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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Role of Fathers in the lives of Children.

Over the past 30 years I’ve grown up listening to women who minimized and devalued the role of fathers in America. Brainwashed by feminism, they think they can be a mother and a father to a child.

One of the biggest lies women tell themselves is that they don’t need a man to raise children. Feminists, liberals, and single mothers created this mantra back in the late 1960s to undermine and devalue the traditional nuclear family with a mother and a father and validate their dysfunctional family situations as normal. They figured if they put it in the media that the single mother was just as normal as any other family, others would find it socially acceptable.

And unfortunately, people have found it socially acceptable. And as more and more people have found it socially acceptable, society as a whole has come to a ruin. In spite of all our technological and economic progress American society has decayed morally without the father as the leader of his household.

The truth is a child needs two parents, a mother and a father to grow up to become a healthy and functional adult.

What women today don’t understand is that fathers contribute a lot to the development of children. And that there are only some lessons a boy and a girl can learn from a man and only a man.

Good Fathers indirectly teach their children leadership, how to establish boundaries, and how men and women socialize with each other. And they establish the discipline, order, and structure children need to navigate life in the Real World once they leave home.

Boys need a father to gain an understanding of their masculinity and their male identity. When a boy sees his father every day and has a relationship with him, it gives him a clear understanding of who he is and who he is supposed to be when he grows up when he becomes a man.
Boys who have their fathers in their lives are usually more balanced than boys who grow up in single parent homes. Because they’re getting their emotional needs met, they radiate more masculine energy and are more attractive to the opposite sex.

A boy with his father in his life sees how women are to be treated by the relationship he has with his mother. When a boy has his father in his life he oftentimes chooses a wife based on the relationship he saw modeled in front of him between his mother and father.

In addition, boys who grow up with their fathers have better coping skills when it comes to dealing with things like loss, pain and failure.

Boys who grow up with good fathers are more confident, and more secure in themselves. They usually grow up to become leaders and innovators. Strong critical thinkers, they spend their time focusing on solutions instead of problems.

The impact of fathers can also be felt on daughters as well. Girls who grow up with fathers see Real Manhood modeled for them on a daily basis. They see a clear example of who a man is supposed to be. When a girl has her father in her life she sees how a man is supposed to treat her. Moreover, when she sees how he treats her mother it gives her an understanding of how male-female relationships are supposed to be.

Girls who have their fathers in their lives don’t have to go looking for love in all the wrong places because they’re getting their emotional needs met by the first men in their life- Their fathers. And because they’re getting their emotional needs met they’re less likely to experiment with things like drugs and sex at an early age.

A father is the first man in his daughters’ life. Usually the relationship a girl has with her father shapes how she relates to men when she grows up to become a woman. When a girl has a healthy relationship with her father, oftentimes she’ll pick a healthy, functional man to be her husband just like her father.

Fathers also help mothers have a healthy relationship with their children as well. By establishing healthy boundaries, Real Men who are Real fathers help mothers break the maternal bond with their children when they grow up. This helps children grow up to become independent functional adults who can stand on their own two feet when they leave the home to establish their own homes.

When a father is in the home it can have a significant impact on the development of boys, girls and even the woman he’s married to. Unfortunately, American society hasn’t seen the value of fathers have on families over the last fifty years.

Here in the South Bronx I see the damage that’s been done from two generations of families growing up without fathers in the home.

I see boys who are growing up confused about their masculinity and their male identity. Because there is no father there to socialize them in the norms of manhood they’re taking on female character traits. Because they’re emotional thinkers they grow up to become men who are unable to lead but are led by the women in their communities.

Boys who are becoming more and more effeminate and homosexual because there’s no man to teach them what manhood is about. Because they’re learning how to be a man from a WOMAN.

And after 40 years of feminism, they’re learning that the roles of men and women are reversed. Today a boy will tell you that a woman needs a man to take care of her, not that a man needs the support of a woman to do God’s work.

I see girls who are growing up angry and filled with hate against men. Hearing their mothers’ bitter stories about being done wrong by “no good men” these little girls who grow up to become women who think men are tools to be used to get what they want. Women who grow up to be just as bitter as their mothers and grandmothers who grew up without their fathers in their lives.

And this vicious cycle continues as these girls grow up to become women who choose weak men just like their fathers to have children with. Perpetuating a vicious cycle where the next generation of children grow up to become just as dysfunctional as they have.

Don’t listen to the rhetoric and propaganda of feminists and liberals. A good father is a valuable part of a child’s life. Every day he is in the home with them he’s having a significant impact on their personal, physical and emotional development. Every child needs their father in their lives. Don’t deny them a relationship with him. He’s the only person who can reverse this dysfunctional pattern created by feminists and liberals.


  1. I completely agree. Good post. You should do commentary or something on a news network. Your thoughts should be heard by the public.