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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Gravy-Shawn has to check yet another Single Black woman....

Sometimes I get comments on the blog that are just so ridiculous I have to share them with my readers. I got another Black woman from the Why 70 percent of Black Women are single Blog. Now she took what was written so personally I could practically feel the emotions coming off the screen.

Some people take the internet WAY too seriously.

Anyway I've dissected her comments the usual Shawn James way. Her comments are in bold, mine in regular type. I'll be back Sunday. I've got to wash this Ether off my hands.

 "As a black woman I am EXTREMELY hurt by quite a few of your comments about black woman as if black men are any better.
Wow. Just Wow. Listen to the Histironics in this comment. I can just see the neck rolling, teeth sucking and eye snapping just as if she were in person.

She’s extremely hurt. By the words on a computer screen written by a guy she doesn’t even know. WTF?
Seriously, why would someone get so bent out of shape over something someone wrote on a blog? And something someone wrote over A YEAR AGO?

Damn….Just Damn.

If something someone wrote over a year ago is offensive to you in that blog, then it must be TRUE regarding your character.

 Not saying everything you said is completely false because I have met some black woman that fit that catagory but it hurts me to see MY own race turn against me because they had a bad experience or two.

Good Gravy. Look at the hubris here mixed in between the lines of the shaming language.
Who said I was turning against my own race? I have stated before in numerous blogs that I love Black women.

And who said I had a bad experience or two? As I’ve stated before on numerous occasions, I have good relationships with Black women just like I’ve had bad experiences with Black women.

But all Black women want to hear about themselves are good things.
I’m sorry. But the world doesn’t work that way. Just like you have to hear the good, you have to hear the bad.

Now If I didn’t love Black women, I wouldn’t have written this blog. I would have let Black women continue going on in their delusional state of superiority and self importance. But because I constructively criticize Sistas I’m seen as a race traitor who has had bad experiences with Black women.

*Shawn Laughs hysterically because this is the funniest thing he has heard in a long while. *

Here’s the deal: People who love us tell us the truth. And Shawn loves Black women enough to tell them that truth.

Shawn isn’t like the majority of Simps and Manginas in the Black community. He’s not afraid that he’ll get his supply of pussy cut off because he says something to upset Black women.

No, Shawn doesn’t see Pussy as a precious resource the way Black men have been raised to. He knows that with women outnumbering men 4 to 1 he doesn’t have to kowtow and kiss women’s asses to get them to drop their panties. And because he doesn’t worship at the altar of Vagina, he says what needs to be said to the American Black woman.

And darling majority of things you are claiming about black woman, it's not just us that's ALL WOMAN.

Here we go. The usual deflection and minimization Black women use to justify their dysfunction. Not to mention the poor grammar.

Sorry, I ripped that argument to shreds a year ago too. It doesn’t work here on The Issues of Black woman are different from those of other races blog.

In that piece I pointed out how the Black women is at the BOTTOM of society. So her having that bad attitude and negative view of men works AGAINST HER.

Even if women of other races have these issues, they can STILL have a relationship with that “good” brotha you put on STANDBY and IGNORE. Even if you CRAP on him he STILL has options that you DON’T.

And speaking for the majority like myself I live and die but the words forgive and forget.

Good Gravy, put down the chicken N’ waffles and learn some sentence structure. And some spelling too.

It looks like someone has been watching those Tyler Perry DVDs and those Tyler Perry Movies on the regular.

I find it funny how Black men are just supposed to “forgive and forget”, But Black women can always remember to throw shit up in his face whenever things don’t go their way..

I also find it funny how Black women like to act like Black men don’t have feelings, or any needs or wants. We brothers are just supposed to be robots that sit in a closet somewhere until we’re needed.

Since we are forgiven it is foolish for us not to forgive.

Again, watching that Tyler Perry. Mixing Christianity in with the Shaming language like a typical “Church going sanctified Strong Black woman”.

As a Christian, I believe in forgiveness.

But I also believe in not being a FOOL.

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. If a Black man is burned by a Black woman, he should stop dealing with that Black woman.

But if Black women in his area refuse to change their ways and remain hostile, belligerent and abusive, I say that brotha should move on to another area. If he finds a Sista there he likes there, good for him. And if it’s someone outside of his race there that he likes, then good for him too. Life is too short to settle for being miserable with people who refuse to change their perceptions and outlook on life.

I am a black woman that has experience things that i shouldnt have at a young age, even racism
Good Gravy, here comes the extra salty tears.
Cue the violins…Now she’s a VICTIM.
Guess what? Shawn’s experienced a lot of shit too. Growing up in a single parent home with a part-time dad, A brain aneurysm at the age of seven, kids picking on him for most of his childhood calling him crazy and retarded, Having to spend a fifth year in High School to graduate, losing three jobs that were supposed to launch his career, a period of depression, social anxiety disorder, being forced to live on $2 a day for four years, and being on his THIRD stint of being unemployed for four years or more.

He’s been told to give up. To quit. To take some government benefits and call it a life.

But Shawn refuses to be a VICTIM.

He refuses to give up. He knows he just has to keep going. In between those ordeals, He graduated from college at the top of his class, started a publishing business and published over 30 paperbacks and eBooks.

But even as Shawn struggles in the face of dwindiling personal savings, a brotha perseveres.
and it is our experience that shape our attitude; but anyway honestly darling I know I don't know you but this article sounds pretty bitter.

Yeah, experience shapes us. But it also allows me to teach others. Which is why I write my blogs.

And that piece was written so Black women could learn. So they could learn about the behaviors that men say are turning them away from Black women. So they could take a corrective course of action and change their lives.

But rather than make an EFFORT to change their lives, Black women would rather waste their precious time ARGUING with you and being INDIGNANT about maintaining their WRONG position.

Ironically through their actions proving one of my points about Black women always having to be right to be one hundred percent correct.

Damn, now I know how Tommy Sotomayor feels.

I’ve published more blogs this month responding to a blog I wrote over a year ago then on fresh new content. I’ve kept re-iterating the same arguments over and over again, but some of you Sistas just don’t get it.

If it sounds bitter because it’s not what you want to hear. No, you want some sugar coated crap from the professional Captain-Save-A-Hoes like Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and Michael Baisden who will kowtow to you and tell you how great you are and how it’s all that “nasty Black Man’s fault” for not worshipping you.

Seriously, why is it whenever you disagree with a Black woman you are considered bitter? Why is it every time you try to present HARD FACTS to a Black woman they have to trot out their shaming language? Why do they always try to turn themselves into the VICTIM?

Sorry, but Shawn doesn’t deal in sugarcoating facts. He writes cold hard TRUTH. He’s been writing cold hard TRUTH for close to 20 years now. If you don’t like his truths, then don’t come to his blog. 


  1. Thank God for Shawn because without him, I would've been like that bitter Sista who wrote that screed. She's just a bitter woman who won't take the red pill to face the fact that the world is just as hostile to her as to brothas. At least Brothas know the game is rigged against them Instead of being bitter at Black women and the world at large, they take stock of whatever situation the Brothas in, then doing something about it instead of moping and complaining, whereas Sistas want everyone to accept them as they are without making any effort to look in the mirror for flaws that others see and change them.

    Guys like you are a gem.

    SB(La Reyna)

  2. La Reyna,
    Thanks for the kind words and the support. I write these blogs to help sistas (and brothas) wake up and see the truth. So they can work on healing and moving forward.