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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Black America Always Invests in the WRONG People

Many African-Americans wonder why their communities are always poor.

The Government, private industry and individuals have dumped billions into Black inner-city neighborhoods over the past fifty years.

Yet the poverty continues to get WORSE with each passing generation.

Want to know why Black America doesn’t It’s not racism, it’s not sexism nor any other form of discrimination.

It’s because everyone in the Black community invests in the WRONG Black people.

You can’t get a return on someone that has no value. Moreover, you can’t get a return on a person who doesn’t value themselves.

In the White, Hispanic, and Asian communities they support their best and brightest men and women above all others. They protect their gifted and talented people and give them the tools that they need to become leaders and captains of industry who can build an economic base and established an economic infrastructure that builds wealth.

Only in the Black community do we not invest in our best and brightest males and females. Instead we pour money into our worst males and females.

This primary investment into thugs, gang bangers, baby mamas ex-cons and other assorted degenerates has led to the total collapse of the economic base in the Black community  over the last twenty years.

Why? Because these individuals HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER THE COMMUNITY.

And investing in them first is the equivalent of putting money in a trash can. Investing in the highest risk individuals FIRST doesn’t yield a higher return on the dollar.

Nor is it how a community builds a strong economy.

When resources are heavily invested in “At Risk” individuals all they do is lose money because they don’t value the resources being put into them.  And the more money that’s poured into them the more money that’s lost. Eventually it reaches a point where more money is invested in the person spent more than the individual is actually worth.  A total loss of money, resources and time that could have been better spent on someone better deserving. 

In some cases, it’d be a lot cheaper to take a child from birth and raise it up outside of the ghetto to produce someone of value than to pour billions into welfare, section 8, food stamps, WIC, college financial aid, job training and a dozen other government programs taking care of a baby mama, an ex-con or a thug who will develop a co-dependent set of values they will pass on to their children.

Black America needs to realize when it comes to human beings you invest heavily in the best and brightest because they are the lowest risk. And the best chance for a return that will yield a profit. By investing and supporting the gifted and talented men and women in the community when they are young, these brothers and sisters see the value of their community and return to invest in it by establishing their businesses in the neighborhoods they grew up in and providing jobs for people in the community. Basic economics. 

But  for the past 50 years Black America has ignored its best and brightest. Worse it doesn’t spend money on them nor does it make efforts to protect them or support them. This alienates these brothers and sisters from the communities they grew up in. Because they have no emotional connection to the neighborhoods they grew up in, they move away from those places looking for support elsewhere. And because they have no connection to their neighborhoods these individuals don’t return money and capital they’d use to establish businesses and provide jobs for people in the community like the Whites, Hispanics and Asians do.

Instead Black America invests in thugs, Baby mamas and assorted hoodrats in the vein hope that one of these pitiful individuals will pay off BIG like a lotto ticket. Most black folks are so busy gambling on the next Jay-Z or a Biggie or a Tupac, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels or some NBA superstar they don’t take the time to invest in the invisible Black boys and girls who would have become the future backbones of the community and built our economy.

This is why 99% of Black dollars wind up in White, Asian, Arab and Hispanic hands instead of remaining in the Black community.  

Black America invests in those who take our money, not make us money.

And it’s why we have no doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, computer scientists, lawyers or entrepreneurs who can build a middle class in our neighborhoods. No, those individuals take their money elsewhere because they don’t feel valued by their own communities.  

If we had only spent the past 20 years investing in our gifted and talented, our best and brightest, then maybe they wouldn’t have felt alienated and abandoned by the people in the neighborhood. Maybe they wouldn’t have moved away from the neighborhoods they grew up in. Maybe after college they would have returned to the neighborhood and built an economic base that would have provided jobs and established wealth that would have built up the Black economy. 

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  1. Mr. James that's some tough love you're handing out but it needed to be said. However I propose we do a 50/50 split. Yes we do need to invest in the talented tenth but we also need to give folks who've fallen on hard times a second chance. For example women who became drug addicts because they were molested as little girls need another chance at life. I know many women who made mistakes early in life but made a change and now want to earn that college degree, raise their kids and invest in the community.
    Another change that needs to happen is for our community to stop ignoring Veterans who served their country and now need a helping hand up. This includes folks like me over 50 who have a lot to give in terms of experience and discipline who are not given a chance because we're considered "too old".
    Yes we need to invest in the best and brightest but lets not be too judgmental about how we define the cream of the crop. Thank you for an informative and introspective article.