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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Steve Harvey’s 90-Day Rule is Bullshit

Anyone who has read Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man has heard of his 90 day rule. According to that rule, a woman isn’t supposed to have sex with a Man for 90 days after meeting him.

What a bunch of bullshit.

So a good, decent hardworking man is supposed to believe that a woman is so special that he’ll wait 90 whole days for the chance of getting her wonderful goodies?

Steve Harvey calls this being a good decent man. Shawn calls it being a SIMP.

Now this “good decent man” is supposed to wait for 90 days for sex while this same woman who promises to be faithful to him is probably dropping those same panties in less than an hour for every other dude out there. And while they're banging her brains out he's supposed to patiently wait for 90 straight days without sex while these other cats spit game at her, gets their dick wet, and goes on their way?

Talk about your double standards.

According to Steve Harvey basically, decent men who women are supposed to want to commit are just supposed to sit on standby for oh, 90 days paying for meals and drinks while women go out date and fuck whoever they please and then come back to that good man who waited for them for some wonderful, “loving” sex?

Now I understand why Real Men call Steve Harvey a SIMP.

Real Men like myself see the backhanded insult in Steve Harvey’s advice to women. Good men are just supposed to settle for less when it comes to women. We’re supposed to just sit there and wait for women to finish having all their fun for 90 straight days and then when she believes we’re worthy of her (spent enough money on her) she’s supposed to offer us sex. And after waiting patiently for so long we’re supposed to appreciate the wonderful gift of some used up, beat up, run through pussy with a ribbon in the pubes?

Again, get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. Shawn doesn’t accept any woman’s sloppy seconds or Turned out Thirds or over fucked fourths.

According to Steve Harvey, A decent upstanding man is supposed to wait for some sexual scraps to fall from the table from a woman after she’s finished having her fun 90 days later.

Nah, that’s BULLSHIT.

Real Men don’t sit around wait for leftover pussy 90 days later. If we’re not going to be offered first shot at a woman’s panties, then we know she’s not interested in having a relationship with us. If she wants to take the relationship to where she is the only one getting sex exclusively from that one man, she has to EARN that privelege by showing what she brings to the table in terms of character. 

Any Man who follows Steve Harvey’s stupid rule is just going to get used by meal and drink hoes who will get three months of free dinners, free drinks and free movies out of them then broom them to the curb without offering up any sex at all. After these women have had their fill of food and good times they’ll just tell a guy “it’s just not working out” and then go back to whatever thug, dope boy or whoever they were sleeping with during those 90 days.

Real Men like myself understand that not all sex is good sex. And we know if we’re not a woman’s first choice, then we’re definitely not going to sit around waiting for 90 days to be the spare dick she goes to when she can’t get laid anywhere else.

Usually a woman knows within five seconds of looking at a man whether or not she sees him as someone she wants to have sex with. And usually within 7 to 14 days they make efforts to get with him sexually. If nothing is happening after 30 days she's usually just stringing a guy along. 

The only guys waiting 90 days are the losers who are in the friend zone. And thirsty Simps like Steve Harvey. Maybe he’s using the royalties from his book to pay for the pussy he gets.

The only women following Steve Harvey’s silly advice are desperate pathetic women. The kind that can’t get a man because of their numerous personality and character flaws. These are the same women who will be single and alone 90 days later when they realize Steve Harvey’s advice is bullshit.

Ladies, no Real Man is going to wait 90 days to have sex with you. And you’re not going to wait 90 days to have sex with a Real Man. When a Real lady is attracted to a man, she makes every effort to close that deal as soon as she can so she can work towards making that relationship between them exclusive. 


  1. Have to disagree with you and Steve. I'd like to suggest the "Marriage Rule". If you want to have sex - get married. Fornication is a sin. God intended for a man and a woman to be married before having sex. If a man really loves a woman and has no doubts about that love, and respects her, he should propose marriage rather than the chance for a "quickie". If a woman truly loves a man and respects him (as well as herself) she will be willing to wait as well. People are not objects to be used for pleasure or convenience. Today, too many people treat each other like chewing gum. We use them till we get what we want out of them and then spit them out. The reason why our community is so messed up with "baby mommas", "baby daddys", and venereal diseases like HIV is because we have no respect for God's law or each other. And no - I'm not being unrealistic. There are people who have done it and are far happier than the people who don't. Too many of us give in to the cynicism of the world. It's time to choose Christ.

  2. While I believe marriage is ideal, in today's world marriage isn't possible. Why? Because American women especially Black women have been CORRUPTED by Feminism. And feminist women don't know how to be suitable wives

    As a man who practices celibacy, I wouldn't mind waiting for a good woman.

    but in a sea of Hoes, a good woman is a needle in a haystack. And these hypocrites will have SIMPS waiting 90 days while they get run through by all the brothas on the block with a few dollars in their pockets. My point was Steve's 90-day rule is made to deny men but benefit women. It makes it like the women are innocent, when they're just as guilty as the men they run around with.

  3. I agree with every single thing the writer of the article said. As a former "nice guy" (i.e the kind of guy who used to be willing to wait 90 days) nothing good came out of "waiting." whenever I "waited" for a girl, I would find out that she fucked a guy that she JUST MET during the time she was "dating" me. And that is 1,000x worse than when a guy fucks a girl and then dumps her the next day because at least her time wasn't wasted. While I was "waiting" for a girl that just fucked a guy she just met anyways, I could have spent that time getting with a girl who actually liked me. Waiting 90 days will not only waste a huge chuck of your pay check each month for 3 months, but it will also get you BROTHERZONED which is far worse than the friend zone. After 3 months paying food, drinks, movies for the girl, with getting no sexual activity, the guy is still not going to sexual activity, and be not only her bank account that she doesn't have to deposit to withdraw, but he will ALSO be her personal furniture mover. If u ever moved furniture around for a girl, you will know that is one of the WORST things to do for a guy. So then ur money and time is not only wasted, but ur energy is wasted as well. THEN after the furniture moving stage, you'll be her emotional punching bag.. who she can insult all she wants, yet wants you to be there for her when things go wrong and wants u to comfort her. No guy with at least one-fourths of a regular sized brain would want to do that.... ESPECIALLY with no sexual activity.

    Some girls will say, "if girls are fucking guys they just met and making u wait, maybe u just haven't found the right girl." But EVERY girl, I have "dated" over 3,000, and EVERY girl that told me, "I have a 3 month rule" or "it's too early in the relationship" ended up fucking a guy that she just met usually dumping me. If she really liked me she would have at least given me a chance. It's not really giving me a chance if I don't even get to do as little as touch her tits.

    After watching a lot of girls including in areas where they pay no attention to me or any other guys around.. I can assuredly say the article writer is right about, "a girl wil know within 5 seconds if she wants to have sex with him or not." They don't have to know how much money he makes, the car he drives, or his confidence level... she will know JUST BY LOOKING AT HIM. Girls are very visual creatures. If she isn't attracted to you on the first day or first few days of meeting you, she isn't going to be attracted to you 3 months after either.

    Now that I no longer "wait" for girls that I'm dating, I have much better and happier relationships. And to all the girls and brotherzoned guys who are going to tell me, "oh u just want sex!" it's not about the sex, it's about knowing if the girl really likes you or not and to take the relationship to the next level.

  4. I never did understand how that was supposed to work on anybody who wasn't a complete nerd, who might have one chance in a year to get laid. I mean a man with ulterior motives for whom these tactics are meant to weed out (men like Steve Harvey) would just be bang his side chick for 90 days and be on his best behavior with you. Then when the buzzer runs out, he's wearing both of y'all's behinds down to a nub. I mean, what's the point?

  5. I suppose on some level the 90 day rule makes some sense that both man and woman should wait before having sex, in theory. In reality, has anybody of either gender made it to 9 days without sex, let alone 90?