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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Enter the White Knight...Deleted chapter from Manginas: They Look Like Men But Act Like Ladies

Still working on the fathers blog so here's a deleted Chapter from my upcoming Manginas eBook:

Real Men grow up to become doctors, lawyers, scientists and other innovators and captains of industry who build communities, cities and nations.

Manginas grow up to become…White Knights.

A Mangina usually dedicates his life to two things:

1. Not being like his father.

2. Protecting other women from experiencing the “abuses” he believes his mother encountered in her life.

On hearing or seeing the abuses their mother experiences in her life many a Mangina often makes a vow to make sure another woman never suffers like she does.

To ensure the safety of the women around him, the Mangina often commits himself to being the protector of women throughout society. Donning shining silver armor and a bright white tunic crested in period blood, he hops on a white steed and proclaims himself to be the White Knight™ Protector of womanhood and Defender of the Matriarchy.

To Manginas, all women are being victimized by an evil order run by a Patriarch King that oppresses them with sexist policies. Enlightened by their truths, he feels that it’s his job as the White Knight™ to protect the fair maidens and Damsels in Distress from the male Black Knights™ of this evil order.

In his quest for truth and justice, he rides in on his white horse stopping domestic disputes between couples, chastising men for looking at sexy pictures of women in magazines. He steps in and reprimands men for making perceived sexist comments or takes their side for having arguments with women. Over the course of a day he fights women’s battles, slays their dragons or in some cases kills the Black Knight by firing his male chauvinist ass off the job so he’ll never trouble the fair maidens of the workplace ever again.

Unfortunately, no one ever asked for his help. And in most cases his help does more harm than good.

Thanks to the interference of White Knight Manginas many women never learn to take responsibility for their behavior and their actions, and they never learn how to fight their own battles. His enabling and excuse making allows them to remain in a state of arrested development where they never grow up and learn the valuable life lessons from their mistakes.

What the Mangina doesn’t understand is that not all women aren’t like his mother. They don’t need his protection. They don’t need him fighting their battles or protecting him from all the evils in life.

Because the Mangina is so afraid of conflict, he doesn’t understand that pain leads to change. And change leads to growth. And when people grow they become better people.

When women are forced to deal with the everyday conflicts of life, they become stronger, smarter, and more resilient. As they overcome their challenges they develop the discipline and integrity that allows them to support the men in their lives and take care of the children and manage their homes.

Unfortunately thanks to White Knight Manginas fighting for Damsels in Distress™ and shielding them from the everyday conflicts of life women never learn how to overcome the challenges and obstacles put in their paths. They never build the internal strength of character to stand up in the face of adversity. When challenged by life, they’re the first to look for the help of a man to save them.

The irony about the White Knight Mangina is that in his attempt to make things fair, he’s actually promoting the very sexism he rallies and fights against. In their zealous quest to save Damsels in Distress™ they tragically promote and perpetuate a vicious cycle of dysfunction that makes the girls they grow up with become victims just like their Single mothers. Every woman a White Knight saves eventually grows up to become an emotionally needy co-dependent woman just like the Single Mom the Mangina grew up with.

Manginas need to understand that Women fought for equal rights. And with that great power comes a great responsibility. Women don’t need a man to protect them. In a world where men and women are equals, they can protect themselves from whatever dangers they encounter. If women want someone to fight for their causes, they’ll don their own armor get on their own steed and raise a sword to any evildoer who steps in their way.


  1. Except that men and women aren't equal. 4 out of 23 chromosomes differ between men and women.