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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Young Brotha JM McSwain-More Than an Entertainer

Wedon’t hear too much about Brothers doing well In the Black community. So whenever I meet a brotha who is going somewhere I make an effort to support them.

Young botha JM McSwain from the Tampa Bay area is making moves in the IT field. McSwain majored in the computers because it’s his passion. He’d like to expand his horizons in the IT field and is currently pursuing his BAS in Technology management along with certifications in PC Repair. Ultimately He'd like to be a strong Black male force that makes an impact in the IT feild.

It’s very rare to find Black men pursuing work in the IT field. The field is dominated mostly by White males, Asians and Indians. And with technology changing the world every day, we need more young brothers like JM working in information technology.

Brothers and sisters we need to get behind JM McSwain He’s taking steps to get to the next level and we need to help him get there. Having taken the A+ 220-60 and 602back in 2009 myself I know he’s come a long way. Those CompTIA Certification exams are tough, and not too many people pass these tests even after taking them multiple times. For him to keep pushing towards certifications in PC repair and a BAS in Technology management, he’s shown that he’s got the drive and determination to get the skills that will make him an asset to any business.

If you have a business in the Tampa Area and you’re looking for a talented young man to work with you towards taking your business to the next level, Check out JM McSwain. You can contact him via his Facebook page.

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