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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why You Women DON’T Want to be the Side Piece

In a previous blog, I went into detail about all the problems women would have if they became a Side Piece or a mistress. Now I’ll explain to everyone why a woman doesn’t want to be a Side Piece.

Why don't you want to be the side peice? Let me list the reasons:

You are automatically put in the Hoe Category. Men put women into two categories: Ladies and Hoes. Ladies are women they form committed long-term relationships with, and Hoes are women they have short term-relationships with. Usually after having sex with a Hoe a few times, most men get rid of her.

A Side piece is automatically put into the Hoe Category. Why? Because men know she is not loyal. Men know that if this woman will cheat with them, they will cheat ON them.

If you act like a Hoe, you will be treated like a Hoe. And most men pay hoes to leave. Women, your actions define your character with men. If you don’t show a man that you are worthy of earning their trust all they’re going to do is screw you and be through with you. All side pieces and Mistresses do is wind up being passed around from man to man and laughed at until they turn 35. Then they head to the social graveyard known as online dating.

You are always going to be SECOND.  A Side piece will always be second best. No matter how good the sex is, men who cheat with them will always go back to their wives or girlfriends.

A Side Piece situation is one where it’s a lose-lose for a woman. It’s where a woman sits on the bench waiting to be called. And when she’s called it’s usually to pinch hit from the waist down.

You always get the leftovers. A man’s wife gets the best. She gets to go to the best places, live in the best home, and wear the best clothes. She also gets to spend most of her time with him, and is considered a top priority in his life.

A Side piece…gets the scraps from the table. And because most women who are side pieces have low self esteem and no self-confidence they think they’re getting top shelf-treatment. In reality they’re getting the equivalent of the tin foil swan with the leftovers someone ate out of. They get second-hand clothes, second hand shoes, and second-hand sex. If a guy has something his woman doesn’t want he gives it to her.

You’re dumpster diving for a man.  Being a Side Piece or Mistress is the equivalent of being a vagrant digging in the dumpster looking for something passably edible to eat or something passably decent to sell. Side pieces are desperately looking in life’s trash cans and dumpsters scavenging for some other woman’s scraps. In most cases they think they’ve got gold. But all they have is trash no one wants.

You get less than half a relationship. A Side piece doesn’t get a whole relationship like a wife or a girlfriend gets. As stated before all she gets is second best. The man she gets isn’t just physically not available; he’s also not emotionally available. Most of him is invested in his wife or girlfriend. If he has any spare time he may give it to you. Sometimes walking the dog takes priority over you.

You’re wasting time.  Time is the most precious thing on earth. You can’t get it back once it’s gone. And Many a Side Piece/Mistress waste the best years of their lives chasing after someone else’s man.

Time is not on a woman’s side. Youth and beauty don’t last forever. And sex alone isn’t going to keep a man interested. A woman needs to focus her time on God’s Earth building a relationship with a quality man of her own who will be HER husband, not waste it trying to take someone else’s man. Because once you get older, it gets that much harder to have a long-term relationship with a tarnished reputation as a home wrecking hoe.

You destroy your chances at ever getting a committed relationship. When a woman is put in the HO category they tell other men that she’s a HO. And when a woman gets the HO label she’s not going to be able to find a man who will want to commit to her. Sure men will have sex with a HO, but outside of a SIMP, no one will marry her.

Men value loyalty, honor and trust in a woman they want a long-term relationship with. It’s these character traits that make her a partner he values enough to offer his hand in marriage. When you become a side piece/mistress all he’s going to offer you is the door. A Men don’t pay hoes to stay. They pay them to leave.

You could have had better. The sad part about the women who are Side Pieces is that they don’t think they can do better than some woman’s husband or some other woman’s boyfriend. They think they have to settle for being a booty call when they can actually have their own boudoir. If they just had a little more confidence they could have radiated the positive feminine energy to attract single, available men to them who would have been willing to commit to them.

Ladies, you don’t want to be the Side Piece/Mistress. It’s the equivalent of being a second or a third string football or basketball player who sits on the bench of life and waits to be called up to play. And does anyone remember who those #2 people were? Don’t let that be you.

Value yourself enough to say you deserve better than second best. Why settle for less when you can get the best? Think of yourself as a first rate woman and you’ll get first-rate treatment. If you raised your standards and stopped digging in the garbage can you can have your own man.

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