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Monday, April 8, 2013

Educated Does Not Mean Smart

Educated does not mean Smart.

Most people in America don’t understand the difference between the two.

Educated means a person has passed a bunch of classes and has acquired knowledge in a single subject.

Smart means the ability to apply knowledge. Moreover, it means someone has the ability to take that knowledge they’ve acquired and create new knowledge for others to use or create new innovations from that knowledge.

Many erroneously believe that educated people are smart. When this isn’t the case.

A lot of people in America are educated, but they aren’t smart. They have college degrees and advanced college degrees but most lack the ability to apply any of the knowledge they’ve learned in all those college courses they took. Some of these people have read a bunch of books, but can’t take the lessons they’ve learned from those books and utilize them in their everyday lives.

The Average American may have more education than ever but they lack the critical thinking skills of a smart person with a common sense. They can’t problem solve, analyze or, even think long-term.

And this is after taking courses like Calculus and Statistics which are supposed to “teach” people how to think critically.

For all of America’s education we’re just not producing smart people in our colleges and universities. All they’ve learned on these college campuses is how to regurgitate what their professors taught them for an A on their term papers, not the critical thinking skills they’ll need to function in a changing world.

I have to ask: If people are more educated than they were 50 years ago then why are so many people making STUPID decisions?

If we’re so much more educated than we were 50 years ago why are there so many BONEHEADS running corporations? And why can’t American business and American government get its shit together and fix this economic mess in spite of there being more college educated people in the American workforce?

50 years ago we had a less educated workforce and they were able to do more than all our best and brightest people today. I dare to say a person with less than a high school diploma in 1950 was smarter than a guy with a PhD today.

Why? Because those people knew how to THINK.

I also dare to say if we took some high school graduates and stuck them at the top of most Fortune 500 companies they’d have them running BETTER than today’s college graduates.

Why? Because they have critical thinking skills. Moreover, they’d have more common sense than today’s college graduates.

I really think if you took six of today’s college graduates and put them in a room with a high ceiling and told them to change a light bulb They’d take several weeks to get it done. All six of them would sit in the room overanalyzing everything.
One guy would be analyzing cost per watt.

A second would be trying to figure out the best wattage for the bulb.

A third would be trying to figure out what brand of bulb would be best.

A fourth Hippie type would be debating the third on whether or not to use compact fluorescent or a traditional bulb.

A fifth would be on his computer looking for the best price for a bulb and a sixth would be talking about the strength and density of the ladder they were going to use and what spot would be mathematically best to position it.

When all they were told to do is change the God Damn bulb.

America is full of lots and lots of educated people. But what it needs are smart people who can take that knowledge they have dissect it and break it down in ways that can be applied in everyday life. People who can use their knowledge to create new innovations and new ideas.

I’d rather work with a smart person with a GED than an educated fool with a college degree. Educated does not mean smart.


  1. i went to college.. it was the worst experience of my life

    being indoctrinated with all their lies and nonsense

    i even think one of my teachers was a witch or something because she was against anything that was a picture of decency.. i saw a documentary on cult leaders and she basically did to students exactly what they do to their followers

    her answer to all the world's problems was more feminism and less "crazy people who believe in God"

    i even left the class one day when she began explaining that incest isn't wrong, its natural and that its only considered wrong because of social norms

    everyone got quiet and wide-eyed because they knew EXACTLY why i left

    college is a joke

    people don't understand that all knowledge isn't good or true

    they say "get an education" but they never ask "what will they educate me on"

    i watched this teacher mock men, God, and decency for two whole semesters just to finish school.. and she was the worst one, but by no means was she the ONLY one

    people go in and come out dumber than they were when they enrolled

    they brainwash people

    you're only rewarded with a good grade when you agree with what the teacher says

    i even wrote a song about it and i said "i got my own reasoning, thus i'm not believing them/ but i'm tested on how well i can agree with them/"

    another teacher told me my views on women were "antiquated" when in a case study i said the woman should leave her job, have her baby and then re-enter the job field when her child is older instead of taking on a more demanding position AND having a baby at the same time

    but what was crazy was even though it was my answer.. THE TEXTBOOK SUGGESTED THE EXACT SAME THING

    however when i (a male student) said it, the teacher tells me i'm sexist and my views are antiquated


    i dedicated my entire final to destroying her for saying that to me but she was probably too dense to realize it

    anyway i agree with what ur saying here school is a joke

    read, write, regurgitate


    80% of our literature had the word nigger in it, and "history"?





    its a f*cking JOKE!!!!!

  2. James, that's why I started learning for myself when I graduated College. All most colleges are are shelters for feminazis, Libtards, and Manginas who can't find work in the real world like the rest of us. I call it the Grant Money Hustle, all these losers do is hide in college

    College is alleged to teach you how to think. Think like a sheeple who consumes products mindlessly.

    I learned more when I got out of college than I did when I was in there. I taught myself screenwriting, novel writing, and learned about literary analysis on my own. Also learned how to paint and draw by studying on my own. And I taught myself advanced business strategies on my own. The information is out there you just have to go look for it .

  3. This is absolutely perfect!!! Thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth!

    A piece of paper saying you earned a degree does not make you "smart." I am so SICK of this mentality.

    Do you have a business? You're the type of person I'd die to work for. :)

  4. Tina, I'm working on building up my publishing company SJS DIRECT. One day I hope to have enough money to hire talent. I believe that education will give you skills, but not the intelligence that allows people to apply them. I've seen too many educated people do dumb things.

    Most need to understand Educated and smart are two different things.

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