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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Halle Berry is Pregnant Again…The Baby Mama Drama Continues.

Reports confirm that Halle Berry is Pregnant. Pregnant with her second child with current boyfriend Oliver Martinez.

That’s right Academy Award winner Halle Berry will have two different kids by TWO different fathers.

Good Gravy.

Leave it to the first Black Academy Award winner for Best Actress to participate in the most ratchet and ghetto behavior imaginable. I have to wonder If Halle Berry drinks 40 ounces with a straw when she’s at home. Instead of being a role model for Black women, she shows the world what a Hood Rat she is.

Well, at least she can’t blame her situation on all those Black men she “Tried.”

Halle Berry’s predicament is Halle Berry’s own fault. Like every other belligerent “strong independent Black woman” out there she thinks it’s perfectly fine to have two kids by two different fathers.

Not knowing she’s showing the world the worst behavior regarding Black women and reinforcing an age-old racist stereotype regarding sistas and out-of-wedlock births, their sexual promiscuity and loose morals. Basically the jezebel stereotype for the 21st Century.

The way Halle Berry is acting is nothing new to me. I’ve seen this a thousand times here in the South Bronx.

Black women never want the man who they fathered a child with to be a father to their children. No, they don’t want that man to take the leadership role over the family and teach and guide his children the way he’s supposed to. They can’t trust a Real man to be the father he’s supposed to be.

So they try to shoehorn a SIMP into the role of father.

The main reason women from single parent homes like Halle Berry resent the men they father children with is because they’re jealous of the relationship they see their children having with their fathers. Envious of the father-child bond they never got to enjoy growing up, they seek to destroy that relationship for their children and make them as miserable as they are.

So they try to sabotage the relationship between a father and a child. Then they try to substitute the father of their children with some other man who they feel more comfortable with. Someone they believe is weaker than the father. Someone who they can manipulate and control.

Someone the child usually rejects and HATES. And when other children are brought into this dysfunctional family situation things go from BAD TO WORSE.

Usually the child by the second Baby Daddy is favored more than the child by the first Baby Daddy. In some cases that child by the first Baby Daddy is abandoned by the mother who dotes on the second baby by the child’s father. Yes, the mothers are THAT SELFISH and THAT CRUEL in these situations.

Their behavior leads to children who are emotionally damaged and spiritually lost. Children who grow up to become bitter and angry adults who hate the world and the people in it. Children who are just as hateful and maladjusted as their mothers.

Halle Berry is turning Nahla Aubrey into another Halle Berry. And that’s what’s tragic about this situation.Unless her father intervenes, this little girl will grow up to be just as dysfunctional and screwed up as her mother.

Now on the surface it may seem like Halle Berry is giving Nahla a little brother or a sister she asked for, but on a subconscious level, Her getting pregnant with the second child by Oliver Martinez is just a way of trying to smear it in Gabriel Aubry’s face to show that Oliver Martinez is going to be a better father than he’d be.

When in actuality he’s a worse candidate for father than Gabriel Aubry. Considering his history of violence and explosive anger it’s clear that he’s not ready for life as a father.

If anything, Oliver Martinez is now a nominee for the 2013 SIMP OF THE YEAR.

By playing Captain-Save-A-Hoe, and impregnating a single mother like Halle Berry, He’ll be joining the ranks of chumps like Chad Johnson, Kanye West, and Steve Harvey. Taking a ride on the Simp train and about to get his ticket punched.

I wonder what size white dinner jacket and bow tie he wears. He looks like a large.

Welcome to 18 years of Hell Mr. Martinez. Now You’ll know exactly what Gabriel Aubry goes through when Halle Berry throws you under the bus. The same things Halle Berry accuses Gabriel, Eric, David and every other man of doing to her She’ll be accusing you of in a few months.

Oliver Martinez has no idea that he’s being used as a tool by a female predator who has no use for men outside of their penises and the sperm in them.

The truth about Halle Berry is that like most Black women who grew up in single parent households she has no understanding of how relationships work. They think that men are just their serve them and do whatever they please. Women like Halle Berry think Men are just supposed to sit there and take emasculatinig verbal abuse, threats, insults, and even physical assaults.

In the eyes of women like Halle Berry Men have no feelings or emotions. they have no rights at all. Again, to bitter angry women like Halle Berry, men are just tools they can use to get ahead in the world.

I feel bad for Nahla and this unborn child. These poor kids didn’t ask to be born into this dysfunctional situation. And they don’t know what’s coming up in the future. They’ll be in my prayers.


  1. This is the most ridiculous article i have read thus far. Who cares what a black man thinks? No one. She's living her life. Why should anyone stay in a unhappy and unhealthy relationship, regardless of who with. No one knows what happened in her previous relationship but the ones involved. why is the race issue/black women bashing always at play? When Halle's was every black man's fantasy, she was billed a beautiful biracial, now that she doesn't deal with the biggest hypocrite and king of the joker " black men" (lmfao) she's a black woman. Typical pathetic black man mentality blame the woman, the black woman. No wonder black men are at the very bottom of the totem pole in everything. Black men are such Losers! Why don't they all just disappear already the world will be a better place.

    1. He's just another bitter ugly loser black fool! As many bastard kids these black mf's got and this clown got the nerve to talk about Halle? puleez!

  2. Sounds like a butthurt Black woman who can't stand hearing the truth.

    "She's living her life." More belligerent language from I'm guessing one of these "Strong Black women who don't need a man." (aka closet lesbian) who is in denial about the gravity of this situation.

    Let me break things down for you: Here is one of top Black women and she’s behaving like a HOOD RAT. What’s so positive about one of our top sistas having TWO BASTARD KIDS BY TWO DIFFERENT FATHERS?

    And seriously, What about those kids who have to live theirs surrounded by the drama of a dysfunctional mother and TWO dysfunctional men who will be FIGHTING ALL THE TIME?

    The Black man never billed Halle as a Beautiful Biracial. I find it funny when Halle Berry was building a career in Hollywood she was a BLACK woman, but now we call her a “Beautiful Biracial.”
    “ When Halle's was every black man's fantasy, she was billed a beautiful biracial, now that she doesn't deal with the biggest hypocrite and king of the joker " black men" (lmfao) she's a black woman”
    No, that’s your boyfriend The White Man, a.k.a. Mr. Charlie. The biggest liar and hypocrite on the planet next to the Black woman.

    Brothers stopped dealing with Halle Berry’s sorry ass after she starred in Lee Daniels’ Monster’s Ball when she showed the world that she’d be the first Ghetto Gagger who would coon for Mr. Charlie just for a lousy gold statue.

    Halle was NEVER Shawn's fantasy. But he sees the reality of the little girls who are growing up today. When prominent women like Halle Berry go out and have TWO BASTARD KIDS by TWO DIFFERENT FATHERS it mainstreams NIGGERDOM and WHOREDOM in their eyes as the NORM. They think something is wrong with THEM if they DON’T have TWO OR MORE BASTARD KIDS BY TWO OR MORE DIFFERENT FATHERS.

    And Shawn doesn’t want this FILTH promoted in his community. Nor does he want it promoted all over the world as a representation of how Black people live.

    Shawn has seen the impact of this kind of family first hand on the lives of those kids are growing up in here in the South Bronx. He's seen his cousins live the exact same lives and watched as they both fell into the abyss that Nahla and unborn child will grow up in. And that's 18 years of HELL as they try to navigate a normal life around their parents’ mistakes, fucked up attitudes and emotional baggage.

    If that’s normal for you then Good God, I feel sorry for you.

    I'm not blaming the Black woman. No, I'm insisting THIS prominent Black woman take responsibility for her actions. Having two bastard kids by two different fathers used to be called SHAMEFUL, but today it's considered "living her life." I’m deeply disappointed at the how this poster justifies NIGGERDOM as normal instead of denouncing it.

    Black men at the bottom of the totem pole? Nah, my sista, that's where YOU the Black woman ARE. If Black women like you wouldn't justify and enable the ratchet behavior of a ghetto hoodrat like Halle Berry, maybe the Black community wouldn't be the swamp that it is. I wish women like YOU would disappear, that would make the Black community a much better place.

    1. Are you praying for lil Wayne too? i hate jealous ugly nigga boys like you! Eat your sad hateful black heart out!! HaHaHa!

  3. Will you angry pathetic Negro men ever get over it and move on? Halle doesn't want you and is living her the same. Oh...before you try to attack bw......get the almost two million of you bm out of prison..stop killing each other off...stop selling fathers to all your illegetimate children and educate yourselves. Most of you are criminals or dead. BW do better than you losers in all areas.

  4. Halle did the bedt thing she could leaving these useless whiny jealous bm alone..white guys are better in all areas...and she will have cute im hoping bria Myles will have a cute little mixed baby with er cute white guy! BM can go to hell!

  5. Halle did the bedt thing she could leaving these useless whiny jealous bm alone..white guys are better in all areas...and she will have cute im hoping bria Myles will have a cute little mixed baby with er cute white guy! BM can go to hell!

  6. Shawn Shakes his head.

    Ladies and gentleman, this is your strong independent Black woman. Confronted with facts she dvolves into personal insults and ad-hominem attactks. I'll just leave these comments up here so you can see how pathetic a creature she is...

  7. I'll also add that White men are great for Black women...Just ask Tonya Pinkins how that worked out.

  8. Shake your ugly head Shawn ...but after you do tell us about what failures BM are in life...killing each dads...1 and a half milloin of you in prison...can't graduate high school...tell us about that ...BM are the scourge of society and clowns to boot.

  9. @ anonymous-

    Shawn has told people about the issue with black men like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and others-nobody wanted to read them.

    Her behavior is disgusting. Yes it is her life but what about all these little girls that keep seeing this mess and nothing to counter it? I know little girls who have no idea what the word marriage means or what a wife is because they live in areas where that doesn't exist.

    We excuse too much of this crap and then we wonder why our kids are messed up. Look at what we show them and defend.
    Lets not forget all this negative behavior -hurt us ALL. It might be her life but what black actress might have lost a job because of her behavior?

    1. You or this blowhard dont have any room to tslk until you get the BM to be real men like every other race men in this country..stop blaming BW for what BM can't i said earlier clean up your own backyard! And get off Halle's back just because she prefers White's pathetic

  10. You mean Real Men like Greg Horn who wind up getting arrested for disciplining his daughters?

    Or Real College educated men like me with their own businesses?

    When we see the impact a Halle Berry has on the Black community we're just supposed to stay silent and let them influence a generation of women and little girls to continue on in WHOREDOM?

    When Halle Berry promotes having Two children by two different fathers out of wedlock, PURE GHETTO behavior he's just supposed to stay silent because the men she involves her self with a White men?

    Every little girl out there and young woman who sees Halle in the spotlight now thinks it's perfectly fine to have two kids by two different fathers. Just like she did over 10 years ago she's legitimizing and mainstreaming niggerdom and whoredom for a new generation.

    When you have kids you just don't "live your own life" You have an impact on those kids lives too. What Halle Berry is doing is reprehensible and egregious to her daughter and that unborn child.

  11. Like i said..become real men and accept your roles as head of the household like all other races do then you can talk...until then in the eyes of the world BM are lazy, uneducated,drug dealing,deadbeat,whoring,multiple babymama ,prisondwelling losers. Your still the white mans boy in every sense.

  12. Sad. Like talking to a brick wall. Time for Shawn to move on to next weeks' blogs...

    1. Yes Shawn move onto next week's blogs because you know everything im saying is truth and i'll mop the floor with you and your lies and hypocrisy.

  13. You're a hypocrite and a talk about niggerdom and blast BW but you dont mention the real culprits...the BM! You have abandoned your children and community,you are killing each other off like flies,you cannot maintain a serious relationship with one woman,wont better yourselves ,and have children scattered all are the worst excuses for men on this planet and three more to boot! We all know where your anger comes from and once again Halle

  14. Halle did the best thing on her life to walk away from BM..your pathetic bullies who will never grow up. And many of us are doing the same.

  15. Halle did the best thing on her life to walk away from BM..your pathetic bullies who will never grow up. And many of us are doing the same.

  16. Good Gravy.

    What are you? Nine years old? Seriously, you sound like a child.

    Lies and hypocrisy? Er...No. That's you. You can't justify single motherhood or having two kids by two different fathers on this blog. I promote responsible manhood and as a Real Man, I'm gonna shut this down.

    Now I've tried to allow you to have an intelligent discourse on this subject. But it's obvious you're either a troll or just a hoodrat looking to get the last word. If you post any more comments on this article they will be deleted.

  17. You have continually proven Shawns point by using the same tired black woman rants and shaming tactics to assainate the black mans character you obviously dont have a life and are a miserable internet ratchet troll.

  18. Anyone that tells the truth about you pathetic losers is miserable according to you sorry excuses for men...i notice you cant debate or even comment on what im saying and all your scared ass can do is change names and delete my comments because everything i say about BM is true! Come to a real site where i can debate your cowardly ass and you can't a man for oncr you spineless snake! Go to Topix i challenge you!

  19. Time to Ether this Hoodrat:

    Black men have been Real Men since after slavery.

    But the Black man hasn't been able to take care of business due to White Supremacy. If we weren't being terrorized by the KKK we were being backstabbed by Uncle Ruckus' and...Negro Bed Wench BLACK WOMEN.

    Thanks to those forces, The Black man's employment was never stable.
    In Jim Crow AmeriKKKa A Black man with a Doctorate had to take a job as a Pullman porter because White racists just wouldn't hire him for anything else.

    If he did go into business for himself, he was terrrorized by the KKK. Read about Black Wall Street and Rosewood. That's what happened to most of the Black Businesses back in the day.

    And a Black man could be fired from a job just beacuse...There was no toilet paper in the bathroom. While a Black woman could do all sorts of crazy shit and still keep a job.

    That system is still in place today. A Black man just looks the wrong way a White Man or a White Woman who doesn't like him and his job is gone. But a Black woman can act as ignorant as she pleases, be as lazy as she wants to be and get PROMOTED.

    Right after the Civil Rights Movement The Black man was undermined by:

    1) The Vietnam war which drafted and killed off most of our best and brightest brothers,


    2) The White Feminist movement which divided the Black community by gender.

    If it wasn't for Black women joining up with the White feminist movement, The Black man would have been able to take care of his family. But because most insecure Black women wanted a stable income from her White Man Uncle Sam, she kicked Black fathers out of the home in exchange for:

    Food Stamps,
    and Section 8 Housing.
    Not to mention the Child Support system,
    College financial aid,
    and bullshit entry-level corporate jobs

    Now all most brothers wanted was a good job and equal opportunity to get that job or start a business.

    But instead of standing by Real Black men, the Black woman joined up with White Women's Liberation to get those FREE Government goodies from Uncle Sam.

    So if that Black man isn't able to take care of his business it's because he NEVER GOT THE SUPPORT FROM HIS WOMAN AND HIS COMMUNITY who ran to get that good Gub' mint money.

    And whenever he does try to take care of his business like I do he gets STABBED IN THE BACK by COONS who are too scared to get off Uncle Sam's tit.

    If anything Halle Berry is par for the course when it comes to Sellout Negro Bed Wench Black women. Sucking on the White Man's pink toddler sized penis and licking his balls in exchange for a few pennies in his change cup. Real Black Men like myself don't want anything to do with a traitor to the race like her. Massa can have his mocha fantasy.

    But we don't want her influencing our community by perpetuating the worst stereotypes known to man about Black people.

    You don't like what's in this blog, hey, don't read it. Again, I do not support or condone single motherhood, Bastard kids or women having two different kids by two different fathers.

    1. Yes, feminism destroyed the black family unit. The Black man suffered horrendous treatment from the white man, yet the black man stood by his family. Black men have been broken. Shame on the black women that said all of those bad things about the black man! Black men have been through hell and high water, and they are still battling the storms of society. I love my black brothers.

    2. And to make another point, it's the hand that rocks the cradle that rules the world. A man's opinion about a woman is influenced by the way she conducts herself. Nobody's perfect, but I don't understand this attitude by Black women thinking it's normal to have children out of wedlock. And they have the nerve to look at me crazy because I don't have any kids. It's one thing to conceive out of wedlock children and admit that it's not the best choice, but to think there's nothing wrong with it is another thing. Black women bought into the feminism nonsense of having sex like a man, not needing a man, so she's left abandoned and alone. It's nobody's fault but hers. The black community can't be restored until people take accountability for their actions and stop living their through Hollywood. The fruits produced are bad, heathen kids that's every school teachers' worst nightmare. It makes it to where nobody wants to be near them. I should have commented under the Stay Away From Single Mothers blog. It's not cute.

  20. Correct me if i'm wrong but i thought Halle berry's mother was a White woman and her father was a "Black man" so i am guessing another black man who failed to parent his seed. Which in turn resulted in her so called hoodrat mentality and behavior. Because black women certainly did not have anything to do with that union. And she did try to stay with the brothas" David Justice, Wesley Snipes, Christopher Williams, Eric Benet ( self proclaimed sex addict). My's easy to villainize certain people and victimize others but as responsible and sensible adults it's up to all of us to be better parents and raise our kids with self respect, morals, love, support and integrity. As well as empathy and stop blaming each other. Mr. James you have some very valid points but i wish you wouldn't be so harsh and I'll look forward to reading more of your insights. Truth be told ignorant men or women simply cannot be shamed into doing the right thing. The change to want to be a better person must come from within.

  21. Halle's Mom came up during feminism. So she probably drove that man out of the home like many women did back then. It was American women regardless of color in over the last 40 years who prevented fathers from doing their jobs and that's what led to the dysfunction.

    Halle's Black father was in her life until...White Momma DROVE HIM AWAY.

    Halle didn't try to stay with Black men. She was with white boys for YEARS until she got popular. Then she "tried" Black Men.

    I won't go into how she used a simp White dentist for years. And how he sued her

    Or How she dated a New Kid on the Block.

    Or how she played BOTH Wesley Snipes and Spike Lee at the same time.

    Or How she slept with Robert Townsend and caused his divorce.

    She tried black men to get ahead, then went back to the White boys.

    She's ratchet because she comes from a single parent home. And now she's trying to apply hoodrat approaches to her adult life. leading to a new generation of kids learning dysfunction and chaos.

  22. you have an interesting perspective on fatherhood and single motherhood

    i'm guessing you grew up without your father around?

    i say this because you connect a lot of dots that i never thought about

    i am a black male and i grew up with both parents.. my parents have been married for 32 yrs and i'm 28

    my parents are still together so when i read what you say about this stuff its really eye opening.. you talk about some elements i've never thought about before

    keep it up brah

    oh and before i go, i have to say the single mom thing is CRAZY today.. my exposure to it is through dating sites

    i see pregnant women and 20 yr olds with newborn twins ALL THE TIME

    their profiles are like "yeah i'm pregnant, if you don't like it F*CK OFF!!"

    i'm like ....really?

    its crazy out here..

  23. James, I saw my dad once a week and talked to him on the phone. But nothing is like having a dad in the home. With him there boy gets to see manhood modeled for him on a daily basis.

    it's great that your family was so strong and that your mom and dad stayed together.

    I grew up with a lot of people who did grow up in single parent homes and they would act out in class, were violent and dysfunctional. Most grew up to become the single moms we have today and their daughters followed in their footsteps. I wanted to give everyone some perspective on how crazy a situation is with a single mom and chaotic a situation it is.

    When a woman has two kids by two different dads, one of them is going to get abandoned. My sister who is a NYC school teacher can attest to this as she's seen kids sent away when she decided to have kids for the other dad and neglected during Christmas when one Dad bought presents for HIS kids but the other dad didn't buy anything for his kid.

  24. First of all, Thank you Mr. Shawn James for standing up as a intelligent black man who possesses insight and courage to speak up on the black condition.

    First of all in my opinion, Halle Berry received her first Academy Award for her outstanding, realistic, sexual performance in "Monsters Ball." She made every white man feel assured that they could please a black woman and she was awarded the gold statuette as a result.

    Yes, Halle Berry exemplifies black motherhood and makes it seem okay. Halle Berry like most black women look at men as merely sperm banks because their arrogance convinces them that they can be mommy and daddy. Ironically, the poor white first daddy caught hell when he objected to her limiting his right of visitation/parenting to his child. However as I said before, this is typical of black women considering that single black motherhood is at 74%. One thing we have to understand is that this horrendous statistic is not a direct result of black male incompetence, although it does bear responsibility but it is not the culprit. What society doesn't realize or choose to ignore is that most black women CHOOSE to become single mothers, it's the only thing that can explain huge disparity of single motherhood as opposed to married black women. However, when their horrendous choice comes under scrutiny, they simply blame it on black male incompetence and the American society laps it up like a thirsty dog. This lie just strengthens and encourages further excoriation and the ostracizing of the black male.

    Black women in their distorted mentality which is blinded by the natural urge to reproduce,the slave mentality and Women's Lib helps black women to decide that my son and or child, "don't need no man," because, "I can be mommy and daddy." If my son seems to need a male role model he has plenty of cousins and uncles to handle that she rationalizes. This is the warped mentality of MOST black women.

    The first thing that encourages the black women to reproduce is the desirable physical features of what she wants in HER baby. This is a contributing factor on why black women are notorious for being exceedingly specific on the type of male (sperm donor) she wants a sperm donor, for ex. over 6ft, "good" hair, light skin(especially if she is dark skinned) etc.. Finding a husband first and foremost is an after-thought and oftentimes not even a consideration. She wants the cute guy (having money is a plus but not a necessity)to have a baby with and the SIMP (as you mentioned)with money and benefits
    to play daddy until she tires or exhaust his resources or finds a better SIMP who is less inclined to be a man and stand up to her.

    Oftentimes the "baby daddy" finds himself in frequent arguments and giving the feeling that what he does is never enough. Sometimes the poor guy is tag-teamed by the black woman and her controlling, interfering and belligerent grandmother. Once he finally gives up and walks away, he is immediately labeled as a "deadbeat dad" and of course he ain't shit and adds to the 74% of black single motherhood. Most black women don't consider a traditional "nuclear family" because what she cannot afford in the care for the child the welfare system will play daddy and compensate for just about everything for example, cash assistance, food stamps, section 8 or subsidized housing, heath insurance, child care, job training, even subsidized cable TV. The woman is never prosecuted for having a child she cannot afford instead she is compensated. A man however is persecuted because at this particular circumstance she is not the "strong black woman," she is the vulnerable "damsel in distress" who was used and abused by the big bad black man who left her lonely and poor! SMFH. Once she gets her child support and back on her feet, she is the "strong black woman" again.