avenue, I catch her forlorn eyes with my smile. Maybe I can cheer her up. “You want to go get some lattes at Barnes & Noble?” I ask.
“Nah, I think I’ve spent enough money today.” Isis sighs.
“Still reeling from the sticker shock?”
“Er…Yeah. We just spent what people spend on groceries for a week on two lipsticks.”
“I don’t know why you’ve got the case of buyers’ remorse, my wallet is the one taking the hit.”
“Hit? It’s more like a knockout punch.” She snaps.
“Maybe we ought to get back to your place so you can recover.”
A flash of light takes us from the bustling streets of Madison Avenue to the living room of Isis’ apartment in the Lenox Terrace. Isis drops her shopping bags in the center of the sofa and flops down onto the cushion next to them. I ease into the cushion on the other end of the sofa and cross my legs. When I look over at Isis she huffs a sigh and folds her arms. This must really be a sore spot for her.
“Are you gonna be pouty about a little tube of lipstick?” I ask.
“I’m not pouting. I’m brooding.” Isis snarls.
“I don’t see why you’re so upset. You just spend a over a thousand dollars at Brooks Brothers.”
“Yeah, but I can use this suit more times than I can that lipstick.”
“Hey, never underestimate the value of good make-up.” I reply. “A color that works for your face will get worn more than that suit ever will.”
“I’d feel more comfortable with my crimson scarlet.”
“I think the Coral Red is more you.”
Isis gives me a quizzed look. “Since when did you get into make-up like this? I always thought you were an intellectual.”
“Well, I didn’t get the title of the fairest woman in Egypt with my face buried in a scroll.” E’steem replies. “Queen Isis taught me a few things that helped me earn that title.”
Isis gives me a piqued look on the revelation. “I never thought you two were that close.”
“We had a pretty good relationship.” I reply. “Don’t you and the Queen ever talk about this kind of stuff?”
“Not really.”
“As close as you two are, I thought she’d have shared some of her beauty secrets with you.”
“Make-up has never really been my thing.”
“Well, I think it could be something if you gave it a try Princess.”
“Er…I’m a princess in the technical sense-”
“Well, it wouldn’t hurt for you to flaunt some of that royal beauty sometimes Your Highness.”
“Not with make-up that makes me look like a court jester-”
“I think you could look quite elegant if you made an effort-”
“Elegant? I can’t even get that blasted tiara to stop falling in my face-”
“You could make it work for you if you incorporated it into your own style-”
“I have found my own style.”
“I don’t think Jeans and T-shirts are fitting attire for a goddess who calls herself the Daughter of Knowledge.”
“Y’know I didn’t really need to be so stunning to do my Sword of Nubia duties-”
“Well, I think it’s time you explored your softer side Princess.”
“I think my traditional New Heliopolitan look works for me-”
It does work for everyday labors. But I’d love to see her something a bit more regal sometimes. “I think you’d look great in a pleated gown-”
“With this skinny body? I’d be swimming in that thing.”
“I think you’ve got the hips for it.”
“I’d have the hips for it if I had your hourglass figure.”
“Hey, don’t put yourself down-”
“You look more like a goddess than I do.”
If she only saw me when I got up in the morning. “There’s more than one way to look like a goddess. You just have to find a style that fits you.”
 “Maybe you can show me some looks that I could try tomorrow night.”
There’s a way two sisters can connect. “Is that an invitation?”
“I’d like to think the former fairest woman in Egypt could show me a thing or two about creating a new look for my new role as the Daughter of Knowledge. Do you think John can give you the night off to help me with my fashion dilemma?”
“I think he can manage an evening without me.”
“Great. I’ll provide the gelato-”
“And I’ll bring the fashion magazines.” I say jumping off the sofa and disappearing into a flash of light.

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