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Friday, August 30, 2013

When You Hire a Hood Rat…You Put Yourself Right Out of Business

Lots of business owners like to hire Black women to meet both the quotas for affirmative action by hiring a woman and a minority. Unfortunately, their decision to hire the wrong Black woman usually comes back to bite them in the ass several years later. Many a business owner has come to ruin by allowing their business to be mismanaged by a ghetto Hood Rat.

Most business owners can’t differentiate between a decent hardworking sistas out there. On the surface, the educated sista and the Hood Rat may look the same. They may wear the same suits, the same hairdos and have the same advanced education such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Some may even have a somewhat professional demeanor. But it’s only when one examines them closely that they see how this dysfunctional woman can wreak havoc in a business.

Why shouldn’t you hire a Hood Rat? I’ll break down all the reasons:

A Hood Rat is not a consistent professional. As stated before, the Hood Rat may have a professional demeanor and may speak well, but that’s about it. Her attitude, her hostile body language and her abrasive approach to business often wind up turning off clients and customers. She may paste on a friendly face for some White and foreign customers and clients, but when pressed by people she can get downright nasty. A Hood Rat under pressure from an irate customer or a customer who challenges what she believes to be her authority can get cursed out and verbally abused. Some may even get physically violent.

A Hood Rat has horrible interpersonal skills. Hood Rats in the workplace do not know how to communicate effectively in the workplace. She doesn’t talk to people, she talks at them. A Hood Rat is a loudmouth who thinks fear is a way to motivate people into doing what needs to be done. Because she doesn’t understand how to form a professional relationship with co-workers and how to persuade them to work with her, she winds up alienating most of her co-workers and demoralizing a workplace.

A Hood Rat believes a job serves HER. A Hood Rat doesn’t care about serving the customers in a business, she believes an employer’s business is supposed to serve her and cater to her on her terms. An extreme narcissist, the Hood Rat will come into work late, and make personal calls. She’ll even do things like eat in workplaces and make cell phone calls in front of clients. Others will use company office supplies like postage, paper and toner like it was their own.

Because she has a hard time understanding the difference between professional and personal boundaries, the Hood Rat will make the business an extension of her home. It’s not common for a hood rat to decorate an office space with excessive personal effects, play loud radios or mp3s or even bring her children to the office when she can’t arrange for childcare. And she’ll insist that people have to tolerate her problems…Just because she’s a victim of circumstances beyond her control.

The Hood Rat is not a good worker. Give a regular sista a project and…it gets done. Give a Hood Rat a project and…It gets lost in a Black hole.

If a manager asks a regular sista about a project, she’ll tell you where she is on the task and what she needs to finish it. Give a Hood Rat a project and it never gets completed. Why? While Most Hood Rats are good talkers they’re not good at anything else. Things like research, writing, decision making and critical thinking are where the Hood Rat falls completely apart in the workplace. She can’t plan out a strategy. She can’t dissect and break down information. She can’t organize. And she can’t deliver on the due date.

When challenged on why her work is poor or mediocre, the frustrated Hood Rat will launch into her defensive attacks. These include deflections such as blaming other co-workers or saying they didn’t get enough help. When that doesn’t work, they launch into shaming language. In this verbal assault she’ll often try to turn herself into a victim by talking about how she has to juggle kids and her other home responsibilities and how she’s feeling overwhelmed. And because many male bosses are Manginas, they buy into this Straw Man argument instead of firing her for her incompetence.

Hood Rats don’t know what professional boundaries are. A Regular Black woman understands what professional distance is. The ability to keep her work life and her personal life separate. The Hood Rat, because she comes from a dysfunctional single-parent home doesn’t understand why people don’t cross this line.

Hood Rats usually cross the social boundaries of work by mixing their personal and professional lives. They’re the kinds of women to flirt with male co-workers and date supervisors. Then when the relationships go sour file a sexual harassment lawsuit with Human Resources and make efforts to get him fired. Or if they really hate the guy they’ll key his car in the parking lot. Some will even go as far as having a man arrested on false sexual assault charges or false rape charges.

Hood Rats are HORRIBLE leaders. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is putting a Hood Rat in a management position. Most business owners don’t understand that Hood Rats don’t even know how to manage their own lives. This is why when they come into a business chaos ensues.

A Hood Rat thinks bullying, threatening and intimidation are ways to motivate workers. Unfortunately, their fear-based management style often leaves employees demoralized and unmotivated. People who work around Hood Rat managers often dread coming to work and stop caring about the work that they do.

Hood Rats don’t solve problems. When problems arise a Hood Rat…gets angry. Because she lacks critical thinking skills, analytical skills or problem solving skills, the Hood Rat becomes frustrated when a problem arises. When confronted with conflict she often explodes with anger and emotion yelling and screaming.

And when that doesn’t work, a Hood Rat just sweeps a problem under a rug. Instead of confronting a problem, a hood rat will just hide the evidence, then lie and deny anything is wrong. When confronted about her mistakes she’ll then try to play the victim and blame her managers for not giving her enough support. In any case, problems at work never get solved when a Hood Rat is in charge, they only continue to get worse.

Hood Rats are not team players.  A Hood Rat is not a professional in her work. Most professionals can remain objective and focus on bringing in the best people for the project. But a Hood Rat often plays favorites. She’s the kind of woman to hire friends, boyfriends and relatives to work for her even if they don’t meet the qualifications for the position.

She’s also the kind of woman to play favorites among co-workers. A Hood Rat will often put her friends in charge of a project and laud undue praise on them. Then she’ll verbally abuse and berate co-workers she doesn’t like or give them tasks that are exteremely difficult. This pettiness is one of the primary reasons all the passion and energy are sucked out of a workplace. It’s hard for workers to remain motivated in a place where they aren’t appreciated or respected for the work they do, but for who they’re friends with.

Worse, she doesn’t supervise any of these people. And thanks to that personal bias she has towards her friends, when they make mistakes, productivity grinds to a halt in a workplace. Because they’re never held accountable for their actions by a supervisor who is focused on the best interests of a business, a businesses’ productivity declines. The Workplace is just a social club for the Hood Rat and the popularity and power of her and the members of her Mean Girls™ clique are more important than things like productivity or profits.

A Hood Rat will embarrass a boss.  A manager thinks that Hiring a Black female Hood Rat will protect their company from undesirable Black men, but sooner or later this backfires on them. Hood Rats are often known to bite the hand that feeds them . Eventually will do something so unprofessional that it will embarrass a boss with their superiors, or make the company look bad in some way shape or form.  Usually Most bosses who Hire Hood Rats usually wind up being forced to resign to save face and their careers.

A Hood Rat will cost a business money. Because a Hood Rat only thinks a business serves her needs she does things to the detriment of the business. Her nasty attitude and unprofessional behavior usually wind up alienating customers and clients. And that bad word-of-mouth costs a business money. Over time those dollars can mean the difference between staying in business and going out of business.

Hood Rats cost other Black people employment opportunities A Hood Rat looks out for only one person…HERSELF. And to that end, she makes sure that no other Black people are allowed an opportunity to get hired. If she’s working reception, She’s the type to “lose” the resumes of other African-Americans, especially African-American men. A Hood Rat does not want competition for her job and her spot as the HNICE (Head Nigger in Charge.)

If other brothers and sisters do get hired at a company, she’s the one working tirelessly to get them fired. She’ll do passive aggressive things like not telling her Black co-workers about company policy or will refuse to train and support them on the job.

And while she’s not supporting those employees, she’s gossiping and spreading rumors about those new Black hires to management to make them believe that the Black male or Black female employee is incompetent. Unfortunately, if the Boss is a Simp or Mangina, he’ll believe everything she says and will terminate those Black employees on her word.

Hood Rats are never made accountable for their actions. Due to her hostile demeanor and bad attitude, a Hood Rat is never made to take responsibility for her actions. If she’s not blaming someone else she’s trying to manipulate them into doing her work for her. And because most American bosses in Corporate America are Simps and Manginas, they rush in to play Captain-Save-A-Hoe and solve her problems for her instead of forcing her to solve them for herself.

American companies often hire Hood Rat Black women thinking of saving money and from discrimination lawsuits. But hiring these dysfunctional workers often winds up costing a business time, productivity and money due to her surly attitude, poor work ethic, mediocre productivity, and unprofessional behavior. Combine a Hood Rat with a Mangina supporter in management and it’s recipe for driving a business straight out of business.


  1. Very well put and so true!!

  2. So in the end, Hood Rats are the same as people without a brain/common sense? No wonder businesses are going down the drain.

  3. So on point. They are out there and sporing. I ran into one at a marketing company on Creedmoor Rd. Raleigh NC. Fortunately it's not a real one. But, I do hope that people eventually will start recognizing the hood rat cycle and put and end to it. It's demoralizing.

  4. Goddamn it this is right on the money! You said all of the things that I've already thought. Hoodrats deserve to be socially and professionally purged from Black society, because they are an albatross around our necks who want to pull functional and productive members down with them into the gutter. They deserve to be gentrified out of civilized society!

    I have no qualms about reporting their unprofessional ratchetry and getting corporate involved until they get fired!