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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


There’s always a guy who gets upset at a party or a social gathering. A guy who ruins the evening by starting a fight over silly nonsense like someone stepping on his sneakers or looking at or talking to his girl. Who is this dude? A Power Simp.

What is a Power Simp? A Power Simp is usually a guy who goes around looking to show how much power he has. He’s the guy who has something to prove to everyone.

Power Simps are easy to identify. They’re the guy who’s always overcompensating for their lack of self-confidence. He’s usually the guy dressed up in designer clothes, driving the expensive sports car with the extra hot supermodel type girl on his arm.

Power Simps wants the world to see he’s a badass. A Tough guy. A stud. But his actions often prove how weak he actually is. All someone has to do is say no to a Power Simp and he goes berserk.

The Power Simp is the guy who on rejected by a female goes off in an emotional tirade calling her all sorts of sluts, bitches and cunts. He’s the guy who gets his sneakers stepped on by accident starts swinging. And when people talk to his girl or look in her direction he’s the guy who runs out to go get his gun. Because he’s gonna take his respect.

Power Simps demand respect from people, but never give others respect. They have no understanding that respect is earned and that in order to get respect you have to show you are worthy of it. In the Power Simps narcissistic view of things, the world revolves around him and everyone should worship him because he believes he’s so great.

Power Simps reek of insecurity. Usually the product of Single parent female headed households The Power Simp is a spoiled rotten Mangina who is used to getting his way with mommy by throwing tantrums and having mommy appease him. As he grows up then takes this approach to getting his needs met to other aspects of his life. He believes if he has adult meltdowns people will go out of their way to meet his needs.

And sadly many others like teachers, friends and girlfriends do. Unfortunately, their enabling this spoiled man-child to continue on in his dysfunctional pattern of behavior.

Because they’re so insecure Power Simps have very little control over their emotions. And it’s their emotions that always get them into trouble.

Power Simps walk around with a chip on their shoulders. Worse, they go around looking for someone to knock it off. A Power Simp is the kind of guy who’s always looking for a fight. And he’ll fight with anyone over anything anywhere at anytime. These guys love DRAMA.

What most men don’t understand is that Power Simps look for weak dudes to pick fights with so they can look like badasses. They think that if they look like badasses that girls will be attracted to them because they appear to be so masculine.

Not understanding that their displays of macho and bravado are a turn-off for most women. If anything their hypermasculine attention whoring just shows how pathetic they actually are.

All anyone has to do is look at a Power Simp or look in his direction and he’ll charge over demanding why you’re looking at him. And when a man tries to answer his question he’ll start making threats, ad-hominem attacks and use shaming language to verbally abuse and belittle the person he’s targeting. The goal of the Power Simps’ attack is to make the person cower in fear so that he appears to be the badass tough guy to all.

Power Simps are notorious attention whores and they look for ways to make their violent displays draw a big crowd. If he’s walking down the street with his girlfriend, he’ll make sure she’s dressed in the skimpiest, sexiest outfit. Then the Power Simp will be looking around to see who’s looking at her. And if anyone gives her a glance, he’ll charge at that person screaming “Why You Looking at my girl!” and start making threats” Some may even start flexing and gesturing to throw a punch.

Don’t get scared. It’s all a show.

Just like an actor, he’s waiting for his woman to come in on cue and pacify him just like mommy does. And then when his woman pulls him away from the target of his bullying to keep him from getting hurt, this fool will get mad at his woman and start cursing her out accusing her of leading him on. The Power Simp is the kind of guy who will call a woman a “Bitch” a “whore” and a “cunt” in one breath and then say that he loves her in the next.

But he doesn’t love her. The only thing the Power Simp loves is the attention. Everything with a Power Simp is about drawing attention to HIM. The Power Simp is a narcissist who can’t stand not being the center of attention. He hates it when no one is talking about him and his toys. That sexy girl on his arm wearing the skimpy dress is just a prop he uses to bait others into participating in his show.

Smart people ignore this fool and don’t pay attention to him.

What’s funny is when he starts a fight, and someone finishes it, the Power Simp usually gets his ass whooped by most of the men he steps to. And that’s when the Bitch-Made™ side of him comes out. Once shown for how WEAK he actually is, the Power Simp is known to go get his nine millimeters of courage and start shooting up a crowd of people. Some will come out with their razor blades or their knives. A Power Simp is always known for carrying a weapon with him because he CAN’T fight with his hands.

Most times he’s such a lousy shot he doesn’t even kill his intended target. Most times he winds up wounding or killing innocent people. Many innocent people have wound up dead due to a Power Simp’s violent episodes.

The ironic thing about Power Simps are that is in his attempt to show how powerful he is to everyone he has no idea how much power he’s giving away to others. His displays of violence often put a huge target on his back to predators in the distance.

Because The Power Simp is so emotional he’s often manipulated by predatory women. Thanks to Power Simps peacock behavior and their constant need to show off, they often attract gold diggers to themselves. Gold diggers often know that Power Simps often lavish lots of gifts on the women they have on their arms and will play to his fragile ego to get them.

While most Gold-diggers know it’s a big risk to get involved with a Power Simp due to his explosive rage, but the smart ones know how to use his emotions to her advantage. Yeah, he may call her names, threaten her, and beat her up on occasion, but most women know how to manipulate the Power Simp like a puppet on a string. Seasoned gold-diggers can push just the right buttons on this fool to get whatever she wants out of him like an ATM machine.

And if he gets too out of hand she just calls the police and has him arrested on domestic violence charges.

And due to the abusive way he treats women, the Power Simp often attracts another Simp to his woman, Captain-Save-A-Hoe. Captains often see a woman being mistreated by the Power Simp and buy into his attention whore games and steps up to him with his cape and Mickey Mouse galoshes on to defend her honor.

He has no idea it’s a trap set up by two of the most dangerous people in the dating game.

A predatory woman like a gold digger often uses both these guys as tools. Most times She’ll use The Power Simp to get her clothes, shoes and jewelry. Once she’s gotten what she’s wanted from the Power Simp in most cases, she’ll call in the Captain-Save-A-Hoe to get away from the Power Simp. She’ll tell the Captain about how she’s being mistreated by this man. How he called her a bitch. How he called her a whore. How he slapped her and beat her.

And then the Captain will rush in with his cape and Mickey Mouse galoshes on ready to fight the Power Simp. And unfortunately, a man winds up dead because The Power Simp doesn’t fight fair. Whenever confronted by another man, the Power Simp is the first to go for his gun.

One man will die. Another will go to jail for the rest of his life. And the gold-digger will move on to the next mark while the Power Simp is getting spit roasted by Brutus and Tiny. A Power Simp is a badass in the street, but when they wind up in prison as a result of their violence these dudes turn into the biggest bitches.

The truth about the Power Simp is that he lacks the self-confidence and the self-esteem to be himself. He’s afraid if people find out the truth about himself that people won’t like him. So he puts on a hypermasculine façade and acts like a tough guy bullying people and making threats in the hopes of making himself appear attractive to others. Unfortunately, He has no idea how he drives people away from him in his quest to get attention.

In their quest to show how much of a badass they are, Power Simps often wind up alone. People just don’t want to deal with him and the fallout of his adult tantrums. It gets tiring dealing with his explosive anger, his violence and in some cases the criminal behavior that wind up a result of it. It just gets aggravating to have a joyous event like a child’s birthday party, a wedding or a family outing or even a shopping trip ruined because of a spoiled grown man throwing a tempertantrum over silly little things. So people lose his number. They stop inviting him out to places and events. They distance themselves from him at work. Sooner or later he either winds up six feet under, in prison for an act of violence he’s committed, or he winds up the guy who sits in his house eating lonely man dinners watching the world go by because no one wants anything to do with him.

Guys the greatest power a man can have is over himself. Self control is more attractive to women than an exotic car or designer clothes. A Real man doesn’t need to overcompensate to others by playing a badass to others because he knows what defines him as a man is his security with who he is on the inside. And that’ll show in all of his actions. Take power over yourself. Don’t be a Power Simp! 

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