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Monday, August 19, 2013

Isis: All About The Goddess cover rework

The original Isis: All About the Goddess cover was cool, but I just felt it didn't tell enough of a story with the image. So after looking at some of those Pulp fiction covers of the 50's and 60's I came up with a new concept. (WARNING NUDITY!)  Inspired by those old pulp covers I worked on a new concept mashing up the Isis series (ankh pendant) All About Marilyn (she's a guest star) and those old pulp fiction covers:

This backshot will be on the paperback! 

I believe these two cover concepts definitely tell more of a story than the previous cover below. I really like the colors, and the simplicity of them. Compared to the earlier cover concept, I feel they tell a stronger story, convey stronger emotions, and I feel the pulp theme fits within the genre of the story (this one is a mystery)

The reason why Isis is sitting is a defining moment in the story (I won't give too much away)

I'm apprehensive about the nudity, (Don't know if Amazon or Smashwords will let me get away with nippless breasts) but I'm trying to make an artistic statement with this cover. Normally I don't do this kind of art for the Isis series (it is YA and targeted towards teen readers) But this story set in the world of the college art studio has more adult themes and I felt it would be more appropriate to show what goes on in the world of art school and what people have to draw there.  Don't worry, the story is still PG-13, (mild profanity, and  artistic nudity. but I do my best to handle the subject matter with the same sensitivity that I did in All About Marilyn. 

Nice, but there's no story here. You don't really FEEL anything..

Isis: All About The Goddess will be out around Christmas. It'll probably be on KDP Select on Kindle and you can borrow for free with Amazon prime or buy for 99 cents.

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