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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shawn Rants about Tattooed Chicks

I got a silly little comment from some chick Stacey McNeil,  is ,who read the How Ink can cost you a wedding ring blog wanted to school me on women with tattoos. She went on and on about how she was engaged, how she conned her gullible future mother in law into getting a tattoo and how I was narrow minded for judging women with tattoos.

Sorry, Shawn sees through the bullshit.

Most Real men aren’t going to bring home a tatted up chick home to his family to introduce as his significant other. A man’s wife is a reflection of him, and if she’s all tatted up it says something bad about him and his character.

Now women with skin art will tell you dudes that there’s a story behind every tattoo. That’s only half of the truth. And we Real Men all know what half truths regarding women are. They’re usually just a LIE with sugar on top of it to make it taste better.

The real honest truth is that woman with the tattoos is using that skin art as a way to distract us men from seeing the horrible truth about their character. While most weak men like SIMPS and Manginas are so mesmerized by the flashy outer appearance of these tatted up chicks, they don’t see the numerous skeleton bones in her closet.

Nor do they take the time to ask about them about all the bodies in that graveyard.

If they did, they’d find out some of the most disturbing things known to man regarding these double dick clutching clit licking sluts. Hard drinking hoes who have partied at bars until wee hours of the morning for most of their youth. Chicks who have hit the stripper pole or even starred in a porno pic or two. Chicks who have been in threesomes, foursomes, and some who have had trains run on them. Chicks who take cum in the face. Chicks who have had dicks in their pussies and in their asses. And sometimes at the same time. A few who have sold the pussy to dudes on the sly as a call girl, escort, or some half-time or even full-time hoeing. A handful who have participated in S&M, Bondage and Domination. Women who have diseases like Herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia and don’t know about it.

Not to mention a vagina with an odometer that usually says TO BE CONTINUED.

There’s a story behind every tat. And most of em’ are not very pretty. Especially for the SIMP dude who puts the wedding ring on her finger. Most of these guys freak out when they find out they married a HOE or an EX-HOE after the honeymoon’s over.

But by then the poor chump has fallen straight into another variation of The Pussy Trap. And this one has man-eating alligators in it.

After trying to warn young girls about what tattoos say about their character, Shawn is now warning guys about these tatted up females and their scandalous character. Shawn has heard these women talking on the bus. He’s heard them on the train. He’s heard them talking on their cell phones walking down the street. And most of what they’re saying isn’t pretty.

Usually, the more tats on the body the more fucked up these women are. Women who disfigure themselves usually do it because they don’t love themselves and they don’t like who they are. Most are users looking for a sucker to take advantage of. They hope the tats take a man’s attention away from their faces and the story their eyes will tell about them. Stories of sexual abuse. Domestic violence. Drug use. Prostitution. Prison time. And this is in addition to the double dick clutching slutting many today have participated in. They’ll tell a man how much of a “bad girl” or how they’re some artistic type “expressing themselves” or how they’re “open sexually”. In quite a few cases these chicks have some sort of mental health problem, especially the ones with the facial tattoos. But because a man is so distracted by the tats, he can’t see what’s really going on with these women. They never want you to look in their eyes.

Seriously, if a guy gets involved with these tatted up chicks he’s gonna be doing Pullman Porter duty on the SIMP TRAIN. Cleaning up the caboose, and trying to sort through her emotional baggage while waiting to get his ticked punched by the dude she’s gonna cheat on you with. Don’t get sized up for that white chef’s jacket and that bow tie like the Cream of Wheat Man!

Now there’s also a group of females out there who are getting these tats because they’re WEAK WILLED SHEEPLE brainwashed by Madison Avenue and Hollywood. They see the celebrities like Amy Winehouse (also fucked up) Meghan Fox (Nuttier than a fruitcake left out in the sun) Lil’ Wayne (FUCKED UP WITH A BAG OF CHIPS and a twenty five cent juice) and these NBA players (SUPER FUCKED UP) and think having this skin art will make them “cool” just like them. In reality these people just don’t have the social skills to make themselves stand out in a crowd. They lack internal character traits like a personality, a sense of humor, charisma, or a strong presence to naturally attract people to them. So they need that skin art to get the attention of a man to take that second look at them.

And that’s what makes them lames.

These insecure women need a crutch to carry them. Instead of building the internal character and estroginal fortitude to try to develop the social and character traits that will make everyone see what makes them a great person, they limp along hoping that some chump will notice their skin art and use that as the icebreaker to start a conversation with them.

Here’s the deal: Most Real Men like myself want to take a look at a woman’s face first. That’s where the real story is. That’s what’s going to tell us everything about a woman in five seconds or less. When we look in a woman’s eyes that’s what compels us to take that second look. Anything a woman puts on the outside of her body like tattoos that keeps us from looking at her face first is something that is distracting us from seeing the truth about who she is on the inside.


  1. Watch what you say brotha you have to answer to God for that

  2. God doesn't co-sign hoes. Nor does he co-sign ratchet behavior.

  3. This is clearly a bullshit article based on your uneducated narsisistic opinions no doubt fueled by anger coming from your own personal experience with the mother of your child.