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Friday, April 5, 2013

Thoughts on Greg Horn

Last week Greg Horn disciplined his two daughters 12 and 14 for leaving the house without his knowledge. And he posted the video of it up to social media.

Some people think Mr. Horn was excessive in beating his daughters With a video cable.

If they only understood tasers and nightsticks hurt even worse. Or that bullets are fatal.

In America when parents discipline teenagers it’s called child abuse.

But if a police officer was to run up on Mr. Horn’s daughters for being outside unsupervised and beat them it’d be called Resisting Arrest.

And the police officers would be considered justified under the law for beating those same children. But thanks to our silly liberal laws written by Manginas, Mr. Horn is charged with child abuse.

Don’t you just love this country?

A father does his job disciplining his kids and is arrested for it.

But if he did nothing he’d be charged with being an incompetent father. Moreover, many of those same people would be asking where is the father when these kids were caught by the police for running around in the street at night.

Whoever thinks what Greg Horn did to his daughters is abuse never had to deal with a 12-year old or a 14-year old, especially daughters. At that age girls think they know everything because they can come and go on the bus.
Worse, they think they are the hottest thing since sliced bread. At that age they’re running around with knucklehead dudes who they think are the greatest because they flash them a goofy ass smile.

There’s a reason why Greg Horn took a cord to those girls behinds. He wasn’t raising no whores. Anyone who has teenagers knows at that age these little girls are ready to serve up the pussy to the first one of these dumb motherfuckers all because he tells them he loves them. Or because he flashes that goofy ass smile at them.

Better to deal with welts on a child’s body than a baby they can’t take care of.

Because that same goofy ass grown man who tells that 12-year-old girl and 14-year-old girl that he loves her to get in her panties is the first to run away and say the baby ain’t mine when they get pregnant.

Personally I think we need more dads like Greg Horn. We need more dads to administer some of that old school parenting and tear up those kids behind and get them in line. Like Joe Jackson said parents today are just too damn SOFT.

Without a Dad there to regulate most daughters wind up going wayward. Without his leadership they turn into whores, hoodrats and single mothers.

Greg Horn doesn’t belong in jail. He shouldn’t be prosecuted. What he did wasn’t child abuse. What he did was discipline his children so they would grow up to become functional adults, not hoodrats, baby mamas and other disrespectful disgraceful ghetto whores who use their bodies like toilet bowls. Again, we need more fathers like Greg Horn, not less. If we had more men like him in the Black community maybe it wouldn’t be the cesspool that it’s become.

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  1. yeah i agree with you on this

    my nephew once kept kicking me.. like over and over and over

    i could not get him to stop and he's like 4 yrs old

    no one even told him to stop, such as his mom (my sister) or anyone

    so finally i said to him, if you kick me again, i'm going to punch you

    he said "you can't punch me" (can u believe he said that to me? smh)

    like 10 minutes later he came up to me and kicked me and jusr reacted.. i punched him dead in his chest LOL

    don't get me wrong i felt really bad at first because he fell down crying

    i sat him on my lap and told him i was sorry but when he was better i realized he probably needed that to happen because he didn't kick me ever again.. even to this day he still hasn't kicked me and that was a while back

    i realized i taught him how to listen at least a little bit more and like you said, maybe if we can keep kids from acting out at home then we can keep them from getting tased and beaten by police later on in life

    i realize sometimes as a parent you just react and sometimes you probably overreact but normally that's better than nothing at all

    (i'm not a parent btw)

    anyway just my perspective