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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why the Single, Successful and Well Educated Woman is ALONE.

I recently got a comment from a woman on the Why Real Men avoid Single Mothers blog who professed to having multiple degrees, a six-figure job, and a house complaining that she couldn’t find a man to father a child with. She tried to justify having a child out of wedlock because of all of her success.

Time to show her why her argument is a failure. And while I’m doing that I’ll explain to everyone why these Single, successful well-educated women with the career, the house, and the two cars in the driveway just can’t find a man.

Guess what, Real Men like myself don’t care about your degrees, your six-figure job or your house. If anything that stuff doesn’t impress us.

Why? Because we judge you by your character. Real men like myself value intangibles like loyalty, support, honor, and trust, above things like your college degrees, your six-figure job and your expensive luxury car. We’re looking for a woman who will work with us as part of our team.

But most of these accomplished women are too busy trying to being an I instead of being a We. And sadly, they don’t understand that there’s no I in team and partnerships aren’t made up of individuals who still act on their own even when they’re in a relationship with someone else.

If anything, most of these women with all those accomplishments under their belts act like they’ve got a bigger dick than we do. What do you need Shawn for if you’ve got everything already? I mean, what Real Man wants to be the Ken doll who sits in the corner of a woman’s Barbie Dream House? What Real man wants to be reminded every day that he depends on a woman for his existence? What man wants to be emasculated by a female every day?

You don’t need me to fuck you when you’ve got a dildo that can do it for you.

Seriously, I’ve run into women like this on jobs when I was working and I just couldn’t stand them. They were so full of themselves. So arrogant. So condescending. So damn snobby that they just fucking repulsed me. I wouldn’t stick my dick in these chicks if they BEGGED me to.

It was a chore to be around these women. They’d talk down to everyone and walk around with such hubris and such a superior attitude that it got on my nerves.

On top of the stank attitude, these women like this are just BORING. Yeah, they had all those accolades and accomplishments but they just weren’t interesting people. They can’t talk about anything outside of their job, their house, their car, or the college they went to. Every aspect of their life was like a damn job interview and everyone had to meet their qualifications to be a part of their life.

For these overachieving women, a man wasn’t a human being, with thoughts, feelings and emotions. He wasn’t someone with goals and aspirations of his own. No to these social climbers he’s an object to look good on her arm when she’s out and someone to brag about when she was on the town. Someone to own so they could have another accomplishment on their personal resume.

I could imagine sex with this kind of woman. It’d be a dry dull experience. She practically does it in the same position every time at the same time. Saturday at Midnight, she lays on the bed like a piece of dead wood, then dictates how she wants the guy to put his dick in. Not too slow, not too fast. She tells him how many strokes, how deep to thrust, and when to cum. Then after dude busts a nut, she dumps the condom in the trash, thanks him, rolls over and goes to sleep.

Yeah, that’s the kind of sex a man wants to have with a woman until death do us part. If it sounds that BORING, that’s because it is THAT BORING.

The sad part about the Single, Successful, well-educated woman with everything is that she’s a failure as a human being. Sure she has everything materially, except the human intangibles pertaining to character that make her relatable to people. Spiritually and emotionally, these women are EMPTY. These women have no charisma, no personality, no warmth, and no sense of humor. You can’t connect with her, you can’t get to know her as a person. They’re just NOT FUN to be around.

These single, successful well-educated women may have high-profile jobs, houses, cars, and lots of money but they radiated no feminine energy. They radiate no sexual energy. They make men INDIFFERENT towards them.

And in the game of love and relationships indifference is the KISS OF DEATH.

What these Single, Successful, well-educated women don’t understand is that attraction is an instinctive thing. A man has to FEEL something for a woman that makes him passionate about her. Something that lights that spark within his soul. Something that stimulates his heart. Something that makes him smile when he sees her. Something that makes him to see her as the only person he wants to share his life with.

It’s that natural something special that attracts a man to a woman and a woman to a man. But these educated women are so busy trying find a man who fits into their “perfect” life that they don’t understand it’s their quest to be “perfect” that’s turning everyone away.

The sad part is the single successful well-educated woman thinks she’s so perfect that no one can measure up to her unrealistic standards. The only perfect person who ever walked this earth was Jesus Christ.

The rest of us are fucked up. But God loves us all anyway.

The Single Successful well-educated woman looks down from her ivory tower and feels sorry for everyone, but the rest of the world of Real Men and Real women look up at her and feel sorry for her walking around with her high position laundry list of qualifications for her perfect mate because they understand how out-of touch she is. How many Six-foot-six guys with six figure jobs, MBAs from Ivy League schools are out there in that world of seven billion people? And how many of those guys would be interested in her? Moreover, how many would be interested in having 2.5. kids with her?

If I put the Single woman’s criteria for a man in an algorithm, input it into a computer with data about the seven billion people on this earth, I’d still come up with ZERO. Why? Because her criteria for a relationship with a man is ILLOGICAL.

In her quest to live life on her terms, the single, successful, well-educated woman is missing out on living the life God has planned for her. And that life is a richer more abundant experience than whatever list of goals she has written down on some piece of paper. If she’d just let God lead her and guide her, maybe she’d find that man. But God can’t work in her life to lead her to that special someone because she can’t fit him in on her schedule.

Men and women on God’s Earth are imperfect creatures. And it’s those flaws and imperfections that give us the rough edges that allow us to connect to others. It makes us relatable to others. As we identify with our common experiences we find people who want to share our lives with. But because these single successful women are working so hard to be perfect they’re like Teflon. People slide right over them and pass right by them.

Maybe if these single, successful well-educated women out there would focus on developing things like a personality, presence, charisma and voice, they’d radiate the energy that would make them attractive to men. But as long as they run around with their laundry lists of ridiculous qualifications and a need to find that “perfect” man to be the Ken who fits into their Barbie Dream Life, they’ll always be ALONE. Because in this world of seven billion human beings, that person just doesn’t EXIST.


  1. You are a very talented young Brother. Keep it up!

  2. hey brah...


    you said EVERYTHING in this one

    this is that real.

    100% this is THAT REAL.

    you killed this one, this is the downright truth.. everything you said here was perfect

  3. I disagree, I think the sex would be good in the beginning but not really more going for her than sex...I can hang with my bros instead of a woman with a mind like a dude.

  4. I'll disagree to disagree... The sex with this kind of chick would be WACK IMO. Because they have no emotional or spiritual connection, you won't feel anything to draw you closer to them.

    These women have no feminine energy and no sexual energy. they're just DEAD on the inside. Sex with them would be the equivalent of banging a prostitute.

    1. Hmm what is her name and how did she break your heart? This sounds like a cry for help. People like you are funny human beings.
      "Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge… is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding."

    2. Hmm what is her name and how did she break your heart? This sounds like a cry for help. People like you are funny human beings.
      "Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge… is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding."

  5. Well. We woman busy ourself with important things, if you boy does not meet our standart, we will not even recognize your existance. But, if you can swoon us, you don't have to be perfect anyway, then we will consider you and start being a girl.

  6. The result of feminism. As a woman, I don't hardly have any female friends because all females seem to talk about is their majors, their designer handbags and their this, and that, yada yada yada. I just can't take it. It's boring and vain. They're boring. I rather kick it by myself.

  7. I am with the other single mothers that state that not all single mothers are the same or have the same situation.

    My children's father is not allowed to be in contact with my children because he has almost killed them on 3 different occasions. I am also a foreigner which means that our children are raised in a village settings so there's always male role models if not the father.

    this article is peer of the mission because there are at least 10 of the boys/men raisin the same setting very intelligent, business owners and raising families of their own without you stereotype of corruption and women abusers. this article was probably written by a woman who destroyed her own child and now seeing this she's a failure condemning all other single mothers as well.

  8. The problem with your article is that this is an opinion. Cheapest form of knowledge. Who are you to dictate a "Real man"? It's the 21st century, men can be stay at home dad's if they want. It's like saying if a women can't be a stay at home mum...then she has failed at being a women. Is a man less of a man because he "depends on a woman for his existence"? Or do you want women to depend on the existence of men? Do you have mommy issues?
    "an object to look good on her arm when she’s out and someone to brag about when she was on the town"
    Men do this to women and I am guessing to you, it's okay because Men are to have bigger egos than women.

  9. The problem is my opinion is telling you a truth you don't want to hear.
    Simps and WEAK dudes are stay at home dads. When a man depends on a woman to take care of him she has no respect for him.

  10. This is the most narrow-minded piece of crap that you've written so far. You've categorized every successful woman as someone not worth being with. Great literary job. You have made successful women out to be some sort of mishap and all they care about is the designer bags, houses, having a man swinging on their arms and such. I can hit below the belt, but I'm not going there with you. Has it ever occurred to you that most men marry women of their educational level and establish homes and kids with these women.