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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Simp trilogy

In 2011, I published Stop Simpin-Why Men don’t need finance to Get Romance. I followed it up in 2013 with Manginas-They Look Like Men But Act Like Ladies. And Later this Year I’ll be publishing the Misadventures of Captain-Save-A-Hoe.

Now it seems like I wrote these books in a rapid fashion. But what people don’t know is that the content of all three of those books were the result of over ten years worth of research.

Way back in the 1990’s both men and women used to say I was a “nice guy”. Some employers said I was “too nice” to work for their companies. That I was “too good” to fit into their organization, and they didn’t have a place for me.

Wondering what a “Nice guy” was one day in 2003 I did some research on the matter and found an article on Heartless Bitches International on “Nice Guys”. It was an article that changed my life.

I soon learned about the dysfunctional nature of the “Nice Guy” and began devouring every article I could on the subject. I soon learned that these “Nice Guys” weren’t really “Nice” at all. They were insecure, passive aggressive, and most of all, dishonest. The reason they never got what they wanted out of life is because they never ASKED for anything.

Nor were they aggressive enough to go out and get what they wanted. Thanks to the way they were raised in female headed households, these men thought if they pleased women first they’d get what they wanted from them, even though they NEVER told them about what they desired.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Which is why these men are often disappointed and simmer in frustration for years then eventually explode in rage.

I soon learned “Nice Guy Syndrome” was considered an actual disorder reading Dr: Robert Glover’s No More Mr. Nice Guy. I bought the book in 2009 and read it over a dozen times since then, gaining more and more understanding about the dysfunctional condition of the “Nice Guy”

In 2010 I was watching HeavenlyTruth1’s videos about Pussy beggars and Pussy Scavengers. He made brilliant observations about Nice Guys in those three videos. All of his statements backed up Dr. Glover’s evidence in No More Mr. Nice Guy and the classic “Nice Guys-Bleah” article I read on Heartless Bitches International.

I then followed this up by watching the YouTube Videos of other men. And As Dr. Robert Glover said in his book, listening to men gave me a perspective on manhood, and most importantly “Nice Guys.”

As I watched more YouTube videos I came across the videos of The Iceman, also known as MadVoodDooman and Tariq Nasheed. Both men talked about the SIMP at length. As I listened to their videos, I soon came to realize that a A Simp is nothing more than slang for “Nice Guy”.

A lot of what Dr. Glover described as “Nice Guy” syndrome fits within the behavior pattern of a SIMP and his cousins, the Mangina and the Captain-Save-A-Hoe.

Dr. Glover’s book was great. It helped me immensely in my research into “Nice Guys”. But it was dealt with the general topic of “Nice Guys. I wanted to deal with each type of “Nice guy” in depth. From my research into “Nice Guys” I learned SIMPS, Manginas, and Captain-Save-A-Hoes all have different sets of issues. And I believed each set of issues needed to be addressed specifically.

Which is why I wrote the Simp Trilogy.

Some guys think they need to spend money to get a woman. Those guys need to read Stop Simpin and learn why they don’t need finance to get romance.

While others put women on pedestals and give them a free pass for behavior. Those guys need to read Manginas. They need to see why they act like ladies and why it’s keeping them in a dysfunctional life paradigm where they go nowhere.

And others think they can have a relationship with dysfunctional women like single mothers, prostitutes and strippers Those men need to read Misadventures of Captain-Save-A-Hoe and learn why these women are predators and have no interest in being saved.

Learning about what it is to be a “Nice Guy” I’ve broken out of that dysfunctional pattern of behavior and I’m living life on my terms. Going for what I want in life and not looking to please others. I believe every man can change his life paradigm if he makes an effort to apply himself.

I wrote each of these eBooks to help other men could break free of their vicious cycle. I want other men out there to go out and be the best men they can be. If one man changes his life reading just one of the books in the Simp Trilogy, then I believe the ten years of research I put into these eBooks will be worth it.


  1. I really like that Captain-save-a-hoe book cover. Did you do that yourself?

  2. Yep. Designed it myself with action figures from my collection and Photoshop.

  3. hey I am writing a book on the problems men face in society. I would like to reference you and use some of your quotes. would this be ok? please contact me at

  4. hey I am writing a book on the problems men face in society. I would like to reference you and use some of your quotes. would this be ok? please contact me at