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Friday, October 4, 2013

Is it Racism or is it Co-Dependency?

In the 1930s during the Black Exodus, there were White People who rushed to take Black people who were leaving the south to look for economic and employment opportunities off trains.

Now these same White Racists were quick to say they hated Black people. They were quick to complain about how niggers were ruining their lives. You’d think they’d be glad to see Blacks leave their towns and cities.

But when the Negroes decided to leave the south, they got upset. They wanted to not only attack the Black people who were leaving, but take them off the train and even lynch them.

Looking at the situation in the South during the Black Exodus, I began to reason that one of the effects White Supremacy and Racism breeds co-dependency. When one looks up the definition of co-dependency they can see how Both Black people and White people are effected.

From Wikipedia:  Codependency is defined as a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition on the needs of, or control of, another.[1] It also often involves placing a lower priority on one's own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others.

From my observation, White people seem to have a pathological narcissism (White Supremacy) that makes them need to control and manipulate Black people. And it seems that White people like those who tried to pull Black people off the trains during the Black Exodus needed to control Black people.

In this co-dependent relationship between the races, White people depended on those Blacks to always be there at the bottom so they could continue to feel superior. And as long as those White people are at the perceived top and Black people are at the perceived BOTTOM, neither White people nor Black people never have to take the time to do the introspective self-examination that would allow them to truly move forward as human beings.

One needs to ask: Why did Whites need to burn down a town like Black Wall Street or Rosewood when they said they didn’t like Black people living around them? Why were White people even in these towns if they said they hated niggers and wanted nothing to do with them? And Why take Black people off trains when they decide to LEAVE if White people hated them and didn’t want them around?

Logic states if someone you don’t like is going away you let them go. You don’t try to make people leaving a dysfunctional situation stay in it or kill them for trying to leave like Whites did to Blacks who left the south during the Black exodus of the 1930’s and 1940s.

And you don’t go to live or work where they live like Black people did during the late 1960s and 1970s when “white flight” was happening in Northern cities believing that moving to White neighborhoods and being bused to white schools will provide a “better” way of life.

No, functional people try to build their own neighborhoods schools, and communities like Black Wall Street and the White Suburbs and maintain them with resources from their own businesses.

Personally, I believe White people, especially poor and lower middle class white people are scared shitless about a world without Black people. Because without Black folks around there’d be no one to blame for the sad state of their lives.

And I believe some Black people are scared shitless about a world without White People. Because without White folks around there’d be no one to blame for the sad state of their lives. 

But that was too painful for many White people and even some Black people to do. Because that would mean taking that long hard look at why the south was declining before the Civil War such as an overdependence on agribusiness, a lack of infrastructure and the unwillingness to adapt to a changing global marketplace created by the Industrial Revolution.

The truth is that White people in America after the Civil War weren’t as superior as they thought they were. And they were upset that Negroes were showing that they could be equal to them in all areas of American life once given a chance in a true free market society. It’s that equality that scares the shit out of co-dependent White people who needed Black people to buy into their system of White Supremacy.

What these racists feared most of all was that if Negroes became successful in all walks of life and could compete with them on a true fair and level playing field, they’d teach other Blacks not to buy into the co-dependent system of White Supremacy. Moreover, they fear if they are forced to compete on the merits equally, that the world would see them for the pathetic and mediocre individuals that they are.

Under the co-dependent institution of White Supremacy, mediocre Whites and Supbar sellout Blacks benefit economically. It’s these peoples who are allowed entry into the middle class because they kowtow and defer to rich White supremacists.

Examine the behaviors of both races today and one can see the co-dependent nature of the relationship: Racist White People Blame Black people for spending all their tax dollars on Welfare and other entitlements and keeping them poor.

Yet these same White People never once take an account for the way they spend money on frivolous items and take no time to make efforts to improve themselves by doing things like going to school, getting training, or starting their own businiess. No, their situation is always someone elses’ fault whether it be Blacks, Mexicans gays or whoever.

And poor Black people Blame White People for keeping them oppressed and not being able to rise economically and politically. But these same Black people spend their money on frivolous items and take no time to make efforts to improve themselves like going to school, getting training or starting their own businesses.

Moreover, when offered opportunity to achieve economic independence such as getting an education, or an opportunity to start their own businesses and NOT rely on government assistance they call this “Acting White” or selling out. Then they blame theWhite Man for their stagnation.

When one looks at both Blacks and Whites in America who’s at fault for their lack of growth? There’s a whole bunch of finger pointing on the race issue, but no solutions when dialogues are started.

Personally, I believe neither Blacks or Whites want their situation to change. Because true change is just too painful for either group of Americans to accept. Because in a world where men and women are actually judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, it would mean there is no group to blame for one’s own shortcomings and failures. It would be a place with no victims.

And co-dependent people love playing the victim. Because being a victim is a powerful position for a co-dependent person. As long as they can call themselves a victim, they can manipulate the other person by blaming them and shame them into doing whatever they want.

Moreover, as the victim they can get others to join in on their attack and get them to join in playing the blaming and shaming game. And in this in this blame and shame game, both sides play the victim and no one ever takes personal responsibility for their actions and no one is ever held accountable for their individual behavior.

The way I see it, neither most  Blacks or most Whites want a true solution to the race issue. Because that means both groups would have to take responsibility or accountability for themselves as individuals. And I believe that’s what scares most Americans Both Black and White. Without the crutch of racism to hold themselves up with, members of both races will be forced to take an account for the sad state of their mediocre lives.

But taking that account is a good thing. Because Pain leads to growth. And growth leads to change.

America could truly grow as a nation if Black people and White people stopped this co-dependent relationship based on race. In a truly free and equal society people who are forced to take responsibility for themselves are people who make changes to their lives for the better that allow them to grow and build a prosperous society. The politics of racism and White Supremacy has only created a modern world filled with professional victims who hamper their own progress and the progress of the country by blaming others. I believe It’s time the American people started finding a new way of thinking that focused on solutions for the group by making individuals take responsibility for their own lives.


  1. Excellent article. When I point the finger at you, three are pointing back at me.

    The issues are fear-based--fear of change, accountability and responsibility.

    Until both sides stand up and own up to their stuff and vow to stop participating in this sickness...things will remain in the "it is what it is" mode.

  2. "What these racists feared most of all was that if Negroes became successful in all walks of life and could compete with them on a true fair and level playing field, they’d teach other Blacks not to buy into the co-dependent system of White Supremacy."

    No - the fear is that the Negro who is successful, and has money will be able to fuck all the white women.

  3. Goingto have to disagree with you on that. We already have Negroes who are successful have money and can fuck all the white women. All the money still goes back to White Supemacy.

    If he's still fucking white women He's still believing the White man's ice is always colder. To break free of co-dependency, a man must realize that the White man's white woman has the same value as a Black woman.

    When one changes their way of thinking they realize when the Negro creates GOD'S OWN SYSTEM and doesn't depend on the White man's system for his sustenance, then he is truly independent.