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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black Folks are still Waiting for a Black Messiah to take them to the Promised Land.....*FACEPALM*

Fifty years after the March on Washington and the “I have a Dream speech” the Negro masses are still dreaming. Still hoping wishing and praying for another Black Messiah to take them out of the ghettos and into the “Promised Land” of riches and prosperity.

Someone should have told these fools to get up off their asses in 1964. Because faith without works is dead.

Fifty years after the March on Washington, Negroes all over these United States are still waiting for the great Black leader to rise out of the poverty of the single parent female headed households of the ghetto like Moses came out of Egypt. Still waiting for this deliverer to take them out of AmeriKKKa into the “Promised land” Dr. King spoke of in his speech.

Poor deluded fools.

When the false goddess Oprah Winfrey came out and proclaimed Barack Obama the first Black President of the United States the Negro masses thought the Messiah had come. They thought he would be the one to take Negroes to the Promised Land of prosperity, a place of milk and honey overflowing.

Five years later after the election of the Black Messiah Barack Obama, Black-run cities like Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta are corrupt crime ridden cesspools where Black people murder other Black people, schools and libraries are closed due to budget cuts and high unemployment and poverty is the norm. The Black masses still cry out to their false god to come and help them, and get upset when he forsakes them.

It’s clear the Negro Masses need to get up off their asses and do it for themselves. But the cowardly, superstitious Negro sits around waiting to be taken out of his ghetto into a Promised Land.

All while a gold mine of $1.1 trillion dollars flows through the Negroes allegedly impoverished community into the hands of Arabs, Jews, Whites, Hispanics and Asians.

What aggravates me most about the Black people around me are how they wait for someone else to do things for them instead of doing it for themselves. They never once think about taking responsibility for themselves or their condition. No, they sit around like a bunch of sheep waiting for the “Messiah” to come and save them from their own irresponsible behavior and generation after generation of irresponsible decision making.

Negroes in the masses may be religious but they’re not spiritual. If they were truly spiritual they’d understand why faith without works is dead.

Anything worth having in life is EARNED. We have to work for it. And in some cases we have to fight for it. Nothing in this life anyone has gained has ever been given to them.

God gave the Children of Israel a Promised Land. But in order to get that gift from Him they had to work for it. Some of them had to fight for it. A few of them even had to die for it. But they had to have faith in God to work for what He promised to them.

Unfortunately, while Black people have faith, they just don’t want to work.

Which is why the Black community is dying a slow painful death while the rest of the world leaves it in the dust. The Cowardly superstitious Negroes sits around in the ghetto waiting for a Black Messiah to come out of their dysfunctional fold and take them somewhere when it’s clear they aren’t ready to go anywhere. These fools still wait for someone else to do the work while they sit around in their Section 8 government housing hoping wishing and praying for them to show up in a magic yellow school bus that will take them to the “Promised Land” just for being Black.

I’m sorry life doesn’t work that way. You don’t get cash and prizes for being born a particular skin color.

Seriously, Brothers and sisters, how do you expect to get to the Promised Land if you’re not taking steps to get there? How do you expect to get to the Promised Land when you have no promise at all? How much of a paradise would a “Promised Land” be if it were filled with the lazy, shiftless, and incompetent Negroes that make up the masses of the Black community today?

After we get there, how do we expect to keep a Promised Land a place filled with prosperity when we fill it with a bunch of Negroes who can’t finish high school or who don’t have any skills in any particular trade? How does a land stay filled with promise when they people who are supposed to live there don’t even have the basic tools to live up to their potential BEFORE they get there?

I dare to say with the condition the Black community is in, The Promised Land would become a ghetto in six to eight months and owned by Koreans, Arabs, and Whites in less than a year. Why? Because you shiftless NIGGERS don’t know how to build or maintain the communities you’re in right now. You don’t know how to build and maintain businesses and you don’t know how to develop a political base. Hell, you don’t even know how to work together. How can you go to a promised land when you’re not working towards any of Gods Promises?

No one can take you Negroes to the Promised Land because you’re still living in a ghetto. And you can’t understand that ghetto is in your minds. Just as a man or a woman thinks, is what they are. Unfortunately, most Black people believe their reality is the ghetto.

Which is why Black communities across the country 50 years after the March on Washington are still ghettoes of filled with people co-dependent on the government instead of independent places filled with businesses that employ their own people. Black people are the only fools patiently waiting for a Messiah to come and take them to freedom.

Not understanding that without struggle there can be no progress. And a people pacified by public assistance and government handouts put up no struggle.

Brothers and sisters, the Promised Land is HERE RIGHT NOW. And it’s always been here in plain sight. Only to get there we have to get up off our asses and build it in the neighborhoods we live in. The tools are all around us to make our community as great and as strong as Hispanics, Asians, Arabs and Indians. We just have to be willing to WORK just as hard as all those people are to make our communities into a place of prosperity and peace. Is it a lot of hard work? Yeah, it is. But that’s the way God intended things to be. Faith without works is dead. The Black Messiah you’re waiting on is staring at you in the mirror every morning. That’s the person who is going to take you to the Promised Land.


  1. I agree with most of what your saying

  2. This article is one of best I've read. You sre they don't want to hear the truth. They should be reading something like this but instead they wsyvh MTV and bet and read nonsense magazine. All their massiah that came to save them fail. Do you know when they started waiting for some man green to fall from heaven and hold their hands? 3000 years ago and they are still waiting . no Wonder why the real god stop talking to them. When the savior will come? Well they are still waiting