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Monday, August 26, 2013

Someone Flagged Shawn’s YouTube Channel

Some chump  flagged Shawn’s YouTube Channel. It seems he took offense about the Is the Black Woman America’s new Coon? Video.

This troll name calls then I reply and block him. His response? Flag the video out of spite.

Now this was a video that had been up there for close to a year. It was a video with no profanity, or no offensive comments. Just a five-minute video making an observation about all the Black female coonery transpiring over the last five years. Things like the Black women having fights in fast-food restaraunts, street fights, twerking videos and not to mention the entertainment coonery like Tyler Perry Movies, The Help and Lee Daniels Movies like Monsters’ Ball and Precious.

But You Tube found it offensive enough to flag. Why? Because some butthurt Bitch-Made™Mangina from a female-headed household couldn’t stand hearing the truth about his Black “Queens”. Guys like this think they’re going to get pussy points™ from women in cyberspace for flagging videos and getting channels taken down that make commentary holding the hoodrats, hoes, baby mamas and other degenerate Black women accountable for their behavior.

All these guys do is fuck up YouTube for the rest of us by silencing the voices that speak that produce great content which makes people think. This is why intelligent brothers are moving away from YouTube and getting their own sites. Turning YouTube into the Next MySpace, a place for trolls and attention whores to make Twerk videos and other coon bullshit.

You Tube is supposed to be a place where you can broadcast yourself. But if you’re Black the only Black people allowed to broadcast themselves on YouTube are Coons, Mammies, and jezebels. Intelligent conversation from Black producers, especially Black male producers just gets flagged or deleted.

Google really needs to get its shit together on YouTube. People should not be able to flag videos, subscribe to channels or post comments about videos until they can upload their own videos. That would vet a whole lot of the trolls, attention whores, and butthurt feminazis, libtards and Bitch-made Simps and Manginas who can’t stand hearing an opinion that they disagree with. If you don’t like the channel or what’s on it, Don’t watch it! There are three billion videos on YouTube, go watch one of them.

In the past I have spoken out against this kind of censorship because I hated seeing good brothers and sisters like Jia Ireland, Mr. Superboy and Dan Freeman having their content deleted and flagged. Now these same trolls are trying to step to me about my content, content that features no profanity, and no offensive content. It’s clear to me some people on YouTube don’t want Black people thinking about anything other than a yellow gumball, some black & Milds or the next pair of air Jordans coming out. They want everyone to be a stupid as they are.

When these cretins hear intelligent conversation and knowledge they get upset not because the content offends them, but because it’s forcing them to THINK on a more critical level. These crabs in the barrel are content being slaves and want to keep others mentally enslaved.

Thanks to this Bitch-Made(tm) scumgina, I’ve been forced to set most of my videos to private to protect my channel. However, I will keep the Survival guide for Black men up to help Black Men  in the job market. . If I do any more videos (and I only do them rarely)  I may just only post to Generation-X net or some other channel.

If you have realplayer, download my videos now, it's the only way to make sure you'll have my content in the future.


  1. You've shown your ignorance fool go back to school get a job cow

  2. Disable the comments because you can't take the heat pathetic

  3. Get off of public assistance get a real job

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  6. Your come backs are weak and pathetic like you

  7. Obviously I'm dealing with a Hood Rat, obviously one who didn't finish high school or even Junior High school. Unable to refute anything I've written they came in with straw man arguments, now launching ad-hominem attacks. They're so emotional they
    post comments on a blog that the topic isn't even about.

    Ladies and gentlemen, This is your American Black woman. A spoiled rottten womanchild who can't present a point with facts. Present her with the truth about herself and her sorry condition and she becomes an emotional, raving lunatic. Why continue to visit a page when you don' like what's on there? There are three trillion webpages out there, why continue to come to this one?

  8. i'm mixed race and i'm way to young right now for junior high school.I'm not even in middle school you don't no what your talking about just random guessing

  9. I visit your blog because I like some of your post

  10. I got upset cause you sound like your racist against whites

  11. Lost and confused...A child with no parents to teach them.

    Little kid, this blog isn't a place for you. I write for adults who can think critically. You're not on that level yet if you haven't even finished middle school.

    Who's being racist against whites? I merely speak the truth about White Supremacy and American racism. You haven't grown up enough to experience life in this world to understand what that is. I've been living in this world for 40 years, and I know what those concepts are. You have a lot of growing up to do, and once you're done growing up you'll come to understand what I'm writing about. Until then read one of my YA books like All About Nikki or the Isis series. Those books are written for a kid like you.