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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Anthony Weiner-Candidate for SIMP OF THE YEAR

New York can top politician Anthony Weiner is a front runner. Front runner for SIMP of the Year 2013.  Why is he a candidate for Simp of the year? Because he allowed a Hoe like Sydney Leathers to flip the game on him.

 In his quest to become Mayor of New York Anthony Wiener has been caught in yet another sexting scandal. This time the married man with a child was not only sending topless pictures of himself and sexy text messages, but having phone sex.

Pure SIMP behavior. Male attention whoring and borderline trickin.

Anthony Weiner was so busy trying to get females to look at his naked chest that he didn’t take time to improve his game. Four years ago he was forced to resign his seat in Congress because he was showing pictures of his bare chest to a hoe. And he goes and does it again? WTF?

Someone please get Anthony Wiener a Gatorade. Because it’s clear to me that he’s thirsty as hell. Maybe if he quenches that deep down body thirst he can get back to taking care of business as a politician.

When a dude is chasing pussy more than he’s chasing dollars he’s winds up in the kind of trouble Anthony Weiner is in. Because he’s desperate for female attention he does the sort of dumb shit Anthony Weiner did, sending pictures of his naked chest to females, texts and calling up women for phone sex. Anthony Weiner had no idea who this woman was online.

And he had no idea that the women who participate in sexting, sending sexy pictures of themselves and calling a dude up for phone sex like Sydney Leathers do are desperate. The reason they have to participate in this attention whore behavior is because most men who are going somewhere in their lives won’t have anything to do with them. No, Real men know these women are HOES. No decent woman worth her salt is posting half-naked pictures of herself online on Twitter for thousands of followers to see. Only low-grade-low hanging fruit participate in this kind of ratchet behavior.

Anthony Weiner did not understand how hoes operate. And that’s how he got the game flipped on him by Sydney Leathers. You’d think a seasoned politician like him would have learned something about the game in his 14 years in congress. But a SIMP is as a SIMP does.

Here’s the deal guys: Hoes have nothing to lose. Which is why men with something to lose don’t get involved with them. A Hoe is a predatory mercenary who will latch herself onto a rich SIMP like Anthony Weiner in the hopes of getting paid. And when he doesn’t trick some money off on her, she looks for other ways to get paid at his expense. For these kinds of women, a man is a tool, someone to use to get herself ahead.

And Sydney Leathers knew she couldn’t get Anthony Weiner to trick some money off on her out of his $4 million dollar war chest without it looking suspicious. So she sought to get her chunk of change by selling her story to the tabloids. This is why she’s talking about doing porno movies. Trying to turn her fifteen minutes of fame into a payday at the expense of Anthony Weiner’s political career.

Now if Anthony Weiner were a smart player he’d have paid this hoe a salary to work on his campaign as a consultant or something to keep her mouth shut. But because the Hoe had nothing to lose, she flipped the game on him and used him to get herself paid while he got played.

The lesson men need to learn from Anthony Weiner is: Don’t get involved with women who have nothing to lose!  When men get involved with women with who have nothing to lose, they can cost him everything. Before the scandal, Weiner was leading in the polls and the front runner to become the next Democratic nominee. Now everyone from Eliot Spitzer to Barack Obama in the Democratic party wants him to go away.

Anthony Wiener could have had been one of the greatest comebacks in New York politics. But because he didn’t understand the nature of predatory women,  Sydney Leathers took advantage of him and used him as a tool to get herself ahead. Guys need to understand that when it comes to women, the game is chess, not checkers and that if you’re not five steps ahead, you will wind up five steps behind. Anthony Wiener didn’t check the table he was playing at and now he’s about to be checkmated by one of the weakest players in the game.

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