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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Butler is #1 at the Box office- Shawn wants to give up on the Negro Race

Lee Daniels The Butler was #1 at the Box office. Another movie made about a shuffling, buckdancing Negro servant by Uncle Toms like Lee Daniels Oprah Winfrey to Pander to White Liberals in Hollywood is what Negroes are willing to pay for at the cinema. Worse, There’s talk of Oprah getting an Oscar nomination.

Shawn just wants to punch someone in the face.

Words do not describe how mad I am. Brothers and sisters you keep falling for the game of Hollywood Hucksters like Lee Daniels Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. They sell you COON images and the Negroes keep paying to go see them instead of protesting them.

It’s like Black folks just can’t think logically. They’re so desperate to see an image of themselves they don’t have any standards for what they pay for. Just because a Celebrity Bed Wench like Oprah is in a movie the Negro sheeple open up their wallets and go out and pay money to see a movie without questioning the content.

If one takes Lee Daniels' body of work apart they’ll see that this Uncle Ruckus makes movies that literally mocks and ridicules Black people  . He repackages old racist stereotypes and resells them to the Negro masses as entertainment at their expense to gain favor with the racist White Liberals in Hollywood. He’s no different than Jay-Z, Diddy Russel Simmons or any of these Uncle Ruckus Rap moguls. But instead of making records, he just does his work with a camera. Unfortunately, the Negro can’t see the panoramic picture of how they’re being exploited and taken advantage of.

Seriously, It’s like the Black folks are a special brand of stupid. They just don’t understand Economics.

This is not how you get positive films that present Black people in a human light made in a capitalist economy. Every coon image you Negroes pay money to see tells the Executives in Hollywood to go out and make more movies like this. When you spend $20 million of your $1.1 trillion Black dollars on movies like The Butler, The Help or Tyler Perry movies it only sends a message to the entertainment business to continue producing MORE movies like this.

Which is detrimental to the image of Black people all over the world. Films like Monster’s Ball, Precious, The Butler, The Help and Tyler Perry Movies all promote the image of the Negro as a victim. Someone who can’t stand on their own two feet. Someone so pathetic and so STUPID that they need the help of a Great White Savior™ (in the case of Tyler Perry a “Good Black SIMP) who feels sorry for their situation and fixes things for them.  In The Butler we're told if we're good little Negroes, Mr. Charlie will gives us our freedoms. All that protestin' and marchin' all that's doin is riling up Good White folks.

Good Gravy.

None of these movies teach a message about Black people taking responsibility for onseself and making efforts to solve one’s own problems.  Black folks always need to have their actions validated and approved by White people to be considered "good".

When this was never the case. Black people have never needed or wanted a “Great White savior”. During Slavery, there were free Blacks who worked in skill trades like carpentry, Ironworking, brick masons, who were educated and intelliegent and took care of themselves. They had jobs and some had businesses. After Slavery Black folks had their own businesses and towns. We had doctors, lawyers, and our own politicians. During Jim Crow Black folks had their own businesses and towns.  Sure we had brothers in jobs like Pullman Porter, but those men were part of a Black Middle class that raised families.

But Hollywood will never make a movie about any of those people. Because it won’t lend to the White Liberal narrative of Black people being pathetic and downtrodden.

The truth is most hardworking Black people never begged the White Man for anything, because we had our own. The fight for Civil rights was never about government handouts, it was about equal gaining protection under the law. The right to compete in the American economy, own a successful business and not fear terrorism by jealous Whites. The right to walk down a street and not get attacked by cops just for being Black. The right to get true due process under the law in the court system. The right to vote and participate in elections where laws and policy regarding Black people were being created. The right to go apply for a job you are qualified for and not get turned down just for being Black. And the right to use public government offices and services like schools WE PAID TAXES for without getting denied the services we paid for.

Unfortunately, a lot of Brothers and sisters buy into the White liberal narrative of AmeriKKKan history and misinterprets what the mission of the Civil Rights Movement was about. In this revisionist chronicle brothers and sisters are told they are victims of racism and needed the help of great white saviors and government programs to gain equal rights. This is why the Negro is regressing instead of progressing some 50 years later.

Seeing the success of movies like The Butler and The Help makes me lose all hope for Black people. It’s like there’s no hope and no change for Black people.  Instead of moving forward they just keep sliding backward, embracing the very stereotypes created by White Supremacists as truth about who they are and what their condition is. Ironically, proving to the world that they are nothing more than slaves.

When films like The Butler and Tyler Perry movies take the top spot in Hollywood it discourages me as a writer. I feel like I’m wasting my time trying to present a different picture of Black life to Black people in my books and screenplays. Looking at Black media over the past seven years, it’s clear the Negro doesn’t want positive Black stories like I write and publish. Stuff that talks about personal responsibility, and taking control and charge of one’s own life. Stories that show Black people as human beings who have their own moral code and values.

 No, Black folks see themselves as completely co-dependent on the White Liberal and his government programs. And when that doesn’t work (which it usually doesn’t by design), they feel justified to turn to crime and debauchery. This is why the Negro loves the Street Lit and Erotica, and even some of the alleged Christian fiction at the bookstore. As long as someone tells them their condition is someone elses’ fault, the Negro buys into that story and plunks down their cash eagerly.

I’ve been fighting this fight for 21 years trying to bring positive humanized images of Black people to the forefront.  And I feel frustrated and exhausted.  I mean, it's like it’s a losing battle. Every time I or someone like Tim Reid, Tim Russ, The Hudlin Brothers or the late Dwayne McDuffie  try to present something positive to Black folks, the Negro masses just resist it at every turn. It’s like there’s no hope to change the course of the Negro race; they just keep falling for the same games over and over again generation after generation. I just want to give up on the Negro race. Seriously, it's like a lost cause.

I think Black folks would rather watch movies about  maids, jezebels and butlers rather than movies about entrepreneurs, functional families and business owners because they think it's too much work to take responsibility for their own condition. Watching those kinds of movies for many Black folks I believe is  like having a mirror held up to their faces and being forced to take that long hard examination of self where they see that the reason they are in the miserable situation they're in is staring in that reflection.

The Butler made $25 million. Black people still have nothing.


  1. Actually Shawn the majority of the folks who went to see this film were WHITE. Over 60% according to some sites like Shadow & Act and THR.

    And of that 39% of blacks who went-is believed to be from the black churches as many tickets were bought in groups and TD Jakes also had a part in this film as a consultant.

  2. Sadly, that proves my point about this being another peice of white liberal whitewashed revisionist history.

    Now that i know that the Negro poverty pimps are working together (Oprah, Lee Daniels, and T.D. Fakes, and the Black Church I'm still depressed.

    Now we have a coterie of wealthy Negroes supporting the White Liberal narrative that tells the Negro Masses they are victims, and promoting this propoganda as a norm for Black people to follow. We really need a strong counterpoint to this propaganda. If only I had more money I'd try to be that voice. Movies like the Butler (BUTKISS) are not who Black people are nor how who we were.

  3. @shawn the help and the butler movie are suppose to be of the historical fiction period drama genre movies like this need to be made to educate the younger and older african americans generation about history I used to live in dallas the blacks there don't no there roots to many of them used to ask me are you black or are you from africa not knowing our ancesters are from africa that have a majority large black population

  4. Movies about the american history are just as important as the other genres romance comedy adventure fantasy etc......not all history is good history look at the jewish people history the holocaust point is it's still history

  5. Nowadays only the lowest common denominator of consumers matter to sellers.